Friday, February 7, 2014

JEWISH SADISM is now the PREVAILING DOCTRINE in America... which is why COPS are increasingly BRUTAL and SADISTIC, the "Justice" Department is IN LEAGUE WITH CRIMINALS, politicians are TREASONOUS & CORRUPT, and in the military, ONLY THOSE WILLING TO FIRE ON AMERICANS are promoted...

JEWISH SADISM as the OPERATIVE FORCE in America today.     The 'guiding' ideology of the SADISTIC REPRESSION in America today,  lies right there, in black & white,  in pages and chapters and verses of the so-called "holy" jewish bible:

 For the bible clearly  states that, upon jew kings David and Solomon securing their thrones and power over their kingdoms... they  both immediately set out to run surveys, or a census, over their populations....
 ...and then SEGREGATED the non-jews from the jews, and FORCED THEM (the non-jews)
 TO BECOME SLAVES,  placing 3,600 of these "foreigner" non-jews as _OVERSEERS_  over the other 150,000.   

  Clearly,  to become and continue to be an OVERSEER, you would have to be RUTHLESS ENOUGH to  use the whip, to COMPEL people to do the work... so it wouldn't hurt to be a little SADISTIC!   And make no mistake... to fail to measure up as an overseer.. meant to be instantly condemned to 'servitude' as one of the overseen (whipped, flogged, terrorized... and expendable) slaves.

  RIGHT THERE IN THE 'holy' bible, we can see why America's police forces today,    TOLERATE BRUTAL, ABUSIVE, and  often SADISTIC COPS...

  ...and why   America's  CRIMINAL "justice" department is IN BED WITH CRIMINALS  in FINANCIAL CRIMES that are essentially a form of  EXTORTION... 

(allowing connected big-business financiers to EXTORT American customers & taxpayers... see Enron's various market SABOTAGE & monopoly pricing tactics, and today's  ERIC HOLDER & GARY GENSLER  FBI & SEC, the AIG, Maurice Greenberg extortion of  85 billion dollars -  $85,000,000,000 from AMERICAN TAXPAYERS)

 ...and why the military is being PURGED of  any officers (and non-commissioned officers) who prefer not to pile up SADISTIC BODY COUNTS in Amerika's metastasizing wars;

or  in particular any officers who RESIST showing a WILLINGNESS TO FIRE UPON AMERICAN protesters...

or execute ruthless, "YOU ARE A TERRORIST SCUM, COME OUT OF YOUR HOUSES WITH YOUR HANDS UP"  Boston police style LOCKDOWNS, door-to-door home invasions  and  STREET INVASIONS of ENTIRE "AMERICAN"  neighborhoods !!
 (following the U.S. "shadow"  GOVERNMENT's OWN "false flag"  'black ops'  BOSTON MARATHON  TREASONOUS BOMBINGS / terror/murder attacks at that - and since the "shadow government" RULES the VISIBLE government, the U.S. government is essentially a criminal mob)

 israel UBER amerika   AIPAC  jew war-lobby party line are supported, financed, and move up the political food-chain...      

to STAND UP TO the RACIST, GENOCIDAL, mass-murderous judeo theocrats and predatory financiers who believe they are entitled, nay
"commanded by g-o-d to ENSLAVE the subhuman filth 'goyim'"   

   is to have the ENTIRE   JEWISH CONTROLLED corporate press, media, academia, vindictive IRS, financial system AND  _the entire_ U.S. GOVERNMENT
(if not jew traitor coward Netanyahu's mossad assassins)
drop on your head with a baby-smashing  blood-dripping biblical vengeance...

2 Chronicles 2:17 
Solomon took a census of all the foreigners living in Israel, like the census his father David had taken.    There were found to be 153,600 foreigners. Solomon made 80,000 of them stone cutters in the hills.   He made 70,000 of them burden bearers.
                 And made 3,600 of them overseers to compel the people to work.


As we've reported in several previous posts,  it doesn't matter whether it's from the  Rotschields judeo financier Radical RIGHT-WING  _slave plantations_   owning  "CAPITALISTS"  side...

    OR  from  their nominally, politically diametrical opposite,
  the MARXIST "Communist"  radical 'LEFT' wing of the political spectrum...  

  ....what you actually GET is a nearly IDENTICAL RESULT:  

 a tiny minority  of ruling-class 'elites'
over everyone under them,

 whether slave owners exerting life and death power over their expendable, disposable slaves
(slave mortality in some of the sugar plantations was 30% per year... one out of three slaves "lost" (DIED!) each year, meaning if you were a slave, chances were that you would not survive past 3 years) 
 or  ruthless GULAG  COMMISSARS like  Lazar Kaganovich sending thousands  millions TO DIE in the death-camp, slave-labor Gulags...

  In both cases, you had an "ELITE" minority - often jewish!  - exerting life and DEATH powers over the powerless humans put under their murderous control....


  bonus:  a stomach-churning SEVEN MINUTE video compilation of  AMERICA's  SADISTIC,  COMMISSAR GULAGS / SLAVE PLANTATION OVERSEERS police brutality: 

  in this video screen-shot,  FIVE POLICE  jump on and simultaneously beat a man who lies lifeless on the ground,  moment earlier he had been thrown from the rolled-over van that was apparently involved in a high-speed chase.
   THIS particular video was shot from... a police cruiser's own dash-mounted video!   

  To see the entire stomach-churning video, click here...
Warning:  you must skillfully click through SEVEN music-video pop-up screens, to watch
the police brutality video that will otherwise be obstructed by the ad-click music video boxes...   


  double bonus:

     It ain't so great BEING JEWISH in a pure judeo theocracy, either: which is why the infernal jew war-state (ancient israel)  never did become an empire -  no one wanted to be a DISPOSABLE slave/warrior for insanely arrogant "chosen by g-o-d" kings and their even more bloodthirsty, hundreds-of-animals ritual-sacrifice jewish priests! 

    In this bible verse,  KING SOLOMON ORDERS THE MURDER of HIS PEACEFUL half-brother... who has SOUGHT SANCTUARY in a "holy sanctuary" !!  

 And in this verse, the wretchedly evil & tyrannical King Solomon
(what do you expect from the son of the union of an adulteress & an adulterous murderer?)

BRAGS about... HOARDING  ALL THE GOLD of Israel,
as conspicuous consumption,  as heavy solid-gold shields hanging on his palace walls!

 The real purpose of gold is to act as a medium of exchange among commercial traders and insurers  - the "reserves"  behind letters of credit (paper money) used in business transactions -  NOT as a the show-off  palace décor for a tyrannical despot!