Sunday, March 16, 2014

PURIM 2014: As "good Jews" YET AGAIN CELEBRATE the MASSACRES of NON-Jews in Persia; Marks a Sea-Change here at TheJewishWars: We now DIRECTLY CONFRONT DEMONIC JUDAISM, the insanely selfish 'faith' that is DRIVING HUMANITY to DESTRUCTION...

PURIM 2014:  As "good Jews" throughout America and the world  yet again "celebrate" their annual ORGY of  BLOOD-LUST and vindictive sadism -  the  2,500th+ year CELEBRATION of the MASSACRES of  NON-Jews in Persia... 

we mark a Sea-Change here at TheJewishWars: we will  now DIRECTLY CONFRONT the  DEMONIC aspects of JUDAISM,  the insanely selfish 'faith' that is DRIVING HUMANITY to DESTRUCTION...

  And, sadly, to do so,  we  do not  need to spend too much time consulting "ANTI-SEMITIC"  writers, authors, or historical figures,  because the majority - if not the vast majority - of information we will be using to INDICT  JUDAISM IN AMERICA as  TREASON and '5th column' SABOTAGE of our American way of life 

   - the premeditated and serial demolition & destruction of our freedoms,  our democracy, our financial security, the diminution of our right to criticize our leaders

(with the jewish 'elites' trying to create themselves as an inherited ruling class, the judeo ruling class;  using & hiding behind "the war on terror"  as an excuse to CRIMINALIZE criticism of our government's egregious abuses or tyrannical officials, especially in regards to covering up America's vast financial crimes which are at the heart of the debt 'crisis' and the debt slavery which are the real goals of  demonic judaism;   which  domestic debt-slavery works hand-in-hand with metastasizing foreign wars and the hijacked U.S. government's draconian, dictatorial "war on terror," police state repression) 

 -  is  sadly right there in front of us,  right there  in public works, documents, speeches, and comments,  BY JEWS, by jewish writers, activists, business leaders,  jewish authority figures, and of course  Israel lobby & judeo supremacist groups.    

   We reserve the right to  consult "anti-semitic" writers for context and background on malignant jewish hypocrisies and murderous double-standards,  among the most famous examples being David Duke's video documenting  JEWS PUSHING "MULTI-CULTURALISM" (and Islamic immigration) ON EUROPEAN nations and peoples (and here in America)... as the jews  resoundingly affirm  their 'right' to be RACIST, SEGREGATIONIST, BIGOTED, THEOCRATIC, and BRUTALLY APARTHEID in their own "god given"  "home-land."

   INDEED, THE VERY ESSENCE OF THE  'jewish state' - israel -  is the  FOUL, HYPER-HYPOCRITICAL  JEWS __IMPOSING THEIR  RELIGION__  on Americans,  Europeans, peoples of the world, and in particular imposing their demonic religion on the people of the Near East (the "Mideast"),

   the nightmare scenario is  'American' & European  jews proudly and loudly proclaiming to  Americans  that "they" have"a right" to conquer and occupy Palestine... because  their blood-drenched bible, and their demonic,  humans slaughtering 'g-o-d'  says so.

  So without further ado - as the  JUDEO WAR LOBBY,  aka "the Money Power"  aka the ROTSCHIELD (et al)  judeo financier run anglo/american (usa/great britain/france/nato) run MILITARY/INDUSTRIAL/congressional/financier/corporate-mass-media-propaganda 
HATE & HUMANITY DESTRUCTION COMPLEX turns Ukraine, and Russia,  and Syria ONCE AGAIN  IN TO  CORPSE STREWN,  hate ruled demonic wastelands,  
we  now earnestly attempt to PORTRAY the DEMONIC EVIL and  TREASONOUS  INFLUENCE of  jews & judaism... IN THEIR OWN WORDS!


  This  weekend, Sat-Sun.  March 15-16 2014 -  marks yet another year where jews worldwide  CELEBRATE the  MASSACRES and MASS EXECUTIONS of at least (by the jews' own gloating account)  75,000 Persians in the reign of the fool king Ahasuerus as ordered by the fool king's jewish vizier Mordachai....

     JUDAISM is the  religion of  the MASS-MURDER PURGE,    which is driving all of humanity to the brink of global nuclear &  bio-weapons extermination... 
(along with the horrific potential for computerized "singularity" termination of the human race) 
   but what is astonishing is how  openly and repeatedly judaism calls for such MASS-MURDER PURGES, and  WHOLESALE EXTERMINATIONS -  genocides - of  anyone  the judeo elites target or label as "enemies" -  as the bible informs us!  

  What is also quite amazing about the story of Esther, as it relates both to ancient jewish history and tradition, and to MODERN  "divine right by god to kill anyone they want" judeo supremacy,  is the role that a WHORE, PROSTITUTE, or femme-fatale plays in all this massacre, mass-murder, and destruction,  for the agent of the DEATH of 75,000 Persians is  the ability of a jewish dancing girl, Esther, to seduce and bewitch the king of Persia.  
  Earlier we have mentioned the role that  RAHAB, the WHORE OF JERICHO, played in the  destruction and wanton massacre of the people of the doomed city of Jericho.  
  We found it troubling and largely unexamined in American religious culture and discussion, how the biblical story of  Jericho is, on the surface, a story about the omnipotence, might, and destructive majesty of  the G-o-d of the jews... who, as easily as we may flick a mosquito off of our arms,  caused the mighty walls of Jericho to come crashing down.   But in a story of  GOD's  MIGHT & OMNIPOTENCE,  not only did the bible authors toss in a story about a common prostitute,  Rahab, the whore of Jericho -  but how her sub-plot played such a large role in the story of Jericho.  
   If Joshua had perfect faith in "the word of the lord" to besiege and destroy Jericho, then WHY DID HE NEED TO SEND SPIES to the doomed city in the first place?  
     And, upon finding that the city's inhabitants were terrified of the oncoming, mass-homicidal jewish army, and powerless to resist the judeo siege (much less any divine demolition of the city's walls),  why then the need to have a common harlot assist the Judeo spies?  

     The  bloody ESTHER story practically repeats,  verbatim,  the above outline for the doom & massacre that will befall "enemies" of the jews -  except that instead of "g-o-d" working through a WHORE who BETRAYS HER OWN PEOPLE to foreign (jewish) spies, we now have an even simpler plot device, a jewish girl and her pimp who  SEDUCES the  Persian king and thus orchestrates a BLOODY PALACE COUP, complete with MASS-MURDER PURGE !!  


11 Wherein the king granted the Jews which were in every city to gather themselves together, and to stand for their life, to destroy, to slay and to cause to perish, all the power of the people and province that would assault them, both little ones and women, and to take the spoil of them for a prey,

    What is quite amazing about the above passage - conferring on to the jews in Persia the 'right' to KILL ANYONE  they label as "an enemy"  and thus to  SEIZE the POSSESSIONS of their doomed opponents, their property, businesses, and groves (gardens, vineyards, estates, etc.)  is that at the beginning of yet another SORDID bible story, the Book of Esther,    the single biggest crisis in the land that the bible lays out for us is that the king is entertaining his nobles,  and after a prolonged orgy of gluttonous drinking and eating he wants his wife, the queen, to  dance a titillating, seductive dance - what we would call a 'strip-tease' or belly-dance -  before the king's assembled, and drunken, nobles.    Yet just a few short chapters later, we are treated to the grim visage of   SEVENTY FIVE THOUSANDS PERSIANS  being killed, ground into human mincemeat or dust,  as the resolution to this pathetic  scene in the royal palace!