Friday, June 20, 2014

DEMOCRATIC Party TREASON: today's "Democrats" are now SYNONYMOUS with the DESPISED Policies of Bush-Cheney in 2008... when Americans OVERWHELMINGLY REJECTED the TREASONOUS, expanding wars, Serial Financial Rape & Economic Sabotage, + Police State Gulag Sadistic Brutality & Dehumanizing 'NEO-CON' Agenda of the bush/cheney/wolfowitz/chertoff/bolten (et al) Republican administration...

Two or three simple headline/photo screen-shots capture 'DEMOCRATIC' Party TREASON:

DEMOCRATS' TREASON over 5 yrs of Obama co. - (center) SABOTAGE of U.S. Economy via SERIAL FINANCIAL RAPES that DIRECT ALL wealth in America to the PARASITIC  HYPER-RICH...
while simultaneously   SUPPORTING AL QAEDA TERRORISTS 
 mass-murders and mass-executions, all over the world !! 
 (and police-state despot thuggery to enforce above, here in America) 

 in LIBYA, in SYRIA, in EGYPT, in AFRICA, in IRAQ? 
 answer: it's the BEHOLDEN TO AIPAC senior officials in the   'Democrat' Party, their PARTNERS IN TREASON on the Rethuglican side of the aisle, both in & out ("revolving doors") of government...
make NO mistake: "Democrat" officials HILLARY CLINTON, Leon Panetta, Barack Obama, and (not pictured) 
JOHN KERRY, JOE BIDEN, HARRY REID, DIANNE FEINSTEIN, CHUCK SCHUMER, CARL LEVIN (et al) ... _ALL_ SUPPORT _waves_ of  AL QAEDA TERRORISTS,  KILLING CHRISTIANS, Druze, Kurds, Shia, and all other ethnic & religious minorities and nationals...
 in EGYPT, in LIBYA, in SYRIA, and now IN IRAQ... again! 

INDICT THESE WAR CRIMINALS for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY... before they allow their  TREASONOUS  banker paymeisters to IMPLODE our American economy, and then UNLEASH their  CHERTOFF-JEH JOHNSON-NETANYAHU/Eric Holder   DHS/Blackwater/FEMA/cia/nsa  DEATH SQUADS
Commissar Gulag death camps   HERE IN AMERICA !! 

    Team obama co.
ADMITS that... 95% of Americans have been SHAFTED 
in the past 5 years of their "EXPERT"  Obama administration economics...

but...     "Whoopsie!"  "The jokes on you, you stupid suckers who THOUGHT you were voting for 'Change!' and a  'liberal, democratic'  presidency... you now live on Rahm Emanuel, Bob Rubin, little Timmy Geithner,  & Lloyd Blankfein (= Fed/Rotschields, et al)     GODDAMN-SACHS _slave_ PLANTATION!"  
The DIRTY SECRET of the "Democratic Party" (sic) under "the leadership" (retch!) of  Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Hillary, Kerry, Panetta, Bauchus, Feinstein, Schumer, Levin, & co....  is that collectively,
they have been A DISASTER for MILLIONS of Americans over the past 2 decades;
and Barack & Michelle Obama, Eric Holder, (and Gestapo/Commissar Jeh Johnson) have in particular  been an UNMITIGATED DISASTER for MILLIONS of  Black (African-American) citizens who voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012...
ECONOMIC SABOTAGE - serial financial crimes that destroy the economy - IS TREASON! 

WHAT DO WE GET after five years (actually, almost 2 full decades) of  serial  'Democrat'  bait-&-switch  TREACHERY, DECEIT, economic SABOTAGE, and police-state-gulag demonic corruption??? 

well, we now have this horrific 7%,   seven-lousy-percent APPROVAL RATING for the  THIEVES, WHORES, SELL-OUT TRAITORS, revolving-door  regulation gutting slush-fund bribe-takers,   GULAG COMMISSARS,  ECONOMIC SABOTEURS, and AL QAEDA TERRORIST SUPPORTING  TERRORISTS in Con-gress 


The RESULTS of the 'Democrats'  INTENTIONAL SABOTAGE of the U.S. economy?

  -  Americans, who have always DESPISED the 'Neo-Con' MORE WARS & POLICE STATE BRUTALITY agenda.. now DESPISE  Con-gress as a FLUNKY to  those TREASONOUS  foreign bankers and genocidal war-pigs !!

7%,  SEVEN lousy percent Approval Rating for the WHORE Con-gress! 
 we all predicted this... the moment that  president-elect Democrat Barack Obama announced that he would be putting RAHM EMANUEL as his WHITE HOUSE CHIEF of STAFF...
 obama BETRAYED his voters, literally the day after his election,  because Rahm Emanuel is a RADICAL RIGHT-WING  hyper-racist JUDEO SUPREMACIST  NEO-CON "israel uber alles"...  "israel UBER america" war-pig,   and he was only the tip-of-the-spear of all the BOB RUBIN/larry Summers ECONOMIC SABOTEURS, DENNIS ROSS WAR-PIGS, and CASS SUNSTEIN  GULAG COMMISSARS  to come in the Neo-Con infested Obama administration...  


BAILED OUT BANKERS _sneer_ at American taxpayers slaves/serfs/peons:

 THANKS,  NANCY, for  GIVING the ENTIRE  U.S. TREASURY away to... RAHM EMANUEL,   BOB RUBIN & TIMMY GEITHNER's friends at GoddamnSachs, JPM, the Fed and other CRIMINAL FINANCIAL economic SABOTEURS  !! 

NO "bailout" REPAYMENTS REQUIRED - thanks to the SEDUCTION,  corruption, and "campaign donation" BRIBERY SLUSH-FUNDS & EXTORTION of the Rethuglicans and  DEMOCRATS in Con-gress...  

Why NANCY PELOSI has LET THE BANKERS GET AWAY with MURDER... and TREASON over the past 8 years since she became the "first woman" Speaker of the House:  BRIBERY ("campaign donations" from criminal financiers) & SEDUCTION = CRIMINAL CORRUPTION  !  

below picture:  a US GOVERNMENT,   SAUDI & JEWISH SUPPORTED AL QAEDA TERRORIST, about to execute an Iraqi man... 

this latest WAVE of violence, TERROR, and CIVIL WAR  in Iraq CAREFULLY COORDINATED by the DEMONIC  JEW WAR LOBBY and their SAUDI, KUWAITI, QATARI, and usa/Fr/Britain/NATO  PARTNERS in HIGH CRIMES, TREASON, & GENOCIDE... just see Libya!! 

 below: THOUSANDS of  Iraqi men (women, and children?)  CAPTURED by the RESURGENT AL QAEDA (= Sunni) JIHADI TERRORISTS in Iraq... being marched through the desert to MASS EXECUTIONS??
KEEPING  ATROCITIES  that  THEY support  _OUT_ of the "news" we see and hear in America's corporate whore media... is HOW the JEWISH WAR PIGS and their SELL-OUT PARTNERS IN CRIMES in the U.S. government & high-finance  operate...

  today's "Democrats" are now SYNONYMOUS with the DESPISED Policies of Bush-Cheney in 2008... when Americans OVERWHELMINGLY REJECTED the TREASONOUS, expanding wars, Serial Financial Rape & Economic Sabotage, + Police State Gulag Sadistic Brutality & Dehumanizing Agenda.
  The "Neo-Cons"  -  the AIPAC/Likudnik judeo supremacist Jewish War Lobby, in close concert with the serial financial rapists & economic saboteurs GoddamnSachs/jpm/Fed (= Rotschields, et al)  "Money Power" fiat money bribery & extortion cabal 
 -  think they are clever,  RAMMING this agenda of  LIES, DECEIT, TREASON, SABOTAGE, and  DEHUMANIZING police brutality, government repression, and ever expanding, genocidal wars down our throats,  but it has only been made possible by an absolute crescendo of   carefully coordinated lies, stretching back not just 10 or 20 years, but for over a century:


How  the U.S. and  British CREATED Al QAEDA - 

The history of  America and Britain  funding, coordinating, supporting,  instigating, and doing a century of business with the most ruthless and radically, racially, theocratic (religiously intolerant) &  despotic Islamic regimes stretches back long before Zbigniew Brzezinski - the Machiavellian wars provoking  National Security Adviser for  so-called "democracy supporting good guy" President Jimmy Carter's entire term  -  bragged    about  creating  Al-Qaeda and the Taliban as a means to first inflame ethnic national tensions in the (former) 'Soviet Union',
in particular by goading "Islamist radicals" - Muslim fundamentalist jihadi warriors, who would come to be known and feared as "al QAEDA TERRORISTS" - to ATTACK  "USSR" satellite governments and facilities in "the 'stans"  (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, etc.)   Alex Jones deconstructs the US, British, AND NATO SUPPORT for AL QAEDA in Libya -

the TREACHEROUS, GENOCIDAL Neo-Con war-pig   Zbigniew Brzezinski -
a faux 'democracy & human rights supporting" Neo-Con appartchik dressed up as "a liberal Democrat" in President Jimmy Carter's administration - not only goaded Muslim Terrorists from Afghanistan to ATTACK governments & installations in the (former) Soviet Republics... but, even more damning,  DID NOTHING  to reign in the MUSLIM DEATH SQUADS doing a damn good job of  EXTERMINATING  Portugese speaking Timorese CHRISTIANS  in the East Timor GENOCIDE, 1975-1999,  initiated by the demonic HENRY KISSINGER during the Nixon Ford administration;  that wasn't finally stopped until long after President Carter and his GENOCIDAL Nat.'Security'Advisor  Brzezinski had left office in 1981... 

SERBIA/Kosovo War =  the  INTENTIONAL savage DEMOLITION deconstruction of Yugoslavia:
 'NATO came in  & BOMBED all of Serbia, on behalf of the_proxy_ MUSLIM Albanian armies in Kosovo.

WHAT BENEFIT for  AMERICA  bombing & demolishing the civilian infrastructure of little Serbia??  

(The Serbs had lost 800,000 victims to  NAZI & CROAT DEATH-SQUADS & DEATH CAMPS during World War II, within living memory of  many survivors of those atrocities!) 

 answer:  there was NO real benefit for America bombing and pulverizing Serbia, and tearing one-third of Serbia away from the people whose courage resisting Hitler in March 1941 would, nine short months later, find the Nazi panzer armies grinding to a halt at the very gates of Moscow, because the German army 'blitzkrieg" had been unprepared to fight in the middle of  a cruel Russian winter -

 - the two months it took the German army to detour to, and detach from, Serbia & Yugoslavia were the margin of  Allied victory in World War II,   and in 1999  Americans BOMBED TO HELL the courageous people who had made that desperate WWII  victory possible!

  AMERICA  BOMBED SERBIA, because  America's  "foreign policy" is  designed, "crafted" and manipulated by the  treasonous, god-damned  Neo-Con War Pigs...   WHO ALL, IN CONCERT, as Yugoslavia descended in to ethnic chaos and death squads "cleansing"  following the fall of the Berlin Wall and collapse of Soviet Communism,  cried
 - "we have NO FUNDS to help Yugoslavia partition peacefully"

 but, once the ETHNIC CLEANSING  MASS-MURDER civil war broke out in earnest, the Neo-Con war pigs  all advocated the American government spending a fortune in bombs & bullets to bomb Serbians & support the Croats who, within living memory, had been running NAZI DEATH CAMPS  during WWII!

  Note here how the DEMONIC JEWS  running the so-called "U.S."  holocaust museum,  practically come down on... the NAZI side - ADOLF HITLER's SIDE! - in explaining why Hitler came to INVADE Yugoslavia and Serbia in the first place!
AXIS INVASION OF YUGOSLAVIA The Axis powers invaded Yugoslavia on April 6, 1941. The immediate reason for the Axis invasion of Yugoslavia was the Yugoslav government announcement that it would not honor its obligations under an agreement announced on March 25, 1941, by which Yugoslavia joined the Axis and would permit transit through its territory to German troops headed for Greece. 

perpetrating mass-murder GENOCIDE against entire swaths of  Slavic Christian nations
      at every chance to do so!     

The demonic jews have NO sympathy or compassion - much less  appreciation - for  any other peoples on earth!
  Hell, today's  demonic jews want to repay Persian King Cyrus the Great, who freed the damn jews to return to Jerusalem back in 538 b.c. - by BOMBING Persia (today's Iran) into a "GLASS PARKING LOT"  nuclear inferno!  

  There can be NO doubt: in 1999, the DESPICABLE, DEMONIC,  anti-American, ANTI-CHRISTIAN JEWS running America's "foreign policy"  (now clearly = ever expanding wars!) both in & out of the U.S. government,     SIDED with the CROATS in the Serbia/Kosovo war... 
CROATS WHO, just a generation or two earlier,  during WWII in the 1940s, had  TOSSED JEWS, along with Serbs, Gypsies, and other "undesirables" and Croat or Nazi opponents  - IN TO DEATH CAMPS!

  Given half a chance, the JEWS  absolutely  WILL ALLY WITH NAZIS  &  FACISTS...
    or     GENOCIDAL  AL QAEDA  islamic TERRORISTS!!  

Bill Clinton mourns at graves of  Kosovo Muslims.   THE ONLY reason that MUSLIMS were the "suppressed majority" in Kosovo at the time that Clinton BOMBED SERBIA TO HELL in 1999... was because 800,000 Serbs had been KILLED by NAZI & CROAT, (and MUSLIM)  DEATH-SQUADS  & DEATH CAMPS during World War II !!  
 Note how demonic judeo supremacist, racist Jewish author  Raphael Israel manages to simultaneously WHINE about  the "ANTI-SEMITISM" of the  DEATH CAMPS in Croatia & Yugoslavia...  
without focusing on the fact that  SERBS,  NOT jews, were the MAJORITY VICTIMS of those death camps!    
THE DEATH CAMPS of CROATIA:  Visions and Revisions, 1941-1945  
by Raphael Israel, Transaction Publishers, 2013   
In The Death Camps of Croatia, Raphael Israeli shows that throughout Yugoslavia during World War II, anti-semitism was both deeply rooted and widespread. This book traces the circumstances and the historical context in which the pro-Nazi Ustasha state, encompassing Croatia and Bosnia, erected the Jadovno and Jasenovac death camps. Israeli distills fact and historical record from accusation and grievance, noting that seventy years later, the gap in research and the collection of data, memoirs, and oral histories has become almost irreparable. This volume meets the challenge, basing its conclusions on evidence from participants from the period.
 As we can see from our brief outline, above,  of the Holocaust Museum on-line sympathetic depiction of the Nazi invasion of Yugoslavia,
THE DEMONIC  JEWS are PERFECTLY WILLING to  try to AIRBRUSH _other_ (non-jewish) VICTIMS of  Nazi GENOCIDE.... OUT of   history!   
 Especially if  they have as much of a genocidal, racist loathing for the victims (in this case, Serbs & Slavic Christians)  as the Nazis!


 bonus:  we repeat, for the zillionth time,  JUST WHO IT IS  that the "Democrats" _and_ Rethuglicans in Con-gress answer to:

  below headline capture:   INSIDIOUS  JUDAISM at its DEMONIC most evil:

  here the jews just OPENLY BRAG  that   they CONTROL  CONGRESS with Lobbyists, and presidents with campaign donations...
  ...oh, and btw,  if  they, THE JEWS, want to use the U.S. military  as  AL QAEDA's AIR FORCE to...
 BOMB  Kurds, Allawites, Shia, Druze,  CHRISTIANS,  and any and all other non-Sunni ethnic or religious minorities in Syria to hell...
   Well,  THEY CAN UNLEASH a LOCUST-like  PLAGUE of   "hundreds" of  demonic jew lobbyists on you to get their precious  little cannibalistic,  blood-lust,  relentlessly genocidal way!

   double-bonus:  AND WHAT do you get, for SELLING YOUR ENTIRE NATION - the entire economy, the Constitution,  human rights, civil rights, constitutional rights, the right to a trial! - and property rights -  DOWN THE RIVER to the GODDAMN-SACHS criminal financial extortion & Economic Rape lords...?

   Well, the first time you don't do what they tell you to do
 (in Obama's case, refuse to BOMB IRAN... followed by his REFUSAL to BOMB SYRIA without Congressional authorization)
 and   "they"   will just OPENLY  start talking about ASSASSINATING YOU !! 

 There's NO mystery who the "they" are!!  the DEMONIC  TERRORIST  jewish WAR-PIGS & ECONOMIC SABOTEURS !!

    If the average American sent $20 - twenty lousy dollars -  to a charity labeled as "a terrorist sympathizer group" in the MidEast by the jews who control the U.S. military/intel/police-state apparatus, they could HAUL YOU AWAY with NO TRIAL as a "TERROR SUSPECT"....

 ...not only are the demonic jews DIRECTING TENS of MILLIONS upon billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars to SUPPORT AL QAEDA TERRORISTS in the Mideast, and
(following their  "sabotage destruction of   Yugoslavia and bombing of Serbia" model) 
  FACIST  DEATH SQUADS in the Ukraine...

  ...but when the demonic Jews don't get what THEY want,  they can OPENLY DISCUSS ASSASSINATING a SITTING U.S. President - and pay NO consequence  -