Thursday, February 6, 2014

INSANE JEWS BEHIND Obama, who have HIJACKED the _entire_ U.S. gov't. & military High Command, PLAN MASSIVE FIRST-STRIKE NUCLEAR MISSILE ATTACKS on RUSSIA... AND CHINA within Four weeks... states Lyndon LaRouche this week...

Lyndon LaRouche claims that the JUDEO INFILTRATED and hijacked U.S. government and military HIGH COMMAND,  have DETERMINED to unleash A MASSIVE NUCLEAR ATTACK on... BOTH Russia, AND CHINA, within the coming weeks,
which will end life on earth as we know it for most of  us. 

    To which we here at TheJewishWars concur:   we KNOW that the infernal  JUDEO WAR PARTY - AIPAC and the other infernal jewish supremacist lobbies in America;  the Neo-Cons, the PNAC 9-11 TRAITORS, the Likudniks, and their  Jewish & gentile partners in Crimes & Treasons -   have COMPLETELY HIJACKED
not only the entire U.S. government

(such that SERIAL CRIMES, massive graft, and endemic CORRUPTION on Wall Street and at the U.S. TREASURY  are now the 'Amerikan'  "capitalist markets"  only actual business model)
(essentially a crony-capitalist,  "privatized" copy of Stalin's state run industrialization... where, if you ran afoul of or opposed  the "state planners" dictates and their "security" goons & enforcers,  you were either CUT OFF FROM FOOD SUPPLIES...(as KAGANOVICH & STALIN's  10 million "Holodomor"  FAMINE TERROR PURGE victims  in the Ukraine, 1929-1932 were), or else you were marched off to the slave-camp gulags;  that is, if you were not just shot on sight or tortured to death in the name of  "progress" and "industrializing the motherland" or "for the good of the proletariat" etc. etc. etc. )  

but the U.S. military and war machine lock, stock and barrel, as well..

and that,  DRIVEN by  4,000 years of ruthless BRONZE AGE, "EXTERMINATE the enemy, EXECUTE THE CAPTURED SOLDIERS en mass"  biblical Judeo supremacist ideology
the NEO-CON WAR-MONGERS RULING AMERICA  are  BAT-SHIT CRAZY INSANE,  and actually think they can get away with - profit and survive from - unleashing America's ENTIRE   NUCLEAR ARSENAL against civilian targets here on planet earth! 
Lyndon LaRouch: "U.S. HIGH COMMAND behind the Obama White House; the, Congress & Senate; and those running the U.S.  War Department and U.S. military, are  PLANNING MASSIVE NUCLEAR missile attacks  AGAINST RUSSIA, MASSIVE NUCLEAR WAR  set for the next FOUR WEEKS, by March 2014"
LPAC Policy Committee, February 3, 2014 Transcript
February 4, 2014 • 9:32AM

LYNDON LAROUCHE: Yes, we're getting to the point, if you follow the tempo from a strategic standpoint, rather than a tactical one, and the problem today is that most people don't think strategically; they can think tactically, but they don't have control of the clock, they don't know where the clock is, so therefore, they're looking at their immediate vision, rather than thinking about the clock beyond.
What I've been saying since January 1st, is that we're now in a countdown toward a thermonuclear war. What we're in now is just provocations against Russia to try to set up a situation which will trigger a Russian response of the type they want, and then they will immediately launch thermonuclear war. Now, my time scale is saying, by the 1st of March we are already at that time, if not earlier, we are on the verge of actual thermonuclear mutual extermination. Because, if you read what the policies have been stated, from the United States and from elsewhere, and from Russia, the point is, they recognize there's no advantage in waiting to do the second blow against either. They're all going to go together, virtually simultaneously.
Now when you consider what that means, putting everything into a simultaneous assault, which is actually what the United States is stuck with right now is the only option, from a military standpoint, you have to go with pretty much everything you've got, and you have to do it all right up front. Because the way these things hit, they hit after each other, so it's boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom — hmm? And therefore, that's what you're up against. 

So therefore, my estimate is, that this thing has got to be brought to some kind of conclusion, either avoidance of war, or going to war, is going to be about the 1st of March, somewhere in that vicinity. It has to be that way. Because otherwise, other things are going to start kicking in as well.
And what they have to fear..., actually Washington, or really London is orchestrating this thing, not Washington, but as long as Washington is in that case of the grip of the British on this one, I think the time for a reaction against such a war, is wearing out. In other words, if the so-called nominal Obama administration — he's just a joke; he does not make the decisions, he mouths, echoes, whatever they tell him from London. He never was able to think; he wouldn't even run for President, unless London had come in with this woman had come in and recruited him to become a Presidential candidate. He have would never become a Presidential candidate without that operation. It was a British operation, run from London. So the British Empire's the one that's steering this thing; Obama's nothing but a stooge.
And people have to understand that. Most Americans refuse to face the fact that this guy is a stooge! But, Wall Street is there, too! And Wall Street is London! Wall Street is the British Empire. So it's the British Empire that's orchestrating thing and a lot of dumb Americans, especially Republicans — the Republicans are the worst of this thing, because they have an absolutely insane agenda, it's almost as bad as that of their guy who pulled the stunt this past weekend.
And this guy, should be thrown out of office by the Republicans! They shouldn't bother letting anybody else throw him out; they can throw him out of the roster. He did something against — an attack on Bill Clinton, which was clinically insane for any Republican to do!  (cont'd)

 note:  we do not know with certainty whether the above is 100% true or not... but we DO KNOW that the "Neo-Con"  JEWISH WAR PIGS running, ruling America with an iron, Netanyahu/Saakashvili style  MURDEROUS FIST...

 (Netanyahu's RADICALIZD, HATE-WHIPPED SUPPORTERS  _ASSASSINATED__, MURDERED,  Netanyahu's political opponent, SITTING PRIME MINISTER Yitzhak Rabin late in the 1995 jewish-state elections campaign, thereby derailing a certain Rabin election win....  
which is to say,   the JUDEO SUPREMACIST FANATICS _OPENLY_  USED ASSASSINATION as a power-grabbing political tool that brought the current "bat shit crazy"  JUDEO SUPREMACIST Netanyahu  regime(s) to power -  a BLATANTLY MURDER,   ASSASSINATIONS & TERROR  model of political 'governance' the jews and their American puppets EXPORTED to Georgia, former 'Soviet Republic' under Columbia U. trained Georgian lawyer MIKHAIL SAAKASHVILI's regime - which israel + USA supported regime TERRORIZED tens of thousands of Georgian pro-democracy protestors  in 2005 as a PRELUDE to Saakashvili's AMERICA + JEW-STATE (israel)  ORCHESTRATED  Georgian WAR ON RUSSIA; 
the August 2008 Georgia army attack on RUSSIAN Army TROOPS in South Ossetia that was shattered and destroyed, according to some reports only because Russian President Vladmir Putin threatened to use tactical nuclear weapons if either israel or American openly intervened to attack the Russian army in support of their puppet Saakashvili's war)  

  ...(they) believe...  

(much as America's Sioux Indian warriors believed their "ghost dance"  trances made them invulnerable to bullets in battle against U.S. Calvary troopers) 
that with NUCLEAR ARMS
(and, indeed, the entire arsenal of the late 'United' States)
 in their arsenals,  and with G-O-D IN THEIR POCKET, that they can do ANYTHING  on planet earth with absolute  impunity - that they, the AIPAC WAR LOBBY  JEWISH WARMONGERS and their hired and bribed non-Jewish "political elite" partners in crimes bear NO CONSEQUENCES no matter whom they kill, no matter how much they foul up, no matter HOW MANY THEY KILL,   nor no matter  any appeals to human decency or  modern ideals of human rights. 

 However, the last sentences of our above transcript of Mr. LaRouches' comments does contain a flagrant and major ANALYSIS FAILURE of  Mr. LaRouche:   while we don't contest or deny for a moment that  U.S. President Barack Obama is a WHOLLY CAPTURED, BLACK-MAILED and EXTORTED  __PUPPET PRESIDENT__
 (like president George W. Bush before him, Barack Obama is a homosexual whose sexual antics have been photographed and recorded for blackmail purposes),    

Mr. LaRouche's notion that REMOVING President Obama from office (by constitutional impeachment) will improve anything  is  DELUSIONAL:

  all of the "major candidates for presidency" over the past 5 years since 2008, all of them   HAVE ALL BEEN EVEN MORE VOCIFEROUSLY in-the-pocket of the JEWISH WAR LOBBY  than Barack Obama has been -  HILLARY CLINTON, JOHN McCAIN, SARAH PALIN,  MITT ROMNEY are all even MORE SLAVISHLY, treasonously DEVOTED to the insane Judeo Supremacist war lobby than former Senator Obama has been (much less the serial traitor Dick Cheney and his incompetent sidekick George W. Bush),
and, indeed ALL of the above presidential candidates WOULD ALREADY HAVE ENGAGED  AMERICA IN AN OVERT WAR WITH  IRAN  by now, had they been elected to the presidency...

  Ironically, despite  supporting the (Libya and)  SYRIA WAR(s),  
which are the JEWISH COWARDS BACK-DOOR means to getting the U.S. to wage war against Iran,
President Obama still actually DESERVES  his  NOBEL PEACE PRIZE,
for he was the only human on earth who could  forestall the JEWS INSANE WAR LUST TO (have the U.S.A.) ATTACK IRAN,  which we all know would, indeed, trigger World War III, when against all odds Barack Obama won the presidential election of 2008 and derailed either Hillary Clinton or John McInsane's "BOMB SYRIA NOW!"  judeo instigated war crimes...  

    So whether Mr. LaRouche is correct about his "March 4th, 2014 MASSIVE FIRST STRIKE NUCLEAR ATTACK on Russia AND CHINA" analysis is almost irrelevant:

     the SOROS fronted  JEWISH FASICSTS are OPENLY  INSTIGATING NEO-NAZI Saakashvili style rebellions and police-state dictatorship in the UKRAINE on Russia's doorstep
 (as LaRouche-pac explains here"Western Powers Back Neo-Nazi Coup In Ukraine")   

and the BAT SHIT INSANE American government, at the prodding of the infernal  "jew Commissariat"  international warpigs  & financial overlords, are GOADING  JAPAN TO  INCITE CHINA... 
this is a FIVE-PRONGED ATTACK on Russia and China's stability
that must see those two nations either resign themselves to massive political unrest and bloody revolutions overthrow...
 or fight back against the anglo/amerikan/nato/arab-oil-dictator/
as in Syria, have  ENDLESS ARMIES of  JEWISH FIAT MONEY/cia FUNDED  __AL QAEDA TERRORISTS__ to throw at those targeted nations, and now, according to Mr. LaRouches' otherwise informed commentary, the JUDEO WAR PIGS and their hijacked U.S. gov't. high-commaned ARE PLANNING a full blown  "FIRST STRIKE NUCLEAR ATTACK"  nuclear war in the immediate future!    


  IRONICALLY,  _BOTH_  MARXIST  style "COMMUNISM" from the nominally "for the workers & proletariat" LEFT,    and  Rothschilds style  RADICAL RIGHT-WING  crony,
 government enforced ruthless MONOPOLY EXTORTION  "free market capitalism" 
("the slaves DO NOT  HAVE any RIGHTS"... and DON'T COUNT as full humans)  

 are BOTH   "modernized"  forms of  ancient JUDAISM  and JEWISH IMPERIALISM,
  whereby a "superior elite" - "chosen by g-o-d" in jewish ideology;   empowered by ACCESS to MONEY & POWER in ruthless Rothschilds' predatory international finance (and parasitic domestic financial controls); 
   or  in Marxist Communism's case, a more dedicated and intelligent elite who rises to the top of the Communist Party and thus the power structure - Marx was BORN & RAISED a FRUSTRATED YOUNG  German JEW, who was DISGUSTED that his father had to renounce Judaism (and be baptized and converted to Protestant Christianity),  and internalized his frustration and impotent RAGE,  by  SPEWING HATE  against those whom he,  Karl Marx, the jewish born DICTATORIAL 'leaders' of  Marxist 'socialism' -  deemed "INFERIOR" and  DESERVING OF  ERADICATION...

...yes, ladies & gentlemen,  while the ROTHSCHILDS,  as TALMUDIC JEWS, believed they (and all other jewish elites) not only had  "a G-O-D ORDAINED  right" to  CONQUER & ENSLAVE the 'goyim'... but, indded, a "G-O-D appointed DUTY to do so"

  were MIRRORED, or  REFLECTED on the nominally "OPPOSITE end of the Political Spectrum" by the JEWISH BORN & RAISED,  __nominally__  AETHESTIC JEW KARL MARX, who  PRETENDED to speak for "the Proletariat",  that is, claimed to speak for [our paraphrase] "the good and progress of humanity" - but that 'vision' of 'progress' was actually IDENTICAL  to  ancient, bronze-age  ruthless JEWISH IMPERIALISM, namely SLAUGHTER IN THE NAME OF [god and/or "the proletariat"]  and  ALL WEALTH & POWER accumulates unto the... JUDEO  or  "superior party leader"  ELITE !!