Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Tony Cartalucci at Catches the ESSENCE of nations DESTROYING, JUDEO driven "American hegemony" & 'globalism' Economic PREDATION: the serial use of BRIBERY & EXTORTION, covered up by a TSUNAMI of CORPORATE MEDIA & academic LIES giving a facade of "democracy" and "HUMAN RIGHTS" to MASS-MURDEROUS economic extortion policies..

  This is a MUST READ  for ANYONE  concerned with the rule of law, with human rights, and with the Constitutional rights OF AMERICANS...
In a single article, Tony Cartalucci masterfully captures how  the "global elite"
and the DISPOSAL  of vast quantities of humans as  CANNON FODDER -
 get away with imposing their DESPISED, RUINOUS policies against the best interests of the people of  every nation on earth...


 Tony Cartalucci at Catches the ESSENCE of JUDEO driven 'American hegemony' & "globalist" Economic PREDATION:  

MASQUERADING as  "pro- Human Rights & democracy"

when actually those selected, groomed, complicit, and bribed academics, bankers, or other officials, are INSTALLED  as American murderous, treasonous proxy, puppet government officials in every nation on earth TARGETED by the MURDEROUS 'globalist'  'elites'   for

financial rape & economic extortion.  

   In this case, Mr. Cartalucci points out JOHN KERRY and  HILLARY CLINTON   as the MURDEROUS  "U.S. government"  officials  COMPLICIT in NATIONS  GUTTING   ECONOMIC  PREDATION - 

  -   there is nothing   "Democratic"  about either of those two vile,  ANTI-DEMOCRACY, ANTI-HUMANITY,  anti-American  "globalists"  ghouls  who answer to  JEWISH FINANCIERS and the JEWISH WAR LOBBY  _traitors_  who rule America with a mass-murderous, terror & tryanny iron fist:
(in Syria,  both Kerry & Hillary were and ARE  SUPPORTING AL QAEDA DEATH SQUADS attempting to EXTERMINATE  Christians, Druze, Allawites, Shia, and all other ethnic & religious minorities... at the murderous  judeo war cabal's instigation -  

Thai Coup Stings Western Meddlers  
by Tony Cartalucci   at   NEO     May 27, 2014 
America’s Pacific Century,     FOREIGN POLICY magazine  declared in an op-ed published by then US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The by-line would continue by saying, “the future of politics will be decided in Asia, not Afghanistan or Iraq, and the United States will be right at the center of the action.”  And indeed, [the U.S.] has been in the middle of the action... 
With an army of deeply entrenched US-funded NGOs _MASQUERADING_   as human rights, press freedom, and pro-democracy advocates 
the US has been busy subverting and attempting to overthrow indigenous institutions across Southeast Asia either in support of US proxy regimes already in power, or to pave way for disruptive “color revolutions” seeking to install them.   The idea is to align Southeast Asia, along with India and Pakistan, as well as Korea and Japan, into three united fronts to encircle and contain China. Detailed first in the Vietnam-era “Pentagon Papers” and continuously updated over the following decades, confrontation with China is now the admitted purpose of the US “pivot.” 
For Thailand, the only Southeast Asian country to avoid European colonization, 
it has suffered over a decade of rule by a US-proxy regime installed for just this purpose – the regime of convicted criminal, fugitive, billionaire Thaksin Shinawatra – supported fully by an army of faux-rights advocates, with the full weight of the Western media behind it, and with the support of the US State Department itself. 
Beginning in the 1990′s Shinawatra was a Carlyle Group adviser. Upon taking office he would PRIVATIZE  Thailand’s petrochemical conglomerate, raise limits on foreign shares, and sell it off to Chevron and Hess. He would send Thai troops to Iraq in support of the US invasion and occupation, as well as 
allow the CIA to conduct their horrid “rendition” program on Thai soil. 
He would try, but fail to ramrod through a US-Thai free trade agreement, and has been supported either directly or indirectly by an army of Washington-based lobbying firms for years.  A recent, PEACEFUL military coup, the second aimed at uprooting Shinawatra’s regime, has been successfully carried out this week. Unlike the previous coup of 2006, this coup is proving to be far more effective and thorough with nearly every aspect of the ousted regime being exposed, detained, warrants arranged, and trials to follow. Assets are being traced and face possible judicial review for their subsequent freezing and/or seizure. In other words, the regime is being utterly uprooted, financially and politically. 
Thai Coup Stings US Meddlers the Most  
In the immediate aftermath of the coup, the US State Department, through a strongly worded condemnation penned by US Secretary of State   JEW WAR LOBBY WHORE & and MASS-MURDEROUS TRAITOR John Kerry, claimed:  "I am disappointed by the decision of the Thai military..."   
....In reality,  is setting the stage for rallies to be targeted by the West’s infamous “mystery gunmen” – snipers deployed to conflict zones to kill both security forces and demonstrators to then leverage the violence to expand the conflict and undermine the targeted government. 
Such tactics have already been used once in Thailand during violence in 2010, as well as throughout the opening phases of the so-called “Arab Spring,” and most recently in Ukraine where “Euromaidan” leaders brought in snipers to kill both Ukrainian security forces and their own supporters.
 [WHEN the  JEWS  RUNNING  AMERICA's GLOBAL EXTORTION FINANCIAL RACKET &  EVER EXPANDING  WARS   _CAN'T_ get the  people & public in those TARGETED for  MASSIVE  EXTORTION & mass-murderous DESTRUCTION   nations to  passively go-along with their INSTALLED  PUPPET, CORRUPT, TREASONOUS, sell-out, economy-RAPING, mass-murderous   government regimes... the JEWS & their AMERICAN  government PUPPETS  START SENDING IN THE  SNIPERS, ASSASSINS, &  MASS-MURDER  DEATH SQUADS! 
Amsterdam’s “premonitions” of impending violence have previously manifested themselves in openly armed terrorism confirmed to be the work of his client, Thaksin Shinawatra and his political machine inside of Thailand. Just weeks before the coup, Shinawatra’s militants were caught with AK47s, M79 grenade launchers, and hand grenades with the same lot numbers of those used in previous attacks.  While waiting for Western     [ = HILLARY CLINTON, JOHN KERRY, barack Obama, and the ENTIRE JEW WAR LOBBY & PUPPET u.s. state department!!]     orchestrated bloodshed – Thailand can expect a torrent of slanted media reports condemning the coup and the protests that led up to it,
 [the DEMONIC, MASS-MURDEROUS  jews ruling America DO NOT BELIEVE IN HUMAN RIGHTS  including FREEDOM OF PROTEST   nor FREEDOM OF SPEECH -  SLAVES HAVE NO RIGHTS, and according to the insane, treasonous, fundamentalist jews who have extorted political supremacy in America,  ALL "goyim" - non-jews - ARE SLAVES - including  Americans!]  
covering up the 6 months of terrorism carried out by the Shinawatra regime against his political opponents that precipitated the coup in the first place, and media reports inflating the numbers and significance of protesters organized by Shinawatra to portray the population as being “anti-coup.”
[THWARTING the will of popular opinion and genuinely representative democracy is WHAT THE TREASONOUS,  RELENTLESSLY LYING  corporate MEDIA WHORES do]  
It appears that the US “pivot” is turning instead into an ever more precarious “stumble.” 
Tony Cartalucci, Bangkok-based geopolitical researcher and writer, especially for the online magazine New Eastern Outlook”.

 read the full article here:
     PEACEFUL, popularly-supported Thai COUP  Ousts MURDEROUS, CORRUPT, U.S. INSTALLED proxy financial RAPE & economic SABOTAGE  REGIME -

post-script:  for those who think it is preposterous
our claiming that U.S. government officials would send  mercenary gunmen & sniper TERRORISTS to  SHOOT BOTH SIDES to whip-up riots and coups against a targeted regime,

just recall this article  that appeared in  "mainstream" American news reports:   a  jewish editor of a prominent local jewish paper published in a major U.S. city,  OPENLY  DISCUSSING the possibility of  MOSSAD - the JEWISH TERRORIST  ORGANIZATION -   just  up and killing, murdering, ASSASSINATING a... sitting U.S. PRESIDENT,  Barack Obama !!!

 [jewish] Newspaper Editor: Israel Should Consider ASSASSINATING  Obama [!!!]

jewish 'news' paper editor: "ISRAEL SHOULD ASSASSINATE  OBAMA" !!! 

   Just to show HOW INSANELY ferocious and demonic they are,  this video highlights how Obama has  GIVEN the  EVIL, INSANE  JEW WAR LOBBY _almost_  EVERYTHING  they have asked for.... including the FINANCIAL RAPE of MILLIONS  of   Obama's own Black & minority 'Democratic'  voters in the past 5 years 
(yes, sad to say - there are even MORE UNEMPLOYED  ECONOMIC VICTIMS  _TODAY_,  FIVE YEARS IN TO the OBAMA-biden-holder-pelosi-reid-hillary-kerry 'Democrat' regime, than there were 5 years ago... at the height of the Sept. 2008 Wall St.  financial CRASH that marked the end-note of  8 years of DISASTROUS, ENGINEERED ECONOMIC SABOTAGE DESTRUCTION   Bush-Cheney-Greenspan-Paulson financial atrocities!)

 ...up to  Obama & Kerry attempting to  just  BOMB  SYRIA  without a Congressional declaration of War, which would have seen U.S. aircraft and missiles ATTACK RUSSIANS SHIPS stationed in Syrian waters...

   and STILL  the INSANE  EVIL  JEWS of the  demonic  Jew War Lobby are just OPENLY TALKING about  ASSASSINATING him !!  


   read it & weep, America:  when the DEMONIC  JEWS notice that their orchestrated & instigated AL QAEDA TERRORIST  mass-murder JIHADI  INVASION of  Syria hasn't completely destroyed the independent nation of Syria just yet,

    the jews go in to one of their typical, diabolical  WHINE,  WHIMPER & RAGE  rants - BLAMING KERRY & OBAMA that  THEIR  GOD-DAMNED TERRORIST INVASION hasn't succeeded, and of course WHITEWASHING the VICTIMS of their MASS-MURDEROUS  GENOCIDAL BLOOD-LUST & humanity despising insanity OUT of the picture -

 they are truly DEMONIC, BLOOD-LUSTING  WAR PIGS who  believe they are ENTITLED  to RULE  America by BRIBERY, EXTORTION, & TERRORISM, and murder, and in setting "America's" foreign policy, they are devolving into a depraved, mass-murder lusting demonic chorus !!

EVIL, DEMONIC, MASS-MURDEROUS   jews  - The Jewish Press -  whine & WAIL that  KERRY & OBAMA (and the wholly-owned, puppet "U.S." cia, pentagon, & con-gress)  HAVEN'T HIRED ENOUGH AL QAEDA TERRORISTS - or SENT IN U.S. BOMBS & SOLDIERS -  to COMPLETELY DESTROY  Syria as an independent nation just yet!