Sunday, June 22, 2014

JEWISH TRAITOR DIANNE FEINSTEIN - SUPPORTS ARMING al QAEDA TERRORISTS to Massacre Civilians.. and ARMING UKRAINIAN FACISTS to MURDER CIVILIANS... and ARMING JEWISH NAZI 'Settlers' to Murder Palestinian Civilians... but She Wants to DISARM AMERICANS _as_ she Supports WAVES of CRIMINAL GANG Immigrants Sweeping in to America Across OPEN Borders!!!

 We couldn't make this up!   DIANNE FEINSTEIN, to name just one  treasonous  criminal  appartchik in the U.S. Congress & Senate... 
WANTS to ARM  AL QAEDA TERRORISTS to MURDER, rape, terrorize, and massacre  Christians   (Druze, Allawites, Shia, Kurds, & all other ethnic and religious minorities) 
(not only) in Syria, Libya, Egypt, and Iraq...
  ...she not only wants to give her fellow jews in the State Department & U.S. intel agencies,  led by Victoria Nuland KAGAN,   a FREE PASS to SPEND BILLIONS of U.S. Taxpayer dollars FUNDING  & ARMING terrorist & assassins  UKRAINIAN FASCISTS / NAZI  THUGS  to start a rampage of  mass-murder, terror, torture,  & 'ethnic cleansing'  in the Ukraine...  
  she wants to arm _all_ the above TERRORISTS  MASS MURDERERS... 
while she wants to DISARM American citizens subject to waves of crime as the Neo-Cons engineer the sabotage destruction of the American economy and our very social fabric! 

Dianne Feinstein, the Evil Jewess COMMISSAR of the Senate INTEL COMMITTEE - which OVERSEES the funding of  _EVERYTHING_ in the globe spanning U.S. wars - is NOT "fighting" terrorists -  she (and the entire 'Neo-Con' hijacked U.S. government) is  FUNDING THEM!  
The FSA in Syria, ISIS in Iraq,  the other Al Qaeda (Sunni jihadist) factions that have torn Libya  from  the wealthiest per-capita income nation in all of Africa to a Neo-Con, war-torn, factionalized, &  Al Qaeda death-squad ridde hell-hole - FEINSTEIN OVERSEES and APPROVES all of this funding AND U.S. GOVERNMENT SUPPORT  for  this latest wave of  Neo-Con instigated mass-murder terror, torture, massacres, and intentional "cleansing" genocide breaking out across the Mideast, Africa, and the world...!!!

Senator Dianne Feinstein, as part of the Democrats'  TREASONOUS  ASSAULT on the very fabric of American society,  NOT ONLY WANTS to  ALLOW    __ENTIRE WAVES__   of  CRIMINAL GANG MEMBERS to  enter the U.S. border UNOPPOSED by the Border Patrol or the TREASONOUS DHS & 'Justice' Department....   

...but she wants to ARM, FUND, ENCOURAGE, and support ALL the above WAVES OF MURDEROUS TERRORISTS... _as_  she tries to  OUTLAW  GUN OWNERSHIP for besieged American homeowners here in America!!  
TREASONOUS  judeo supremacist HYPOCRITE Sen. INTEL COMMITTEE Chair Commissar DIANNE FEINSTEIN wants to PURGE  criminalize Americans who own guns - outlaw gun ownership,  BAN ALL GUNS - . AS  she and her fellow "Democrats" TRAITORS    incite, instigate, assist, &  UNLEASH  _waves_ of CRIMINAL IMMIGRANTS to enter the US... with assistance from the TREASONOUS DHS/DoJ/Border Patrol  "Feds" !!
 "Border Agents QUITTING over CATCH & RELEASE of KNOWN GANG MEMBERS" - as ordered by the TRAITOR 'Neo-Cons' senior government officials  in "Democrat" clothing  RUNNING the WAR AGAINST AMERICA from Washington, D.C.!! 
if you believe that AMERICAN CITIZENS  should be OUTLAWED from owning guns
to secure their homes in America's metastasizing societal breakdown
(engineered by the 'Neo-Con" "financial experts" &  "national security experts", [retch!] at that! but believe that AMERICAN TAXPAYERS  should  must fund  MACHINE GUNS for RACIST  judeo FACIST "settlers" and their children... THEN YOU are  a RACIST, FASCIST, anti-American   TRAITOR !! 

    below:  even as the TRAITOR jewess Dianne Feinstein  and her TREASONOUS cohorts in the U.S. Senate UNLEASH WAVES of   CRIMINAL IMMIGRANTS to sweep into America,  she wants to OUTLAW guns for self-defense by America's besieged homeowners... while she  and all the other TRAITORS in Congress & Senate  DEMAND  that extorted American TAXPAYERS
     FUND MACHINE-GUNS    for genocidal  Jew fascist "settlers" in Occupied Palestine !!! 
Oh!  We  forgot to mention....  while the demonic jewess Dianne Feinstein WANTS TO UNLEASH   waves   of   GANG CRIMINAL IMMIGRANTS on Americans,  and wants AMERICANS to be OUTLAWED from owning guns... 
 she still wants STUPIFIED, extorted American taxpayers to... PAY FOR MACHINE GUNS for  JEW FACIST 'settlers' to use on Palestinians in occupied Palestine!  


 What is the FIRST THING a  pack of  gang hoodlums will do, if they are set free in the rural Southwest (by order of the TREASONOUS obama/holder/jeh-johson Feds)  with hardly a dime to their name???
  ans. -  they'll SCOUT OUT the  legal, legitimate homeowners or  apartment residents in the region,  and stage ROBBERIES, HOME INVASIONS, or plot EXTORTION RACKETS, especially if they can find some remote homes with any money or portable wealth to steal in them!!  
"Border Patrol Agents QUITTING over CATCH... & RELEASE

  DIANNE FEINSTEIN  is  ENCOURAGING and SUPPORTING a  WAVE OF CRIMINAL TERROR to SWEEP  across America.... with the TREASONOUS  INTENT to  DESTROY the  social fabric of American life, BANKRUPT the social programs for needy Americans,  and DILUTE  the votes of citizens already living in America..
this from a woman who SUPPORTS APARTHEID and  segregation against Palestinians and Arabs, 
and OUTRIGHT GENOCIDE whenever Jews EXCLUDING NON-JEWS in israel is concerned !!   

  If you think we are being "racist" in this comment... JUST IMAGINE   what JEWS IN ISRAEL would say, if their government allowed  KNOWN HAMAS or HEZBOLLAH gang members a "FREE PASS" to ENTER ISRAEL !!  

 The enormity of the treachery and treason of  "The Powers That Be" running the U.S. government are so widespread - we have so many pages open clearly documenting instance after instance, atrocity after atrocity being INSTIGATED, ORCHESTRATED, and PERPETRATED by the people running the U.S. government - that our computer keeps freezing!

Jewish TRAITOR   Senator  DIANNE FEINSTEIN  wants to ARM and SUPPORT __waves__  of  AL QAEDA TERRORIST  MASS-MURDERERS killing, raping, torturing, terrorizing, and massacring thousands of  civilians... not just  in SYRIA, LIBYA, Egypt, but now again in Iraq...
   as the demonic traitor bitch  wants to OUTLAW  gun ownership for Americans here in the (late) U.S.A!  

JEWISH TRAITOR _senator_ (!!)
ARMING AL QAEDA TERRORISTS in Libya, Syria, and now Iraq
(and, in fact, across the entire Mideast, Africa... and the entire globe!)...  
 but the demonic, anti-American ghoul Dianne Feinstein   wants to OUTLAW gun ownership for self-defense for  AMERICANS...  even as  she and her fellow TRAITOR  'Democrats'  (and Rethuglicans)  encourage & allow A WAVE of CONVICTED MURDERERS and GANG CRIMINALS  to SWEEP IN TO AMERICA -
ENCOURAGED by the DHS & Border Patrol Feds! -  across our southern border!!!!
jewish TRAITOR Senator DIANNE FEINSTEIN' _supports_  SAUDI, QATARI, KUWAIT,  MOSSAD, & CIA - U.S. government! - funding to ARM  AL QAEDA TERRORISTS  to KILL civilians... not just in Syria, not just in Libya,  not just the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt....  not just a NEW WAVE of  SAUDI FINANCED TERRORISTS in Iraq (above picture) - but  everywhere across the Mideast, Africa, and ANYWHERE the evil 'judeo elites' want to "destablize" =  DESTROY nations and kill whole swaths of people !!!

below: ALL the "U.S."  Senators  endorse the NEO-CON  JUDEO FASCIST  AGENDA....
SUPPORT FOR   DICTATORIAL, DESPOT  governments all across the world RUNNING DEATH SQUADS to  PERMANENTLY TERRORIZE their SUBJECT populations.   
Because - according to  RACIST, GENOCIDAL judeo  theology/ideology right there in the bible -  non-jews  are "goyim" AND DON'T EVEN COUNT AS HUMANS! 
 SLAVES HAVE NO RIGHTS, they are no better than BEASTS to be MILKED... and SLAUGHTERED to the benefit of the judeo "chosen" master race!  

because the 'Neo-Cons' (= judoe supremacists)  DESPISE human rights,  much less democratic "consent of the governed"  enlightened government...

  As we just mentioned in the previous photo caption:  under the past 5 years of Obama co.'s so-called "liberal Democrat" presidency,  the Democrats have written & approved the 2013 NDAA
Nat. 'Defense' Authorization bill... which CLAIMS for the government the GESTAPO  power to ARREST AND EXECUTE  AMERICANS, WITHOUT  trial or any Constitutional rights!
  DEMONIC TRAITOR PIGS  _MASQUERADE_  as "liberal Democrats" - while lusting over  GESTAPO  and  DIVINE RIGHT OF  JEWS  powers to JUST MASSACRE people !!

below -    Feds -  obama/Democrats' run IMMIGRATION officials -  RELEASED _DOZENS_ of MURDERERS in to  USA in 2013....
THEY, the  TREASONOUS  obama/Democrat Feds, ARE TRYING to START A  vast CRIMINAL CRIME WAVE  _AGAINST_ the American people -  and TRAITOR  DIANNE FEINSTEIN  wants to make Americans  SITTING DUCKS for this MURDEROUS CRIME WAVE... just like the Wolfowitz/Emanuel  Neo-Cons HAVE DONE TO IRAQIS, SYRIANS, LIBYANS, & etc!  
  Feds -  obama/'Democrats' run IMMIGRATION officials -  RELEASED _DOZENS_ of MURDERERS in to  USA in 2013.... they are TRYING to START a CRIMINAL TERROR WAVE _against_ American citizens!!