Tuesday, April 15, 2014


  Those who don't understand that  both the "Democrat" and "Republican" parties have been "LBO"  LEVERAGED-BOUGHT-OUT    by  "The Money Power"  are  GROSSLY IGNORANT about the fundamental reality of politics, and balance of power,  in America today.

  For a billion or two dollars in LEGALIZED BRIBES "Campaign Donations" every political season (every 2 year congressional and 4 year presidential cycles), the "MONEY POWER"  'economic hit men'  reap TRILLIONS of dollars in fat government contracts & license to get away with predatory financing and outright financial crimes,  as  rewards from their bought, bribed, BLACKMAILED, and EXTORTED Congressional, senate, and presidential candidates & incumbents.

 HARRY REID  is the  latest  textbook example of this grim & evil process:   Mr. Reid is NOW AS CORRUPT as TOM DASCHLE,  DIANNE FEINSTEIN,  NANCY PELOSI,  JOHN KERRY,  JOE BIDEN, Hillary Clinton,  Barack Obama, and ALL the other 'Democrats'  who hold top  positions in Con-gress or the U.S. government... they have ALL been   LOOTING THE AMERICAN PUBLIC BLIND, WITH INSIDER TRADING and  PAY-to-PLAY  PAYOLA, that makes CONVICTED REPUBLICAN  congress-bribing money-man JACK ABRAMOFF and convicted Republican Congressman Randy Cunningham look like PIKERS in comparison.

    Republican Congressman (and Vietnam combat veteran aviator) Randy 'Duke' Cunningham SPENT THREE YEARS IN PRISON for taking a few hundred thousand dollars in  BRIBES....

   SENATOR REID, YOUR CORRUPTION and COMPLICITY with CRIMES - in the American financial sector,  in America's criminal SPONSORSHIP OF TERRORISM in world affairs; in your PRETENDING NOT TO NOTICE that the DHS & Federal Government are PLANNING A POLICE STATE REPRESSION _WAR _AGAINST_ the American people  -  puts  CUNNINGHAM's  greed, bribes, & graft  TO SHAME !!...  

and it is now YOU  who  deserves to spend long years behind bars in FEDERAL PRISON for CRIMES AGAINST the American people!     

It was not always this way.   There was a time when the soft-spoken Senator from Nevada was a "good guy" - before he turned HIT MAN ENFORCER for the NEO-CON WAR &  FINANCIAL RAPE mob.

  And we've even got the quote to lay it out:  HARRY REID,  STANDING UP to  so-called "Democrat"  Obama 'Economics adviser"  JACOB LEW,  Senator   Reid  PREVENTED LEW from  ushering in the HOLY GRAIL of  DIABOLICAL JEW FINANCE,  so-called "AUSTERITY CUTS" in   federal government appropriations (spending) THAT SLASH the PORTION of  goods & services from the  AMERICAN economy delivered to the bottom percentile of Americans... INSTEAD  HANDING all that  portion of wealth & treasure over to the ALREADY  FILTHY-RICH, PARASITIC,  SABOTAGE,  CRIMINAL, con-gress bribing predatory judeo financial 'elites'!

WILLIAM K. BLACK  (LEAD PROSECUTOR of the FINANCIAL CRIMINALS _behind_ the BUSH 1 RECESSION... which was brought about by the 'DEREGULATION'  of   America's critical SAVINGS & LOAN banks; which "Deregulation"  ALLOWED CONNECTED INSIDERS to LOOT the banks, and  then BRIBE CONGRESS to make them whole in "never let a crisis go to waste" "BAILOUTS"... at American taxpayer expense]:
Yes, and this is an irony, as well, in terms of the political aspects and Obama. So, under Lew, in his new incarnation a while back as OMB head of—for Obama, I have a piece that talks about how OMB under Obama sounds almost exactly like the tea party 
[i.e. advocating the SLASHING of  life-sustaining food-stamps, disability, and other gov't. payments to _millions_ of dependent, needy Americans].
 So, it  [obama/lew's  _ostensibly_  "Democrat" OMB]  adopts all of their rubric about, you know,  "these terrible social programs, this terrible safety net and how it’s going to imperil our nation," and what we need to do is be balancing the budget—in other words, austerity. 
 [in other words - TRILLIONS of dollars in  'BAILOUTS'  for CRIMINAL BANKERS like jacob lew, bob rubin,  hank paulson, maurice greenberg, et al, ad naseum...  while  SLASHING the FOOD STAMPS for millions of NEEDY AMERICAN families... while also handing the 5 million lousy jews in israel BILLIONS upon BILLIONS upon BILLIONS of American taxpayer dollars to raise hell and destroy every nation in the Middle East!    JACOB LEW is a NEO-CON,  'israel first'   radical right-wing judeo-supremacist WAR-PIG, AMERICA SABOTEUR,  & TRAITOR... just like MICHAEL CHERTOFF,  PAUL WOLFOWITZ, BILL KRISTOL, ROBERT KAGAN, and ALL the other  RETHUGLICAN Neo-Cons. ]
Now, had Obama succeeded in following Lew’s recommendation in July 2011, when they were trying to negotiate the so-called "grand bargain," which is really the grand betrayal of the safety net—unemployment in July 2011 was 9.1 percent. Austerity in the United States would have done just what it did in Europe... Unemployment would have surged.   

 [JACOB LEW is AN ECONOMIC SABOTEUR - JUST LIKE THE JEW FINANCIERS RUNNING the so-called "Liberal"  FDR  'New Deal' economy in the 1930s... which financiers  PROLONGED the GREAT DEPRESSION  for an entire decade! -  all the way until  Japan dropped bombs on Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941;    it was _only_  then, when bombs landed on U.S. military bases to usher in America's full-scale entry in to World War II,     that the  TREASONOUS,   America SABOTAGING  financiers _behind_ the  Hoover AND Roosevelt administrations,  and who OWNED Con-gress,    FINALLY,  in Dec. of 1941 > 1942, OPENED THE PURSE-STRINGS  of titanic U.S. government spending that THEY HAD BEEN HOARDING for the entire 'Great Depression' decade of the 1930s and first two years of the 1940s.]  
So, all through 2012, the election year, unemployment would have been going up well above 10 percent, quite possibly into the 11 and 12 percent range, which is where it is in Europe. Obama would have been toast; would have been no chance. He would have been crushed in the election. The Democrats would have lost control of the Senate, and such. And these folks, even today, are claiming that the failure to achieve the grand betrayal and to cut the safety net is their great disappointment. So, they not only tried to destroy themselves and the country, they are continuing to do that, and indeed, but for Harry Reid literally throwing the Obama administration’s suggestion that they do cuts to the safety net in the fireplace and burning it up, they would have gotten it as part of this interim austerity deal that was just done about eight days ago
 [that would have COMPLETELY _TRASHED_ the American economy, and probably would have BROUGHT ON RIOTS...    the RIOTS that  the TREASONOUS  orthodox traitor JEW JACOB LEW  now running the U.S. Treasury Department, and his BILLIONAIRE JEW sponsors,   _DESIRE_  & _WANT_ to INFLICT & IMPOSE on America.


  Well, guess what:   FINANCIAL CRIMINAL  and  SERIAL ECONOMIC SABOTEUR   orthodox jew JACOB LEW is now our (very criminal)  TREASURY SECRETARY... and  HARRY REID  is  KISSING HIS ARSE,  COVERING UP  _vast_ FINANCIAL CRIMES,  DISHING OUT TRILLIONS of U.S. taxpayer dollars to FINANCIAL CRIMINALS;  AIDING and ABETTING the  U.S.,  nato,  SAUDI, and  jew-state (israel)  SUPPORT & FUNDING for AL QAEDA TERRORIST killers   _EXTERMINATING_  Christians, Druze, Kurds, Alawites, and all other (non-Sunni) ethnic &  religious minorities in SYRIA...

  ...and now TREASONOUS State Department  jewess  apparatchik VICTORIA nuland/KAGAN  has just  SPENT  FIVE BILLION U.S. taxpayer dollars, to  WHIP UP A MURDEROUS, VIOLENT COUP in the Ukraine, with the intention of  FOMENTING A MASSIVE SHOOTING WAR  between Ukrainians and Russians... with the intention of  GETTING AMERICANS TO GO TO WAR AGAINST RUSSIA,  which would be the start of World War III.

   ...the CLUELESS, seduced, and CORRUPTED  HARRY REID, has become a  TREASONOUS, MASS-MURDEROUS NEO-CON WAR-PIG who doesn't give an inch in the PERPETRATING of  WAR CRIMES, ATROCITIES, and LIES   to his  Rethuglican warmongering predecessors, 
traitors like  DICK CHENEY, george w. bush,  don rumsfeld,  JOHN McINSANE,   LINDSEY GRAHAM,  PAUL WOLFOWITZ, Michael Chertoff,  and the rest of the  'PNAC'  JEW WAR LOBBY mob !!!!!!