Monday, February 3, 2014

GANG OF MURDEROUS Commissar THUGS IN UNIFORM - aka police - MURDER an American Citizen in cold blood, in full public view...

This (below video of a) MURDER-EXECUTION by hyper-militarized police of an American individual undergoing arrest... standing alone, with his hands in the air, and SURROUNDED by police and police vehicles


all of  them  SUPPORT the ENTIRE  AGENDA  of billions upon TRILLIONS of dollars spent on ever EXPANDING WARS  on behalf of  FIVE MILLION lousy jews in Israel...

...which  WAR COSTS, and TRILLIONS of MORE DOLLARS  STOLEN by  serial GODDAMN-SACHS, JPM, Citi-bankers' (et al) Rotschields' style  SERIAL financial FRAUDS, "pump & dump" INCITED MARKET PANIC financial ATTACKS; 
 &  so-called 'Federal' Reserve hyper- MONEY-PRINTING,  are turning the late 'United' States of America into a JEWISH COMMISSARIAT  run DEATH CAMP gulag....
...just exactly as America was in the 1930s GREAT DEPRESSION,  when starving, unemployed workers were derided as "drifters" "panhandlers" and criminals,  and aggressively chased out of town by violent police and security goons... if the homeless "perp" even made it out of town alive, see the recent Hollywood movie "Rambo I" about similar treatment dished out to a Vietnam war veteran in pre-9-11, pre- "license to kill terrorists"  America!... 

 ANY GOD DAMNED  TWO-BIT COP with a badge now has LICENSE TO KILL in JUDEO TRAITORS run Amerika...  with the approval of ALL THE JEWISH OWNED mega MEDIA moguls  WHORE corporations...  supported by the above-mentioned _EVERY_JEWISH _temple'  IN AMERIKA, they can't help it, they are paranoid,  authoritarian, HATE, jealousy, revenge, and mass-murderous repression CONTROL FREAKS... 
they've been INDOCTRINATED since birth to worship a bronze-age 'g-o-d' who at one time (in archaic history) demanded human and child sacrifice; a 'god' as capricious and  remorseless in killing humans as any catastrophic act of naturea "god" whom the jews claim demonstrates 'his greatness' through the KILLING  OF BABIES and CHILDREN; a 'god' who the jews have been indoctrinated since birth to believe CARES FOR NOTHING in the entire universe, save for 'his chosen ones' the judeo elites... that non-jews ARE NOT EVEN HUMAN!      


Judaism has always been about  SLAVERY  and  ENSLAVING  the  "goyim"
 Until Americans wake up and have the COURAGE to CONFRONT the grim facts, and REALIZE  WHO IS PULLING THE STRINGS,  it is only going to get worse... far, far, far worse  (see our previous post). 

Arizona Cops Shot, Kill, ASSASSINATE a Suspect with His Hands in the Air
by Kimberly Paxton  The Daily Sheeple, Feb. 3, 2014

For absolutely no reason other than “because they could”, cops in Pinal County, Arizona executed a suspect who was standing there, not near any of the officers, with his hands in the air, offering no threat whatsoever.  Without trial, judge, or jury, they simply assassinated the man, as his family looked on in horror. Warning: There is some graphic violence in the video [above].
This is your police force, America. Protecting and Serving you to death.

Sometimes we get letters or comments from readers wondering why we are so hard on cops here at The Daily Sheeple. They call the staff writers “cop haters” and “anarchists”.  The readers say that we spend too much time “bashing” police officers who have such a “difficult and dangerous” job.
Are there some good cops out there? I’m sure there are. I am certain that some people go to the Academy hoping to do right and to help others.  But…they have to know their “brothers” are doing these terrible things. What are they doing to put a stop to it?  When you accept an action, you are deeming it “acceptable”, no matter how passively. And that makes you just as guilty as the person perpetrating the action.
So, why are we so hard on the boys in blue? Because they are the ones that are supposed to enforce the rules, and thus they must be held to a higher standard.
If you decide to become a police officer, you are vowing to uphold the law. You are swearing an oath to “serve and protect”.  More and more, we see these oaths violated.  And the worst part is, the cops aren’t being held responsible when they sexually assault men and womenbeat people up for fun, and commit crimes that would send the rest of us for prison while they are shielded from prosecution by merit of their uniforms. They shoot our pets, they beat the elderly, they frighten and molest our children, and they wield their badges to coerce people into acts that they might not normally perform.
Here are just a few headlines from the last year:
Excessive Force: Cops Beat Man With Down Syndrome
Man Subjected to 8 Anal Exams After Routine Traffic Stop
Shouldn’t the Police Have a “Do Not Fire Unless Fired Upon” Rule?
Copping a Thrill: Two of Philly’s Finest Strip a Woman, Masturbate, and then Lie About It
Traffic Stop Humiliation: Woman Ordered to “Shake out her Bra” – Cop Received ONE Day Suspension
Don’t Anal Probe Me, Bro! Another NM Man Subjected to Rectal Exam After Traffic Stop
Cops Strip Search Mom, “Forcibly” Pull Tampon Out of Her for Maybe Rolling Through Stop Sign 

- repeated over countless  nations over dozens of different centuries -  of  DEHUMANIZING  the 'goyim'  in preparation for  SIEZING THEIR PROPERTY,  ENSLAVING them by extortion or financial fraud;  and next   EXTERMINATING the 'useless mouths'. 

     Judeo theology & ideology calls for  Jew to supplant and DISPLACE _all_ non-jews,
except for that certain percentage of the population to be held as TERRORIZED SLAVES...
  (to TERRORIZE THE SLAVES you must torture and kill a few every so often, in addition to the routine and
random beatings, floggings, humiliations, food deprivations,  and other, lesser tortures...)