Monday, May 19, 2014

Why Does Christian Persecution Get WORSE In Every Country The U.S. “Liberates”? ans. - because the DEMONIC JEWS Running, RULING "America's" WARS and "foreign policy" WANT IT that way...

Why Does Christian Persecution GET WORSE In Every Country The U.S. “Liberates”?

Do we really need to answer that question... or  LIST the POWERFUL  JEWS who RULE  America's  financial system, media,  & government with ruthless, coordinated efficiency and totality ???

  Including  DIANNE FEINSTEIN, the  EVIL JEW COMMISSAR of war-on-terror repression & ever expanding wars,   who, via her perch as CHAIR of the Senate 'intel' committee,   OVERSEES  ALL THESE  ATROCITIES  BEING  PERPETRATED   against  Christians
and  against all other  ethnic and religious minorities   in those invaded, conquered, occupied, and now  broken-up,  rump, now overtly AL QAEDA [ = SAUDI aligned Sunni THEOCRACY]  run states ?

the evil jew high-priestess of war dianne feinstein:  not only is she the
PERSONIFICATION of  machine-gun armed police smashing in to America's homes in the "war on drugs" as Chair of the Senate Drug caucus  (while her millionaire & billionaire friends & donors, in Hollywood, on Wall St. & at the Hamptons all snort cocaine by the kilo at their lavish mansions & parties)    but she is also  the personification, via her perch as Chair of the Senate 'Intelligence' Committee, of the ever-metastasizing  WAR ON TERRA,  i.e. the evil judeo  war "to bring a light unto humanity"...
i.e. to ENSLAVE, EXTORT & EXTERMINATE humanity to the whims  of the evil judeo 'chosen elites'...
"to eratz israel.... TO GREATER ISRAEL... AND BEYOND!"    

   OH!  and don't forget, the evil 'DiFi" is ALSO the PERSONIFICATION of... INSIDER TRADING CORRUPTION in America,  SHE  is  THE MODEL  that  allowed  NANCY PELOSI's family to TRADE ON INSIDER,  congressional & budget information... all with  the Washington Whore Post, Sulzberger NY Slimes, and ALL   other jew-owned media pretending   NOT  to notice - those DESPICABLE, COMPLICIT in CORRUPTION, CRIMES & ATROCITIES media WHORES!         

Dianne Feinstein  is a one-woman TRIFECTA of    ANTI-AMERICAN  HATE,  TREASON, LIES,  and social, _genuine_ 'national security',   &  economic SABOTAGE - 

 - she is a real-life   OGRE,   _FEASTING_ (in war-lobby 'PROFITS')  on the BLOOD-DRAINED CORPSES  &  BONE-CRUSHED BODIES of U.S. FUNDED AL QAEDA  murder, torture, rape, and SYSTEMATIC TERROR & MASSACRE  victims...

 Do we really need to list all those  who own and run America's corporate media, who saturate and dominate American academia and political discourse, and who - via the above concentrations and coordinations of money, wealth, power,  and opinion-making influence
(ALL DIRECTED and HARNESSED in service of the interests of the infernal perpetual judeo war-state (israel)) 

 now OWN, lock, stock, & barrel,    _both_ the  "Democrat" and Republican Parties, as wholly owned,  bought-out, subservient,  "America's best interests be damned!"  treasonous, serially lying   subsidiaries?

Why Does Christian Persecution GET WORSE  In Every Country The U.S. “Liberates”? 
 by Michael Snyder,     American Dream     May 19, 2014

When the U.S. military “liberates” a nation, shouldn’t it result in more liberty, freedom and peace for the people living there?  Instead, we find just the opposite.  In fact, in every single case since 9/11, when the U.S. military has “liberated” a nation it has resulted in the persecution of Christians in that country becoming much worse...

   IT's the god-damned infernal, eternal  JEW BAIT & SWITCH!

-    TELL US  that the so-called "Federal Reserve"  PRIVATELY OWNED  monopoly (fiat) money & credit [= loan-sharking extortion!]  central banking cartel will  
   "END  _all_ future financial 'panics' and massive unemployment"  when...


    Exactly 15 years later,  America lands smack in the BIGGEST, WORST, most KILLER   'financial panic' of them all.. the GREAT DEPRESSION,   which lasted for OVER AN ENTIRE DECADE under the  not-so-tender mercies  
     (= death camp ruthlessness!)
   of  the hyper-wealthy  JEWISH commissars FINANCIERS who SET UP  'the Fed'...

    and under  PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT's  VERY JEWISH TREASURY SECRETARY, HENRY MORGANTHAU,  who oversaw the lion's share of   ECONOMIC REPRESSION  for all those years after 1933,   the CORE years when the  Great Depression
 (which "officially" lasted  from 1929 to 1942)   just refused to end -  despite all the "EXPERT" advice of the treasonous, economic SABOTEUR  billionaire bankers who set up the damnable, treasonous 'Fed' in the first place...


    "fighting al Qaeda TERRORISTS in the 'global war on terror'" -  

   then _THEY_   SUPPLY, FINANCE, and COORDINATE those same AL QAEDA TERRORISTS with billions of dollars of American arms & financing 
(in coordination with the Saudis, Qataris, Kuwaitis, Turks, other Gulf Arab despots... AND NATO!

 in the  infernal jewish war state (israel) orchestrated AL QAEDA INVASIONS   of  first Libya, then Syria  
(and, next up, Russia and the Ukraine... or maybe another  Mossad/Saudi/Al Qaeda JOINT OPERATION against AMERICA AGAIN,  like 9-11??)

- TELL US that    THEY - and their  "global wars on terra" - are all about

 ....then  insinuate that WE ARE TERRORISTS,  if we ask HARD  QUESTIONS about  ANYTHING ! 

   (9-11 bush-cheney-wolfowitz DERELECTION OF DUTY (treason!), Sandy Hook,  Larry Silverstein "fortuitious" buying of and purchasing massive insurance on the World Trade Center towers just before the 9-11-2001 attacks;  CIA insider trading on airline "puts" just prior to the 9-11 attacks; the anthrax attacks on the two senators holding up the Neo-Cons' precious "P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act;    the suspicious circumstances behind the   Batman movie massacre; the massive police  Boston Marathon BOMB SQUAD "DRILL"  at start of the race, just  BEFORE the "terrorist" bombs went off at finish line of that race;  Jon Corzine looting investor funds to cover his "derivatives" = GAMBLING LOSSES at 
 Hank Paulson and Tim Geithner overseeing instigating  global market panics,  Bob Rubin & Alan Greenspan orchestrating the whole god-damned  mess with massive "DEREGULATION" in the late 1990s,  =  license & invitation to perpetrate SERIAL FRAUDS in America's critical financial markets... etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc., ad naseum, ad infinitum!)

- TELL US that THEY  are as devoted to "religious freedom"   when they are an outside minority in an overtly Christian nation.... 

 ...then, once their political, financial, and propaganda base METASTASIZES to where it is today
THE DOMINANT POWER  in the U.S. bar none - 
  and,  once they have used the armies of  Britain, France and the United States (in World War I) to wrest control of  the Canaan Valley and deliver it to Europeanized Jews
(Balfour Declaration delivers "Palestine" to wealthy European jews after World War I)   

 -  NOW they tell us that 
"WE MUST SUPPORT the INFERNAL, RACIST, GENOCIDAL  THEOCRATIC  state (israel) no matter what  
they do to provoke reactions to their crimes and atrocities"... 
because now WE  MUST  FOLLOW    THEIR blood-drenched,  genocide-advocating 'holy bible', too!

 Here's one  zio-friendly article in reaction to the above 2009  Nat Geo story... accusing  National Geographic of being "RACIST" for implying that the EXODUS of CHRISTIANS from "the Holy Land"  just might have something to do with jewish policies and RACIST, apartheid,  genocidal  jewish authorities..!

(don't  forget, the  NETANYAHU,  SHAMIR,  SHARON, BEGIN et al "LIKUDNIK" 'Chabad' & other FUNDAMENTALIST  JEWS..... instigated a political atmosphere where one of their own SHOT and KILLED - ASSASSINATED, MURDERED - their own jewish Prime Minister,  YITZHAK RABIN, in 1995

and here's another one:

  (A) Response Letter to National Geographic's "The Christian Exodus from the Holy Land"

 And we have a personally signed (to us!) autographed copy of  the very jewish writer B'at Yeor book, 
complaining about the decline in Christianity in the Mid-East under Islam....

by Bat Ye'or  1996 

    -when in fact the ENTIRE   JEWISH  RATIONAL for  "returning" to  live in israel, the so-called "promised land" -  is because  their (mythical) bible relates,  JEWS SYSTEMATICALLY EXTERMINATED and MASSACRED  _all_ the residents there some 2,600 years ago...

   Bat Ye'or is the TYPICAL HYPOCRITE JEW who WAILS and CRIES &  COMPLAINS about "Dhimmitude"  or other racism (alleged or otherwise) against jews...  

    WHILE CELEBRATING  every single moment of   her "jewish consciousness"
the EXTERMINATION of NON-JEWS,  by Jews !!! 

 ...all of which TSUNAMI  of evidence, both recent  and pre- & post- 9/11,  point to the fact that  JEWS REALLY HATE CHRISTIANS,   and,  in fact,  if you research in to the despicable  Jewish "TALMUD" -  HATE for  CHRISTIANS  is actually manifested  within the  jewish TALMUD - 

an attitude that REEKS out of jews _whenever_, the MOMENT that  they have attained autonomy and independence from 'superiority'  OVER their   "goyim" erstwhile "friends" & neighbors!