Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The FED's DEBASEMENT of the U.S. Dollar (and SABOTAGE of the American economy... to benefit 'the Money Power' connected insiders) MAY ESCAPE NOTICE of the Corporate Press/Media WHORES... but HAS Attracted the Attention of the U.S. MILITARY !!

  The corporate media lying WHORES may  PRETEND that the so-called  'Federal Reserve Bank'
 (and its wholly captured & corrupted U.S. Treasury... which is to say, the entire U.S. government!)  
"is working in America's best interest"... but the U.S. military isn't so sure of that assumption!



We don't agree with the financial insiders at ZeroHedge.com  very often - they are like the N.Y. Post daily tabloid of the financial media, daily whipping up resentments with their snide & inflammatory tabloid manner,   in typical East Coast "pretend liberal, oh-so-hip"  media fashion,  they PRETEND they are concerned with the well-being of millions of Americans...

 ..but all the while, just like the HuffingtonPost or NY Times or the Washington Post or TIME or CNN or any of the rest of the dinosaur corporate media,
   they REFUSE to dig deeper into those stories of  gross, in-your-face CORRUPTION,   INSIDER TRADING, or legalized "Campaign Donations" BRIBERY of Congress & politicians,  that are now the "meat and bread"  of  America's treacherously constricted economy

they REFUSE to detail or even look in to  just how such "pay to play" CORRUPTION
(in the old days, called "KICKBACKS," SLUSH-FUNDS, GRAFT, and BRIBERY)
 influences legislation and issues that are clearly, increasingly UNPOPULAR across broad segments of American society...

  like,  you know, they way that ALL WEALTH & POWER seems to be going to the INSANE,  TREASONOUS, PREDATORY, treacherous,  economies-gutting 'elites'! 


 It's not JUST OBAMA who is  IMPOTENT, CORRUPT, and a SERIAL LIAR about his campaign promises... When, year after year after year after year,   95%,  NINETY FIVE PERCENT of  the wealth in America  GOES TO THE TOP 1%... and  NO ONE seems to be able to do anything about it,
  NOT ONE major media corporation puts THAT story as THEIR TOP STORY, day in and day out...
then EVERYONE not speaking out against this  immoral, discriminatory, financial larceny & economic sabotage,  un-American concentration of wealth & power


Obama admits that 95% of income 'gains' go to TOP 1%... including during the past 4 years of his presidency!  "whoopsie!"