Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The KAGANS Want To KILL a few (million) Russians...

  WHY do the KAGANS want to BURN (a few million) RUSSIANS ??

 below illustration: the 'PNAC' JEWISH SUPREMACIST KAGANS,
ROBERT (left) and VICTORIA nudelman/nuland KAGAN (right)
  and a Ukrainian victim of their TREASONOUS
(instigating WARS  _BEHIND_ the back of the U.S. Congress)
that  _they_ and their evil, demonic 'Neo-Con' = jewish war-lobby  partners-in-crimes
have unleashed in the Ukraine... 

"The reason why... current U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland had such a difficult time explaining why American involvement in Ukraine was necessary in front of a Congressional committee is really quite simple.  The overthrow of the elected Ukrainian government through the use of violence was good for the Jewish agenda.  Since the previous pro-Russian government was overthrown, Jews like Arseniy Yatsenyuk have taken power and have begun financially looting the country.  Since Nuland couldn’t come out and state these very obvious facts she had to lie and mislead the committee members.."

video:  Victoria Nudelman (Nuland) ne Mrs. Victoria Nuland KAGAN admits that SHE  HAS OVERSEEN the SPENDING of five billion U.S. taxpayer obligated dollars -  -   $5,000,000,000 - with the sole purpose of UNDERMINING the ELECTED GOVERNMENT of the Ukraine...
  which is to say,  FUNDING the MOST VIOLENT,  AGGRESSIVE, MURDEROUS, and  anti-government radicals, 'protesters' and TERRORISTS  that five billion dollars can hire....

 Victoria Nuland's Admits Washington Has Spent $5 Billion to "Subvert Ukraine"


 WHEN will    "liberal Democrats" who voted for and still support the  Barack Obama presidency,  FINALLY REALIZE,       that  THEY ARE NOW SUPPORTING  the IDENTICAL 
that they  thought they voted AGAINST  in November 2008 ?   

(you know, what with all that  voting for "CHANGE!" from the DESPISED policies and METASTASIZING WARS of the bush/cheney/wolfowitz/libby/perle/feith/wurmser/zackheim/KAGAN presidency 
and ever-expanding Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Africa, etc. etc. etc. wars )

You thought you were voting for "CHANGE!," Democratic voters?

  Well,  don't look know...  but  
is  MARRIED TO    one of Bush & Cheney's  RADICAL RIGHT-WING WARMONGERING "PNAC"   9-11 whitewash  & Iraq war lies  criminal perpetrators...

no less than Project for a New 'American' Century (sic)
(second from left, lower panel in this montage of  PNAC  _jewish_ founding signers & 9-11 traitors... ) 

 THE POWER behind the PUPPETS Bush & Cheney presidency: the "PNAC"  JUDEO SUPREMACIST WAR-MONGERS... MASQUERADING as  pushing a 
"Project for a New AMERICAN Century" lobby that is actually nothing but a rehash of the 
 JEWISH SUPREMACIST "Securing the Realm" manifesto written for the genocidal jewish-state (israel) PM  Netanyahu... the guy who "won" his first election as Prime Minister, over the MURDERED BODY of his election rival;  then sitting Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was MURDERED by  one of Netanyahu's HATE-WHIPPED  judeo supremacist supporters in the closing days of Israel's 1995 elections...   

  Don't believe us that  the "ISRAEL FIRST" jews were THE POWER behind the Bush-Cheney presidency... and ARE NOW  DRIVING THE U.S.A.   EVER DEEPER into WARS in LIBYA, SYRIA, AFRICA, YEMEN, PAKISTAN, IRAQ,   _IRAN_... and now  even against RUSSIA ?!!

 (at the time, in 2003, owned by the  MEYER/graham family)  
ADMITTING that  George W. Bush & Dick Cheney's  'plans' for the IRAQ WAR in  Feb. 2003... were  IDENTICAL to those of  the    "LIKUD"  RADICAL  RIGHT-WING  JUDEO SUPREMACIST party & policies of  then Israel PRIME MINISTER Ariel Sharon:

   below:  Bush & Cheney's "Mideast policies" WERE DESIGNED by the 'PNAC'  JEW WARMONGERS in their administration, and SUPPORTED by the  JEWISH SUPREMACIST TRAITORS in the corporate media - at the WASHINGTON POST, NY Times, TIME magazine, CNN, ABC, Fox 'news' and elsewhere - who  _all_  support & promote the GENOCIDAL JUDEO SUPREMACIST agenda...  

  ....just as  the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION'S  MASS-MURDEROUS, WARMONGERING,  GLOBAL FINANCIAL RAPE POLICIES are driven by the GENOCIDAL  JEWISH SUPREMACIST  TRAITORS in the Obama presidency, cabinet,  and 'Democrats' in Con-gress and Senate..    TODAY!   
Bush administration and israel Prime Minister Sharon  NEARLY IDENTICAL  on Mideast policy by Robert G. Kaiser Washington Post 9 February 2003
Running for reelection last month, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon of Israel repeatedly boasted of the “deep friendship” he has built with the Bush administration — “a special closeness,” he called it. He thanked President Bush for understanding Israel’s security needs and for providing “the required leeway in our ongoing war on terrorism.” He praised Bush’s latest proposals for reaching a Palestinian-Israeli peace agreement — a plan, said Sharon, that he and Bush had agreed on together.
Sharon was describing what his American supporters call the closest relationship in decades, perhaps ever, between a U.S. president and an Israeli government. “This is the best administration for Israel since Harry Truman [who first recognized an independent Israel],” said Thomas Neumann, executive director of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, a think tank that promotes strategic cooperation with Israel as vital to U.S. security interests.
For the first time, a U.S. administration and a Likud government in Israel are pursuing nearly identical policies. Earlier U.S. administrations, from Jimmy Carter’s through Bill Clinton’s, held Likud and Sharon at arm’s length, distancing the United States from Likud’s traditionally tough approach to the Palestinians. But today, as Neumann noted, Israel and the United States share a common view on terrorism, peace with the Palestinians, war with Iraq and more.
 [note:  WARS of  "United States" 'neo-con'  HEGEMONY =  GENOCIDAL  JUDEO SUPREMACISM!]
 Neumann and others said this change was made possible by the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and their aftermath.
   [the 9-11 TERROR ATTACKS that NOT ONE  JEWISH "expert" in the Bush/Cheney/Wolfowitz/Libby/Perle/Feith/Wurmser/Zackheim/Podhoretz/
Bolten/Chertoff/Mukasey/ administration  DID ANYTHING  to slow down, deter, prevent, or WARN the American people about... DESPITE the FACT that  AL QAEDA TERRORISTS had  NEARLY BLOWN-UP the U.S. warship, USS Cole,  in a Yemen harbor in OCTOBER of 2000... a TERRORIST ATTACK that the TREASONOUS  JEWS  in the Bush-Cheney administration  let go unnoticed... UNPUNISHED FOR  11 MONTHS... so they could get their  precious "NEW PEARL HARBOR"  EXCUSE to UNLEASH America's military might to kill millions of Muslims in the Mideast...] 
The Bush administration’s alignment with Sharon delights many of its strongest supporters, especially evangelical Christians, and a large part of organized American Jewry, according to leaders in both groups, who argue that Palestinian terrorism pushed Bush to his new stance...

  What Americans  must not fail to notice, is that the evil, demonic,  blatantly racist and genocidal  JEWISH WAR LOBBY appartchiks WERE THE POWER _behind_ the Bush/Cheney presidency - both before  and after the 9-11 terror attacks....

...and the SAME DEMONIC  JEWISH APPARTCHIKS,  in both their Republican AND "Democrat" flavors -  ARE STILL  RULING  AMERICA  with an iron,  MASS-MURDEROUS, GENOCIDAL  fist  today,  under the so-called "liberal Democrat" but actually  judeo-fascist   Obama, biden, eric HOLDER, jacob LEW,  jeh johnson, hillary clinton, kerry kerry,   (et al, ad naseum)  administration...