Monday, February 24, 2014


Well, we've never quite gotten around to our  "the jewish mega-financiers & warmongers are diabolically evil & EXPERT HATEMONGERS"  blog post
(it's hard to cut ENCYCLOPEDIA LENGTH issues down to a single article or commentary)
but the  hate-mongering cover illustration from this week's
 JUDEO WAR-PIGS, ROTSCHIELDS' owned The E-CON-omist magazine would be another entry into that multi-volume story:

   after having the   Assistant Secretary of State JEW WAR PIG VICTORIA NULAND
(married to "PNAC" jewish supremacist  war-lobby 9-11 TRAITOR Robert Kagan)  

   at the "U.S." State Department BRAG about
SPENDING FIVE BILLION American taxpayer dollars to OVERTHROW THE DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED government in the Ukraine..
     the  evil  jews at the Rotschields owned "The ECONOMIST" magazine  blame...   Russian President Vladimir Putin for the violence and murders there!

JUST IMAGINE if  RUSSIA SENT FIVE BILLION DOLLARS to  PALESTINIANS in  the jewish occupied  Nazi/apartheid segregated state of Israel, to DEMAND SECESSION from the evil jews there!

 JUST IMAGINE  _CHINA_BRAGGING_   about  SPENDING FIVE BILLION DOLLARS to ARM Black or Latino gangs in CHICAGO, New York, D.C., and LA !! 

 Just IMAGINE the Mexico government openly sending truckloads crammed with $5 billion in cash and weapons to Mexican gangs in Houston, Austin, and Dallas to demand secession and  INSTIGATE attacks on the Texas state-house, police, and U.S. government buildings there!

 THAT  is what the EVIL GOD-DAMNED JEW WAR PIGS  in the U.S. government & jew-owned media are doing this week:   GLOATING about  INSTIGATING WARS,  and  a NEW kosovo/SERBIA  STYLE    "ETHNIC CLEANSING" GENOCIDE that will see the VIOLENT DISPLACEMENT and  MURDERS of   TENS of THOUSANDS of people in the coming weeks....

   the ROTSCHIELDS  ARE  CRIMINAL SCUM  pigs whose are FOULING the planet we live on..
 the planet we call earth and once shared as human beings....


 bonus:   just a week or two ago, the FOUL,  HATE-MONGERING  JEW economies-killing financial rapists &  WAR-PIGS at the ROTSCHIELDS' owned  pathologically lying   The E-CON-omist  magazine  relentlessly sniped at Russia President Putin for... not completely fouling up  the Winter Olympics in Sochi this Feb. 2014..

 The ESSENCE of  JUDAISM is HATE...  it's right there in black & white in their foul little  'holy' blood-drenched bible, the EVIL, SATANIC 'g-o-d' of the jews  could NOT  'reward' his own  'chosen'  people... without having them  KILL all  the innocent peoples in the path of their blood-drenched "promised land" Canaan Valley (aka Palestine) conquest by the thousands and tens of thousands...
     yet the jews, for the 3,000 years since, have made a specialty about WAILING when they receive a taste of the same treatment they BRAG and GLOAT about handing to the hapless victims of their own mass-murderous, genocidal, babies-killing, cities destroying, kingdoms & nations wiping-out  zealot jihadis  !!!!! 


  here's just one example... of the EVIL jew bible  GLOATING, thousands of years later, about the blood-drenched jews MASSACRING  thousands of  innocent people, down to the last old man, young woman, or hapless child and infant...

Deuteronomy 2:33-34

King James Version (KJV)
33 And the Lord our God delivered him before us; and we smote him, and his sons, and _ALL_ his people.
34 And we took all his cities at that time, and UTTERLY DESTROYED the men, and the women, and THE LITTLE ONES,  of EVERY city, we left none to remain...
 and what STUPIFIED  Europeans and Americans fail to understand is that, according "fundamentalist" or  'activist' or TALMUDIC jews (the ones driving the crazy bus), 
 JESUS CHRIST was a TRAITOR  to 'g-o-d' and judaism... and therefore  Christians are IDOLATORS who DESERVE to be TORTURED, MURDERED... and EXTERMINATED...

just read any of the "anti-semitic" websites or  youtube videos of video interviews of  those fundamentalist jews exposing their own diabolical hatred(s) in their own words!