Friday, February 7, 2014

Senator RAND PAUL exposes why HE IS NOT READY FOR PRIME-TIME: Scolds Democrats for Accepting Money from Bill Clinton over... a never-consumated sex-scandal? WTF ??!!

While we here at TheJewishWars would love to support any visible U.S. political candidate who has the determination and fortitude to confront and expose the TREASONOUS ELITES ruling Washington D.C. with a Netanyahu/Saakashvili  style murderous iron fist...

(Netanyahu first became prime minister of the evil little jew state (israel) when his HATE-WHIPPED  FASCIST
 (hyper-nationalist judeo-supremacist ) supporters ASSASSINATED, _MURDERED_ his political opponent, sitting Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, late in the 1995 israeli election campaign; and Saakashvili was the U.S. + JEW STATE funded GEORGIAN FASCIST dictator who PUT DOWN the massive, PEACEFUL   Georgia protests in 2005, as a prelude to his U.S. & Israel funded army ATTACKING RUSSIAN TROOPS in South Ossetia on the same day that the Olympics started in Beijing, China, ostensibly celebrating international peace and global cooperation on August 8, 2008)

  ...we regret to point out that Tenn. Senator Rand Paul simply is not that leader - he simply doesn't have the mental firepower to separate the wheat from the chaff;  although he opposes some facets of the 'Neo-Con' [= judeo supremacist!]  war on America,   he wholly embraces others
(particularly Senator Paul's merely "perceived" or real support for the Neo-Con financial rapists'  "death of 1,000 cuts"  SLASHING of the AMERICAN SOCIAL SAFETY NET that keeps Americans from DYING OF STARVATION  - as they did during the WARBURG/SCHIFF/BARUCH/MEYERS/morgan/MORGANTHAU (et al)  _INSTIGATED_   GREAT DEPRESSION for the entire decade of the 1930s)

  Case in point is today's headline over at 
Rand Paul demands Dems return money raised by ‘sexual predator’ Bill Clinton  The Washington Times   
Senator Paul said Democrats are being hypocritical by criticizing Republicans as waging a war on women.

 Now we think that former President Clinton is as guilty as any of the other "Democrat" Party 'leaders' (sic) are - including his wife Hillary  - in tolerating, promoting, whitewashing, and supporting some of the NEO-CON ATROCITIES of the past decade:
  1.   including the WHITEWASHING  of BOTH the STOLEN ELECTION of 2000 and 
  2. the  COVER-UP of the DERELICTION OF DUTY (treason!) behind the unopposed terrorist hijacking attacks of 9-11-2001; 
  3. the WHITEWASH of the "BLACK OPS" U.S. GOVERNMENT "FALSE FLAG"  ANTHRAX TERROR  attacks on our own SENATE OFFICES  to get the so-called "P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act" passed;  
  4. the "DEMOCRAT" SUPPORT FOR, and WHITEWASH OF, the LIES-to-WAR spouted by the bush-cheney-WOLFOWITZ-LIBBY-BOLTEN-MUKASEY-CHERTOFF administration leading up to the U.S. invasion & occupation of Iraq in 2003; 
  5. the COVER UP of the U.S. MILITARY  HIGH COMMAND  (CIA, Pentagon & Runsfeld/WOLFOWITZ War Department)   WAR CRIMES,  ATROCITIES, and brutal, sadistic, RAPE/SODOMY/DEGRADATION of Prisoners at Abu Ghraib
  7. and all the many, serial, economy-gutting financial crimes since then....

 ...but to make the case that Bill Clinton is a "sexual predator" simply for having a consensual affair with a staffer -
 - when in fact Clinton was the victim of a PERFECTLY EXECUTED "Rothschild HONEY TRAP"    SEX-FOR-BLACKMAIL scandal** that was overseen and promoted by the president's political enemies -

 - is beyond absurd,  it is of exactly the same sort of WITCH-HUNT  DEMAGOGUERY that is the Neo-Con vampire ghouls  DEHUMANIZING,  HATEMONGERING stock-in-trade. 

   IF  Mr. Rand Paul wanted to go after   C.F.T.C. CHAIRMAN GARY GENSLER for  MASSIVE FRAUD & CORRUPTION, for effectively being
the GODDAMN-SACHS  COMMISSAR of  BRIBERY, EXTORTION & MARKET SABOTAGE at the CFTC,  we'd deliriously support Senator Paul.... likewise, if  Senator Paul made a case that the DEMOCRAT PARTY _is_ indeed  IN BED WITH CRIMINALS  for taking donations from (much less not prosecuting)  JON CORZINE who was caught red-handed STEALING INVESTOR  FUNDS... 

  ...but clearly, despite millions of Americans  hoping for, wishing, desiring, ...PRAYING    for someone to TAKE ON THE WALL St. FINANCIAL CRIMINALS & GANGSTERS,

  clearly Senator Paul is not going to live up to that hope any time soon,  in all his years in the senate he can't find any real financial CRIMES to  lay at the feet of the Attorney General, president, SEC,  CFTC,  or any of the other murderous, brutal goon-squad agencies masquerading as U.S. government 'law enforcement'  agencies ???!! 


**  "Sir Charles Dilke claimed Lady Rosebery [= HANNAH ROTHSCHILD!]  had PAID HIS MISTRESS to announce he had enjoyed a three-in-a-bed orgy with her and a maid. The ensuing scandal ruined him.