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JEWISH overlords... and DEATH SQUADS Turn U.S. Presidency into a DEATH-CAMP WHORE-HOUSE.....

(rough draft!  This is a HUGE topic... which covers EVERY ASSASSINATED U.S. presidents, and as well all those U.S. presidents, like Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan,  who managed to escape the "foreign bankers' executioners" deadly grasp!)  

 wow - this is a TREMENDOUSLY HUGE jews regard American _PRESIDENTS_ as NO MORE THAN hired PUPPETS TO BE MANIPULATED,  exactly as feudal nobles how to bow, pay homage, and pledge allegiance to their feudal lord, the king.
   And as in the bloody feudal era, today in "modern" 19th, 20th, and 21st century America,  those AMERICAN PRESIDENTS who DO NOT pay sufficient homage to... the JEWISH OVERLORDS, may find themselves, metaphorically (in "mafia" parlance)  "swimming with the fishes."    

We've been meaning to examine this dismal topic for weeks now.. then last night, doing some routine  google "searches" for quotes to back up a previous post,  we stumbled on several of  Brother Nathanial Kapner's "Real Jew News" on-line articles already written on the topic... 
  how hyper-wealthy jews backed up by the nuclear-armed jew nation (Israel) and the SUPPORT OF (almost)  EVERY  DIASPPORA JEWS  in America (jewish temples) 
how   JEWS HAVE HIJACKED the U.S. presidency, and are now using the United States government and military as a NUCLEAR ARMED EXTORTION agency to TERRORIZE and EXTORT the world.... 

   Oops!    As dismal and horrifying as that above sentence or paragraph is, IT FALLS SHORT! 
   For, as we've now written dozens of times here at TheJewishWars,   EXTORTION is only the FIRST PART of the insane Judeo Supremacist "extort, enslave, and exterminate"  agenda... AS CLEARY OUTLINED, defined, EMPHASIZED, and  "COMMANDED"  in the JEWISH "holy" blood-drenched bible...
   The  true jewish agenda as outlined and "commanded" in the bible,  provides for extortion  ONLY AS a PRELUDE to the real thing:     first ENSLAVEMENT of a host or neighboring nation and people,  then the  REAL  judeo goal... the ABJECT EXTERMINATION of their political enemies and neighboring rivals,  

     JEWS and JUDAISM, the religion, are  still locked in that infernal BRONZE-AGE mentality, when it was the duty of the tribal kingdom/empires'  GOD KINGS,  to EXTERMINATE the captured prisoners of a captured army and nation.... as the blood-drenched jewish bible REVELS in the story of  murderous jewish King David  KILLING  40,000   FORTY THOUSANDS captured, defenseless, and helpless prisoners after JUST ONE  series of battles!

David Slaughters Them
"And he brought out the people that were in it, and cut them with saws, and with harrows of iron, and with axes..." (I Chronicles 20:3)
Comment -  I Chronicles  Chapters 17-19 (17-18-19) tells us that David killed 22,000 Syrians and that Abishai killed 18,000 Edomites. No one [in JUDAISM - PAST OR PRESENT]  expresses shame at such slaughters.
Here in 20:3, we have David, counted as a great leader of the Israelites, slaughtering [FORTY THOUSANDS]  captives after the cessation of hostilities. From what high moral ground should we admire this action?
As we can see from the above "HOLY" BIBLE QUOTE,  JEWS ARE SO FULL OF THEMSELVES, that  EVEN AS THEY  USE  SUCH  MASSACRES  of  DEFENSELESS PEOPLES as their  "JUSTIFICATION" to live & dwell in the Canaan Valley "holy [retch!] land",  TODAY....
 THEY STILL WHINE, WAIL, CRY, and carry on when they get a taste of the same treatment at other people's hands!!!

    JEWS STILL HEW TO THIS INSANE (in 21st century nuclear armed era) bronze-age ideology,  although they long ago  substituted the JEWISH COMMISSARIAT - a collective body of  powerful elites centered around jewish kings (noble families) and high-priests (and, today, hyper-wealthy financiers) - "GOD'S CHOSEN" and anointed  'leaders"  - instead of  a single human "god-king"  like the Pharoah....  which is  why  the INSANE LUST TO KILL PEOPLE, EVERYWHERE in the world - INCLUDING A   SECOND  "Great Depression II" and  massive POLICE STATE GULAG with CONCENTRATION CAMP death-camp & terror purges HERE IN AMERICA! -  is the horrifying undercurrent of AMERICAN  politics, power, and economic degradation (SABOTAGE!)  today! 

  While we had a sinking, pit-of-the-stomach feeling that this was the case with certain American presidents - there have long been rumors that John F. Kennedy was assassinated for taking on the "money changers" JUDEO BANKERS behind 'the Fed,'  a story nearly REPEATED when RONALD REAGAN SURVIVED an ASSASSIN's BULLETS that would have put former CIA director and close ally of the Israel warlords George H.W. Bush in office  (Bush Sr. would later RUN the IRAN CONTRA "CIA  illegally running GUNS TO PRIVATE ARMIES in Central America... while financing their sordid little operation by selling missiles to IRAN's AYATOLLAHS, and allowing empty CIA cargo planes returning from their gun-runs to South America to be loaded with COCAINE sold on AMERICAN STREETS - with the CIA's blessings,  which is to say, "WITH BUSH Sr's BLESSINGS").    As usual, the American mega- CORPORATE MEDIA
 (we didn't realize back then that most American corporate media was... jewish owned)
did a MAGNIFICENT job of OBFUSCATING the truth,  making REAGAN, a nearly senile former governor from California 
(whose sole career foreign policy 'expertise' was running the State of California) 
look like the heavy-hand behind the illegal Iran-Contra global "SECRET WARS, GUN RUNNING, DRUG RUNNING, and MONEY LAUNDERING" operations;  the corporate media succeeded in making  IRAN's AYATOLLAHS look like the sinister foreign villains
(when in fact the Iran Ayatollah's were merely purchasing anti-tank missiles to DEFEND IRAN from Saddam Hussein's Iraqi tank armies);
Reagan, after giving his Oval Office kiss of approval to whatever plans "his handlers" and CIA (Bush Sr.!) gave him, was kept OUT "of the loop"; the U.S. government & CIA  vociferously DENIED  ANY ROLE in  IMPORTING COCAINE  TO AMERICAN STREETS;  Bush Sr. was kept out of the lime-light,  and the entire Iran-Contra story seemed to die when President Reagan, his poll numbers plummeting,  went on nationwide TV to publicly confess that he had authorized the program, though he didn't know its scope,  and didn't realize its implications (funding illegal wars behind the American peoples' backs!) 
   In retrospect, the REAL PLAYERS  behind Iran-Contra came off almost without notice:  Namely, the  JEWISH (Israeli) HIGH COMMAND and their  SAUDI  BEDMATES in funding illegal wars, both ostensibly avid  "COMMUNIST HATERS."     
   (note:  While the jews had NO problems with "SOVIET" style Communism - which JEWISH BANKER JACOB SCHIFF FUNDED, giving millions of dollars to  JEWISH Russian/New York agitator LEV BRONSTEIN  "Leo Trotsky" to DESTROY the  Orthodox Christian government of the Russian Czar Nicholas II  (see below!) -  the 20th century Jews in Israel were experts at playing both sides against the middle,  playing their  "FREE MARKET CAPITALISTS HATE COMMUNISM" card in America, England, and the Western European NATO countries,  while continuing to dominate, through back-channel trade and finance, the Communist regimes in the 'Soviet Union' and Eastern bloc 'iron curtain' countries. 

Assassination Of President McKinley By Jews!  November 19, 2007

Wow... we are simply stunned.  We've analyzed  long ago, that the U.S. presidency...  that United States  presidents  are nothing but  HIRED BITCHES for the evil Jewish financiers
(today the nexus of  hyper-wealthy jew financiers + their tens of thousands of  JEWISH WAR LOBBY,  judeo supremacist appartchiks in government and private corporations, 'think tanks' and lobby-groups + academia), and, as if  turning U.S. presidents into their hired pimps & whores isn't bad enough,  the grim pattern reveals itself....   those U.S. presidents who DO NOT TOE THE LINE of the evil jew puppet-masters ARE LIKELY TO BE KILLED IN OFFICE...
  ...the jews have turned the U.S. presidency & White House into a mini DEATH CAMP, a CHARNEL HOUSE, a den of gross inequity from which the hired overlord can RULE THE SLAVES like a vassal king of some ancient empire was allowed to sit on the throne, as long as he delivered sufficient 'tribute' - anything of value: wheat, barley or other grains;  wood, for lumber or furnaces;  stone, gold, silver, copper, iron... to the imperial masters. 

   Although we long had a lurking suspicion that this was the case - President Nixon being the most obvious suspect;  Nixon sadly a lower-middle class American president from L.A. land (Hollywood - well known West Coast power-base of the judeo media-moguls empire(s)) with no real 'natural' power base except Cold War paranoid right-wing Americans,  Nixon was a 'hireling' politician  who presided over EXPANDING WARS - the HENRY KISSINGER orchestrated BOMBING & INVASION OF CAMBODIA - and the concurrent U.S. government WAR ON  _American_ anti-war protesters! - but it wasn't until we started examining the story behind so-called "progressive" or  "LIBERAL DEMOCRAT"  presidents  Wilson,  Roosevelt, and Truman that this horrible story - of  abject JEWISH DOMINATION of the American presidency, the TOTAL SUBJUGATION of the American White House -  started firming up as a real, rational cause for  dread...,  it was the BUSH-CHENEY stolen election of 2000 that made the picture of  ABJECT JEWISH DOMINATION of the American presidency SNAP IN TO FOCUS,  although even that was confusing for the first few years,  for example  South Florida, Palm Beach County  JEWISH  AL GORE voters protesting the confusing ballot  whereby many hundreds of elderly voters couldn't tell whether they had voted for Al Gore or had cast their vote for their diametrical opposite choice,  blatantly Right-Wing and outspoken Catholic presidential candidate Pat Buchanan...

When Woodrow Wilson Went ‘Insane’

Woodrow Wilson has done more to bring America into the hands of international Jewry’s pernicious designs than any other president.
As Jewry’s abject pawn, Wilson was instrumental in creating:
The Federal Reserve Bank (Jewry’s Debt Instrument)
The Federal Trade Commission (Jewry’s Economic Instrument)
The Federal Income Tax (Jewry’s White Slave Instrument)
The Federal Intervention of WWI (Jewry’s Globalist Instrument) View Entire Story Here, Here, Here, Here, & Here

In Curtis Dall’s book, “FDR - My Exploited Father-In-Law,” when comparing FDR to Wilson, the author makes a connection between the overweening influence of powerful Jewish figures at the outset of Wilson’s presidency and his subsequent ‘illness’ during his second term:
“Bernard Baruch would often walk into the Democratic Headquarters in 1912 with Wilson in tow, leading him like one would a poodle on a string.
Wilson would be given his ‘indoctrination course’ by several of the top Advisers assembled there. Reversing his role as classroom idealist, Wilson became a well-behaved, political pupil.”
A major factor brought to bear on Wilson’s ‘controllability’ was his affair with Mrs Mary Peck during his Princeton years. As it turned out, Wilson’s first lady, Edith Galt, ran the country when the president became ill.” View Entire Story Here.
Dall makes mention of the book, “When the Cheering Stopped,” which chronicles in painstaking detail the events leading to Wilson’s “nervous breakdown” in 1919:
“On September 25, 1919, while on a national speaking tour, Wilson fell ill in Wichita and was forced to cancel the rest of his trip.
His personal physician, Dr Cary Grayson, informed executive aides that, ‘The President has suffered a complete nervous breakdown.’ View Entire Story Here & Here.
Until the end of Wilson’s second term in 1921, his wife, Edith Bolling Galt, ran the affairs of the Executive Office, a role denied to Wilson’s vice president, Thomas Marshall.
Thus ensued what was known only by rumour throughout Washington: “The Petticoat Presidency” of Woodrow Wilson.


BEDRIDDEN DURING THE REMAINING YEARS of his presidency, Woodrow Wilson slept while an international network of Jewish financiers took control of America.
Bernard Baruch, a Jewish Wall Street tycoon, with ties to European Jewish bankers, particularly Paul Warburg, who became the first head of the Federal Reserve Bank, consolidated his power over the US military and American industries when acting as the Chairman of the War Industries Board.
It was this entity that was assigned the role of dictating co-operation between industry and the military during and after WWI.
Eugene Meyer, who rose to great wealth in his years at Jewish investment bank, Lazard Freres, and as a major decision maker of the New York Stock Exchange, used his role as head of the War Finance Corporation in 1918 to bring both the US military and US industries under the heel of Jewish bankers.
Meyer later went on to head the Federal Reserve Bank in 1930, the Washington Post in 1933, and the World Bank in 1956. View Entire Story Here.
At a Congressional Hearings in 1930 convened to determine the eligibility of Meyer to head the Federal Reserve, Louis McFadden, Chairman of the House Banking Committee, testified against Meyer’s nomination:
“Eugene Meyer has had his own crowd with him in the government since he started in 1917.
His War Finance Corporation personnel took over the Federal Farm Loan System and almost immediately afterwards the Kansas City Join Stock Land Bank and the Ohio Joint Stock Land Bank were destroyed.” View Entire Story Here.
Indeed, Meyer’s own crowd, who used Woodrow Wilson as their poodle on a string – leading to his subsequent ‘insanity’ – have been the power brokers of the American political, military, and industrial scene ever since.
Only a radical overturning of the existing Judaic World Order will bring America back to the vision of its Christian founding fathers of a nation “free of alien rule” once again.

The Jewish Cartel Not QE3

The Jewish Cartel Not QE3
By Brother Nathanael Kapner, Copyright 2012

both the tree and the fruit will be decayed. If the foundation is shifty both the walls and the roof will cave in.

For the US government to borrow money from the Jewish-owned Federal Reserve Bank AT INTEREST when it can freely coin its own money as provided by the US Constitution then something is rotten in DC.
Many are witlessly aiming their guns at Ben Shalom Bernanke…this time for his QE3 Stimulus Program to supposedly boost the economy.
Fact is, Bernanke is once again bailing out Goldman Sachs and the entire Jewish Cartel by buying $50 billion worth of “mortgage-backed securities” every month.
These are the same “bundles” and “financial products” that the Jewish-owned Fed bought with tax payer money back in 2008 with Goldman Sachs being the main recipient.
QE3 is NOT about the economy.
QE3 is about buying leftover BAD loans that the Jewish bankers participated in via subprime mortgages and making the taxpayer pay for it.
And the pawn of the big Jewish bankers, (he’s a member of the Synagogue), Ben Shalom Bernanke, is dutifully carrying out orders from the yarmulke big boyz.


UNDER DUBIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES, Jewry’s pawn in the White House, Woodrow Wilson, pushed through the Federal Reserve Act on December 19, 1913, while most of the members of Congress were home for Christmas.
Operating as agents for Nathaniel Rothschild, the monetary resources of America were now in the hands of three Jews:
Jacob Schiff of Kuhn, Loeb Bank; Paul Warburg, appointed by Wilson as the Fed’s first Chairman; and George Blumenthal, a high official of JP Morgan. Henceforth, the “Treasury” of the United States would forever be in the hands of the Jews.
A glance at today’s Treasury Department finds Jewish Cartelization as the status quo.
The current head of Treasury is the Fed’s boy Timothy Geithner. (Geithner served as President of the NY Fed from 2003-2008 and as Under Secretary of the Treasury from 1999 to 2001 under Robert Rubin and Lawrence Summers.) His current assistant is former Goldman Sachs lobbyist Mark Patterson.
During the “too big to jail” scam, Henry Paulson, a former Goldman Sachs CEO, was Secretary of the US Treasury. Paulson’s main adviser was Jewish Goldman Sachs man, Steve Shafran.
The Jew Larry Summers—(a protege of Goldman Sachs’ Robert Rubin)—was head of the Treasury from 1999 to 2001 under Clinton.
Undersecretary to the Treasury from 1999 to 2001 and Assistant Secretary to the Treasury from 1997-1999 was Goldman Sachs Jewish partner, Gary Gensler, now the head of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission where he covered for his Goldman Sachs buddy, Joe Corzine, in the MF Global theft of segregated accounts.
Treasury Secretary from 1995-1999, part of Clinton’s “Kosher Cabinet,” was former Co-Chairman at Goldman Sachs, the Jew Robert Rubin.
Just as Jewish investment banks own the corporations they finance, Jewish Wall Street which runs the Fed (Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase CEO’s are perennials on the NY Fed Board) also owns the megacorp, The United States of Amerika, chartered as a corporation under the 14th Amendment.


WHEN JEWISH PUPPET OBAMA was being propped up by the Jews for President, one of his first “showings’ was as guest speaker at the launching of Robert Rubin’s The Hamilton Project in 2006.
The aim of Rubin’s Hamilton Project was ostensibly to create an “economic platform” for the Democratic Party’s 2008 Presidential elections.
But its real goal was to ensure that Obama would not only be the next president but be surrounded by Hamilton Project boyz such as the Jews Peter Orzag (now working for Goldman Sachs) and Jason Furman.
Ladies and Gentlemen, the FIX IS IN. And the FIX has a Kosher Seal engraved on it.
We can throw stones at Bernanke all we want for ‘failed’ Fed policies from the ‘people’s point of view.’
But the Fed is a huge success for the Jewish bankers and those like their head clerk, Ben Shalom Bernanke, who live off the proceeds.
For if it’s good for the Jews (as the saying goes) then in most cases, (especially when it comes to making money), then it’s bad for Amerika…

Federal Reserve Jews Control America

By Brother Nathanael Kapner, Copyright 2007-2010


Jewish Bankers & Their Agenda

By Brother Nathanael Kapner, Copyright 2007-2010

is a Jewish world.

Wars and revolutions are interwoven with International Jewish Banking. National loyalties have not part in the minds of Jewish bankers but rather an agenda that promotes the Anti-Christian cause of World Jewry.
The Jewish investment bank, Kuhn, Loeb, & Co is a case in point. The bank was started by Solomon Loeb in 1867 in New York City. Loeb was a partner with Abraham Kuhn in a Cincinnati clothing business. Kuhn returned to Germany in 1868 and there he was introduced to an Orthodox rabbi’s son named Jacob Schiff.
Impressed with the young Jewish yeshiva student, Kuhn sent Schiff off to his partner Solomon Loeb in America.The young Jacob Schiff also impressed Solomon Loeb with his financial acumen, and soon brought millions to the firm by his pursuit of the American Railroad business.
Eventually the firm, through Schiff’s European connections with the House of Rothschild, controlled all of the railroads in America. Jacob Schiff’s own career advancement soon found him not only the head of the firm, but as director of the Central Trust company, the Western Union Telegraph Company, and the Wells Fargo Express Company.
Jacob Schiff also had an Anti-Christian Jewish agenda. As an Orthodox yeshiva student now turned banker, Schiff’s first Anti-Christian act was his funding of the Japanese war machine in the Russo-Japanese War of 1905. Schiff had a fierce hatred of the Christian Tzar Nicholas II and his Christian policies in Russia. Thus Schiff made sure that Japan had the needed capital to win the war against Christian Russia.
(SEE: Don Heddesheimer, The First Holocaust)
The Russian writer Leo Tolstoy viewed Japan’s victory as a punishment of Russia for it being too influenced by Jews. In a letter to a friend Tolstoy explained Russia’s defeat:
——- “This debacle is not only of the Russian army but of Christian civilization as well. The disintegration of Christian civilization began long ago when the Jews got the edge on the Christians in every nation and thereby earned the hatred of all.” ——-
(SEE: Matthew Raphael Johnson, Holy Russia, Tsarism and Orthodoxy)
From 1906 to 1920, Schiff gave over $20 Million Dollars in Gold to Levi Braunstein, (Trotsky), to finance the Anti-Christian Bolshevik cause. This was confirmed by the Jewish Communal Register of New York City: “Jacob Schiff financed the enemies of autocratic Russia and used his financial influence to keep Russia from the money markets of the United States.”


THE CONGRESSIONAL LIBRARY records that in 1909 Jacob Schiff gave an ultimatum to President William Howard Taft. The conversation is related by Benjamin Freedman, (a Jewish convert to Roman Catholicism), whose wealthy Zionist father worked closely with Washington insiders:
Schiff: “We want you to cancel the Most Favored Nation Treaty with Tzarist Russia.”
Taft: “I will not submit to your demands.”
Schiff: “We will put a President in Washington to whom we can dictate what he should do.”
(See: Benjamin Freedman On The Jews)
Benjamin Freedman tells the rest of the story:

——- “Jacob Schiff then came back to New York, (He was at that time head of The American Jewish Committee), and in my father’s home, in the presence of many prominent men, they decided to get rid of President Taft. They also made plans to get rid of the Republican Party and put in their own party and their own President.
They set up the National Democratic Headquarters at 200 Fifth Avenue and Henry Morgenthau Sr. was made chairman of the Finance Committee. I was made his assistant. I saw everything that went on because I handled all the books. Jacob Schiff and the Jews started looking around for a man to put up as President. They got Woodrow Wilson, a rascal who wasn’t worth the powder to blow him to hell!
Now you find in politics, every time they pick a candidate and put him out in front, the behind-the-scenes guys have the goods on him. And Mr. Schiff sure had the goods on Mr. Wilson! He had been sleeping with the wife of a fellow professor at Princeton whose name was Peck. And they used to call Wilson at Princeton, “Peck’s bad boy.”
When Mrs. Peck got a divorce she heard of the Jew Samuel Untermeyer of the firm, Googenheim, Untermeyer and Marshall, who supplied much money to the newly-formed Democratic party. She went to him with a big package of love letters which I read, (Wilson was a great letter writer. He knew his vocabulary when it came to making love!) So they got the idea of blackmailing Wilson for $40,000, the amount of her son’s debt that he had run up. She got Samuel Untermeyer to go to see Wilson as a lawyer.
Mr. Untermeyer told President Wilson, “I’ll advance that money if you will do one favor for me. The next opening on the Supreme Court, I want to name the man.” So Wilson said, ”It’s a deal!” and they paid the $40,000. When a vacancy appeared on the Supreme Court, Mr. Untermeyer recommended Mr. Brandeis. Mr. Brandeis was the number one Zionist in the United States and knew how to use a “friendship” with Mr. Wilson.
To make a long story short, when World War I broke out, it didn’t take long for the Germans to get the upper hand and in 1916 they offered a Peace Treaty to England. When the offer was made, the Zionists in London went to the British War Cabinet, (according to their own record now archived in the British Museum), and made a counter offer. Their offer went something like this, “You don’t have to lose this war,” said the Jews. “We’ll bring in America but you’ve got to guarantee us Palestine.” That’s how the Balfour Declaration of 1919 came about.” ——


JEWS MANIPULATE American politics through their financial power and control. The above is just one example of how the Jewish bankers are calling the shots in America and around the globe. Jewish money is behind the Jewish neocons like Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz who are dictating America’s foreign policy to President Bush and the Senate.
1. Jews must be told that America is a Christian nation and that we do not like their meddling and control of our nation’s affairs.
2. Jews must be told that they must repent of their sins and become Christians.
3. Jews must be told that we will no longer tolerate their agenda to destroy Christianity in America. (This will scare them for Jews are cowards at heart).


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ew keaneAugust 13, 2009 @ 7:15 pm
I finally get it!
The Jews will never accept any figures of state-sponsored genocide / mega-slaughter other than the [THEIR OWN "Holocaust"]   WW2 score board because –
Jews refuse to accept non-Jews as humans.
This is a dangerous tribe, indeed!
In other words, those millions in the Ukraine, or in Turkey, or in China put to death by Socialistic regimes don’t count because they were mere Goyim, and didn’t count as humans in the Jew mind.
This dangerous folk must be isolated, and contained. Its culture ought to be locked into their own lands, and put under heavy guard. We must not trade in the fears of the Jew!

Gregory Allan Martyn November 17, 2012 @ 12:00 am  

The Jews also killed President John F. Kennedy because he started printing United States Notes instead of Federal Reserve Notes.
He was going to do away with the Federal Reserve Bank which of course Woodrow Wilson helped put in place in 1913.
The Jews could not tolerate this, because of course it would put them out of business.
We now know that they also were the cause of 9/11. It was the Jewish or the Israel Government that did this to get us to attack Iraq and Afghanistan and they succeeded.
We need to stop these people before they destroy this wonderful country.