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 The problem with writing this blog and putting up new posts, is that there is SO MUCH INFORMATION OUT THERE - the JUDEO HIJACKING of America (Europe, and the world)  is the #1. POLITICAL FORCE in the known universe  world right now,  and, in turn,
    the Judeo financial hijacking of America is based on the ROTSCHIELDS, et al, JUDEO FINANCIAL OVERLORDS _RULE_ over BRITAIN for the entirety of the post- Napoleonic  British imperial empire (1815-1915)
      and since the FIRST GREAT DEPRESSION in America was an INTENTIONAL,  typical, ROTSCHIELDS  style  incited "PANIC"  ATTACK  ON AMERICA in 1929 -
 -  a TYPICAL Rothschilds style INCITED "PANIC" ATTACK on America's financial system  - well,  clearly we're  talking about condensing reams of information into readable but explanatory articles whenever we try to write a new post!  

 Today is a case in point:  we stumbled on this below web-page weeks ago, 

about the JEWISH INFLUENCE during and in the prior centuries leading up to  the  UKRAINIAN  INTENTIONAL GENOCIDE FAMINE "Holodomor" 1929-1933, which saw up to TEN MILLION UKRAINIANS "LIQUIDATED" by firing squads, tortured to death, given one-way deportations to SLAVE CAMP freezing  DEATH "GULAGS" in Siberia; and the main means of MASS-MURDER, the SEIZURE OF FOOD leading to FAMINES -  but we only used this exceptionally informative article as just a single link or two in one or our own articles outlining that now all too familiar top...

 ...that AS  JEWS WAIL about the NAZI "holocaust" mass-murders of Jews... the  JEWS THEMSELVES  COVER-UP and DENY their OWN fellow JEWS  ROLES  in the INTENTIONAL FAMINE mass-murder GENOCIDE of  TEN MILLION Ukrainians killed in the 1929-1932 'Holodomor', alone!
 (which PRECEEDED the Nazi death camps and mass-executions by nearly 10 years,  giving German nationalists a perfectly rational reason to fear and despise the possibility of the MASS-MURDEROUS  JEWISH COMMISSARS gaining a COMMUNIST TERROR PURGES foothold in... Germany!)

  Are all the exact facts, dates, personalities, and murder figures in this website 100% accurate??

 WHO KNOWS?!     BUT WE DO KNOW that the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT __INTENTIONALLY__ DESTROYED  FOODSTUFFS and food-production IN THE UNITED STATES...   as  MILLIONS of Americans were feeling HUNGER during the 1930s at the height of the  MASS UNEMPLOYMENT for months and years at a time  "Great Depression'...
 ...if, that is, those millions of Americans weren't feeling the MURDEROUS hunger pangs of  STARVATION and FAMINE,  in a nation where THE GOVERNMENT WAS -  just as the JEWISH COMMISSARS were doing in the Ukraine! -  INTENTIONALLY  seizing and DESTROYING FOOD !!!

  This INTERNAL  AMERICAN GENOCIDE of a recent era  has been intentionally and deliberately obfuscated, whitewashed, hidden, and nearly SWEPT OUT of the pages of 'news' and  history here in America, and there can be NO doubt: the two most influential newspapers in America during this MASS HUNGER period in American history were the JEWISH OWNED  ochs/sulzberger relentlessly lying NEW YORK TIMES, and the equally propaganda lying whores at the   WASHINGTON POST owned by EUGENE MEYERS - the JEWISH FINANCIER WHO presided over the PRIVATE FOREIGN BANKCING CABAL  as  'Fed' Chairman during the months in  1931 when the worsening depression period tightened its coils around STARVING Americans....
  and, furthermore, 

policies were designed & enacted by  so-called "Liberal Democrat" puppet  President Franklin D. Roosevelt's VERY JEWISH TREASURY SECRETARY  Henry MORGANTHUA,  

President  Roosevelt  went to bed in his White House bed on many, many, many a night after his  TREASURY SECRETARY and lower minions had done "A GOOD DAY'S WORK".... DESTROYING FOODSTUFFS by the THOUSANDS of tons that day..

 __DECLARING PEOPLE TO BE "ENEMIES" -  whether "CLASS ENEMIES" in Communist Russia (ussr) or   "DON'T COUNT THE STARVING PEONS" in 1930s America...  
 ...IS  WHAT JUDAISM IS ALL ABOUT - as the  Jews PROUDLY RECOUNT  in their blood-drenched bible and evil Talmud.
  No less than THREE  Jewish holiday _celebrations_ every single year CELEBRATE the Jews KILLING their  NEIGHBORS ("Passover," Purim, & Hanukah)  and the entire  jewish claim to  "the promised land"  identity is tied to the GENOCIDAL MASSACRES of the Caananites by the jewish armies under Moses, Joshua, and other  jewish leaders whose never varying orders to the ferocious,  blood-drenched jewish armies were  "KILL EVERY MAN, WOMAN, CHILD, & BABY"  ! 
  "Many Ukrainian farmers, known for their independence, still refuse to join the collective farms, which they regarded as similar to returning to the serfdom of earlier centuries. Stalin [his JEWISH COMMISSAR SUPERVISOR of the Ukraine genocide, LAZAR KAGONOVICH!]  introduces a policy of "class warfare" in the countryside in order to break down resistance to collectivization. The successful farmers, or kurkuls, (kulaks, in Russian) are BRANDED as the class enemy, and brutal enforcement by regular troops and secret police is used to "liquidate them as a class." Eventually anyone who resists collectivization is considered a kurkul."
[that is, DESIGNATED, LABELED as a TERRORIST to  be LIQUIDATED with extreme prejudice by the JEW RUN gov't. MURDER MACHINE!]

   The above quote is from the "Holodomor Facts and History" web page; this below quote is from the "Holocaust & Holodomor"  article by Nicholas Lysson at,  an article chock-full of examples of  JEWISH QUOTES expressing  JEWISH HATE and MURDEROUS contempt for  the people of the Ukraine... going back hundreds of years before the Jews rose to the positions of  Stalin's COMMISSARS,  going back, in fact, to a time period when JEWS ACTUALLY PERFORMED a SIMILAR  "COMMISSAR"  UNDISPUTED OVERLORDS & MURDEROUS OFFICIALS function,  the period when JEWS acted as the "ARENDARS" or  agents for the CATHOLIC  Polish-Lithuanian nobility which had conquered Orthodox Ukraine, had dispossessed the Ukrainian nobility of their estates and lands,  and was in a process   of  EXTERMINATING the  Orthodox  Christian peasantry,  the Polish-Lithuanian nobles hiding behind jewish agents to perpetrate the crimes and genocidal taxation so the Christian Poles/Lithuanian nobles wouldn't have Christian blood on their hands:   
"Shahak, in Three Thousand Years,  ch. 4, traces Jewish “hatred and contempt” for peasants “a hatred of which I know no parallel in other societies”—back to the great Ukrainian uprising of 1648-54."

The Jews at the time of the [uprising]  were serving the Polish szlachta (nobility) and Roman Catholic clergy on their Ukrainian latifundia [plantations with SERF = WHITE SLAVES labor] as ARENDARS —toll-, rent- and tax-[collectors], enforcers of corvee obligations, licensees of feudal monopolies (e.g., on banking, milling, storekeeping, and distillation and sale of alcohol), and as anti-Christian scourges who even collected tithes at the doors of the peasants’ Greek Orthodox churches and exacted fees to open those doors for weddings, christenings and funerals. They [the JEWISH ARENDARS, murderous 'government' officials hired by the Catholic Polish-Lithuanian nobles]   HAD LIFE AND DEATH POWERS OVER the population (the typical form of execution being impalement), and no law above them to which that population had recourse. 


So we see that  jewish officials - whether as LOAN SHARKS and TAX COLLECTORS and "arendars"  'agents' for the Polish-Lithuanian nobility occupation of the Ukraine in the 1600s,
 or under a SIMILAR SYSTEM,
 the jews acting as  the RUSSIAN Communist Party's  APPARTCHIKS and RED TERROR  mass-murder enforcers in the Ukraine in the 1920s and 1930s -

  the JEWS  performed the same HOSTILE & MURDEROUS  function in the Ukraine, over a span of FOUR HUNDRED YEARS!
          Namely, the jews acted to TERRORIZE, EXTORT, and EXTERMINATE the local Ukrainian populace, by TAXING THEM TO DEATH
(seizing their life-sustaining food harvests),   regardless of whether they were operating under  under Polish-Lithuanian Catholic nobles on "PRIVATE" estates in the 1600s, 
   or in the 1930s under "non-religious" Communism in the name of 'progress"  and the good of humanity ("for the proletariat") -  JEWS are EXPERTS at HATE,  they  ARE EXPERTS as working their way in to OFFICIAL POSITIONS where they have the power to KILL  those people under them!! 
Rabbi Meir Y. Soloveichik:  “The Virtue of Hate,” First Things, Feb. 2003 (available online) “When hate is appropriate, then it is not only virtuous, but essential for Jewish well-being.”  
 HOW closely tied WERE JEWS to the WORST EXCESSES of  STALIN's RED TERROR MASS-MURDER PURGES and 'Soviet' government GENOCIDE of   ten million Christian Ukrainian peasants and property-owning 'kulaks' in the Ukraine? 

     Well, we may never be able to prove that STALIN was __merely a brutal FRONT MAN__
for the JEWISH CONQUEST FROM WITHIN  of  the former Czarist imperial Russia...
  or that the Communist Party ACTIVELY ERADICATED  CHRISTIAN CHURCHES and SPONSORED VIOLENCE against Christian religious leaders...

but merely  to be labeled as "ANTI-SEMITIC" warranted a death sentence in Stalin's Russia/ussr !!

   WHY was Stalin SO PROTECTIVE of the JEWS in a  system, Communism, that was ostensibly ANTI-RELIGIOUS????  

and he well knew that the moment he lost their support...
HE would instantly become A REVILED  CORPSE, HIMSELF !!
  "Albert S. Lindemann, Esau’s Tears, pp. 442-43 (Cambridge University Press, 1997) says that “[in]. . . the Ukraine, the Cheka leadership was overwhelmingly Jewish”; that “the high percentage of Jews in the secret police continued well into the 1930s”; and that “[comparisons] to the secret police in Nazi Germany have tempted many observers. . . . [T]he extent to which both. . . prided themselves in being. . . willing to carry out the most stomach-turning atrocities in the name of an ideal. . . is striking.” - (See more here)
Holocaust and Holodomor
The Origins of  'Anti Semitism' in Russia -  
[where GENOCIDAL, HATE-SATURATED, RUTHLESS JEWS had been MURDERING RUSSIANS, UKRAINIANS, and 'lesser peoples' for  FOUR CENTURIES leading up to the MASS-FAMINE TERROR PURGE GENOCIDE, the anti-Ukrainian 'Holodomor' of 1929-32.]
December 29, 2006

 by Nicholas Lyssson

One might think the worst holocaust deniers—at least the only ones who command serious attention—are those who insist the Nazi holocaust, as it involved the Jews only, was without parallel.  
Guenter Lewy argues for example in The Nazi Persecution of the Gypsies (Oxford University Press, 2000) that while the Gypsies were gassed, shot and otherwise exterminated in great numbers, right alongside the Jews, they [GYPSIES]  were NOT 'TRUE VICTIMS'  of “the” Holocaust (capital “H”) but only of something collateral. Lewy even suggests the Gypsies invited their own destruction with certain cultural traits—in particular, sharply divergent moral standards for dealing among their own and with outsiders.  
But pre- or anti-Enlightenment Judaism is hardly a less ethnocentric or hostile moral system. As Edward Gibbon correctly notes in The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, vol. 1, ch. 15 (1776), “the wise, the 'humane' Maimonides openly teaches [in The Book of Torts, 5:11] that, if an idolator fall into the water, a Jew ought not to save him from instant death.”  
See also Rabbi Simeon ben Yohai’s remarkable second-century exercise in ejusdem generis: “The best of the heathen merits death; the best of serpents should have its head crushed; and the most pious of women is prone to sorcery” (Yer. Kid. iv. 66c; Massek. Soferim xv. 10; comp. Mek., Beshallah, Wayehi, 1, and Tan., Wayera, 20, all as cited by For “heathen” some translators simply write “goyim”; for “prone to sorcery” they write “a witch.”  
 [JEWS are JUST AS LIKELY TO THROW STONES at women ACCUSED of 'witchcraft' - as the most ruthless INQUISITION authorities they've spent centuries WAILING about!]
Rabbi Simeon is mentioned more than 700 times in the Talmud. Israel Shahak and Norton Mezvinsky, in Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel (2d ed. 2004), say (p. 1) “that in the usual English translations of talmudic literature some of the most sensitive passages are usually toned down or falsified,” and indeed (pp. 150-51) that “the great majority of books on Judaism and Israel, published in English especially, falsify their subject matter,” in part by omitting or obscuring such teachings. For a fuller discussion of the point, see Shahak, Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years, esp. ch. 2 (1994), available online.  
As to Jews, Gypsies or anyone else, of course, ethnocentrism or even outright cultural hostility as a rationale for genocide is obscene.
[BUT THIS  _IS_  THE 4,000 year IDENTITY,  religious doctrine,  and RITUALLY PRACTICED CEREMONY of JUDAISM... every single damn year, JEWS CELEBRATE the KILLINGS of non-Jews, whether in Egypt, Persia, the Canaan Valley, or eslewhere!]
A particularly relevant parallel to the Nazi holocaust is the Ukrainian holodomor of 1932-33, A STATE CREATED FAMINE —not a crop failure—that killed an estimated five million people in the Ukraine, one million in the Caucasus, and one million elsewhere after the Soviet state confiscated the harvest at gunpoint. Throughout the famine, the state continued to export grain to pay for industrialization. 

[THIS IS EXACTLY THE SCENARIO that  JEWS and their MURDEROUS, TREASONOUS PARTNERS IN CRIMES - in the U.S.A., in London, across Europe, and elsewhere - are PLANNING ON TODAY - _CLAIMING_  
that "MONEY" or "DEBT" or  "the PROPERTY RIGHTS" of whoever owns the food production sources  
    ...the EVIL, GOD DAMNED JEWS  ARE TRYING TO INSTIGATE a  MASS-TERROR  regime   IN AMERICA, TODAY, and are PREFECTLY WILLING TO KILL MILLIONS  OF  AMERICANS - today! - just as Kagonovich and the other JEWISH COMMISSARS   MURDERED MILLIONS of Ukrainians in the 1930s...]

 [and they - the EVIL JUDEO OVERLORDS  ruling the U.S.A. today with an iron  DHS/fbi/cia/NSA 'war on terror'  iron fist -  have the  POLICE STATE "national security" grid IN PLACE TO DO SO... they are just working out  the last details about  HOW to go about UNLEASHING  this mass-murder 21st century TERROR PURGE on Americans;
which is to say,
 "WHICH  NUCLEAR or BIO-WMD TERROR  can they UNLEASH, to BLAME  IRAN, White Americans, or whatever other patsies they can blame,  which  PATSIES can they FRAME for  REVERTING to their CENTURIES old  WELL HONED  practice of  JEWS   EXTERMINATING their neighbors  with extreme prejudice and  fervent religious zeal..] 

See Robert Conquest, The Harvest of Sorrow (Oxford University Press, 1987). Norman Davies gives the following description in Europe: A History, p. 965 (Oxford University Press, 1996). His first paragraph assembles quotations from Conquest; the bracketed phrase is his own: “A quarter of the rural population, men, women and children, lay dead or dying” in “a great stretch of territory with some forty million inhabitants,” “like one vast Belsen.” [the NAZI death camp that came a decade later] “The rest, in various stages of debilitation,” “had no strength to bury their families or neighbours.” “[As at Belsen] well-fed squads of police or [OFTEN JEWISH,  see LAZAR KAGONOVICH!]  party officials supervised the victims.” . . . All food stocks were forcibly requisitioned; a military cordon prevented all supplies from entering; and the people were left to die. The aim was to kill Ukrainian nationhood, and with it the “class enemy.” The death toll reached some 7 million. The world has seen many terrible famines. . . . But a famine organized as a genocidal act of state policy must be considered unique.
[So we see that the REAL purpose of the "Communist"  run terror famine was simply to...  KILL UKRAINIAN NATIONHOOD,  that is  CONQUEST FROM WITHIN! 
    And the horrifying message for Americans this year in 2014,  is that
 just  as they detested and despised the Ukrainian peasant serfs whom they disposed and executed for any offence or (tax, loan, tithe, or other payment) shortcoming in the 1600s....  

   which MURDEROUS OVERLORD  'trick'  (practice)  they REPEATED in the 1930s from the opposite political extreme (from e Catholic Polish-Lithuanian  ruled estates in occupied Ukraine in the 1600s), under nominally "Communist" wholesale  land seizures and  "state collectivized" summary arrests and deportations! 

  When it comes to  TREATING HUMANS as DISPOSABLE VERMIN, and wielding power over non-jew SLAVE CHATTEL, the jews can operate on EITHER SIDE of the political spectrum, and they HATE and DESPISE the people of EVERY nation on earth.. including  today's version of the despised, loathed and destested (by jews)  Ukrainians, the people of the late U.S.A!

  To repeat, this  "Holocaust & Holodomor" website is  CHOCK FULL of  JEWISH QUOTES that are cited verse, chapter, and hate-drenched sentence! 
See also Oksana Procyk, Leonid Heretz and James E. Mace, Famine in the Soviet Ukraine, 1932-33 (Harvard University Press, 1986); Nicolas Werth, “The Great Famine,” in Stephane Courtois, et al., The Black Book of Communism, pp. 159-68 (Harvard University Press, 1999); Edvard Radzinsky, Stalin, pp. 257-59 (1996); Miron Dolot, Execution by Hunger (1985); Simon Sebag Montefiore, Stalin: The Court of the Red Tsar, pp. 84-85 (2003); and the Commission on the Ukrainian Famine, Report to Congress (1988).  
That report, at pp. 6-7, cites estimates of the number killed that range as high as 8 million in the Ukraine and 9 million overall. Piers Brendon, The Dark Valley, pp. 248-49 (2000) gives this description, drawn from still further sources, all cited in his notes: A population of “walking corpses” . . . even ate horse-manure for the whole grains of seed it contained. . . . Cannibalism became so common-place that. . . local authorities issued hundreds of posters announcing that “EATING DEAD CHILDREN IS BARBARISM.”. . .  
They staggered into towns and collapsed in the squares. . . . Haunting the railway stations these “swollen human shadows, full of rubbish, alive with lice,” followed passengers with mute appeals. . . . [They] “dragged themselves along, begging for bread or searching for scraps in garbage heaps, frozen and filthy. Each morning wagons rolled along the streets picking up the remains of the dead.” Some were picked up before they died and buried in pits so extensive that they resembled sand dunes and so shallow that bodies were dug up and devoured by wolves. Boris Pasternak says “what I saw could not be expressed in words. . . . There was such inhuman, unimaginable misery, such a terrible disaster, that it began to seem almost abstract, it would not fit within the bounds of consciousness.” See Brian Moynahan, The Russian Century, p. 130 (1994).  
Nikita Khrushchev, in Khrushchev Remembers: The Final Testament, p. 120 (1976), says “I can’t give an exact figure because no one was keeping count. All we knew was that people were dying in enormous numbers.”  
According to S. J. Taylor [in his book]  
Stalin’s Apologist: Walter Duranty, The New York Times’s Man in Moscow, p. 202 (Oxford University Press 1990), “. . .Soviet authorities . . . require[d] that the shades of all windows be pulled down on trains traveling through the North Caucasus, the Ukraine and the Volga basin.”  
At pp. 239-40, Taylor says this famine “remains the greatest man-made disaster ever recorded, exceeding in scale even the Jewish Holocaust of the next decade.” 
[Actually, the Mongol invasions and wholesale DEPOPULATIONS of their conquered areas - whether Chinese or Persian cities and towns across Central Asia - were the greatest intentional man-made disasters in recorded history, millions killed in the  1200s-1300s]
In September 1933, Duranty—who cultivated his relationship with Stalin, and is remembered today for his public denials that any such thing was happening—privately told fellow journalists Eugene Lyons (United Press) and Anne O’Hare McCormick (herself from the New York Times) that the death toll was 7 million, but that the dead were “only Russians.” (Sic: mostly Ukrainians; and note the word “only.”) See Lyons, Assignment in Utopia, pp. 579-80 (1937).  
Duranty’s number is described in Lyons’s book only as “the most startling I had. . . heard,” but is revealed in Lyons’s “Memo for Malcolm Muggeridge” (Dec. 9, 1937), quoted by Marco Carynnyk in “The New York Times and the Great Famine, Part III,” available online. Several days after giving the 7-million number to Lyons and McCormick, Duranty told the assembled staff at the British chancery in Moscow that the toll for the Soviet Union as a whole might be as high as 10 million. See the report of William Strang, the charge d’affaires (Sept. 26, 1933), quoted by Carynnyk in the text accompanying n. 46.  
The British government referred publicly to the ongoing situation as an “illegal famine.” Id., n. 46. Duranty’s 10-million number may have come from Stalin himself.  It’s reputedly the same number Stalin gave Winston Churchill a decade later; see, e.g., Eric Margolis, “Remembering Ukraine’s Unknown Holocaust,” Toronto Sun, Dec. 13, 1998 (available online). 
According to Arthur Koestler, The Ghost in the Machine, pp. 261-62 (1967): In 1932-3, the years of the great famine which followed the forced collectivisation of the land, I travelled widely in the Soviet Union, writing a book which was never published. I saw entire villages deserted, railway stations blocked by crowds of begging families, and the proverbial starving infants. . . . [T]hey were quite real, with stick-like arms, puffed up bellies and cadaverous heads. I reacted to the brutal impact of reality on illusion in a manner typical of the true believer. I was surprised and bewildered—but the elastic shock-absorbers of my [Communist] Party training began to operate at once. I had eyes to see, and a mind conditioned to explain away what they saw. This “inner censor” is more reliable and effective than any official censorship. . . .  
Some Ukrainian accounts, and that of Muggeridge, who covered the holodomor for the Manchester Guardian, take the trouble to say that THIS MASS STARVATION was IMPOSED LARGELY BY JEWS.  Lazar M. Kaganovich is often identified as an architect of the policy. 
 [SAYS HIS OWN _JEWISH_ NEPHEW! The SUB-TITLE to Stuart Kahan's book about his JEWISH UNCLE 'Soviet' Commissar Lazar Kagaonovich, is  "The Wolf of the Kremlin: The First Biography of L.M. Kaganovich, the Soviet Union's ARCHITECT  OF  FEAR" !!!  note that "Kahan" is an Americanized version of "Kagonovich,"  both of which - Russian and English surnames - are versions of the JUDEO "KOHANIM" which simply means "Priest";   usually seen today as "COHEN" or "Kohen"  ]
A photograph in Montefiore, Red Tsar, above, shows him personally searching a farm for concealed food.
In Muggeridge’s novel Winter in Moscow (1934) he appears as Kokoshkin, “a Jew” and “Stalin’s CHIEF LIEUTENANT.” In 2003 Levko Lukyanenko, the first Ukrainian ambassador to Canada, was said to have made an anti-Semitic embarrassment of himself on this subject. But see Orest Subtelny, Ukraine: A History, p. 363 (2d ed. 1994) (“Jews were . . . disproportionately prominent among the Bolsheviks, notably in their leadership, among their tax- and grain-gathering officials, and especially in the despised and feared. . . secret police”)   Montefiore, Red Tsar, above, p. 305 (as late as 1937, Jews accounted for only 5.7 percent of Soviet party members, but “formed a majority in the government”   Yuri Slezkine, The Jewish Century, p. 254 (Princeton University Press, 2004)   
(the secret police was “one of the most Jewish of all Soviet institutions”)
and Arno J. Mayer, Why Did the Heavens Not Darken?, p. 60 (1988)  “As of the late twenties . . . [a] disproportionate number of Jews came to hold high posts in the secret police and to serve as political commissars in the armed services. They. . . were. . . appointed to high-level and conspicuous positions which called for unimpeach-able political loyalty. . . ”. 
Mayer, a professor emeritus of history at Princeton, is himself Jewish, and had to flee the Nazis as a refugee.  
The Israeli writer Boas Evron says the leaders of the Soviet revolution were scarcely less Jewish than the Zionists.  
See his book Jewish State or Israeli Nation?, p. 107 (English tr., Indiana University Press, 1995): “The backgrounds of the two groups were much the same [BORN & RAISED JEWISH!]. . . . Only differences of chance and temperament caused the one [individual] to be a Zionist and the other a revolutionary socialist.”
 [Since 'ZIONISM'  is essentially  JEWISH HYPER-NATIONALISM in the industrial era;
and since "FASCISM"  is merely the linking of  modern state  HYPER-NATIONALISM with powerful INDUSTRIALISTS,  
 then "FACISM" is actually a RADICAL RIGHT-WING political doctrine -
 no matter the party might put "SOCIALISM" in their name, and CLAIM to be for the "benefit of the workers",  Germany's "National Socialist German Workers Party" NASDP (known as the "NAZI" party)   was actually about CONCENTRATION OF WEALTH & POWER among the PARTY & THE INDUSTRIALISTS,  a RIGHT-WING  ideology paying lip-service to workers and 'the German people'...
a  RADICAL RIGHT-WING racist, jewish supremeacist   REACTIONARY ideology...

  but the jews are perfectly capable of  RISING TO IDENTICAL  JUDEO SUPREMACISTS GOALS and positions of power  under competing doctrines, whether under Commissar   "SOVIET COMMUNISM" or... AMERICAN,  pretend constitutional, pretend 'free markets"  pretend  "one man, one vote" democracy!]
On February 8, 1920, WINSTON CHURCHILL published an article, “Zionism Versus Bolshevism: A Struggle for the Soul of the Jewish People” in the Illustrated Sunday Herald (London), reprinted in Lenni Brenner, ed., 51 Documents: Zionist Collaboration with the Nazis, p. 23 (2002).  
Among other things, Churchill said (pp. 25-26): There is no need to exaggerate the part played in the creation of Bolshevism. . . by. . . international and for the most part atheistical Jews. . . . [I]t probably outweighs all others. With the notable exception of Lenin [who had a Jewish grandfather and by some accounts a Jewish wife], the majority of leading figures are Jews. Moreover, the principal inspiration and driving power comes from the Jewish leaders. . . . And the prominent, if not indeed THE PRINCIPAL PART in the SYSTEM OF TERRORISM. . . HAS BEEN TAKEN BY JEWS. . . .  
The same evil prominence was obtained by Jews in the brief period of terror during which Bela Kun ruled in HUNGARY
 [Before a HUNGARIAN BACKLASH put RADICAL RIGHT-WING  Hungarian nationalists, "Fascist" in power to contest Hungary's MURDEROUS JUDEO COMMISSARS  would-be overlords....]
"The same phenomenon has been presented in Germany (especially in Bavaria), so far as this madness has been allowed to prey on the temporary prostration of the German people." 
Churchill’s views, as expressed here, resemble those of the Times of London’s correspondent in Russia, Robert Wilton. See George Gustav Telberg and Robert Wilton, The Last Days of the Romanovs (1920), esp. pp. 222-30, 391 (“[t]aken according to numbers of population, the Jews represented one in ten; among the komisars that rule Bolshevik Russia they are nine in ten—if anything, the proportion of Jews is still higher”), 392-93 and 400.  
The French version of the book, Les Derniers Jours des Romanofs, also published in 1920, contains a list of 556 top figures in the Bolshevik regime, classified by ethnicity. The Jewish proportion is a bit over eight in ten, including TWO-THIRDS of the -thirds of the leadership of the SECRET POLICE.  
The non-Jews are divided among various small categories—Russian, Lett, Armenian, German, Georgian, etc. The list is absent from the slightly later English and American editions, but is available online. See also John F. O’Conor, The Sokolov Investigation (1971)(a translation, with commentary, of sections of Nikolai Sokolov’s Enquête judiciaire sur l'assassinat de la famille impériale Russe), especially for the comments of O’Conor and his sources on Wilton.[i] Jews among the Bolsheviks who imposed the holodomor of 1932-33 would have relished settling scores after the 40 years of bloody pogroms that followed Czar Alexander II’s assassination in 1881—especially the still-recent massacre of 50,000 to 100,000 Jews, mostly in the Ukraine, during the Russian civil war of 1918-21. (Far greater numbers of gentiles, of course, also perished in that war; estimates run well into the millions.)
  Our above reposting and highlighting of 
"Holocaust and Holodomor (Origins of Anti Semitism)"  webpage is only a portion of this exceptionally informative article,  but we have attempted to catch and highlight the grim news for Americans this second decade of the 21st Century:  namely, that for at least 400 years,  jews aspired to positions of  LIFE & DEATH POWERS over the Ukrainian, (Orthodox) Christian serfs... who could be KILLED, executed, tossed out into a freezing winter night with NO RECOURSE from their JEWISH "arendars" OVERSEERS, tax collectors, and loan-shark overlords...
   which  GENOCIDAL  JEWISH CONTEMPT for  Ukraine's peasant, Christian masses reached its grim climax  in the "MODERN" era, when LAZAR KAGONOVICH and other JEWISH COMMISSARS  oversaw the WHOLESALE MASS-MURDER of  ONE QUARTER of the Ukrainian population during the  RED TERROR FAMINE PURGE that was known as "the Holodomor." 

  For Western audiences they are called the "STALIN TERROR PURGES" -  but in actuality,  Stalin was merely the FRONT MAN for the JUDEO  Commissars,   had the Jews not been able to find a (sufficiently cunning and ruthless)  FRONT MAN PARTNER in CRIMES & GENOCIDE, the  entire world would immediately have realized that the "COMMUNIST REVOLUTION" and "STALIN TERROR PURGES" were really good, old fashioned,  bible era JEWISH MASS-MURDER GENOCIDE PURGES of any and all neighbors they had the power & ability to enslave &  exterminate....