Thursday, March 27, 2014

WHY Does TRAITOR Congressman ED ROYCE Want to EXTERMINATE CHRISTIANS In SYRIA??? ans. - because he ANSWERS to his JEW PAYMASTERS, and hard-core, fundamentalists Jews HATE Christians... because they regard Jesus as a TRAITOR and thus regard Christians as (Devil-Worshipping) IDOLATORS...

To get a classic taste of  Washington DOUBLE-SPEAK... to get a classic example of
WASHINGTON D.C.'s DEMONIC, MASS-MURDEROUS evil LIES IN ACTION, you need no longer even go to the jewish owned Sulzberger New York lyin' Slimes;       nor to the (until recently) MEYER/graham owned Washington Cowardly Post;  nor to the polish/jewish WONSAKALER family (ne "Warner Bros.") media-empire owned TIME magazine....

 ...all you need do today is go to U.S. CONGRESS FOREIGN AFFAIRS CHAIRMAN ed royce's congressional web-page... and there it is in black and white...

  ...Congress-critter Royce TAKING UP WHERE THE NAZIS LEFT OFF...  
BLAMING THE VICTIMS for the WARS & ATROCITIES PERPETRATED by _HIS_ FUNDING of... AL QAEDA JIHADI TERRORISTS bent on GENOCIDE and EXTERMINATION of Christians, Druze, Kurds, Shia, Allawites, AND ALL OTHER non-Sunni ethnic minorities,  in Syria...
"The brutal Assad regime is killing men, women and children."
 says the WAR-PROFITEERING Congressional COWARD from California's 39th Congressional District....

 who is either too stupid, or too corrupt, to look up JUST WHO is ACTUALLY DOING THE KILLING in Syria...

 According to the War-Pig Congress-critter Ed Royce,  ALAWITES in Syria DESERVE to be MASSACRED, RAPED, TORTURED, and ETHNICALLY CLEANSED by  his  AL QAEDA TERRORIST JIHADI  hired & paid-for mercenaries...  because, you know,  Alawites are the clan of that "brutal"  Assad regime  that is also protecting all the other minorities in Syria... 

   CONGRESSMAN  ED ROYCE  getting  maximum "bang" for  the AMERICAN TAXPAYER DOLLARS   _HE_ APPROPRIATES... below, Christian priest BEHEADED by his  AL QAEDA  PROXY terrorist HIRED MERCENARIES.... 


 WHO NEEDS  HITLER, HIMMLER, HEYDRICH, or Goebbels... when you have CONGRESSMAN Ed ROYCE, the SAUDIS, Al Qaeda, and the vast jewish war-lobby  working for you, FINANCING POISON GAS ATTACKS ON CIVILIANS, and then BLAMING the victims ?!   


 CONGRESS-CRITTER  ROYCE wouldn't  give a damn  if  TEN MILLION KURDS are FORCED TO FLEE Syria - or if they are killed before they are able to flee -  
 just as long as he gets his evil AIPAC,  ADL,  JEW WAR LOBBY DONATIONS  and favorable  jewish-owned media positive 'news' coverage....

Thousands still stranded at border as influx of Syrian refugees into Kurdish Iraq
shows no sign of slowing, says charity....

The ENTIRE  COWARDLY, TREASONOUS  U.S. Con-gress, senate,  state department, white house,  cia, nsa, and military all agree:   
"LET's HELP the JEWS, saudis,  &  AL QAEDA _EXTERMINATE CHRISTIANS_  IN SYRIA... so we can get our  next  fix of  jew 'MONEY POWER'  BRIBERY, KICK-BACKS, and insider corruption blood money" !! 

Congress man ED ROYCE - CHAIR House FOREIGN AFFAIRS - SUPPORTS the EXTERMINATION of CHRISTIANS in SYRIA, because he is a bribed & extorted puppet of the Hollywood propaganda branch of the evil jew war lobby...
Chairman Royce, Ranking Member Engel Support U.S. Expulsion of Syrian Diplomats
Washington, D.C. – Today, U.S. Rep. Ed Royce (R-CA), Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and U.S. Rep. Eliot Engel (D-NY), the Committee’s Ranking Member, issued the following statement on the State Department’s decision today to expel Syrian diplomats from the United States.  The State Department action comes four days after Royce and Engel introduced H. Res. 520, which calls on the Obama Administration to withdraw official recognition of the Assad regime. 
Royce said:  “I welcome this overdue action.  The brutal Assad regime is killing men, women and children.  Syrian diplomats should go.  But it would be withdrawal of our diplomatic recognition of the regime that would signal strong American support for the Syrian people.”
Engel said:  “The suspension of the Syrian Embassy’s activities in Washington D.C. and its honorary consulates around the country is an important and welcome step.  After three years of brutality by Assad against his people, including the horrifying use of chemical weapons on civilians, it is crucial that we increase the pressure on his regime.  The longer this war goes on, the more dangerous and unstable the region will become.  
“I look forward to working with newly appointed Special Envoy, Daniel Rubinstein, and hope the Administration will take this opportunity to put forth a detailed strategy to help bring the longstanding conflict to an end.” 
Note:  Text of H. Res. 520 is available HERE

 below caption reads "This image provided by by Shaam News Network on Thursday, Aug. 22, 2013, purports to show several bodies being buried in a suburb of Damascus, Syria during a funeral on Wednesday, Aug. 21, 2013, following allegations of a chemical weapons attack that reportedly killed 355 people."

   below:  one of dozens of articles - whose reporting matches reality, not Con-gressional, White House, State Department, corporate media, or Jewish War Lobby  lying double-speak - that reports on the REAL PERPETRATORS of the June 2013 poison gas attack on civilians in a Damascus suburb.  
     The Syrian army, which was defeating the USA, NATO (Britain, France, Europe, Turkey), & Saudi + other Arab oil dictator) funded Al QAEDA TERRORISTS
 ('Wahabi' Sunni Islamic  fundamentalist jihadis),
had NO NEED to use poison gas to attack those civilians... and, according to reports, the poison gas used was a "kitchen grade" sarin, not military grade poison gas... while it is well known among any sentient observers of the evil JUDEO/us/nato/saudi  INSTIGATED TERROR WAR against Syria, that  all those nations have BEEN LOOKING FOR A  "causus belli" - and EXCUSE TO ATTACK & INVADE SYRIA, which a  Syrian poison-gas attack would have been such a long awaited pretext - for  two long, murderous years now. 

BELOW:   TIMELINE of the   evil JEWISH ORCHESTRATED,  U.S. government perpetrated plot to  BLEED SYRIA with systematic  MASS-MURDER  as a tactic of international, regional policy...  so  the INSANE JEWS could first use AL QAEDA TERRORIST to CARVE UP and "ethnically cleanse" Syria of non-Sunni ethnic & religious minorities,  AS A PRELUDE to  the jewish military ANNEXING  SYRIA  to "ERATZ ISRAEL"  greater israel,  and then disposing of their al Qaeda jihadi proxies... 
(any oil, gas pipeline, or other regional resource extraction monetary incentives are just the whipped-cream and cherry-on-top incentives for the JEWISH GOALS of EXTERMINATING non-jews and ANNEXING Syria to 'greater israel')

US Planned Syrian Civilian Catastrophe Since 2007

...While the UN and nations across the West feign shock over the growing humanitarian catastrophe unfolding in and around Syria, the goal of a violent sectarian conflict and its predictable, catastrophic results along with calls to literally “bleed” Syria have been the underlying strategy of special interests in the United States, Israel, Saudi Arabia and their regional partners since at least 2007.

A Timeline: How the Syrian Conflict Really Unfolded  

Western media networks have ensured that a singular narrative of “pro-democracy” uprisings turning violent in the face of brutal oppression by the Syrian government after the so-called “Arab Spring” is disseminated across the public. In reality, “pro-democracy” protesters served as a tenuous smokescreen behind which armed foreign-backed extremists took to the streets and countrysides of Syria to execute a sectarian bloodbath years in the making. Here is a timeline that illuminates the true cause of Syria’s current conflict and the foreign interests, not the Syrian government, responsible for the tens of thousands dead and millions displaced during the conflict....


p.s. -

  just in case anyone out there thinks we are being "anti-semitic"  about JUST WHO the  GENOCIDAL, MASS-MURDEROUS, CON-GRESS & u.s. government  CORRUPTING   TRAITORS  who are PUSHING the  GENOCIDE OF CHRISTIANS in Syria are....

   well,  here they are BRAGGING, in their OWN  "HAARETZ"  JEWISH OWNED israel media,  on...
their power to DICTATE to con-gress, presidents, and the entire  u.s. government !!

AIPAC to deploy hundreds of lobbyists to push for Syria 'action' 

Pro-Israel lobby says 250 activists will meet with their senators and representatives in Washington in a bid to win support Congressional support for military 'action' [= WAR!] in Syria.

By Reuters | Sep. 7, 2013   [note:  REUTERS is a jewish, rothschilds owned media propaganda outlet]


p.p.s. -  In this  jewish written headline and article, the jewish writer DAVID HOROWITZ  (and, presumably, his copy editors and/or  publisher at The ISRAEL TIMES)   manages a  JEWISH NAZI specialty... simultaneously  WHINING,  AND  acting the TOUGH GUY, in a single article. 

     This tendency is not unique to Jews and Judaism, of course - we've long noted that  THE MORE a group of people is  FERVENTLY  RACIST, arrogant, bigoted, and supremacist;
 the more they live in dread and terror at the prospect of having to live among and surrounded by those people of  "lower" classes,  the "untermensch" or  "lower life forms" of  people of other races. 

  But check out this headline!  The despicable Mr. Horowitz, in TYPICAL  JUDEO SUPREMACIST FASHION, wants to HAVE HIS CAKE and eat it, too! 

    He wants to CONDEMN and  DAMN  the Syrian leader, Assad - presumably because Assad is a brutal dictator -  at the same time he wants to  DICTATE to the stupid  English (British) that  THEY MUST FIGHT ANOTHER WAR for the diabolical, evil little judeo war state (and its 5 million  judeo supremacist jewish nazi citizens) -  NOW!  IMMEDIATELY !!!!!


Perfidious Albion hands murderous Assad a spectacular victory

How a perfect storm of British ineptitude and gutlessness sent the wrong message to the butcher of Damascus, and left Israel more certain than ever that it can only rely on itself

,  The ISRAEL TIMES August 30, 2013

  THE ESSENCE of the  EVIL JUDEO WAR TRIBE is SIMPLICITY ITSELF! -  ACCUSE _ANYONE_  you have your sights set on OF ANYTHING... and then start BANGING THE DRUMS OF WAR,  invoking EITHER PITY or  tough-guy resolve... and, PRESTO!   because YOU are "the chosen ones"   G-O-D  hisself has  given you the right' to  BLAST THE ACCUSED  'ENEMIES'  off the face of the earth!! 

  Sadly, our above distillation is NO exaggeration...  as these below two articles illustrate,    THE JEWS have been GUNNING FOR SYRIA for WELL OVER A DECADE... and they, the MISERABLE, GENOCIDAL  demonic war-pigs,  ARE PERFECTLY WILLING TO ENLIST  AL QAEDA  jihadi TERRORISTS to do their bloody, murderous dirty work of taking down Syria...  AS they, the demonic  vermin plague vampires,   INVOKE 'THE WAR ON TERROR'  against Al Qaeda, to DEPRIVE AMERICANS of OUR  freedoms, liberties, economic rights, and property rights here in the late,  damned, doomed, and increasingly degenerate 'United' States of America !!  

US Planned Syrian Civilian Catastrophe Since 2007  

Washington’s New Islamic Front: Expanded U.S. Support to Al Qaeda Rebels in Syria
 Washington’s New Islamic Front: Expanded U.S. Support to Al Qaeda Rebels in Syria