Sunday, April 6, 2014

IF you look closely and read what THEY say, the ANTI AMERICAN HATRED of the movers-and-shakers of the JEW WAR LOBBY is there to see... in plain view - they REGARD AMERICANS as they regard PALESTINIANS, SYRIAN CHRISTIANS, or Russians... as VERMIN to be EXTERMINATED, to be DISPOSED OFF with 'extreme prejudice'...

America, meet the demonic Frankenstein-esque monster of centuries of Christian nightmares in living flesh:
 a jewish war-lord so rich and powerful, he is openly agitating for wars that would not only kill hundreds of thousands of Persians (Iranians)... but who seeks to exterminate Christians in Syria and throughout the Mideast, and pit Ukrainians against Russians as a prelude to getting AMERICA to ATTACK RUSSIA to start  World War III... all to serve his demonic visions of  judeo supremacy and attempt to placate the genocidal, humanity-hating g-o-d of the jews.... 

   AMERICA, MEET YOUR  "gotterdamerung" FURHER:   the man who will, like Adolf Hitler bringing Berlin & Germany down in ruin around him in April 1945,  BRING  RUIN, DEVASTATION, DESTRUCTION, and  mass horrors TO AMERICA... 
 so cocksure is he (and the entire jew war lobby he spearheads)
of their  ancient, divine, biblically encoded  religious duty and obligation to EXTERMINATE the non-jews around them.
     We all owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to the very Jewish-American veteran, Gordon Duff (and his VT jewish co-writers including Stephen Lendman) for speaking out about this horror bearing down on, and about to engulf,  America and the world: 
"[Sheldon]  ADELSON is accused of lots of things, but with personal wealth beyond estimate, certainly more than $50 billion dollars, Adelson writes his own history.
What is different about Adelson, what makes him different from the Koch Brothers or other “super-villains” is THAT HE BUYS & SELLS POLITICIANS _OPENLY_. 
He never makes an attempt to hide the fact that he is in the United States on behalf of Zionist extremists, BUYING EVERY CROOKED POLITICIAN he can find IN ORDER to PUSH AMERICA IN TO a WORLD WAR on behalf of Israel.
He brags about it.  This is a man with chutzpah or “impudence,” in the real language of the Jewish world, Yiddish.
Unlike the sniveling cowards that hide in the shadows, ADELSON’s HATRED of AMERICA IS LIKE A BEACON.  There are many “Israel firsters” in America, but none who would see America burned to the ground [as openly and vocally as ]Adelson [cont'd] 

 [note:  ALL the LIKUDNIKS wear their HATE & CONTEMPT FOR AMERICA on their sleeves;   and their 'American'  'Neo-Con' judeo partners-in-crimes:  both 'Democrats'  like Feinstein, Emanuel, Ross, Sunstein, Rubin, Lie-berman,  Summers, Lew, Levin, Schumer, Gensler, Shapiro, Wasserman-Schulz (et al) and Rethuglicans like Kissinger, Wolfowitz, Chertoff, Mukasey, Zackheim, Podhoretz, Perle, Feith, Kagan, Wumrser, Leevey, Cantor (et al) -  ALL of them are perfectly happy to see the lives of MILLIONS of Americans  BURN,  either under the "Great Recession" ECONOMIC SABOTAGE, or in the real HOT WARS the puppet-masters BEHIND  obama   _and_   the Rethuglican Party  are whipping up as we speak...


  THIS  JEWISH  MOB BOSS  __HATES__  Americans, in  the exact same way any casino gambling debt lord would send his thugs out to  TERRORIZE, attack, and/or kill a gambler who owes him debt who was trying to welch out on that debt. .

    From the judeo mega-financiers point-of-view.... ALL Americans are  PEON, disenfranchised,  dispossessed, dirty, ignoramus SCUM who are trying to "welch out" on a debt... 

 ...the DEBT that they, the TREASONOUS  judeo financial cabal and their COMPLICIT 'goyim' partners-in-crimes have TRIED TO IMPOSE ON AMERICANS,  by BRIBING CON-GRESS to create an economic & tax structure that  CONCENTRATES vast WEALTH  EVERY SINGLE  YEAR  among the already  filthy rich -
(even when the so-called "looking out for the  middle-class"  "Democrats" _controlled_  the HOUSE, SENATE, AND  WHITE HOUSE in Jan. 2009... we  _continued_  to get an economic regime of  MASSIVE FRAUD and TITANIC CONCENTRATION of wealth.)

   Sheldon Adelson DESPISES poor, working-class, and even well-to-do Americans,  in  exactly the same way that King Edward I of England (king "Longshanks" of the 'Braveheart' movie)   regarded  
 to his English conquering  army and nobles  as TRAITORS... and, in putting down what he regarded as treasonous revolts,  Edward, the self-styled  'hammer of the Scots'   had ENTIRE TOWNS  EXTERMINATED to the last man, woman, and child....  
(just as the evil jewish bible BRAGS about jews doing to dozens of besieged towns, villages, cities,  and kingdoms all across g-o-d's own, blood-drenched & bodies-strewn "promised land.") 

 (For once, jewish owned Hollywood's fascination with gore & brutality does not do the subject justice: 
   Edward I is reputed, by the descendants of his Scottish victims, to have dined  exactly as the more infamous  Vlad the Impaler did in Transylvania: to the the cries, groans, and savage horrors of  dozens of Scots victims being tortured to death by impalement,  or any  other drawn-out execution that Edward's medieval English soldiers could devise for some freshly conquered and annihilated "rebel" Welsh or Scots village or town - much as the JEWISH TALMUD  IN USE TODAY by 'orthodox' anti-American judeo supremacists
_PROSCRIBES TORTUROUS FORMS OF EXECUTIONS_  for those who 'violate'  jewish law) 


As readers of this blog may notice, we've been STUCK, 
 not being  able to write any new posts over the past several weeks... for the very simple reason that we've reached the point where it now becomes necessary  to directly confront  EVERY  JEWISH TEMPLE, organized jewish residential community, and even more secular jewish community organizations in America... 

   for the very simple and awful reason that  THEY ARE ALL ENABLING, and therefore COMPLICIT WITH,  the  HATE AMERICA  AGENDA of the hard-core  Judeo war lobby.
 which is easy enough to define
(as any readers of this blog know)  as  the LIKUDNIK JUDEO SUPREMACY agenda

 the Likud's insane, nuclear-armed, blatantly judeo-supremacist,  GENOCIDAL,  "eratz israel" EXPAND ISRAEL to ENCOMPASS EGYPT, SYRIA, IRAQ and even parts of IRAN   "greater israel" war lobby agenda...

    whose TREASONOUS AMERICAN AGENTS  include, but are not limited to,  EVERY "ORTHODOX" or fundamentalist Jewish temple in America,  and as well the neo-aetheist but decidedly judeo supremacist "NEO-CON" WAR LOBBY,  as outlined by Michael Lind and many other reporters, writers, authors, and actual investigative journalists over the past 2 decades.

   This blog is no lark, and, quite to the contrary, is quite a chore:  Due to the DESPICABLE, TREASONOUS, ANTI-AMERICAN nature of the JEWISH WAR LOBBY,  we have essentially been forced in to the same corner as  the worst, most racist "anti-semites" in history.

     Fortunately for our sanity, and before we've quite gotten around to compiling and organizing this newest, most urgent  phase of the dire need to confront the insidious, evil  Jewish War Lobby as an INTEGRAL PART of EVERY   jewish community;
jewish Veterans Today editor Gordon Duff  has made half our argument for us:
     IF YOU LOOK CLOSELY at what   _THEY_    say, write, and do... the  hardest-core of the  Judeo supremacist  War Lobby movers-and-shakers  OPENLY  WEAR THEIR HATRED & CONTEMPT for AMERICANS...  ON THEIR SLEEVES. 

    This is actually OLD NEWS:     "the ARCHITECT of America's post- 9-11 IRAQ WAR"
 (as designated by the very JEWISH owned BLOOMBERG 'news')
  PAUL WOLFOWITZ,   was an  OPEN  SUPPORTER of TORTURE for  "enemies"  captured by U.S. armed forces in the earliest phases of the U.S. invasion of Saddam Hussein's Iraq...
...where  "ENEMIES"  included  ANYONE the U.S. military (anyone in the U.S. Defense Department) -  designated   "an enemy."    



 ...a half-century of  post- WWII  jewish whining, wailingm and crying  about the tactics,  means,  & evils of the Nazi SS & Gestapo in World War II  are NOW COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN... that jewish Appartchiks supported by jewish billionaires  OVERTLY  RULE America;   

  it is THEY who are  driving the U.S. military, financial system,  press/media propaganda, Congress, &  war-machine, 
   and who are DRIVING the entire American & European economies  in to the sewer...  


The jewish nuclear-armed WAR-MOB gambling boss that [RULES] America

Gambling Mogul, Sheldon Anderson (file photo)
Gambling Mogul, Sheldon Anderson (file photo)

By Gordon Duff and Press TV

The most powerful man in America, in what America loves to call “the Free World” is NOT  the President of the United States, not even close.     Sheldon Adelson runs America.
Who is Sheldon Adelson? Adelson is an American born “dual citizen,” of Ukrainian/Jewish ancestry.  He runs the largest casinos in the world, not just in Las Vegas, a city both established and controlled by organized crime,** but in Macao as well.
** [and jewish organized criminals at that:  it was JEWISH mob lord  MEYER LANSKY who authorized  the mob "HIT" (assassination) on the very jewish gangster BUGSY SIEGEL, for Siegel skimming too much money from his fellow mobsters while Seigel was running the building contracts for the Las Vegas Sands casino.] 
Born in 1933, Adelson is a true “self-made” man, moving from Wall Street to real estate and eventually into gambling and “other” endeavors.
Adelson is accused of lots of things but with personal wealth beyond estimate, certainly more than $50 billion dollars, Adelson writes his own history.
What is different about Adelson, what makes him different from the Koch Brothers or other “super-villains” is that he buys and sells politicians openly.   He never makes an attempt to hide the fact that he is in the United States on behalf of Zionist extremists, buying every crooked politician he can find in order to PUSH AMERICAN IN TO a WORLD WAR  ON BEHALF of   [the insane judeo supremacist war-state]   Israel.
He brags about it.  This is a man with chutzpah or “impudence,” in the real language of the Jewish world, Yiddish.
Unlike the sniveling cowards that hide in the shadows,  Adelson’s hatred of America is like a beacon. There are many “Israel firsters” in America, but none who would see America burned to the ground like Adelson. Yet this is not a man without charm as well.

His Own Political Party

Adelson owns America’s “opposition party,” the GOP or Republican Party including and especially its “Tea Party” extremist wing.
When the Supreme Court of the United States itself became “stacked” with “Goodfellas,” judges tied to Italian and Jewish organized crime, campaign finance laws in the United States “softened.”Buying politicians, always an issue in America, became the rule.
Adelson didn’t choose to buy the heavily Jewish Democratic party of President Obama but rather spent his cash on the Republicans, a mix of the rural ignorant, Jew hating white supremacists, Southern racists and something far worse.
Millions of Americans, many Christian Evangelist extremists, long for a police state ruled by America’s now “white minority” but under the direction of Wall Street and Tel Aviv.
Several factors tie these “strange bedfellows” together:
  • Safety in a “total surveillance” police state is more important than freedom
  • Violence is the answer to every problem, particularly when others are the victims
  • “Belief” is more important than “truth”
What ties Adelson to this group isn’t their love of Israel but 
their willingness to BLINDLY follow POLICIES DESTRUCTIVE TO THE U.S. and, in reality, to the Jewish people of Israel as well.... (cont'd) 

 Face it America:   REGARDLESS of what we are relentlessly told - by the evil JEWISH OWNED MEDIA,  with ringleaders the SULZBERGER NEW YORK SLIMES, the  (until recently) MEYER/graham owned COWARDLY, LYING, TREASONOUS  Washington Post, and the  polish/jewish WONSAKALER (ne "Warner Bros.") Hollywood judeo war-lobby propaganda empire owned TIME magazine all ringleaders for a demonic chorus of  lesser echo-chamber relentlessly lying  'news' papers & mass-media -    


 -  and the  "TOTAL SURVEILLANCE"  security state in the  (late) U.S. of A.  is  quite simply modeled on ISRAEL's  MASS-MURDEROUS  OCCUPATION of  Conquered Palestine...  where EVERYONE  not part of the "in crowd"
  (the right race/faith/clan/tribe/religion) 

    (Also the model in SAUDI ARABIA and other DESPOTIC  mass-murderous  ARAB DICTATOR REGIMES...  where the political affiliations of EVERY SINGLE PERSON in the tribal/clan system is relentlessly monitored by the regime and its 'security' apparatus.)  

  YOU KNOW... the way the  evil Mossad/JEWISH GOVERNMENT TREATMENT of  _jewish_ "Whistleblower" MORDACHAI VANUNU  a dozen years ago, IS NOW _THE MODEL,_   the new SOP...  "STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES"   for the way the  TREASONOUS  AMERICAN  GOVERNMENT APPARTCHIKS have been treating NSA crimes-outing whistleblower  Eric Snowden.


post-script:  AS  Dr. Paul Craig Roberts points out in his latest column
Penalties Soviet citizens paid for uttering truths inconvenient for the government [during the height of  'Soviet' Commissar repression]  WERE NO MORE SEVERE   than the penalties imposed on Bradley Manning, Julian Assange... Edward Snowden  [AND AARON SWARTZ].
 [by America's TREASONOUS, ANTI-AMERICAN  'neo-con' gwot, bribed, bought-off, extorted & servile 'national security'  APPARTCHIKS]

Today Russian citizens are more free to have private lives than are Americans, and the Russian press is more lively and more critical of government than the American press. As I wrote in one of my columns, when communist East Germany dissolved, the Stasi moved to Washington.
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal