Sunday, April 13, 2014

TALMUDIC JUDAISM posits that "JEWS HAVE BEEN CHOSEN by their TRIBAL GOD Yahweh to OWN THE EARTH and RULE over non-jews... AS OVER ANIMALS" !!!

We're a little bit frustrated today,  as the rush of time brings  PASSOVER 2014 bearing down on us,  with MILLIONS of jews in America & all across the world  CELEBRATING THE KILLINGS OF CHILDREN
  ..and we still have 2 weeks worth of articles to post, discussing the origins of  ancient (archaic) Judaism,  the psychology of a people, tribe and 'faith' that CELEBRATES the KILLINGS OF other people's CHILDREN every year; and, indeed, the deplorable notion that  AT THE SAME TIME that  THEY WHINE, WAIL, and  CRY about the PERSECUTIONS VISITED ON THEM
 (the most notorious example being the so-called "Holocaust" of World War II)

 the Jews themselves  SIMULTANEOUSLY BRAG on their mythical CONQUEST of  the Canaan Valley,
the so-called "Promised Land" -  a conquest marked by    - according to their own 'holy bible' - 
   the WHOLESALE EXTERMINATION of all the tribes, kingdoms, villages, towns, and and cities that stood in the path of the voracious, bloody, genocidal jews and their genocidal land-rush!  

  Below,  this "anti-semitic video" is by Dr. William Pierce is  "anti-semitic" because of its use of creepy images and scary music to make its points....
    but the ACTUAL CONTENT of the video is RIGHT OUT OF THE PAGES of the bible, Talmud, and  RECENT worldwide news stories... including video clips of  JEWS, TODAY,  CELEBRATING the life of   New York Jewish 'American'  immigrant to Israel,  Baruch GOLDSTEIN... who  SHOT UP and killed dozens of  UNARMED WORSHIPERS at an Islamic mosque in 1994 before being killed while reloading his AMERICAN MADE MACHINE-gun,  AND HAS BEEN TREATED AS A JEWISH HERO by  insane, racist, blood-thirsty, genocidal jewish fundamentalists ever since.

   THERE CAN BE NO DOUBT where the WELL-SPRING OF JEWISH HATE & GENOCIDAL CONTEMPT for non-jews comes from... EVERY SINGLE YEAR, MILLIONS of jewish children are RAISED and INDOCTRINATED to   __CELEBRATE__ the KILLINGS of EGYPTIAN CHILDREN,  as "PROOF" that   THEY are "g-od-'s"  FAVORED,  "chosen' people.

    THE IDEA  that the GOD, 'creator' of the entire UNIVERSE,  would  APPLAUD - much less perpetrate -  the MASSACRES of CHILDREN  as  'his' fundamental and HIGHEST PURPOSE - to receive the praise, prayers, & supplications of   "his" "chosen" people -  

  IS EVERY BIT AS OBSCENE as the  notion that the   'god' of Hitler & the Nazis would APPROVE OF THE EXTERMINATION of  six million jews (or any other victims)  during World War II.

 below screen-shot images of  PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE, MURDER, GENOCIDE, ATROCITIES, & CRIMES-AGAINST-HUMANITY supporting 'American'  JEWS:  

  jewish youth APPLAUDS  murder,  MASS-MURDER, KILLINGS,  and MASSACRE of  UNARMED, UNSUSPECTING  non-jews.... JUST LIKE  'PASSOVER'  celebrates   every single god-damned year !! 

Every time this Jewish 'American' woman, in a video interview, says,
 "YES,  Baruch Goldstein IS A MARTYR and jewish HERO" (for machine-gunning & killing several dozen unarmed Muslims at prayer in a mosque in Hebron in 1994) - she closes her eyes!

a jewish 'American' woman APPLAUDS the MASSACRE of UNARMED people in Hebron mosque

jewish 'American' man APPLAUDS jewish SUICIDE-TERRORIST Baruch Goldstein's MASS-MURDER of three-dozen unarmed Muslims in Hebron mosque "There's no doubt that he [goldstein] WAS A GREAT MAN"

jewish 'American' man BEMOANS DEATH of  JEWISH MASS-MURDER SUICIDE TERRORIST baruch goldstein, "the most upsetting part of this whole thing, is NOT that the [unarmed victims!] were killed.... it's that Dr. goldstein was killed"

Another 'American' jew APPLAUDS  SUICIDE TERRORISM & MASS-MURDER  of UNARMED worshipers in mosque: "He [goldstein] did a TREMENDOUS DEED, an act of self-sacrifice"
jewish 'American' man INDOCTRINATES his DAUGHTER in HATE - APPLAUDS MASS-MURDER of UNARMED worshipers by genocidal, mass-murderous N.Y.  jewish suicide terrorist baruch goldstein "THEY  [murder victims] DESERVE WHAT THEY GOT"

jewish  fundamentalists - SUPPORTED BY  MILLIONS of "moderate" and "non-observant" 'American' jews -  regard NON-jews as NON-HUMANS...  as bodies WITHOUT SOULS, as 'zombies',  as BEASTS good for no more than SERVING  jews and judaism as disposable slaves...!!    What an INSANE concept of  'god' and the universe! 

 below - more jews - in this case "religious" "leaders" (sic) - APPLAUD MASSACRES and MASS-MURDER of unarmed, unsuspecting non-jews... 
jew 'religious leaders' APPLAUD MASSACRES and MASS-MURDER of NON-jews....

jews by THOUSANDS - in huge funeral with ISRAEL ARMY PROTECTION,  CELEBRATE 'martyrdom' of N.Y. jew SUICIDE TERRORIST goldstein who MURDERED DOZENS of non-jews....

jewish 'religious leaders' (sic) assert that  "G-O-D  LOVES MASSACRE,  MASS-MURDER, and mass-murderers.... if they do 'his' work" !!

Dr. Pierce is absolutely correct to point out, that despite 7 decades of post-WWII jewish propaganda in America,  jews - fundamentalist jews BACKED UP BY their 'American' "moderate/progressive" coreligionists - REGARD CHRISTIANS with every bit as MUCH HATE, SCORN, & CONTEMPT as they regard Muslims.  Indeed,  fundamentalist jewish 'leaders' regard Christ as a TRAITOR to  g-o-d  &  judaism, so they regard Christians as WORSE than Muslems.

   Dr. William Pierce is absolutely correct:    the JEWISH GOVERNMENT (israel) APPROVING of this  MONUMENT to  MASS-MURDERER  New York jewish 'American' BARUCH GOLDSTEIN,  indicates HOW CONTEMPTUOUS  jews are of  human rights and human dignity... 
  If they could get away with it, the  WARMONGERING 'leaders'  of  israel &  American jews woul'd make HITLER's BODY-COUNT  in World War II (somewhere approaching 20 million victims of war, starvation, death-squads, disease, etc.)  look like a warm-up act... 
jewish government (israel)  APPROVED monument to jew 'martyr' MASS-MURDERING SUICIDE TERRORIST  baruch goldstein mass-murder of unarmed, unsuspecting non-jews...