Monday, April 21, 2014

The U.S. Government is TERRIFIED of PROSECUTING the ALLEGED Boston Marathon Bombing "SUSPECT"... because He was A PATSY... SET UP by His CIA Handlers...

U.S. government officials are TERRIFIED of  PROSECUTING  __ACCUSED__ Boston Marathon bombing __SUSPECT__  (and sole surviving suspect)   Dhoskhar Tsarnaev... for the simple reason is that there are tons of  witnesses to the MASSIVE  pre- race POLICE & BOMB SQUAD PRESENCE at the start of the Marathon last year,    and not even the most DILIGENT of  crimes whitewashing,  narrative manufacturing, witnesses eradicating,  videos suppressing government & media officials  can eliminate  ALL the loose ends, should an even half-way competent   set of  defense attorneys start asking questions about those BOMB SQUAD, police,  & government officials   __PRESENT AT THE RACE__ last year.  

 Today 'news' marking the 1 year anniversary of the running of the Boston Marathon - which last year saw two  'improvised explosives" bombs  go off, killing and injuring both racers and spectators at the finish line - demonstrates  HOW TIGHTLY the  U.S. government and corporate media  CONTROL "THE NARRATIVE"  around  last year's race...
USA Today has replaced, for now, the SULZBERGER New York Slimes and the (until recently) MEYER/graham cowardly, lying Washington Post as the lead WAR-PIMPING WHORES of the day... here pimping two of the 4 issues closest to the evil "Neo-Con" wars & police-state pimping  hearts;  "NO PROBLEMS AT BOSTON MARATHON this   year... WE ARE PROTECTING YOU!"  and, simultaneously a "WE MUST OUTLAW GUNS, because we CAN'T PROTECT YOU from crazed gunmen!" story about a shooting at Utah courthouse.    The THIRD leg of the Neo-Con PROPAGANDA NARRATIVE is the "need to FIGHT WARS AGAINST TERRARISTS OVERSEAS" - even if the EXCUSES  _MANUFACTURED_ to instigate those wars are crimes-against-humanity LIES...  and, the 4th leg of  Neo-Con American sabotaging propaganda is  "the need" to cover up financial crimes, and  BAIL OUT  FRAUDULENT FINANCIERS (and the MEGA-WEALTHY FAMILIES BEHIND THEM)  even as they STRANGLE the REAL economy to death....

   The "NARRATIVE"  is that  this year, because the U.S. government and its military/paramilitary minions are "prepared" for any eventuality,   then runners and spectators are "SAFE" this year...

   that is, the U.S. government is  "preventing terrarists from impacting public spaces in American life"  
    However, the low, ominous rumble of  "terror threats"  lurking in every corner of American life are still there....  as, indeed, the TREASONOUS  members of the U.S. government  RATCHET UP A SHOOTING WAR AGAINST RUSSIA... in exactly the same way that the United States government & military BOMBED SERBIA for 78,  SEVENTY EIGHT straight DAYS,  ostensibly to "protect the humanitarian rights of  Kosovo Albanians"...

   although  the U.S.G.
(which is to say, the warmongering AIPAC/PNAC/GoddamnSachs puppeteers  _behind_  the U.S. government) 
 was not the least concerned with "protecting human rights" in the region _UNTIL_   the ENGINEERED  DESTRUCTION of Yugoslavia had already torn thousands of lives apart, and left a wake of dead bodies strewn all over the place like something out of a medieval butcher-fest... or  World War II  style  "ethnic cleansing" scene.

  Here's the REAL story, that the U.S. government,  Boston area state and local officials,  and the corporate WHORE warmongering, economies wrecking, police-state-repression advocating media will NOT  discuss about the bombs going off at the Boston Marathon last year:

  2.      If there WERE  police bomb squad members present at last year race... then WHY has this story been COVERED UP  until now?!
  3.  Were the TSARNAEV Brothers  operatives or AGENTS  under CIA  "handling"?   IF SO, WHO were their handlers?  For how long?  How often did either of the brothers go back to Chechnya, and WHO was PAYING THEIR AIR-FARE?   
  4. WHY was Tsarnaev brother Chechen friend Ibragim Todashev SHOT BY police/FBI  while at his home  while undergoing a "questioning session"  INSTEAD OF BEING READ HIS RIGHTS and TAKEN TO JAIL?   DOES THE FBI PLAY PATTY-CAKE.... "whoopsie! he wuz goin' for his gun!"   with REAL  "terror suspects" ???  "FBI Agent Who Killed Tsarnaev Friend Ibragim Todashev Cleared"
  5.  WHY isn't  the U.S. government  PROSECUTING accused bombing sustect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in a SPEEDY TRIAL as demanded by  our Constitutional rights to speedy trial?  (oops... so sorry... forgot!  With 9-11,  ALL HUMAN & American CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS went FLYING OUT  THE WINDOW... so our U.S. government, serving its jew war lobby masters,  can "BETTER PROTECT US" of course).   
  6.  IF  jewish SENATOR LAUTENBERG filed a bill to OUTLAW  black powder in America, ostensibly to "PROTECT" Americans from "dangerous terrarists using BLACK POWDER to make bombs"... and the Senator DIED  shortly thereafter.. WHY would  the  "Money Power'  'HANDLERS'  his friends in the Senate  TAKE LAUTENBERG's name OFF the bill... and assign it to  their latest POLICE STATE REPRESSION APPRATCHK,   Senator Harry Reid instead?    WOULDN'T Senator Lautenberg's FELLOW SENATORS  consider it an HONOR to keep the bill in HIS name?  

The Senator LAUTENBERG ('D' NJ) bill to OUTLAW black gunpowder in America... was READY to go _BEFORE_ the Boston Marathon bombs went off... and wouldn't ya know it, they wuz BOTH OF 'em BLACK POWDER bombs!    Just like the so-called 'P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act' bill was READY TO GO... BEFORE those ANTHRAX LETTERS were sent to Senators TOM DASCHLE and PATRICK LEAHY's offices... golly gee,  just happened that THOSE were THE TWO SENATORS  effectively HOLDING UP the BUSH-CHENEY NEO-CONS from RAMMING the "P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act" through a TERRORIZED Congress just a few short weeks after 9-11-2001!! 
  and Finally,   BONUS QUESTION  #7 !! 

        #7.  WHAT COCKTAIL of  DRUGS are the Fed's bio-wars, psych-wars,  and 'Manchurian Candidate'  programing shrinks DOSING  their captive 'bomb suspect'  Dzhokhar Tsarnaev with?

You almost have to pity the Feds... they'd  LIKE to just  SNUFF  Dzhokhar out,  and not have to go through the immense effort to FRAME HIM as their  terrarist bomber  PATSY.... but that would look so messy... so... RICHARD III eliminating those 2 murdered "princes in the tower"....

     So instead they'll have to earn their pay,  and  FRY  Dshokhar's mind with the latest cocktail of ZOMBIE DRUGS,  so he will peacefully and quietly go through his trial, and to his execution chamber, like Timmy McVeigh did.... everybody happy,  a brilliant ending to another USG  
"wa-ay off balance-sheet black-ops op" - and a very 'wet' and messy one, at that  !!


  Instead of asking these TOUGH questions, the U.S. WHORE  corporate media is asking THESE kind of questions... the  spit-slimed softballs that even George W. Bush could knock out of a press conference...

  Clearly, under the post- 9-11  "neo-con" "WAR ON TERROR", ECONOMIC SABOTAGE,  POLICE STATE REPRESSION, serial, economies-gutting financial rape, and ever expanding wars  government & media "narrative"  - WE AMERICANS are once again becoming as  VICIOUS, as  violently retributive, as revenge obsessed,  and as blood-thirsty as...
 ...medieval soldiers & war-lords... LYNCH MOB spectators...
 ...or as World War II (or "end of Cold War" destruction of Yugoslavia era)  ethnic cleansers....   you know,

    just  "GOOD NAZI SOLDATEN,   GIVING   THEIR  ALL  for the reich"  !!



  The more things change.... the more they stay the same!   

 Here's the headline - from Nov. 2001! -  for our  above link -   

"anthrax letters ATTACKED  the  OFFICES,  of  THE two Senators MOST EFFECTIVELY OBSTRUCTING  the Bush-Cheney-Wolfowitz-Libby (et al)   Neo-Cons from RAM-RODDING the 'P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act'  bill down a terrorized Congress' throat in the wake of the 9-11-2001 terror attacks" 

["Terrorists"  who INCLUDED WARNINGS in those letters, thereby MINIMIZING their murderous TERROR impact... and not sending them, unobtrusively, to the Pentagon/Defense Department or high profile military bases... how very nice of them !! ]  


 Double-bonus: those who don't understand how  AGENTS of GOVERNMENT  could INTENTIONALLY TERRORIZE, murder, harm or enslave the people under their power & jurisdiction... simply do NOT  understand the  real  ebb and flow of  history and power in American(or human history in general). 

The ENTIRE INSTITUTION of  SLAVERY  was (and is)  BASED ON  MURDER and  TERRORISM:  the slave 'owner'  must have 'the right' and power to INFLICT PUNISHMENT  on his/her slaves... for any whim at all  _ENFORCED by the POWER of THE STATE_ -  or the slaves will simply run away.

     For the century before it came into existence  during colonial period in America, and for the century after it came into existence,  
the U.S. government WAS A WILLING PARTNER and  COMPLICIT AGENT in the MASS-MURDEROUS, TORTURE, and TERRORIZING  institution of  chattel slavery here in the United States... 
  ...including NINE of TWELVE of the first U.S. presidents,  including the two presidents most famously renown for defining and defending American liberties and freedoms;  founding president George Washington &  author of the Declaration of Independence and 3rd president, Thomas Jefferson

 Today,  'white' (European descended) Americans have a hard time understanding how this  SYSTEM of APPLIED  BRUTALITY, ENFORCED SERVILITY,  and  APPLIED  TERRORISM could  apply  to  White Americans  -  especially in this 'modern' age with all our supposed  liberties,  freedoms, and government enforced constitutional rights -  but this is a myopic and ignorant attitude... need merely look back across the Atlantic ocean to the mother countries from whence their ancestors came,  to realize that Europeans SUBJUGATING, SUPPRESSING, and ENSLAVING as serfs their fellow Europeans was the order of the day throughout the entire Dark Ages, medieval, and Renaissance eras... and  even today,  England is a highly hierarchical,  class stratified society. 

    Here in America  for the past 100 years until the Vietnam War,  SEGREGATION was simply  a milder form of  the government's quasi-official, state enforced  APPLIED TERRORISM of  the slavery era, where "uppity" minorities could be "disappeared" by  'midnight visits'  of sheriff's deputies,  or merely denied jobs, or become outright victims of lynch-mobs... which  all  had state support and approval

  2nd class citizenship and NO rights was the order of the day, and rule of law that applied to millions of Americans, all the way in to the 1960s in the Deep South...

  ...and, more to the point,  MILLIONS of Americans were DISPOSSESSED, denied access to jobs, restitution for their LOOTED banks accounts, denied fair value for their lost (sold under duress of  economic/financial sabotage) property, and even denied access to sustenance,  

 and thereby treated as a CRIMINAL UNDERCLASS left to STARVE to death  during the GREAT DEPRESSION... 

 ...for an ENTIRE  DECADE of  American life, that might have continued even longer under the FINANCIAL RAPE and ECONOMIC SABOTAGE of  the connected hyper-wealthy, insider-trading elites, but for the outbreak of World War II and the mass-industrialization, full employment, and rising standard of living that   MASSIVE GOVERNMENT SPENDING during the War - and for the entire 5 decades of the "Cold War" after WWII ended. 

"Federal Reserve" bankers PROMISED Con-gress in 1914  that they would END 'banking panics' and mass-unemployment... exactly 15 years later, they INSTIGATED and PRESIDED OVER a DECADE LONG  era or misery and economic contraction, the Great Depression...

below illustration:   Americans by the millions were DRIVEN - like sheep to the slaughterhouse  - to DESTITUTION, near starvation,  and TENT CITIES, by the PREMEDITATED ECONOMIC SABOTAGE of the Fed bankers... rape and economic Sabotage   ENABLED
 by the BRIBED, EXTORTED, BLACKMAILED, and complicit Congress, Senate,  & president(s) and courts. 

   World War I veterans, MANY HIGHLY DECORATED for combat heroism in that war, but unable to find work ten years later,   were driven to protest in Washington D.C.'s "Bonus Army"  tent-cities,  where they were  CRUSHED under the heel of the Congress- & President Hoover authorized U.S. army attacks on these homeless camps...  

    ...while the TREASONOUS Fed bankers wallowed in the extorted and hoarded wealth of America they had amassed unto themselves. 

   The bombing of Pearl Harbor in December of 1941, followed by the U.S. government spending trillions of dollars to industrialize and produce mountains of war material to prosecute that  war,   
PROVED the LIE  that "there was nothing that could be done"  to ACTUALLY   'STIMULATE THE ECONOMY'  during the entire DECADE of the Great Depression... most of which was under so-called "LIBERAL DEMOCRAT" president Franklin D. Roosevelt's  COMPLICIT WITH TREASONOUS BANKERS administration,  where Roosevelt's TREASURY SECRETARY, HENRY MORGANTHAU,  essentially did ANYTHING the BANKERS & financiers told him to do... 

Central (Fed) bankers have been Directly INSTRUMENTAL   in the KILLINGS of OVER 480 MILLION innocent people around the world... and counting.. since their inception

  For decades, the U.S. government was complicit with not only segregation.. but the quasi-legalized MURDER of LYNCH-MOBS.    HATE being one of the most powerful motivators in human life, governments have long had a hand in  manipulating and whipping up HATE against selected targets... whether against Blacks in the segregation era Deep South, or  against German-Americans during World War I,  or against Japanese Americans placed in CONCENTRATION CAMPS 
(by America's very Jewish Treasury Secretary,  HENRY MORGANTHAU!)  
during World War II,   or against  whatever regime the New York, London, AIPAC, Washington 'consensus'  TARGETS as the  ENEMY du jour today... 

below article clip:  POSTCARDS of  mobs attending violent lynchings, FREELY CIRCULATED through U.S. mail during the segregation... and lynch-mobs era... 

The white men and women who flocked to these carnivals of death sometimes brought along young children, who were photographed no more than an arm’s length away from a mutilated corpse. These photos were often turned into grisly postcards that continued to circulate even after Congress made it illegal to mail them.
A particularly vivid lynching postcard depicts the charred and partially dismembered corpse of Jesse Washington, who was burned before a crowd of thousands in Waco, Tex., in 1916.
The card, which appears to have been written by a white spectator to his parents, is signed “your son Joe.” He refers to the horrific murder — in which the victim’s ears, fingers and sexual organs were severed — as the “barbecue we had last night.” He identifies himself in the crowd by placing a mark in ink about his head.
By permitting images like this one to move through the mail at all, the government tacitly endorsed lynching, along with the presumption that African-Americans were less than human. The mailings also aided a propaganda campaign that was INTENDED to TERRORIZE the [entire] Black POPULATION in the nation as a whole, not just in the South.