Friday, April 18, 2014

Max Keiser FINALLY steps up to the plate... and CALLS OUT ESTABLISHMENT SHILL JIM RICKARDS...

Alex Jones and Max Keiser are two perfect examples of  "the Peter Principle,"  which Investopedia describes as the tendency of competent officials  (executives & managers in a business, government, scientific, or similar professional group hierarchy) to continue rising in the ranks, through promotions earned for competence at the previous levels, until they reach a level in the organization where their skills and strategic planning are no longer as effective or competent as the job requires.  
  Although this "principle" is attributed to Dr. Laurence J. Peter, who published it in his book "The Peter Principle" in 1968, it is actually well known over centuries of history, particularly in military history. For example,  it was well known in the Civil War that excellent brigade commanders did not always (often!) make good corps commanders, as thousands of Confederate history buffs can attest in the cases of  Generals Ewell and Hill contributing to General Lee's loss at the Battle of Gettysburg (And, every bit as infamously,  every one of  President Lincoln's Army of the Potomac commanding generals exhibited this fatal flaw,  until Lincoln appointed General U.S. Grant to command the U.S. army, but only after Grant was doggedly able to work around his obstructionist  (sabotaging!) superior, Gen. Halleck, and win some important battles in the west.)   

   In Max Keiser and Alex Jones'  cases,  they are each the respective global EXPERTS in their respective fields - Max Keiser on the PERSISTENT CRIMINAL FRAUDS that  SATURATE and INFEST the ENTIRE  Western/US/global financial (economic) system,  and Alex Jones the American expert on the criminalization of the American people,  under a DHS/fbi/cia/dod/nsa DOMESTIC TERROR PURGE/gulag/Police-state-liquidation squads system that is immediately around the corner (and was already rolled out in Boston as the entire USG/dhs & co-opted local "law enforcement" agencies made a dry-run of a NAZI STYLE BLOCKADE, LOCKDOWN, and MILITARY ASSAULT on.. some Boston neighborhoods that were designated by the USG as the hiding place(s) of their  PATSY  bomb suspects.

  But  both Mr. Keiser and Mr. Jones refuse to take the final step... to  CONNECT the VERY SIMPLE DOTS that  ALL CONVERGE ON, not merely the financial criminal masterminds on Wall St. and in the City of London,  but their nuclear armed mob of  5 million supporters in the jewish war state (israel).. and backed up by EVERY  jewish temple and community organization in America
(and, as well, by all the bribed, bought-off, manipulated, and propagandized Christ-ian/zionists, who literally believe that the g-o-d of the bible CALLS for the  GENOCIDE EXTERMINATION of all races and ethnic groups not part of   "the chosen" cabal.) 
   THEY are ALL ON THE SAME PAGE -  unlimited powers for the nuclear armed judeo war state & its mass-murderous, often genocidal goals,  backed up by an ever larger, titanically disproportionate slice of the U.S.  & European economic output (as measured in billions & trillions of dollars).
      As long as the judeo financiers can STUFF some "goyim"  (non-jewish) bankers & appartchiks into top financial positions,  it becomes VERBOTTEN!  to point out that  since January of 1995,  THREE of  SEVEN U.S. Treasury Secretaries have been JEWISH...  and of the remaining four,  HANK PAULSON  followed in the footsteps of the very JEWISH co-CHAIRMEN, Bob Rubin & Jon Corzine, of the very JEWISH financial cartel GOLDDAMN-SACHS  before he became U.S. Treasury Secretary (following exactly in Rubin's footsteps in going directly  from GS Chair to Treasury Secretary, at that);   and OBAMA's  ECONOMIC HIT MAN  DEATH SQUAD LEADER of a Treasury Secretary,  little Timmy Geithner,  was not only BOB RUBIN's  protege underling & economic hatchet man when Rubin was T-sec,  but  Geithner is not only married to the mob.. but his first job out of college was with the blood-drenched judeo war-lord and global wars provacateur HENRY KISSINGER at Kissinger Associates!   That leaves ONLY  Secretaries John Snow and Paul O'Neill as being outside of  "the TRIBAL MOB" - but while John Snow was definitely a "TEAM PLAYER" for the EXTORTION, OUTSOURCING, DEREGULATION, and LOOT EVERY govt/public funds (i.e. economic sabotage) cabal,  self-made millionaire and legendary corporate turn-around artist John O'Neill was GIVEN THE BUM'S RUSH - ousted from Treasury Secretary within almost exactly a year  - for having the temerity to point out the BUSH & CHENEY's  TAX CUTS FOR RICH would  BUST  the nation's treasury and U.S. economy... much less those TAX CUTS FOR FILTHY RICH coming at a time when the Bush-Cheney PNAC ( = jew war lobby!) crew WANTED AMERICANS to FORK OVER BILLIONS trillions to PAY FOR THE METASTASIZING "war on terra" and Iraq & Afghanistan wars!

    For the past __x__ years,  Mr. Keiser & Mr. Jones have been giving a very wide berth to all these CRIMINAL,  ECONOMIC SABOTAGE  T-secretaries (John O'Neill the sole exclusion) -   even though they all hew to the ECONOMIC SABOTAGE  "outsourcing, deregulation, WHITEWASH of FINANCIAL CRIMES, COVERING UP of  OFFSHORE TAX DODGES, and   SERIAL, RELENTLESS ATTACKS on EVERY PUBLIC PURSE ("do-gooder" government funds, like Fannie, Freddie, and even that holy-of-holies, the FDIC)   Mr. Keiser instead preferring to bang his bongo-drums about how bad Jamie Dimon  (and sometimes Lloyd Blankfein) are.

       BLANKFEIN and  DIMON are REPLACEABLE FRONT-MEN... as, indeed, are the revolving-door Treasury Secretaries,    but NO  banker on Wall Street - Dimon, Blankfein, and the Rotschields themselves included! -  if the Treasury Secretary set out to ENFORCE U.S. laws, with even a fraction of the effort the government took to RAILROAD  Martha Stewart and Alabama Governor Don Siegelman in to prison.
(Siegelman, btw, is jewish.. an absolute JEWISH VICTIM of the JEWISH LYNCH MOB,  an article/post we've still yet to get around to.) 
  Well, sorry for the long preamble,   but we've still got one more point to make, before we SALUTE  Mr. Keiser for FINALLY  calling a 'spade'  a spade....
   And that is, back in ____ of ____,  Mr. Keiser hosted  JIM RICKARDS to talk about his  (then) new book,  "THE CURRENCY WARS."
  We ran out an purchased a copy of  Mr. Rickards informative book...  only to be appalled to realize that, from page one, Mr. Rickards was SUPPORTING and ENABLING the U.S. government's (above mentioned Treasury Secretaries)    massively, TITANICALLY FRAUDULENT  "CURRENCY WARS" !!

   Although Mr. Rickards quasi-bragged about his participation in a government "simulation"  (or "drill")   that posited a CURRENCY WAR with CHINA...  anyone with an ounce of insight in to the "currency wars" KNOWS that it is THE U.S. GOVERNMENT, and U.S. Treasury, and so-called "U.S. Federal Reserve bank" (sic)    THAT HAVE BEEN ATTACKING our nation's currency, by Fed Chairmen ALAN GREENSPAN and BEN BERNANKE  having ONE solution to EVERY economic problem:  PRINT MORE MONEY! - "money" which the Fed bankers CREATE OUT OF THIN AIR, and then LEND TO _OUR_ government... at interest!
  This "solution" to economic problems rewards ONLY ONE  PARTY - the Fed bankers who profit from EVERY DOLLAR CREATED.  (Actually, those government programs, or government contracts (expenditures)  REWARD THOSE who reap them - whether it be welfare recipients or major weapons contractors - but those rewards last only as long as the progams/expenditures keep going... while the "DEBT"  INCURRED to OUR  government, rewards the bankers... unto perpetuity,  until & unless they are TAXED on their illegitimate gains... the simple solution to every financial & economic problem... STOP the HOARDING of wealth & power by the predatory, parasitic, economies-sabotaging eltites.)

   So,  JIM RICKARDS was IN THE BELLY OF THE BEAST -  the government was spending millions of dollars anticipating a disastrous  "CURRENCY WAR" with China... without Rickards aknowledging that the U.S. government, & U.S. treasury, were the PRIME CULPRITS in the SABOTAGING of the U.S. dollar, and that any  "China currency attack"  would only be successful because,  A.)   the dollar had been DEBASED by the Fed banksters & their bought-&-owned Treasury Secretaries;  or, B.)  in the event of a "currency war" the U.S. would continue to allow the Chinese to export to America... when in fact, it is  CHINA's  PARANOIA of having it's U.S. markets cut off,  that FORCES China's elites to DEBASE _THEIR_ currency, to play along with the Fed/Treasury's rules,  which is to say,  ALLOW the bankers to PRINT TRILLIONS of dollars out of thin air..  the means to TRANSFER WEALTH _FROM_ the stupified, peon public TO the criminal elite financial mob (cartel).

 BUT WAIT!   WE STILL haven't gotten to the good part!    The "good" part comes a few pages or chapters later, but still early in Mr. Rickards' excellent book, "The Currency Wars" - when Mr. Rickards reveals that, after World War I,  ALL THE WORLD's GOLD (or a titanic portion thereof) WAS LOCKED UP in U.S. Treasury and Fed Reserve banks & vaults, mostly under Wall Street! (Fort Knox was not built until the Great Depression, under President Roosvelt's... very jewish Treasury Secretary who PROLONGED the GREAT DEPRESSION for AN ENTIRE DECADE,  Henry Morganthau.) 

   It was THE HOARDING of  the world's GOLD - representing global wealth -  by the Fed bankers - with the complicity of the Treasury Department -  which led to the GLOBAL ECONOMIC INSTABILITY that PRECEDED the U.S. stock market crash in 1929!   The post-WWI  economic RAPE of Germany was only part of this picture... it was DEFAULT of  CREDIT ANSTALT, the FAILURE of the ROTHSCHILDS BANK in Austria, that PRECEDED the LONDON STOCK MARKET crash... which preceded the Wall St. stock market crash of 1929.   It was the HOARDING of the world's wealth by the Fed bankers, which is to say, the  "MONEY POWER" financiers headquartered on Wall St. and in the City of London (read, Rotschields, et al)   in concert with a typical Rotschields' style "PUMP... and DUMP"  financial attack, that led to the titanic global economic contraction known as the Great Depression.  

  Which, finally, brings us up to present...   while the above paragraphs may seem long, bloated, and overstuffed, in fact, they are the merest wisps of the outline of the TITANIC FORCES of FINANCIAL FRAUD and  ECONOMIC SABOTAGE (concerted financial attacks)   that lead to TODAY's    SERIAL  ATTACKS  on AMERICA's ECONOMY and financial system...    OF WHICH INSIDER TRADING  preceding the 9-11 attacks  WAS ONLY  ANOTHER  in a LONG LIST of  CRIMINAL, TREASONOUS  economic activities.... ALL with THE BLESSINGS of  THE CIA, the  U.S. TREASURY,  the "Ivy League"  academic whore-houses, and the serially treasonous corporate media !!! 



Jim Rickards In the second half of Thursday’s Keiser Report, Max interviewed Jim Rickards about his new book, ‘The Death of Money’. Max and Jim discussed the insider trading in American and United airlines stock in the days leading up to 9/11.
The 9/11 conversation begins in earnest at 14:35:

Rather than revealing the TRUTH about 9/11 insider trading, Criminal Foreknowledge and Insider Trading leads directly to the CIA’s Highest Ranks, once again Rickards makes the following hallow, water boy-for-the-establishment claim:
This was insider trading BY terrorist associates, I want to be scientific and rigorous about the evidence, and separate this from some of the crazy theories out there that somehow the US government was behind 9/11, that’s all nonsense. And again I want to separate myself from that.”
To Max’s great credit, at 18:00 he calls Rickards out on this very transparent argument and specifically cites trading firm Alex Brown and Buzzy Krongard as being directly involved in 9/11 airline stock put options trading:
We know that these trades were done at Alex Brown, which is a firm not too far from the CIA, which was run by Buzzy Krongard… he then took a job as the Deputy Director of the CIA under George Tenet DURING the events of 9/11. So here you have a firm, in Baltimore, where the trades were done, that was run by the guy who is now the Deputy Director at the CIA. Your thoughts, your comments.”
At which point Rickards totally exposes himself as an establishment, Bankster-CIA shill.
Jim who is a supporter of the Israeli regime, goes on at the end of the interview to suggest the 22nd August 2013 NASDAQ shutdown was caused by an Iran or Syrian cyber attack based on no evidence whatsoever.
In our opinion James Rickards is a poison pill, telling 90% truth then poisoning the well and trying to steer the conversation away from the real people behind 9/11 and the insider trading as Max Keiser points out in the interview.
In this video We Are Change Detroit discuss with Max the insider trading around 9/11 and last month Max went into more detail on The Alex Jones Show in this interview.
Thanks to for providing part of info in this article.