Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ukraine: under JEWISH goading, the U.S. GOVERNMENT & 'charities' INCITE and ORCHESTRATE TERRORISM & VIOLENT 'Protests' destroying the Ukraine, today. The JEWS believe they are ENTILED to LOOT, RAPE, and PERPETRATE MASS-MURDER of peoples and nations... they are VAMPIRES living among us.

Washington, D.C.'s   ORCHESTRATED TERRORISM & VIOLENT 'Protests' in the Ukraine are a REPLAY of the CIA and British Petroleum ( = THE EVIL JEW FINANCIERS, the Rotschields, et al) 'DESTABILIZATION'  COUP in Iran in 1953 - U.S., European,  Judeo  INSTIGATED protests that are Destabilizing and DESTROYING the Ukraine, today.  The JUDEO SUPREMACIST 'elites' and their rank-and-file jewish followers believe they are ENTILED to LOOT, RAPE,  extort and PERPETRATE MASS-MURDER of peoples and nations...   
they are truly VAMPIRES living among us...

(just as)  The evil jewish bible PROUDLY RECOUNTS how the jews EXTORTED the EGYPTIANS out of their gold, silver, and clothing, as a prelude to gloating that they, the jews and their vile 'g-o-d', had DESTROYED the Egyptian army that PROTECTED Egypt from foreign invaders...such as the Jews & Hyksos. 
 Leaving a nation WEAK, VULNERABLE, and open to MASSACRE by foreign (or insidious internal) ENEMIES,  IS the HALLMARK of JUDAISM  - as proudly recounted in the jewish bible !!! 
35 The Israelites did as Moses instructed and 'asked' [EXTORTED! at point of sword: far from the hapless slaves as presented by jewish bible propaganda, the jews were actually a powerful mercenary war-tribe, as this bible quote exposes]  the Egyptians for articles of silver and gold and for clothing. 36 The Lord had made the Egyptians favorably disposed toward the people, and they gave them what they asked for; so they plundered the Egyptians.

As our above biblical quote highlights,   'American', Israeli, & other Jews worldwide believe THEY ARE ENTITLED to MURDER... UKRAINIANS, RUSSIANS, Serbians, Hungarians, Palestinians, Iraqis, SYRIANS - and now Americans - simply by FUNDING PROXY WARS and TERRORIST agitators.

  The poor people of the Ukraine have had to suffer FOUR HUNDRED+ YEARS of  JEWISH VAMPIRE INFESTATION from within, first the jews cooperated with the Polish-Lithuanian conquest of the Ukraine - the jews acting as tax collectors, rent collectors, loan-sharks, and brutal "arendator" 'agents' with life and death powers over their Ukrainian serf/slaves
 (the standard form of execution during that era was IMPALEMENT,  and Ukrainian serfs had NO legal or judicial body to appeal to to contest a murderous Jewish "arendator" death sentence

- to the ANNIHILATION of ONE QUARTER of the Ukrainian population during the  JUDEO COMMISSARS  Trotsky, Kagonovich, Frankel (et al)  run INTENTIONAL MASS-FAMINE. SUMMARY EXECUTIONS, and one-way tickets to death-camp gulags, the  "holodomor" which killed TEN MILLION Ukrainians in the early 1930s under pretend atheism but actually covert jewish supremacism;  

to the BOB RUBIN + GODDAMN_SACHS run "radical privatization" of  post-Communism Russia that WIPED OUT MILLIONS of  retirees robbed of their pensions and income during the 1990s,  millions  who died uncounted and unmourned premature deaths...
(with all wealth and power going, of course,  to jewish gangster crime-lord billionaires)  

... to today where the jewish controlled U.S. government, Con-gress, the State Department, CIA and  Soros-funded NGO  pretend 'charity' groups are, as we speak, INSTIGATING  a ferocious  full-court-press, 1953 IRAN COUP   style subversion, sabotage, and orchestrated violent protests  in the Ukraine.. with RUSSIA next up on the mass-murderous judeo   
"exterminate whole populations... because 'g-o-d' loves us best" carving block. 

Former Assistant Treasury Secretary Dr. Paul Craig Roberts catches the grim, cruel reality in JEWISH OCCUPIED AMERICA:  while under jewish occupation & control here in America police are LICENSED to  COMMIT MURDER and use MASSIVE FORCE to BREAK UP DEMONSTRATIONS,   the jewish controlled  U.S. press/media &  government  demand that when  the Ukrainian government uses police to suppress VIOLENT protests there...
  well,  the jews infested in our government, our media, our financial system, and the academics in higher education  and 'think-tanks'  demand that it is cause for  IMPOSING INTERNATIONAL SANCTIONS
- a 'soft'  STATE OF WAR that SABOTAGES the economy of the targeted nation.... despite US/israel puppet ally MIKHAIL SAAKASHVILLI using brutal storm-trooper police to crush PEACEFUL pro-democracy protests in Georgia (former Soviet republic)  just a few years ago in 2005! 

  This is all the more OUTRAGEOUS and DEPLORABLE, because  ISRAEL of course JUST MURDERS  WHOLESALE any PALESTINIANS who dare to protest the EVIL  JEWISH VAMPIRES'   blatantly apartheid, blatantly racist, blatantly segregationists,  BLATANTLY MASS-MURDEOUS JEWISH NAZI  (judeo supremacists) blood-drenched invasion, conquest & insidious takeover of Palestine.


   oh, and you are just paying out billions upon billions upon uncounted billions of dollars
(see the THREE TRILLION dollars "gone missing" during  Jew Commissar Dov Zackheim's years as Comptroller of the entire U.S. military at the Pentagon under the Cheney-Bush administration)

in "off budget"  "Black Ops" GOVERNMENT "false flag"  TERROR CELLS to just ATTACK the American people -  BOSTON MARATHON,  SANDY HOOK,  'Batman' movie massacre,   the UNOPPOSED 9-11  terror attacks - THE ANTHRAX TERROR ATTACKS on the offices of the two senators opposing the so-called "P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act" -
which you evil vampire jew-nazi ghouls first tried to blame on "ARAB TERRORISTS"
(as if  any self-respecting Arab terrorist would target  Senator Tom Daschle or Senator Patrick Leahy's offices... and include written warnings in the deadly letters that would REDUCE their deadly impact!! 

  JEWS THINK THEY ARE SMART, when they get away with FUNDING MURDER AND TERROR ATTACKS against people anywhere in the world... including especially those nations that have tolerated jewish communities over the centuries, including Germany,  Russia, Hungary, the Ukraine... and now America.
(and for those few nations, like China or Japan that have no jewish population to speak of, the evil jewish financiers simply bribe those nations' leaders, or  instigate other nations to attack or sabotage them via their U.S.A, London, Europe, and other 'MONEY POWER" proxies, as in the great Britain, European + U.S. & Japan perpetrated  GENOCIDAL RAPE of China during the two OPIUM WARS and subsequent massive Anglo/American alliance with the Manchu/Quin dynasty to just kill tens of millions of Chinese 'rebels' who were appalled at the rape the Anglo/European invaders has perpetrated against China)

by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of Treasury (Reagan admin.)

February 13, 2014

The 'protests' [VIOLENCE and anti-democratic SABOTAGE]  in the western Ukraine are organized by the CIA, the US State Department, and by Washington- and EU-financed Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) that work in conjunction with the CIA and State Department. The purpose of the protests is to overturn the decision by the independent government of Ukraine not to join the EU.
The US and EU were initially cooperating in the effort to destroy the independence of Ukraine and make it a subservient entity to the EU government in Brussels. 
[which - the E.U. 'European Union' in Brussels, like the U.S. Con-gress in Washington D.C. -  is WHOLLY OWNED by the evil  Rotschields, et al, genocidal jewish supremacist 'Money Power'  financiers, now backed by their own nuclear armed judeo supremacist perpetual war terror state (israel)] 
For the EU government, the goal is to expand the EU. For Washington the purposes are to make the Ukraine available for looting by US banks and corporations [or City-of-London, Paris, Tel Aviv, & Europe based Rotschields  global vampire extortionists, et al]  and to bring Ukraine into NATO so that Washington can gain more military bases on Russia’s frontier. There are three countries in the world that are in the way of Washington’s hegemony over the world–Russia, China, and Iran. Each of these countries is targeted by Washington for overthrow or for their sovereignty to be degraded by propaganda and US military bases that leave the countries vulnerable to attack, thus coercing them into accepting Washington’s will.
The problem that has arisen between the US and EU with regard to Ukraine is that Europeans have realized that the takeover of Ukraine is a direct threat to Russia, which can cut Europe off from oil and natural gas, and if there is war completely destroy Europe.
 [the MASS MURDEROUS  JEWS are goading Uncle Sam to START A NEW NUCLEAR-ARMED "cold war" - simply so they can STEAL the Ukraine's (and ultimately Russia) wealth and assets and seize life-and-death power of the peoples of those nations - as the JEW COMMISSARS did during the 1920s JEWISH BANKERS FUELED Communist Civil War & subsequent MASS-MURDER PURGES in Russia & the 'republics' of the former Czarist, formerly Christian  empire]
Consequently, the EU became willing to stop provoking the Ukraine protests.
The response of the neoconservative, Victoria Nuland, appointed Assistant Secretary of State by the duplicitous Obama, was “fuck the EU,” as she proceeded to describe the members of the Ukraine government that Washington tended to impose on a people so unaware as to believe that they are achieving independence by rushing into Washington’s arms. I once thought that no population could be as unaware as the US population. But I was wrong. Western Ukrainians are more unaware than Americans.  
[The poor Ukrainians - as we outlined above, victims of  FOUR HUNDRED+  YEARS of  JUDEO INFILTRATION and INSTIGATED MASS-MURDER REPRESSION (plus  the recent Bob Rubin-GoddamnSachs/Harvard, et al,  "radical privatization" genocidal RAPE of the economies of the post-Communism 'Soviet republics')  -  know only that they were victims of GENOCIDE under RUSSIAN dominated  "Soviet" OCCUPATION in the cruel decades after the Communist Revolution... the cold, cruel truth that the "Communist Revolution" was a JUDEO COUP,  the Jewish commissars MASKING their  GENOCIDAL, mass-murderous JUDEO SUPREMACISM _behind_ a FACADE of  Communist style atheism - has been hidden to all but the most persistent historians and truth-seekers, because such research has been LABELLED and SUPPRESSED as  'Nazi anti-semitism' ever since the end of World War II  by the blatantly  "as genocidal as the Nazis"  jewish supremacists]
The orchestration of the “crisis” in Ukraine is easy. The neoconservative Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland told the National Press Club in Washington on December 13, 2013, that the US has “invested” $5 billion in agitation in Ukraine. 
 [This would be exactly like  COMMUNIST CHINA government officials BRAGGING about spending FIVE BILLION DOLLARS to  STAGE PROTESTS and major disruptions... in America, today!  And even if they did do so... we all know that the JEWISH GESTAPO, aka the DHS and puppet Con-gress,  would simply fund American local & federalized police agencies with BILLIONS of dollars to ARREST and "DISAPPEAR" any such persistent protesters... indeed, KAGANOVICH style MASS-MURDER GULAGS and GENOCIDAL EXTERMINATION of millions of Americans  IS THE 'END GAME' for the Jews HERE IN AMERICA.. they can't help themselves!  The more wealth and power they gain unto themselves, the more they revert to the GENOCIDAL  EXTERMINATORS portrayed and applauded - "sanctified" - in the bible!  
  Remember, according to the evil Jewish 'holy' bible,  SAUL was DUMPED by "g-o-d"...  for FAILING to  EXECUTE ONE MAN, King Agog of the Amalakites - after Saul had dutifully massacred ALL THE OTHER AMALAKITE MEN as  'ordered' by "g-o-d" via the blood-lusting "prophet" Samuel!  
This - MASSACRING   ENTIRE TRIBES & nations of non-jews WHOLESALE... IS the EVIL, VAMPIRE  JUDEO IDENTITY - as they proudly proclaim, if you only listen to their own 'conservative',  "orthodox," fundamentalist judeo supremacist 'leaders'  !!! ]
The crisis essentially resides in western Ukraine where romantic ideas about Russian oppression are strong and the population is less Russian than in the eastern Ukraine.
The hatred of Russia in western Ukraine is so dysfunctional that the duped protesters are unaware that joining the EU means the end of Ukraine independence and rule by the EU bureaucrats in Brussels, the European Central Bank, and US corporations.
  side note:  Over the past 2 decades since the "end of Cold War,"  America's "liberals," 'Progressives', and 'Democrats' have similarly been HIJACKED -  led-by-the-nose by insidious 'NEO-CON'  = judeo supremacist corporate media PROPAGANDA and  PROVACATEURS... to where, as independent media producer Alex Jones is all too happy to expound,  "Liberal Democrats" in America are today defined by HATE.
      An awful, text-book example of this is "super-liberal" outspoken Dick Cheney reviling Democrat blogger "Bartcop" expressing outrage that the U.S. government under Barack Obama had not BOMBED SYRIA in support of "rebels" there - Bartcop TOO STUPID to realize that BOMBING SYRIA was one of Bush & Cheney's major  "expand Iraq war to Iran" goals that the AMERICAN PUBLIC WHOLEHEARTEDLY  _REJECTED_ in the 2006 crucial mid-term elections that PREVENTED  a U.S. invasion of Iran from leading to World War III..
     but which  HATE-WHIPPED "Democrats" and "liberals" have been GOADED to support, today,  by the genocidal jews who have HIJACKED the late "Democratic" Party,  MASQUERADING as HUMANITARIANS !! 
below screen-capture illustration: GOADED by the "Neo-Cons"  = JEW WAR LOBBY that has HIJACKED the  FEINSTEIN-SCHUMER-EMANUEL-SUNSTEIN-ROSS-LEVIN-BOXER-Lew-Yellen-Bernanke-Pritzker "Democrat"  Party as surely as the Wolfowitz-Chertoff-Mukasey-Adelson-Cantor  TRAITOR  "PNAC" NEO-CONS  TOOK OVER the REPUBLICAN Party - today's "Democrat" party supporters are now as MASS-MURDEROUS WAR-MONGERING  as George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and all the jewish supremacist warmongers behind the REPUBLICAN party were in 2003 and in every election since !!!   
"Super-liberal" 'Bartcop'   CALLS FOR  BOMBING SYRIAN CHRISTIANS in support of a JEWISH RUN AL QAEDA INVASION of Syria !

and that a U.S. war against Syria is the BACK DOOR to  WAR AGAINST IRAN - a NAZI-esque manipulation of the American public,  and genocidal conquest,  all neatly wrapped up in one package supported by the clueless, stupified, ignoramus "Democrats" who now SUPPORT the BUSH-CHENEY-WOLFOWITZ-perle-feith-libby-zackheim-podhoretz-wurmser-NETANYAHU (et al, ad naseum) agenda - simply because the "DEMOCRAT" party has been HIJACKED, BRIBED, EXTORTED, infiltrated, and subverted to become the RADICAL RIGHT-WING DEMOCRACY CRUSHING bought-out cabal of   'neo-con' judeo supremacist  war-pigs and totalitarian despots!] 

Perhaps Ukraine is two countries. The western half could be given to the EU and US corporations, and the eastern half could be reincorporated as part of Russia, where the entire Ukraine resided for as long as the US has existed.
The disaffection from Russia that exists in western Ukraine makes it easy for the EU and US to cause trouble. Those in Washington and Europe who wish to destroy Ukraine’s independence portray an independent Ukraine as a hostage of Russia, while a Ukraine in the EU is allegedly under the protection of the US and Europe. The large sums of money that Washington funnels into NGOs in Ukraine propagate this idea and work the population into a mindless frenzy. I have never in my life witnessed people as mindless as the Ukrainian protesters who are destroying the independence of their country.
The US- and EU-financed NGOs are fifth columns designed to destroy the independence of the countries in which they operate. Some pretend to be “human rights organizations.” Others indoctrinate people under cover of “education programs” and “building democracy.” Others, especially those run by the CIA, specialize in provocations such as “Pussy Riot.” Few if any of these NGOs are legitimate. But they are arrogant. The head of one of the NGOs announced prior to the Iranian elections in which Mousavi was Washington’s and the CIA’s candidate that the election would result in a Green Revolution. He knew this in advance, because he had helped to finance it with US taxpayer dollars. I wrote about it at the time. It can be found on my website, and in my just published book, How America Was Lost.
The Ukrainian “protesters” have been violent, but the police have been restrained. Washington has a vested interest in keeping the protests going in the hopes of turning the protests into revolt so that Washington can grab Ukraine. This week the US House of Representatives passed a resolution threatening sanctions should the violent protests be put down by the police.
 ["SANCTIONS"  are  a FORM OF WARFARE - ECONOMIC DESTABILIZATION - which the insidious jews have mastered - even though ISRAEL DESERVES "SANCTIONS"  MORE THAN ANY country ON THE PLANET with their BLATANTLY GENOCIDAL  JUDEO SUPREMACIST imperialism seeking to EXTERMINATE non-jews "from the Nile to the Euprhates" (aka "Greater israel) and  waging  PROXY WARS in LIBYA, SYRIA, and now against the Ukraine.]
In other words, if the Ukrainian police behave toward violent protesters in the way that US police behave toward peaceful protesters, it is reason for Washington to interfere in the internal affairs of Ukraine. Washington is using the protests to destroy the independence of Ukraine and has ready the list of puppets that Washington intends to install as Ukraine’s next government.**
Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. His latest book, The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West is now available.

 To understand the fate that awaits the people of the Ukraine should the evil jews succeed in DEMOLISHING the sovereignty of yet another nation,  simply search the  GEORGIA PROTESTS 2005... which were RUTHLESSLY SUPPRESSED by  America & jew-states'  de facto puppet dictator, MIKHAIL SAAKASHVILI,  whose GESTAPO/COMMISSAR police goons MURDERED HUNDREDS of regime opponents.  Oh - the reason the people of Georgia staged that MASSIVE, pro-democracy protest calling for new elections in Georgia in 2005?   
  UNDER their "AMERICANIZED" DICTATOR,  Georgia's economy was MORE CORRUPT than it had been under the previous, Communist functionary!  

 WHEREVER the JEW FINANCIERS GAIN CONTROL, first ECONOMIC RAPE and then GENOCIDE are soon to follow.... 


 below: we reprise a photo essay we published earlier -
   a preview of what UKRAINIANS can expect when they let the JEWS _behind_ the U.S. & E.U. sink their vampire claws into their nation:  EXACTLY what happened to GEORGIA in 2005! 
While the Soros funded "color revolution" that brought COLUMBIA U.  (jew central in New York city)  educated lawyer MIKHAIL SAAKASHVILLI to power as Georgia's U.S./israel  PUPPET  seemed to PROMISE "DEMOCRATIC REFORMS,"  Saakashvilli and his jewish/amerikan puppet-masters proceeded to RAPE GEORGIA's ECONOMY,  __WORSE__  than the previous president, and former Communist functionary Edward Sheverdnaze had done! 

 Following the example of the very peaceful "Rose Revolution of 2003,  many tens of thousands of Georgians protestors who had helped bring Mikhail Saakashvili come to power in Georgia over the regime of former Georgia Communist functionary Eduard Shevardnadze of the USSR 
(who became President of Georgia after the collapse of the Soviet Union  in 1991,  Sheverdnaze was forced to resign on November 23, 2003 by massive "Rose Revolution" U.S. supported peaceful protests) 

 protesting U.S. &  israeli puppet, faux democracy DICTATOR Saakashvili's  WORSE THAN previous COMMUNISTS   (Sheverdnadze) reign of corruption and ensuing  Georgia economic slump.
 (Caused by exactly the INSIDER financial parasite LOOTING and ECONOMIC RAPE  of the kind that is now the signature of the judeo ruling class IN AMERICA today)  

 ... below photo montage: in 2005,  Georgians tried to replicate their __peaceful__
 "regime change" demonstrations that brought Saakashvilli to power in 2003 - 

until Saakashvili's  American & evil judeo puppet-masters had their puppet UNLEASH the DOGS OF WAR: 
 opponents were LABELLED "TRAITORS"  for being "Russia sympathizers" 
(this would be like accusing Canadians who did business with their neighbors south of their border as being "TRAITORS" for being "AMERICAN sympathizers"),  

and opposition leaders were - what else?  machine-gunned in streets,  beaten, HUNTED DOWN, TORTURED, KILLED,  and probably more than a few family members raped and murdered.  

For being SO IGNORANT as to APPLAUD Saakashvili's atrocities - as manipulated by the evil corporate judeo ruled mass-media and government here  in America -  Americans are soon enough going to get a taste of the same treatment Saakashvili's evil judeo puppet masters dished out,  over there,  over here....    

  and UKRAINIANS, today, will ONCE AGAIN BE UNDER THE THRALL, of  GENOCIDAL  MASS-MURDEROUS JEWS,    _as_they_were_   in the 1920s and early 1930s under STALIN'S RIGHT-HAND MAN,  LAZAR KAGANOVICH, the  ruthless jewish COMMISSAR of  MASS-FAMINE GENOCIDE "holodomor,"

 note:  here a PAKISTANI web-site - NO friends of  India OR  China! - deconstructs the BRITISH GENOCIDAL CONQUESTS and TERROR FAMINES in both India and China in the 1800s at the hands of the genocidal English armies as directed by British corporations and financiers...   

The mass-murders by imperial conquest genocides of the  19th Century were, of course,  just a PRELUDE to the EVEN MORE  MASS-MURDEROUS  Euro/western orchestrated  genocidal death tolls of WORLD WAR II,  so by  that simple procession of "progress", in the next few years we quite probably could see World War III death tolls that make World War II look like a Sunday walk in the park...