Sunday, March 23, 2014


ALEX JONES' InfoWars asks "IS IT COINCIDENCE?" that (and we'll let their own headline spell it out!)

   "YouTube Shuts Down Major Alternative Media Channel Days After Government Given Powers to Flag “Extremist Content”...  COINCIDENCE?"

   To which we have a simple question to ask Mr. Jones and his crew at InfoWars &

   "Mr. Jones, you speak constantly of  some obscure 'globalist' and 'eugenecists'  who, you claim, are not only out to destroy the Constitutional rights of Americans,  but,  as well,  to destroy the identity and rights of all nations, that will be made subservient to a global financial cartel.

  WELL, IS IT "COINCIDENCE" that   THE FED CHAIRMAN, the current 'United' States Treasury Secretary,   Cass Sunstein,   and  TWO of FOUR of President Barack Obama's  White House Chiefs of Staff  ARE all  JUDEO SUPREMACISTS  jewish appartchiks???
     (Rahm Emanuel, son of a jewish "Irgun"  terrorist bomber who targeted British officers and Arab civilians alike, was Obama's first WHITE HOUSE CHIEF OF STAFF;     and Jacob Lew, who was Obama's third White House Chief of Staff, is now puppet president Obama's current Treasury Secretary.)

  ALEX JONES AND INFOWARS are taking up where  THE SULZBERGER NEW YORK TIMES and   MEYER/graham WASHINGTON POST never let off....  CONFUSING the issues;  CONFUSING American 'news' readers;  MUDDYING THE WATERS,  so those RESPONSIBILE for OVERSEEING FINANCIAL CRIMES and  ECONOMIC SABOTAGE  _NEVER_  get mentioned in what passes for  "the news" - exactly the same way the  so-called  "Federal Reserve"  banking cartel was established in 1913 based on promises to Congress that it would  prevent any future financial crisis or  massive U.S. unemployment... but when the greatest financial crisis, and massive unemployment,  DEVASTATED America almost exactly 15 years later ("The Fed" came in to action in 1914... the STOCK MARKET CRASH signaling the onset of the GREAT DEPRESSION occurred in October of 1929) -  NO ONE   BLAMED the FED BANKERS !!

  A CENTURY OF LIES, DECEIT  and  'journalistic' CRIMES  OF OMMISSION, being REPEATED VERBATIM... not only by the "mainstream" corporate judeo financier owned media,  but even by the 'alterative'  media outlet  posing as a guard-dog against the (intentional!) SABOTAGE DESTRUCTION of America !!