Monday, June 16, 2014

Former Congressman Ron Paul COURAGEOUSLY CALLS OUT the 'PNAC' Neo-Con TRAITOR WAR PIGS who INITIATED the CATASTROPHIC U.S. Invasion... & BRUTAL, BOTCHED OCCUPATION of Iraq in 2003.....

The demonic, diabolical traitors in America who are simultaneously  running our economy into the sewer, as they  make "America's FOREIGN POLICY" into a disgusting, atrocious regime of  turning entire nations into corpse-ridden death camps,     are now PRETENDING NOT TO NOTICE that  "our Saudi allies" are  FINANCING  WAVES  of  Sunni Jihadist 
 =  AL QAEDA mass-murderous,  GENOCIDAL TERRORIST armies __all over_ the Mideast!

  Below quote:  former Congressman Ron  Paul  courageously confronts this lying, demonic, diabolical  corporate media & "national security experts"  self-professed "expertise":

Haven’t We Already Done Enough Damage in Iraq?
 by former Congressman Ron Paul, the Ron Paul Institute, June 16, 2014 
" ...The same foreign policy “experts”  [retch!]   who lied us into the Iraq war, are now telling us we must re-invade Iraq to deal with the disaster caused by their invasion!"

  As a reminder,  here are  3 quick screen-captures that illustrate just WHO those  "ARCHITECTS" of America's  DISASTROUS  INVASION of Iraq were...  and we point out, that after the 1991  US-Iraq  Gulf War I,  under U.S. "no fly zones" and other means,
IRAQ WAS ALREADY EFFECTIVELY PARTITIONED,  with Baghdad controlling the Sunni areas,  while Kurds controlled the north, and Shiites controlled the South,where they were the dominant sectarian group.

  BUT THAT WASN'T GOOD ENOUGH for the "Neo-Cons" -

 - who INTENDED to BRUTALLY DESTROY  Iraq's _civilian_ infrastructure with  relentless U.S. aerial bombardment;  who INTENDED to pit one ethnic or sectarian group in Iraq against others with as much violence & murder as possible...

who INTENDED to TURN  _all_  of Iraq  into a flaming, burnt, explosions laced, corpse-ridden
NATION-WIDE DEATH terror, & torture CAMP !!  

Above book, "The HIGH PRIESTS of WAR" is a short read... and free, on-line at this link. 
a MUST READ for ANYONE in America who wants to understand 
the CRIMINAL, demonic INSANITY and SAVAGE FURY behind America's GENOCIDAL,  
NATIONS WRECKING,  mass-murderous "foreign policy" =  ever expanding wars... 

 below illustration:
our own photo montage compilation of the 'PNAC' = AIPAC  (= jewish war lobby)
"ARCHITECTS of  the Iraq War"... and,  quite coincidentally,  we can be sure, 
  of  the "inexplicable"  STAND DOWN orders for the U.S. military, air-command, and NORAD  on 9-11-2001...
 which 9-11  mass-murderous terror attacks,   "whoopsie!"  preceded 
the massive US. invasion & occupation of Iraq, the  Iraq war of March 2003

(btw, these AIPAC "The Powers That Be" war-lobby appartchiks  BEHIND the Bush-Cheney administration... were  THE PRIME BENEFICIARIES, the top-of-the-heap, the first-in-line beneficiaries, of the STOLEN ELECTION of 2000...  which  'Democrat'    "TRAITOR JOE Lie-berthug"  effectively TOSSED to his criminal, treasonous 'Neo-Con' co-religionists   pictured here, his treasonous  partners-in-crime  on the "REPUBLICAN" side of the AIPAC /  U.S. govt. infiltration apparatus,  when Lieberman stabbed his running mate, Al Gore, and thousands  millions of  Democratic voters in-the-back,  by NOT FIGHTING to expose the dirty tricks of the national  & Jeb Bush Florida  Republican ballots-trashing,  voter intimidating, voter rolls purging, electronic vote 'glitches', & other election stealing dirty-tricks.)  
"PNAC TRAITORS" of 9-11-2001"... our own montage of the "national security experts" [retch!]
THE AIPAC War-lobby profiteers &  POWERS _behind_ the Bush-CHENEY throne...

the ARCHITECTS of the Iraq War, who not only DID NOTHING  to PREVENT the 9-11 terror attacks,
  but  who ACTIVELY worked their treasonous asses off, to PREVENT  the U.S. government or military from pursuing the AL QAEDA TERRORISTS who 
BOMBED the USS Cole in a Yemen harbor in __OCTOBER of 2000__

.... for the simple reason that ANY  attention focused on Al Qaeda in the summer of 2001, would have DERAILED the 9-11 attacks... the "NEW PEARL HARBOR" terrorist attacks  the PNAC  _TRAITORS_ were HOPING WOULD BEFALL  thousands of AMERICAN VICTIMS.... so they could get their precious  EXCUSE to use the U.S. military to attack, invade, and destroy Iraq as a nation & civilized culture..  right out of the 1980s Judeo Supremacist (israel) "YINON Plan" or 1990s rehash of same, "Securing the Realm" plan - both of which were precursors to the so-called 'American'  "Project for a New AMERICAN Century," war-lobby 'PNAC'  manifesto - which was actually blatant, INSANE, demonic, mass-murderous rehash of the earlier "Securing the Realm"  JUDEO SUPREMACIST INSANITY,   __MASQUERADING__ as "what's good for America"!


  In case you think we are being "anti-semitic" with these depictions & outlines...  here's the very jewish owned BLOOMBERG  'news'... proudly CLAIMING that they regard their fellow 'Neo-Con'  Zionist/judeo-supremacist  co-religionist  & Northeast,  Ivy League,  ivory tower intellectual  
  __"THE ARCHITECT__ of the IRAQ WAR" !!  

their own 'fellow traveller' and NY/Ivy League judeo intellectual,
PAUL   "I did nothing to prevent 9-11...even though I was the #2. man in the entire U.S. military!"   

WOLFOWITZ as "THE ARCHITECT"  of the U.S. IRAQ WAR of 2003...!! 

  It takes a REAL "NATIONAL SECURITY 'EXPERT'!" (sic!)  in very high places...  to...
GIVE Al QAEDA a FREE PASS for 11 long months in the summer of 2001,
for the BOMBING of a U.S. warship;  
the USS Cole attacked by AL QAEDA SUICIDE BOMBERS in October 2000.... mere weeks before team Bush-CHENEY-WOLFOWITZ-LIBBY-Perle-Feith & co. entered the White House or Defense Department as the ruling honchos...!