Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Jews In America - 'American Jews' - MUST Decide: Is THEIR ("first") LOYALTY TO 5 million jews in ISRAEL... or to 300 _million_ of their "Fellow AMERICANS" HERE IN AMERICA?

- The notion that  300 million Americans should - much less "must" - take their marching orders from 5 million jews in israel is OBSCENE,  and  antithetical to American democracy, and an insult  to  the ideals of Enlightenment rationality and the dignity (fundamental rights) of mankind...   

 -    The idea that we Americans   must   defer to the property and national identity rights claimed by the jewish people, because of what was written down in their  'holy bible'  that their religious leaders wrote down some 2,900 years ago,   is  TO IMPOSE that JEWISH RELIGION on everyone in America.... and world. 
That is not 'freedom of religion'!

  -  And the idea that the "g-o-d" of  the  entire  universe would  KILL CHILDREN.... so as to brag about "his powers"  as related through that jewish bible,  and through those jewish religious "leaders" and  jewish priestly caste & people for the next 2,900 years...

is every bit as GROTESQUE and OBSCENE,
as the notion  that "g-o-d"    'favored'  "pure Aryan people," and thus justified the industrialized wars of conquest ("blitzkrieg war") and industrialized genocide by Nazi Germany's killing machine during World War II - including the killings of millions of children...

   THOSE who hew to this agenda -


as the sign or mark of  one's 'elite status',   a demonstration of  THEIR  "chosenes" SUPERIORITY,

    and  those who want to impose their "chosen"   'ELITE'  STATUS down our American throats at the cost of American freedoms, rights, and equal justice under law;   

      are TRAITORS  to America, and a THREAT to world peaceful cooperation, and deserve to be treated as ENEMIES...   

 The GREAT DEPRESSION...  for an ENTIRE DECADE was a time of HORROR,  DEVASTATION, LOSS,  and trauma for millions  of Americans,  as  the  JUDEO DOMINATED 'financial elite'RULED   America through their bribed and extorted  proxy  politicians  
(including  presidents, Congressmen, Senators,  Supreme Court justices and other judges, and state & local officials) 
backed up by the  entire  jewish owned corporate media
(which, during the Great Depression,  included the SULZBERGER  New York Times and EUGENE MEYER owned  Washington Post) 

 - they pounded economic policies down American throats 
that PROLONGED the Great Depression... 

 to the sole benefit of those ruthless financial elites.
genocidal ENGINEERS of  the GREAT DEPRESSION in America:  from left,  Rotschields German/Euro/Anglo/judeo banking agents PAUL WARBURG and JACOB SCHIFF;  Wall St. trader & President Wilson's powerful  World War I "war production economy Czar" BERNARD BARUCH; 1932 Fed Chairman EUGENE MEYER;  and President Roosevelt's TREASURY SECRETARY HENRY MORGANTHAU;    all of them  either instigated the Great Depression... or, in Morganthau's case,  prolonged it by covering up vast financial crimes and criminal  collusion to intentionally implode critical financial markets and drastically, catastrophically contract the American economy...

   But even as the  WARBURGS, SCHIFFS,  MORGANTHAUS,  MEYERS,  BARUCHS,  Goldmans, Lehmans, Oppenheimers, Sachs, and other Jewish financial 'elites'  directed  'the Fed' bankers'   STRANGLEHOLD war against  the American economy, they had to be circumspect, for America in the 1930s was an overtly "WASP"  White, Christian majority nation,  and not only was the template of  WHITE American SUPREMACY always bubbling just below the surface**
** (The culmination of "Manifest Destiny" had occurred only in the 1890s, with the 'official' closing of the American western  frontier

and WHITE SUPREMACY, which had the power to intimidate the jewish communities in America was of course well established in the Deep South all through the 1930s,  (actually, all the way to the 1960s!),   not only as  the overt public (majority) identity... but white supremacy was  actually  ESTABLISHED IN LAW,  with the federal government tacitly approving  SEGREGATION laws...  
with the decades-long tacit approval of those above NY Times & Wash.Post  corporate, JEWISH OWNED NEWSPAPERS, as well!   

  But today - in America in 2014 - not only do THOSE SAME JUDEO  FINANCIERS and banking houses   that PRESIDED OVER THE GREAT DEPRESSION __still__ have  a STRANGLEHOLD on the financial underpinnings of the American economy...

 ...but this time,  nearly 7 decades later, aggressive, warmongering, "us or them"...  (genocidal!!) JUDAISM is becoming the DOMINANT CULTURE MOTIF  in America, with JEWISH MENORAHS and Stars of David   _DISPLACING_  nativity scenes
(much less, heavens forbid, crosses!) in Christmas holiday displays in American public spaces,
 and the so-called "liberal" (but actually radical right-wing judeo supremacist controlled)
       press/media has all but conflated  CHRISTIANITY with WHITE SUPREMACY.

 a REPEAT of the INTENTIONAL financial/Economic SABOTAGE that was the Great Depression,
    and the new  'CULTURE WARS'    that  seek to displace  "WASP"  Christianity as the dominant religious force in America  with the JUDEO "chosen" supremacy motif... are being  DRIVEN by Jews  pushing a  judeo supremacist agenda and ideology... an elitist, exclusionary, hierarchical agenda that we consider to be "ANTI-AMERICAN"  and tied to the  overt  Jewish conduct of their  "promised land" statelet.... with its rank APARTHEID, SEGREGATION, and lust to wipe out, conquer, and displace its non-jewish neighbors
 (all the way from Egypt to Iran, so-called "greater israel"!) 

 So today...  the movers, shakers, and dominant players in American politics are all  openly   aligned with 'the chosen'  identity of  JUDEO SUPREMACISM in general, and with the  jewish  israel  lobby  OVERT APPLICATION of  judeo supremacism in particular! 


So this  "Passover" 2014 has marked a turning point for us here at TheJewishWars....  up until now,  we have been trying to lay out the case that America has been HIJACKED  by what we've been calling "the Money Power"  and  by  "Neo-Con" war lobby appartchiks....

  but we've tried to  distinguish between these treacherous, treasonous "Judeo ELITES," and rank-and-file  Jewish Americans who may be opposed to many of the egregious, treasonous, sabotage, anti-American policies of those "Neo-Con" or  "Money power" elites.

     But, today, as the Neo-Cons and their Money Power masters grind the United States ever closer to war against Russia, which is  desperately being sought as  cover  for their  REAL AGENDA:  
     WAR AGAINST the AMERICAN PEOPLE, to COVER UP and continue  DECADES worth of  VAST FINANCIAL CRIMES against the American people -  we no longer have that luxury.

    Those who SUPPORT the "ISRAEL _OVER_ AMERICA" agenda  are  ENABLING  TREASON...  those who support the JEWISH WAR LOBBY at the EXPENSE of  American democracy are  ENABLING TRAITORS who are destroying the welfare, dignity, constitutional rights, human rights, financial security, and economic empowerment of the American people.


below -    we think they doth protest too much: 

This Carlos Latuff cartoon,  listed as an "anti-semitic cartoon" at the,  Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs  website,  carries the JCPA caption

"it [the cartoon] suggests that not only do israeli leaders INTENTIONALLY KILL  Palestinian CHILDREN, but also that such CHILD MURDER is POPULAR among the ISRAELI PUBLIC and helps israeli politicians get elected"....

  To which we here at TJW say... 
"uhh... look at your own words every single year, JCPA!" 

      EVERY single  year   you jews CELEBRATE the KILLINGS of  EGYPTIAN CHILDREN,
 it is the core of your   'Passover' celebration,   you celebrate those PLAGUES and KILLINGS of Egyptian CHILDREN as   "proof"  that you  are SUPERIOR to - not just Egyptian  children - but to  all non-jewish children across the world!

  THE VERY CORE IDENTITY of your  jewish 'religion' is based on  THE KILLINGS of NON-JEWISH BABIES...  your neighbors' babies -  it is a RITUAL  you  reenact  and CELEBRATE... EVERY SINGLE YEAR  for the past 2,900 years! 


 ...what a VILE, EVIL,  anti-humanity doctrine, ideology, and 'faith'!