Saturday, April 12, 2014

We've done it! BRAVO! EUREKA! We've completed the chore of a lifetime, and come full circle on our "GRAND UNIFIED THEORY of POWER & POLITICS for humanity" in this 2nd decade of the 21st century...

WE'VE DONE IT!  The endeavor, the chore, the arduous journey...  we've completed the circle of a study of a lifetime, and have arrived at   
from our inception as life forms on planet earth to present, the 2nd decade of the 21st century c.e.  
     Unfortunately - much like watching sausage being made,  it hasn't been a pretty process. 
 It's been like watching some eagles arrive in your neighborhood, and after taking a thousand photographs of them flying around, wanting to catch them in photos actually making a kill, or bringing a kill back to their nest... and then,  when that longed-for moment finally arrives, you photograph an eagle in the process of attacking a prey victim and making a kill... and realize that it is your family's beloved pet dog that the eagle has just attacked and turned into a lifeless, bloody corpse!
  ( Or, for a more prosaic, Hollywood form, we turn to Michael Douglas as billionaire predatory financier Gordon Gecko in the 1987 movie "Wall St."  expressing his feelings about a deal that has just gone through to his protege, Bud Fox:   (Gordon Gekko"Mixed emotions, buddy. Like [watching arch-rival and ultimate nemesis mega-financier] Larry Wildman going off a cliff in my new Maserati.")

 The information that has put us over the top in this search of a lifetime has been three obscure videos:  "CARTHAGE: The Roman HOLOCAUST"  (annihilation, extermination, and total destruction of Carthage by Roman soldiers bent on killing or enslaving every living person),  "Brainy Barbarians"  and "Battlefield Britain: The Conquest of Wales."  

      Each of these videos points to the most powerful force in 'modern' American and European life: the ability of elites to MANIPULATE public opinion, and get people to SUPPORT WARS of mass-murder and aggression, even in a nominally  "democratic" and "modern,"  "enlightened" era, simply by MANIPULATING _HOW_  people accept and process information they receive in a given culture or social grouping...  how "THE NARRATIVE" elites impart on the public  can make people who support bloody aggression and barbarous savagery  believe that they are actually "CIVILIZED" and  "doing god's work"

    Our completion of this 'framework' or grid will now allow us to put in to place several important stories and issues that we've been unable to discuss properly up till now, because  it has seemed so tenuous to connect them to the intentional, predatory machinations of the predatory 'elites'

     More to come, we hope to finish this (as yet incomplete) blog-post in the next day or two, and then get down to the business of  putting it all together !! 

below illustration of Vikings in their longships on way to attack England: 
   Corporate raiders and predatory financiers do today, under the banner of "judeo/christian modern,global finance" exactly what brutal, savage, bloodthirsty, barbaric and "pagan" Viking invaders did to 9th century England:  attack, invade, destroy, loot, plunder, rape, murder, exterminate whole villages and settlements, suck the wealth out of  nations and peoples by extortion;  and impose their domination on subjugated victims by violence, mass-murder, and terror....  

    See the genocidal U.S., israel, NATO, + brutal Arab dictator governments unleashing a demonic tide of Al Qaeda killers on Syria, with the premeditated intention of killing tens of thousands of civilians, and TERRORIZING  millions more...  


US *PLANNED* Syrian *Civilian Catastrophe*  [= MASS MURDER]  Since 2007