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It starts... the OVERT Neo-Con WAR ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, following the JUDEO BOLSHEVIK COMMISSAR mass-murder, 'RED TERROR PURGES' takeover of formerly Czarist Russia in the 1920s and 1930s... AND following the INTENTIONAL Banker SABOTAGE of the AMERICAN Economy in the 1930s...

It doesn't matter whether it's from the "radical, Marxist/Communist left" or from the (german/anglo/amerikan)  hyper-wealthy radical right wing financiers... what you get is judeo authoritarians who will "protect" you, your family, and your community right in to mass graves...
  left, GREAT DEPRESSION ECONOMIC SABOTEUR jewish/german/'american' banker PAUL WARBURG... center, STALIN's ALTER EGO, and chief architect of the MASS FAMINE & TERROR PURGES of judeo commissar ruled 'Soviet' Russia,  Lazar Kaganovich (Kohen) and Stalin; right... gun-grabbing terrorist DIANNE FEINSTEIN wants American taxpayers to.. FINANCE MACHINE-GUNS for  JEWISH "settlers" - and to finance  POLICE GOON-SQUADS GOING DOOR-to-DOOR  SEARCHING & SIEZING American firearms...
genocidal jew power-brokers: Great Depression instigating rothschilds agent GERMAN/jewish banker PAUL WARBURG,
Stalin with his JEWISH MASS-MURDER commissar (and brother-in-law) alter ego LAZAR (Kohen) KAGANOVICH,
jewess war-profiteer, Americans-criminalizing gulag commissar, and 9-11 whitewashing senator DIANNE FEINSTEIN...
   (note:  Warburg promised, when he as the leader of the german/anglo/judeo banking cabal that  swindled the U.S. Congress to authorize the so-called 'Federal Reserve' in a secretive vote two days before Christmas 1913 (when most "out of the loop" Congressman had already departed home for Christmas vacation)  that 'the Fed' would PREVENT ANY future 'financial panics' or mass-unemployment depressions...when the 'big one' GREAT DEPRESSION hit just 15 years later, the jewish owned Sulzberger New York Times and Eugene Meyer Washington Post  successfully WHITEWASHED  ANY discussion of 'the Fed's' role in the Great Depression... right out of the 'news' stupefied Americans saw, read, or listened to....) 

Jew war-profiteering appartchik DIANNE FEINTEIN APPROVESFREE MACHINE-GUNS for JEWS...  paid for by EXTORTED  American taxpayers... while here in the (late) U.S.A.,  Americans are CRIMINALIZED for gun ownership.
   SEGREGATED, APARTHEID, TERRORIZED, enslaved Amerika... just exactly like Palestine under jew occupation....

As we have documented in the pages of this blog time after time after time, 
"The Powers That Be" that have a very 'religious', hyper-nationalistic, arrogant, contemptuous-of-others judeo supremacist flavor to themARE INTENTIONALLY WAGING WAR on the American people...  it is the same exact means they used to first institute the so-called "Federal Reserve" PRIVATELY OWNED BANKING CARTEL  by BRIBING Congressmen and Senators, and promising the American public that "the Fed, by carefully 'regulating' America's critical financial system,  would PREVENT   'bank panics' and massive unemployment economic crisis in the future"  in a secretive vote when most Senators had gone home for Christmas eve in 1913... 
  Of course, when exactly those economic catastrophes occurred just 15 years later
(the Great FARM DEPRESSION was already destroying American families and small towns long before the more famous stock market crash of October 1929, and in the 1920s America was still a predominately rural, agricultural nation),
the SAME BRIBED POLITICIANS and LYING PRESS/MEDIA  WHORES  _covered up_ and WHITEWASHED  'the Fed bankers'  role - not merely failing to  prevent the titanic 'GREAT DEPRESSION"  economic crisis... but  ACTIVELY INSTIGATING  'financial panics' through serial, Rothschilds style "PUMP & DUMP"  FINANCIAL ATTACKS on America's critical  financial institutions (like banks and stock prices).   

   For Americans being  TOO STUPIFIED to QUESTION  the Fed's role in INSTIGATING the Great Depression... and for being  TOO STUPIFIED  to question America's  "national security agencies" COOPERATING WITH AL QAEDA TERRORISTS to kill Christians in Syria,  to  attack Libya and remove Qadaffi's  Libyan gold;  for FAILING to DEMAND  ANSWERS as to why NOT ONE  9-11 hijacked aircraft was intercepted by U.S. air force fighters on that bloody day, or why "Arab Terrorists" would attack to senators with "anthrax letters" after 9-11 instead of attacking the U.S. military (Pentagon)...   
    for  TURNING AMERICA's entire GOVERNEMENT, FINANCIAL SYSTEM,  and press/media corporation OVER TO the  "Neo-Con"  JUDEO SUPREMACIST WARMONGERS & ECONOMY RAPERS, and dictator apparthik bribed and relentlessly LYING  public officials, 

    Americans are now  BEING STALKED IN THEIR HOMES, by those ROGUE 'government officials' armed with dictatorial search & seizure decrees ("search and destroy" next)....

      IN  JEWISH 'Red Terror' mass-murder  COMMISSAR  Lazar KAGANOVICH fashion, these evil Commissar goons &  war-pigs are perfectly willing to  KILL  ONE QUARTER OF THE POPULATION, and TERRORIZE the rest,  in order to "protect us"!

  Is there anybody stupid enough in Amerika,
to believe that there is a FLY-SPECK of difference,  between GUN GRABBING
(for gun ownership)   and their  RETHUGLICAN WAR-PIGS & 9-11  traitor PARTNERS IN CRIMES?
 top row, 'Democrats' Feinstein, Emanuel (with jew-nazi demagogue netanyahu), Schumer,
"independent" NY former mayor Bloomberg...
bottom row Rethuglican "Israel uber amerika" judeo supremacist war-pigs & 9-11 traitors Wolfowitz, perle, cheney WH CHIEF OF STAFF cia outing traitor libby, and DSH/jewish-gestapo commissar Chertoff...

 "Democrats" like Feinstein, Schumer, Emanuel, Pritzker, (etc, ad naseum)
HAVE DONE VERY WELL    __profiteering__  from the WOLFOWITZ/PERLE/FEITH/LIBBY/WURMSER/ZAKHEIM/PODHORETZ/CHERTOFF/MUKASEY/BOLTEN/bush/cheney/rice   jewish WARS.. thank you (stupefied, extorted, criminalized, terrorized Amerikan peon scum  taxpayers!) very much.... 


  below:  In the name of "PROTECTING US" the below BRIBED state legislators - who can't even investigate MASSIVE FINANCIAL CRIMES in their own front yard! -  have passed a law that will CRIMINALIZE  ENTIRE SWATHS of American citizens in Connecticut.   
   Once you are tossed in America's  massive PRISON GULAG  government incarceration system (prison!) by bribed and corrupt prosecutors and judges... 

   YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS, and can be DISPOSSED OF  as easily as putting you in a cell with a violent fellow inmate...     with CONNECTICUT  passing a bill ALLOWING  GOVERNMENT GOON-SQUADS   TO INVADE HOMES to search for guns, 

the AMERICAN  JEWISH RUN PRISON GULAG dictator police state ratchets up a significant notch higher...


Patriot Activist Makes His Own List: The Home Addresses of CT Legislators Who Voted to CRIMINALIZE Gun Owners
Kimberly Paxton   The Daily Sheeple February 28, 2014

Sometimes you just have to fight fire with fire. And that is exactly what Mike Vanderboegh has chosen to do.  The state of Connecticut wants to make a list – a list of gun owners.  So, Vanderboegh has created his own list – a list of those state legislators who are insisting that certain firearms be banned or registered.
If you recall, most of the gun owners who own these weapons have refused to register them,  with tens of thousands of residents engaging in acts of quiet civil disobedience.
The state responded by sending out letters, demanding that gun owners across the state turn in all of their newly-banned, unregistered firearms and magazines or face felony prosecution.
Vanderboegh, who is himself a member of at least one list (the SPLC has profiled him on their “Hatewatch” blog, which is really kind of a badge of honor in certain circles), has responded to this by compiling a list of his own: it is a list of all of the legislators in the state of Connecticut who voted in favor of the recently passed gun registrations laws in the state. Vanderboegh is the leader of the Sipsey Street Irregulars, a group of patriot activists who identify with the 3% of American Colonists who fought back against tyranny during the Revolutionary War.
Here is the post, A Sipsey Street Public Service Announcement: The Connecticut Tyrants List:
The state of Connecticut is making lists of firearm owners to raid. It seems obvious to me that it is thus only fair to list those anti-constitutional tyrants who will have blood on their hands the moment the first Connecticut citizen is shot by the CT state police while carrying out their orders. I will be sending these folks my own email later today.
CT State Senators voting Yes on “An Act Concerning Gun Violence Prevention and Children’s Safety, also known as Public Law 13-3 or Connecticut Senate Bill No. 1160,” 3 April 2013. List includes home addresses. Photos and home phone numbers of these tyrants are available here:
John W. Fonfara, 99 Montowese St., Hartford 06114-2841
Eric D. Coleman, 77 Wintonbury Ave., Bloomfield 06002-2529
Andrea Stillman, 5 Coolidge Ct., Waterford 06385-3309
Gary LeBeau, 501 Canyon Ridge Dr., Broad Brook 06016-5602
Kevin Kelly, 240 York St., Stratford 06615-7952
Steve Cassano, 1109 Middle Tpke, E Manchester 06040-3703
Anthony J. Musto, 15 Maymont Ln., Trumbull 06611-2111
Beth Bye, 99 Outlook Ave., West Hartford 06119-1432
Andres Ayala, PO Box 55106, Bridgeport 06610-5106
Terry B. Gerratana, 674 Lincoln St., New Britain 06052-1833
Michael A. McLachlan, 47 W Wooster St., Danbury 06810-7731
Bob Duff, 50 Toilsome Ave., Norwalk 06851-2425
Toni Boucher, 5 Wicks End Ln, Wilton 06897-2633
Paul Doyle, 38 Thornbush Rd., Wethersfield 06109-3554
Carlo Leone, 88 Houston Ter., Stamford 06902-4449
Toni N. Harp (no longer in the Legislature, she is now the Mayor of New Haven, CT).
John McKinney, 986 S Pine Creek Rd., Fairfield 06824-6348
Martin M. Looney, 132 Fort Hale Rd., New Haven 06512-3630
Donald E. Williams, Jr., 41 Malbone Ln., Brooklyn 06234-1563
Edward Meyer, 407 Mulberry Point Rd., Guilford 06437-3204
Dante Bartolomeo, 167 Reynolds Dr., Meriden 06450-2568
Gayle Slossburg, 14 Honeysuckle Ln., Milford 06461-1671
Joan V. Hartley, 206 Columbia Blvd., Waterbury 06710-1401
Leonard Fasano, 7 Sycamore Ln., North Haven 06473-1283
Joseph J. Crisco, Jr., 1205 Racebrook Rd., Woodbridge 06525-1822
L. Scott Frantz, 123 Meadow Rd., Riverside 06878-2521
CT House members voting Yes on “An Act Concerning Gun Violence Prevention and Children’s Safety, also known as Public Law 13-3 or Connecticut Senate Bill No. 1160,” 3 April 2013. Photos and home phone numbers of these tyrants are available here:
Catherine Abercrombie, 64 Parker Ave., Meriden 06450-5945
Ernest Hewett, 29 Colman St., New London 06320-3558
Peter Tercyak, 150 Belridge Rd., New Britain 06053-1008
Brenda Kupchick, 85 Liberty St., Madison 06443-3258
William Tong, 99 Chestnut Hill Rd., Stamford 06903-4030
Gary Holder-Winfield, 480 Winchester Ave., New Haven 06511-1920
James Albis, 369 Coe Ave., Apt 14, East Haven
David Alexander, 277 Pearl St., Enfield 06082-4368
Bryan Hurlburt (Stepped down to take a position with the USDA’s Farm Service Agency.)
Diana Urban, 146 Babcock Rd., North Stonington 06359-1334
Gail Lavielle, 109 Hickory Hill Rd., Wilton 06897-1135
Claire Janowski, 263 Hany Ln., Vernon 06066-2740
Edwin Vargas, 141 Douglas St., Hartford 06114-2422
Angel Arce, 248 Franklin Ave., Hartford 06114-1841
Susan Johnson, 120 Bolivia St., Willimantic 06226-2818
Joe Verrengia, 160 Colonial St., West Hartford 06110-1814
David Arconti, Jr., 141 Great Plain Rd., Danbury 06811-3844
Tom Vicino, 92 Carter Hill Rd., Clinton 06413-1230
Joe Aresimowicz, 248 Lower Ln., Berlin 06037-2231
David Kiner, 5 Cranberry Hollow, Enfield 06082-2200
Toni Walker, 1643 Ella T Grasso Blvd., New Haven 06511-2801
Patricia Widlitz, 12 Island Bay Cir., Guilford 06437-3058
Timothy Larson, 33 Gorman Pl., East Hartford 06108-1450
Christina Ayala, 506 Brooks St., Bridgeport 06608-1303
Terry Backer, 125 Jefferson St., Stratford 06615-7810
Roland Lemar, 6 Eld St., New Haven 06511-3816
Roberta Willis, PO Box 1733, 30 Upland Meadow Rd., Lakeville 06039-1733
Tom O’Dea, 37 Holly Rd., New Canaan 06840-6406
David Baram, 5 Warbler Cir., Bloomfield 06002-2233
Matthew Lesser, 1160 S Main S.,t Apt 110, Middletown 06457-5034
Christopher Wright, 35 Ruth St., Apt 49, Bristol 06010-3218
Arthur O’Neill, 617 Bucks Hill Rd., Southbury 06488-1952
Brian Becker, 14 Candlewood Dr., West Hartford 06117-1009
Rick Lopes, 208 S Mountain Dr., New Britain 06052-1514
Elissa Wright, 51 Pearl St., Groton 06340-5732
Elizabeth “Betty” Boukus, Legislative Office Bldg., Rm 4017, Hartford 06106
Geoff Luxenburg, 45 Chatham Dr., Manchester 06042-8522
James Maroney, 22 Saranac Rd Milford 06461-9401
Larry Butler, 70 Blackman Rd., Waterbury 06704-1203
Juan Candelaria, 28 Arch St., New Haven 06519-1511
Brandon McGee, 43 Warren St., Hartford 06120-2117
Robert Megna, 40 Foxon Hill Rd., Unit 54, New Haven 06513-1166
Charles “Don” Clemons, 130 Read St., Bridgeport 06607-2021
Michelle Cook, 499 Charles St., Torrington 06790-3420
Patricia Miller, 95 Liberty St., Apt A4, Stamford 06902-4732
John Shaban, 29 Ledgewood Rd., Redding 06896-2916
Bill Aman, 878 Strong Rd., South Windsor 06074-2006
Philip Miller, 24 Bushy Hill Rd., Ivoryton 06442-1108
Victor Cuevas, 17 Keefe St., Waterbur,y 06706-1616
Mike D’Agostino, 575 Ridge Rd., Hamden 06517-2519
Russ Morin, 495 Brimfield Rd., Wethersfield 06109-3209
Richard Smith, 25 Jeremy Dr., New Fairfield 06812-2109
Prasad Srinivasan, 268 Grandview Dr., Glastonbury 06033-3946
Bruce Morris, 315 Ely Ave., Norwalk 06854-4619
Stephen Dargan, 215 Beach St., West Haven 06516-6133
Paul Davis, 335 Smith Farm Rd., Orange 06477-3127
Ted Moukawsher, 48 W Elderkin Ave., Groton 06340-4933
Mitch Bolinsky, 3 Wiley Ln., Newtown 06470-1812
Stephen Walko, 7 Charter Oak Ln., Greenwich 06830-6911
Mike Demicco, 6 Deborah Ln., Farmington 06032-3031
Mary Mushinsky, 188 S Cherry St., Wallingford 06492-4016
Patricia Dillon, 68 W Rock Ave., New Haven 06515-2221
Sandy Nafis, 49 Whitewood Rd., Newington 06111-2133
Larry Cafero, Jr., 6 Weed Ave., Norwalk 06850-2224
Terrie Wood, 50 Saint Nicholas Rd., Darien 06820-2823
Joe Diminico, 26 Finley St., Manchester 06040-5616
David Yaccarino, 1804 Hartford Tpke., North Haven 06473-1248
Elaine O’Brien, 1321 Hill St., Suffield 06078-1024
Kim Fawcett, 234 Collingwood Ave., Fairfield 06825-1877
Chris Perone, 8 E. Rocks Rd., Norwalk 06851-2919
Christie Carpino, 29 Sovereign Rd., Cromwell 06416-1136
Lonnie Reed, 60 Maple St., Apt. 44, Branford 06405-3562
Andy Fleischmann, 25 Sherwood Rd., West Hartford 06117-2739
Mae Flexer, 452 Main St., Danielson 06239-2104
Emmett Riley, 150 Yantic St., Unit 160, Norwich 06360-4248
Daniel Fox, 14 Carter Dr., Stamford 06902-7013
Matt Ritter, 169 N Beacon St., Hartford 06105-2246
J. Brendan Sharkey, 600 Mount Carmel Ave., Hamden 06518-1606
Jason Rojas, 128 Langford Ln., East Hartford 06118-2369
Gerald Fox, III, 66 Fairview Ave., Stamford 06902-8129
Mary Fritz, 43 Grove St., Yalesville 06492-1606
Livvy Floren, 210 Round Hill Rd., Greenwich 06831-3357
Henry Genga, 5 Elaine Dr., East Hartford 06118-3515
John Frey, 2 Copps Hill Rd., Ridgefield 06877-4013
Linda Gentile, 158 Hodge Ave., Ansonia 06401-3236
Robert Sanchez, 269 Washington St., New Britain 06051-1024
Minnie Gonzalez, 97 Amity St., Hartford 06106-1001
Ezequiel Santiago, 991 State St., Bridgeport 06605-1504
Jeffrey Berger, 134 Gaylord Dr., Waterbury 06708-2181
Auden Grogins, 155 Brewster St., Apt 5L, Bridgeport 06605-3111
Hilda Santiago, 86 South Ave., Fl 3, Meriden 06451-7624
DebraLee Hovey, 296 Fan Hill Rd., Monroe 06468-1329
Bob Godfrey, 13 Stillman Ave., Danbury 06810-8007
Antonio Guerrera, 194 Catherine Dr., Rocky Hill 06067-1096
Brian Sear, 11 N Canterbury Rd., Canterbury 06331-1209
Elizabeth Ritter, 24 Old Mill Rd., Quaker Hill 06375-1319
Tony Hwang, PO Box 762, Fairfield 06824-0762
Joseph Serra, PO Box 233, Middletown 06457-0233
Gregg Haddad, 28 Storrs Heights Rd., Storrs Mansfield 06268-2322
John Hampton, 33 West Mountain, Simsbury 06092
Charlie Stallworth, 35 Wickliffe Cir., Bridgeport 06606-1929
Themis Klarides, 23 East Ct., Derby 06418-2640
Noreen Kokoruda, 85 Liberty St., Madison 06443-3258
Jonathan Steinberg, 1 Bushy Ridge Rd., Westport 06880-2104
Jack Hennessy, 556 Savoy St., Bridgeport 06606-4125

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 note: the EVIL jew bible BRAGS that - even though  "GOD" was on the side of the  BLOOD-THIRSTY JEWISH ARMY under Joshua that wanted to capture, demolish, and EXTERMINATE  JERICHO....

....EVEN THOUGH "god" was on the blood-thirsty jews' side....   THEY STILL had need of a SPY  WITHIN the GATES of JERICHO... the  WHORE  OF JERICHO,  Rahab!

 NOTE CLOSELY:  although the  SADISTIC  portrayal of the  JEWS MASSACRING the men, women, AND CHILDREN of  Jericho is OSTENSIBLY about  "GOD"  "CRASHING THE WALLS of Jericho down" in a mighty roar....

....the REAL story is that the JEWS HAD A TRAITOR  INSIDE the gates, to ENABLE their GENOCIDE, MASS-MURDER DESTRUCTION of the doomed people & town!!

Monday, February 24, 2014


Well, we've never quite gotten around to our  "the jewish mega-financiers & warmongers are diabolically evil & EXPERT HATEMONGERS"  blog post
(it's hard to cut ENCYCLOPEDIA LENGTH issues down to a single article or commentary)
but the  hate-mongering cover illustration from this week's
 JUDEO WAR-PIGS, ROTSCHIELDS' owned The E-CON-omist magazine would be another entry into that multi-volume story:

   after having the   Assistant Secretary of State JEW WAR PIG VICTORIA NULAND
(married to "PNAC" jewish supremacist  war-lobby 9-11 TRAITOR Robert Kagan)  

   at the "U.S." State Department BRAG about
SPENDING FIVE BILLION American taxpayer dollars to OVERTHROW THE DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED government in the Ukraine..
     the  evil  jews at the Rotschields owned "The ECONOMIST" magazine  blame...   Russian President Vladimir Putin for the violence and murders there!

JUST IMAGINE if  RUSSIA SENT FIVE BILLION DOLLARS to  PALESTINIANS in  the jewish occupied  Nazi/apartheid segregated state of Israel, to DEMAND SECESSION from the evil jews there!

 JUST IMAGINE  _CHINA_BRAGGING_   about  SPENDING FIVE BILLION DOLLARS to ARM Black or Latino gangs in CHICAGO, New York, D.C., and LA !! 

 Just IMAGINE the Mexico government openly sending truckloads crammed with $5 billion in cash and weapons to Mexican gangs in Houston, Austin, and Dallas to demand secession and  INSTIGATE attacks on the Texas state-house, police, and U.S. government buildings there!

 THAT  is what the EVIL GOD-DAMNED JEW WAR PIGS  in the U.S. government & jew-owned media are doing this week:   GLOATING about  INSTIGATING WARS,  and  a NEW kosovo/SERBIA  STYLE    "ETHNIC CLEANSING" GENOCIDE that will see the VIOLENT DISPLACEMENT and  MURDERS of   TENS of THOUSANDS of people in the coming weeks....

   the ROTSCHIELDS  ARE  CRIMINAL SCUM  pigs whose are FOULING the planet we live on..
 the planet we call earth and once shared as human beings....


 bonus:   just a week or two ago, the FOUL,  HATE-MONGERING  JEW economies-killing financial rapists &  WAR-PIGS at the ROTSCHIELDS' owned  pathologically lying   The E-CON-omist  magazine  relentlessly sniped at Russia President Putin for... not completely fouling up  the Winter Olympics in Sochi this Feb. 2014..

 The ESSENCE of  JUDAISM is HATE...  it's right there in black & white in their foul little  'holy' blood-drenched bible, the EVIL, SATANIC 'g-o-d' of the jews  could NOT  'reward' his own  'chosen'  people... without having them  KILL all  the innocent peoples in the path of their blood-drenched "promised land" Canaan Valley (aka Palestine) conquest by the thousands and tens of thousands...
     yet the jews, for the 3,000 years since, have made a specialty about WAILING when they receive a taste of the same treatment they BRAG and GLOAT about handing to the hapless victims of their own mass-murderous, genocidal, babies-killing, cities destroying, kingdoms & nations wiping-out  zealot jihadis  !!!!! 


  here's just one example... of the EVIL jew bible  GLOATING, thousands of years later, about the blood-drenched jews MASSACRING  thousands of  innocent people, down to the last old man, young woman, or hapless child and infant...

Deuteronomy 2:33-34

King James Version (KJV)
33 And the Lord our God delivered him before us; and we smote him, and his sons, and _ALL_ his people.
34 And we took all his cities at that time, and UTTERLY DESTROYED the men, and the women, and THE LITTLE ONES,  of EVERY city, we left none to remain...
 and what STUPIFIED  Europeans and Americans fail to understand is that, according "fundamentalist" or  'activist' or TALMUDIC jews (the ones driving the crazy bus), 
 JESUS CHRIST was a TRAITOR  to 'g-o-d' and judaism... and therefore  Christians are IDOLATORS who DESERVE to be TORTURED, MURDERED... and EXTERMINATED...

just read any of the "anti-semitic" websites or  youtube videos of video interviews of  those fundamentalist jews exposing their own diabolical hatred(s) in their own words!   

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Ukraine to SPLINTER after JEWISH INSTIGATED U.S. + Europe funded COUP sets stage for a KAGONOVICH / judeo COMMISSAR style MASS-MURDER PURGE & ETHNIC CLEANSING of Russian-speaking Ukrainians...

Well,  we will eventually find out the the price that the AMERICAN public will have to pay, for handing their entire (u.s.a.) government, financial system, press/media propaganda system, and entire military and 'national security'/'intel' apparatus over to the genocidal jews who run America by bribery, extortion, and relentless judeo-supremacist propaganda...

  but we will soon see the price that UKRAINIANS will have to pay for taking billions of dollars from the jewish war-pigs behind the throne of American power, to stage their anti-Russian coup in the Ukraine....
       Ukrainians will soon be either
#1.   EXTERMINATING  ("ethnically cleansing") their Russian speaking neighbors with NO RESISTANCE... or,
#2.  Russia will PUSH BACK  and PROTECT its Ukrainian, Russian speaking minority... as Americans would hopefully do,  if the leaders of a coup in Mexico, Canada, or any other country started massacring ethnic American expatriates after a coup...
exactly the claim the Reagan administration used to INVADE GRENADA in 1983...

 The EVIL JUDEO ORCHESTRATED COUP in the Ukraine, follows exactly the template the jews BEHIND the Clinton presidency - Holbrooke, Cohen, Albright, Rubin, and others,  the Henry Kissinger "real-politik" jews  who OWN both the "Democrat" and Republican Parties  - used to INSTIGATE VIOLENCE and "ethnic cleansing" MASSACRES in Yugoslavia as a  prelude to partitioning Yugoslavia, and blaming the entire mess on ethnic Serbs...
 Serbs who existed in Yugoslavia only because they had survived the Nazi + Croat death-camps of Worl War II, which killed 800,000 Serbs within living memory of many Serbs still alive today...

 ..."SLAVIC" Serbs   whom the Jews despise with a loathing that exceeds that they exhibit against Palestinians.  Indeed, the centerpiece of "America's"  "foreign policy" during the INSTIGATED DESTRUCTION of  Yugoslavia, aka the Serbia/Kosovo War... was
AMERICA's (and Jewry's)  ALLIANCE WITH  AL QAEDA (Moslem fundamentalist) TERRORISTS in Kosovo,
against the Serbs there...

  the MASS-MURDEROUS  PATTERN the INFERNAL  jewish supremacists who run Washington & Europe HOPE TO IMPOSE on Russians in the Ukraine, today...
  They (America's judeo-supremacist warmongering, nations-killing overlords)  are bat-s*** crazy, blood-lusting, genocidal war-pigs who DESPISE AMERICANS as much as they hate and despise Serbs, Russians, Palestinians, Iraqis, Afghans, and all other ethnic nationalities...
  ...the Jews MUST  INSTIGATE A HUGE NEW WAR somewhere in the world, before their HATRED, LOATHING, and CONTEMPT for AMERICANS is exposed, triggering a massive "POGROM" push-back against the humanity-hating slavers, war-profiteers, and genocidal mad men...


Eastern Ukrainians REVOLT Against  JEWISH ORCHESTRATED, 'Western' Funded COUP in Ukraine 

Zero Hedge
February 23, 2014
It is hardly surprising, given the drastically divided nation, that when Vitali Klitschko’s pro-European political party ventured to Kerch – a city of the eastern edge of Ukraine in the Crimea region – things did not go entirely according to plan… This is the region that Russia has stated it is willing to go to war over and is deep in the pro-Russia territory… headlines galore are coming out of Ukraine but all that matters now is the Russian response
As is clear from this map – the nation is [desperately] divided (Kerch is on the eastern corner of the Crimea peninsula at the bottom on the map)…
Eastern Ukrainians Revolt Against Western Backed Coup  Ukraine%20west%20v%20east
As Russia warned before…
“If Ukraine breaks apart, it will trigger a war,” the official said. “They will lose Crimea first [because] we will go in and protect [it], just as we did in Georgia.” In August 2008, Russian troops invaded Georgia after the Georgian military launched a surprise attack on the separatist region of South Ossetia in an effort to establish its dominance over the republic.
The brief conflict with Georgia pitted Russia indirectly against the US and Nato, which had earlier tried to put Georgia on a path to Nato membership. The Kremlin regards the Georgian conflict as the biggest stand-off between Russia and the west since the end of the Cold War and it has fed determination in Moscow to push back against what it believes to be western attempts to contain Russia.
The warning of a similar scenario comes because Ukraine’s civil conflict has fanned tension in Crimea. On the peninsula, located on the northern coast of the Black Sea where Russia’s Black Sea Fleet is stationed, ethnic Russians make up almost 60 per cent of the population, with Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars accounting for the rest.
Volodymyr Konstantinov, speaker of Crimea’s parliament, said on Thursday that the region might try to secede from Ukraine if the country split. “It is possible, if the country breaks apart,” he told the Russian news agency Interfax. “And everything is moving towards that.” Russian media also quoted him as saying Crimeans might turn to Russia for protection.
Some humor might help…
Eastern Ukrainians Revolt Against Western Backed Coup  20140222 ukr9 0
But it’s pretty clear who they blame…
Eastern Ukrainians Revolt Against Western Backed Coup  20140222 ukr10 0
This article was posted: Sunday, February 23, 2014 at 6:33 am

 independent confirmation of our analysis -

Historian: Ukraine Could Set of “Tsunami” That Will Engulf Us All


below -  Michael Scheuer at the Ron Paul Institute  in an EXCELLENT analysis, explains how  BRITISH AGENTS - PROVOCATEURS  MASQUERADING as "independent journalists" for the BBC... arrived in the Ukraine and immediately started AGITATING FOR a  POLITICAL CRISIS...  undoubtedly upon the orders of the evil Rotschields/judeo-commissariat that rules Britain with an IRON FIST...  
  Just ask the OCCUPIED  BRITISH citizenry  "subjects"  serf/slave/peons how well they are doing under so-called "free market capitalism" and "democracy" in their EXTORTED, ENSLAVED, and OCCUPIED nation...  

In Ukraine, EU and US Interventionists 

Nearing the CIVIL WAR that THEY CAUSED


 below:  While the U.S.,  Britain, France, NATO, & evil jew-state instigated & FUNDED COUP in the Ukraine may not exhibit any AL QAEDA elements on the surface... one can rest assured that if/when the region goes up in flames,  AMERICA's CIA, military,  & puppet-government HAVE IN PLACE, and ARE PLANNING AS WE SPEAK, to FUND AL QAEDA TERRORISTS AGAINST RUSSIA it the region -

 - exactly as the AMERICAN PEOPLE, TODAY, are
(via their bought, bribed, extorted, and treasonous government)
FUNDING AL QAEDA TERRORISTS to KILL CHRISTIANS in SYRIA, as part of the evil jewish war on Syria...

The US-Al Qaeda Alliance: Bosnia, Kosovo, Libya, [and Now UKRAINE]... Washington’s On-Going Collusion with Terrorists

Twice in the last two decades, significant cuts in U.S. and western military spending were foreseen: first after the fall of the Berlin Wall, and then in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. But both times military spending soon increased, and among the factors contributing to the increase were America’s interventions in new areas: the Balkans in the 1990s, and Libya today.  Hidden from public view in both cases was the extent to which al-Qaeda was a covert U.S. ally in both interventions, rather than its foe.
U.S. interventions in the Balkans and then Libya [and now Ukraine]  were presented by the compliant U.S. and allied mainstream media as humanitarian. Indeed, some Washington interventionists may have sincerely believed this. But deeper motivations – from oil to geostrategic priorities – were also at work in both instances.
In virtually all the wars since 1989, America and Islamist factions have been battling to determine who will control the heartlands of Eurasia in the post-Soviet era. In some countries – Somalia in 1993, Afghanistan in 2001 – the conflict has been straightforward, with each side using the other’s excesses as an excuse for intervention.
But there have been other interventions in which Americans have used al-Qaeda as a resource to increase their influence, for example Azerbaijan in 1993. There a pro-Moscow president was ousted after large numbers of Arab and other foreign mujahedin veterans were secretly imported from Afghanistan, on an airline hastily organized by three former veterans of the CIA’s airline Air America. (The three, all once detailed from the Pentagon to the CIA, were Richard Secord, Harry Aderholt, and Ed Dearborn.)2 This was an ad hoc marriage of convenience: the mujahedin got to defend Muslims against Russian influence in the enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh, while the Americans got a new president who opened up the oilfields of Baku to western oil companies...  (cont'd) 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Syria: HUGE NUMBERS of REFUGEES Still FLEE the U.S., Britain, France, NATO, SAUDI, + evil JEW STATE funded AL QAEDA INVASION of Syria... WHERE are the 'western media' HUMANITARIAN MEDIA WHORES to ASK the Refugees WHY they are FORCED TO FLEE Syria?

  The evil Jew-state (israeli + aipac judeo/'american' traitors) FUNDED, ORCHESTRATED, and CIA RUN  Saudi + Al QAEDA INVASION of SYRIA  continues it's ETHNIC CLEANSING  MASS-MURDEROUS course...
  entire families still FLEEING the CARNAGE  America's TREASONOUS politicians and "national security" Commissar appartchiks  inflict on Syria...
as  clueless and STUPIFIED  Americans  PRETEND  to have "concern" for human rights, whether in Syria, or Ukraine, or for Russian 'gays',  or  even here in the jewish-commissar occupied America...

  The REAL news about the below story is NOT  the "one child found alone in Syrian desert" story...

the real story  is  "WHY are the TREASONOUS WHORES of the U.S. corporate media -  at CNN, at FOX 'news', at CBS, NBC, the Washington Traitor Post,  at TIME magazine, and at the Cowardly lying Sulzberger New York Times (et al)  -  why are they all IGNORING the THOUSANDS OF SYRIANS  FLEEING SYRIA... 
    Syrians who WERE HAPPY AND PROTECTED IN SYRIA,  until the EVIL JEW STATE (israel) + USA orchestrated, Saudi, Bahrain, Qatar (etc.)  financed 
al QAEDA TERRORIST INVASION of Syria began terrorizing and murdering Syrians in earnest two years ago???  
Syria - refugee families flee across miles of desert, to ESCAPE the EVIL JEWS + US govt. + SAUDI financed AL QAEDA  TERRORIST "ethnic cleansing" INVASION OF SYRIA... Americans COMPLICIT in WAR CRIMES and CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, as they shed CROCODILE TEARS for a single child lost in desert , or other media tear-jerk stories... 
  AS THOUSANDS of   "NAMELESS"  - WHITEWASHED OUT of  Washington's WHORE  press/media  Syrians  FLEE the CARNAGE of   America's  JEWISH  ORCHESTRATED,  U.S.A. & SAUDI funded AL QAEDA TERRORIST  jihadi INVASION of Syria...  

the worldwide WAR ON HUMAN RIGHTS and social stability ratchets up another notch...
with the same  SOROS/AIPAC  JEWISH NAZI  judeo supremacists behind the AL QAEDA TERRORIST INVASION of Syria, 
 also sponsoring  VIOLENT PROTESTS and RIOTS in the UKRAINE....    

Ukraine: Protesters Fire On Police In Kiev

   The grim history of the 20th century is that jews truly were the ARCHITECTS BEHIND the so-called "Communist Revolution" and Red Terror MASS-MURDER PURGES in Russia and the entire former Czarist empire,  including the TEN MILLION UKRAINIANS murdered in jewish Commissar Lazar Kaganovich's personally run "HOLODOMOR" Red Terror famine purge... 
 ....and here in the first decades of the 21st century,
JEWS ARE REPEATING their MASS-MURDER REIGN OF TERROR AND CARNAGE - in Syria, in Libya, in Russia and in the former 'Soviet' republics such as Ukraine,   through PROXY   front-men,
this time from the "free-market capitalism" and  faux  'democracy' side that will see
 use the exact same means of mass police repression
once the jewish Saakashvilli style puppets are emplaced,   that the whore western media is shedding crocodile tears about... today, in condemning the Ukraine government...   

As America's WHORE  CIA  & jewish run corporate media shed CROCODILE TEARS for the human rights of Russian gays, Ukrainian violent protesters, and  cute, cudely,  "Syrian rebels,"

      police in America continue their violent assault on American citizen rights:
  below, an Austin college coed jogger  violently arrested by four brutal cops for the crime of... "jaywalking" - with, of course,  the approval of their brutality supporting Austin Chief of police....
Austin co-ed jogger brutally arrested by four police for... jogging in police rule Amerika

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Obama, Bush, McCain, Cheney, Hillary, Kerry: When you SERVE the GHOULISH WAR-PIG judeo VAMPIRES behind the throne of the U.S. presidency... YOU BECAME a CALLOW, CLUELESS, MORBID, GHOULISH VAMPIRE TRAITOR WAR-PIG yourself...

Clueless Americans need to wake up fast, and realize:

  #1. there is no difference between the hired, sell-out, puppet politicians of the so-called 'liberal left" 'Democratic' party, or the "con-servative'  Right-Wing Republican Party
(except around the edges of "which social group in America will share some of the spoils of the judeo financiers extorted loot")....
   ... _ALL_    the top tier politicians of both parties are HIRED WHORES for the treasonous, warmongering,  + genocidal,  global extortion jewish war lobby...

#2.   AMERICANS ARE ON THE MENU for the cannibalistic, nations' devouring,  economies extorting,  social stability destroying, terror, TORTURE, SADISM, and mass-murder "GULAGS" death-camps running judeo war appartchiks.  


#1.  U.S. president Obama JOKES about KILLER DRONES murdering civilians... AMERICAN civilians! -   in this case any of the  'pop' music group  'Jonas brothers' singers who gets too close to his daughters...  as GHOULISH Washington D.C. gala dinner-goers laugh and squeal with delight... 

#2.  Next on our GHOULISH  Washington, D.C. WAR-PIGS hit-parade,  President  George W. Bush JOKES about  "No WMD's around here" - looking under his oval office desk in a video shown to a similar D.C. conclave of  press/media ghouls, whores,  & war-pigs - and is also met with ghoulish D.C. 'elite' and 'establishment' squeals of delight and laughter.

#3. Next up, 2008 presidential candidate HILLARY CLINTON also JOKES about... the MURDER of a person, BY AL QAEDA JIHADI  mercenaryTERRORISTS funded by the CIA (usa), NATO (Britain, France, extorted Europe), and evil judeo war state:
      Momar Qadaffi, not only the leader of a sovereign state, but was the leader of the nation that had THE HIGHEST STANDARD OF LIVING in ALL of Africa - until the insane global extortionists jew war-pigs and their hired traitor puppets sicked NATO BOMBERS and AL QAEDA jihadi TERRORISTS on Libya..   and then proceeded to REMOVE all  of Libya's gold.

HILLARY LOVES  GETTING HER SLICE of  WAR-PROFITS and STOLEN GOLD -  GENOCIDE and mass-murder for campaign donations is Hillary's Clinton's forte!

#4.  Next up on the insane "WASHINGTON WAR-PIMPS, GENOCIDAL GHOULS, and WAR PROFITEERS"  traitor sell-out whores for campaign cash and post-politics slush-fund 'donations' -   John McCain,  the soulless puppet of Joe Lieberman and other Jewish war-lobby "handlers" -  jokes about  
- as if unleashing U.S. bombers on innocent civilians, as  Hitler's Nazi air force bombed the hapless civilians of Guernica, Rotterdam, Coventry, London, Warsaw, and other cities during World War II  is funny.

(link) - "Under the 'weak'  Obama, militarism has risen perhaps as never before. With not a single tank on the White House lawn, a military coup has taken place in Washington. In 2008, while his liberal devotees dried their eyes, Obama accepted the entire Pentagon of his predecessor, George Bush: its wars and war crimes Every Tuesday the "humanitarian" Obama personally oversees a worldwide terror network of drones that "bugsplat" people, their rescuers and mourners. In the west's comfort zones, the first black leader of the land of slavery still feels good, as if his very existence represents a social advance, regardless of his trail of blood."
- John Pilger, “The silent [genocidal JUDEO SUPREMACIST INVASION & INFILTRATION]  military coup that took over Washington,” Guardian, September 10, 2013

 "U.S." president George W. Bush  JOKES... about "NO WEAPONS of MASS-DESTRUCTION here" -
 Bush jokes about Weapons of Mass Destruction

below video:  Hillary 
Clinton jokes about Qaddafi's  SADISTIC  execution at hands of U.S., NATO, and jew-state funded mercenary terrorists  
(the same ones - "our friends and allies" - who would later kill the U.S. ambassador to Libya!)    

"We came, we saw, he died"



 bonus:  in the 2008 presidential campaign, produced this short video ad... of why McCAIN would be a guaranteed CONTINUATION of BUSH's DISASTROUS  WAR POLICIES...
  and _presumably_  how  a Democratic president (Obama was then running for the presidency) would be an IMPROVEMENT.

   With OBAMA NOW FUNDING WARS in LIBYA, SYRIA,  RUSSIA, the UKRAINE, all across Africa, and of course continuing to fund  BUSH & CHENEY's  DRONES WARS in IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN... and now  to be approved for AMERICA! -  THE JOKE IS ON US, America!

  America - REGARDLESS of whether YOU VOTE "Democrat" or Republican...
  what YOU GET  is   BOUGHT, approved, and PAID FOR by the GENOCIDAL JEWISH WAR LOBBY TRAITOR SCUM SELL-OUT  appartchik policitians,
  who LAUGH about  turning human beings into   TORTURED, TERRORIZED, blasted, burnt, & butchered bodies...  or   "bugsplat" vaporized goo...

 (we could include NEWT GINGRICH, LINDSEY GRAHAM, JOE LIE-BERTHUG, and dozens of other "top tier" D.C. political sell-out whores here as well... it's an endless parade of treachery, treason,  war-crimes, and sell-out traitors...) 


  double-bonus:  ANOTHER genocidal jew war-lobby HIRED MASS-MURDERER... _JOKES_ about  A COWARDLY  SURPRISE ATTACK on an IRANIAN submarine as an INSTIGATED ATROCITY "event" that will finally bring what
that will not only KILL  _thousands_  (tens of thousands if not millions)  of Iranians...

 ...but will, MORE IMPORTANTLY,  trigger the "BLOW BACK"  MAJOR TERRORIST ATTACKS _IN_ AMERICA, that will give the insane, mass-murderous, sadistic, genocidal jews the EXCUSE THEY NEED to roll-out  
their  KAGANOVICH/Stalin style  CHERTOFF-MUKASEY-FEINSTEIN-SCHUMER-LEVIN/ross/sunstein/wolfowitz/perle/feith/libby/bolten/mukasey/emanuel/steinberg/pritzker      DHS/FEMA/  NSA  GULAG DEATH CAMPS...

 below video:  "Neo-Con" VAMPIRE JEW WAR LOBBY funded APPARTCHIK WAR-PIG sell-out traitor  
PATRICK CLAWSON,   _JOKES_ about  SINKING an Iranian submarine, in a COWARDLY peace-time  'false flag' provocation for war attack...  by-passing the will of the American people to,  HITLER/NAZI fashion, START NEW WARS of global, mass-murderous AGGRESSION - 
 and, indeed, the despicable WAR CRIMINAL Clawson goes on to recite other well known military history cases of "FALSE FLAG"  attacks to instigate war.
 (note: in typical Neo-Con truth distorting manner,  Clawson attempts to paint President Lincoln as provoking the South Carolinians to fire on Fort Sumter, in Charleston harbor at the onset of the American Civil War... ALL President Lincoln did, was refuse to vacate the island fort, and send a supply ship to keep the men there from starving.) 

TRAITOR ISRAEL LOBBYIST Patrick Clawson: We need a FALSE-FLAG [U.S. government COWARDLY  'black ops' TERROR ATTACK] to START IRAN WAR...
  [if   'they'   can use FALSE FLAG u.s.a. gov't.  MURDER attacks to START A HUGE WAR against a nation of several tens of millions of people... what the hell would prevent these TRAITOR PIGS from  using FALSE FLAG'  treason TERROR ATTACKS to kill a few dozen, hundreds, or thousands of AMERICANS???]  
Published on Sep 26, 2012
Patrick Clawson, member of the globalist-controlled think-tank and neo-con influenced Washington Institute for Near East Studies (WINES); recently spoke about the use of false flags as a necessary way for instigating a war with Iran. Clawson remarked that Obama has had a difficult time "getting the US into a war with Iran" and advocating the use of conventional means (i.e. using a false flag to provoke a military strike).

Clawson said: "If in fact Iran is not going to compromise, then it would be best if someone else started the war. . . One can combine other means of pressure with sanctions. We could step up the pressure. I mean, look people -- Iranian submarines go down all the time. What if one of them did not come back up? Who would know why?"

The 'WINES'  ["Washington Institute for Near East Policy"]  was founded by Martin Indyk, an academic and deputy of research for the Zionist lobby the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).


(anyone the judeo infested U.S. government  _accuses_ of  "complicity with terrorists")  
from on-high:


4x bonus:  WHAT are RICHARD HOLBROOKE (second from left)  and HENRY KISSINGER doing giving former president George H.W. Bush (Sr.) an "AWARD"  in 2008...???

  answer:  PUSHING THE JUDEO SUPREMACIST genocidal jew WAR-LOBBY AGENDA, of course!

"WHO is RICHARD HOLBROOKE?"  you might ask?

 Well...  he was  so-called "liberal Democrat" President Bill Clinton's  de facto VICEROY
("viceroy" literally means "stand-in for the king.. a DICTATORIAL position) 
or  manager  of the SERBIA WAR, that saw the U.S. BOMB, BLAST, and  destroy Serbia for 78 straight days  after the end of the 'Cold War" brought us what we had been led to believe,  for the entire post-WWII generation, would be a "PEACE DIVIDEND" if only we were somehow able to end the 'Cold War' peacefully...
  IN   BOMBING   SERBIA in 1995,  the evil, treasonous JEWS  RUNNING America's government and insidious  press/media   (mass media) PROPAGANDA system...  

WHITEWASHED the  800,000 Serbs  - EIGHT HUNDRED THOUSANDS SERBS - KILLED  by  NAZIS & CROATS in Death Camps and terror raids during World War II!

   The reason that  Serbs were  "A MINORITY in Kosovo" as reported by the WHORE  'mainstream news' in 1995...  was because
 800,000 Serbs  had been EXTERMINATED by the Nazis within living memory... in the generation of our own World War II parents and grandparents! -

   a fact that the GENOCIDAL,  Christians & SLAVS HATING  JEWS who run America's government & corporate media   _ERASED_  from the American public's memory!

    And the  JEWISH SUPREMACIST  pretend "Democrat"  RICHARD HOLBROOKE was running herd on the  U.S. war against Serbia - the genocidal war-pig!

 Not only that,  but Holbrooke was KNEE-DEEP in the FINANCIAL CRIMES that was Maurice Greenberg's  AIG, the  "insurance company"  CRIMINAL SYNDICATE that  GOLDDAMN-SACHS  executives MILKED as a bailouts-sucking cash-cow when they triggered the Market Panic  financial stock market crash of September 2008!

  uber-jew U.S. gov't. APPARTCHIK richard holbrooke (at left)  was at the center of: 

  1.  the SUPPRESSION of the SERBIAN GENOCIDE of WWII from American public perception in 1995;
  2. the resulting  GENOCIDAL  U.S. bombing of Serbia, which unleashed "DEPLETED URANIUM" eternally toxic (a war crime by definition!) weapons against not only military but CIVLIAN targets and civilian infrastructure  for the first time..
  3.  he was at the center of what would become the ECONOMIC CRISIS that stalks America today! 

 THE CURRENT  usa  WAR ON the UKRAINE and RUSSIA,  is  SIMPLY A CONTINUATION of the INSANE GENOCIDAL  JEWISH instigated u.s. gov't. & NATO  1995-1999   WAR ON SERBIA under Clinton!!

    The JEWS  in israel, in london, in europe, and in the USA simply have an INSANE  FIXATION that they are ENTITLED TO EXTERMINATE and ENSLAVE the "Slavic" peoples of  Russia, the Ukraine, Serbia, and other Slavic nations...

 ...and any efforts to _RESTRAIN    JUDEO INSTIGATED_  U.S. WARMONGERING  against any of those nations is  greeted by a SHRILL CHORUS OF VAMPIRES GHOULS and WAR-PROFITEERING  SADISTS & WAR-PIGS   from the judeo owned U.S. corporate press/media whores!

     THE INFERNAL VAMPIRE blood-lusting JEWS, when told  "THEY CAN'T JUST  BOMB & INVADE Syria and IRAN"  
 (with their PUPPET U.S. military under Bush, Obama or Republican presidential candidates John McInsane or Mitt "Mormon Mafia in bed with al Qaeda" Romney)
SIMPLY  SWITCH gears, and START covert (sabotage & instigation) WARS against  SLAVIC nations,  under "Democrat" presidents! 

and even non-Slavic nations like Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, and Western Europe aren't doing so well either under the GoddamnSachs/Rotschields genocidal jewish war-lobby occupation either... just ask the people of GREECE, CYPRESS,  ICELAND**,  SPAIN, ITALY, and Britain.... if not here in the late, once great U.S. of A. !!!  

** note: having kicked out and prosecuted at least some of the City-of-London (England) and Holland VAMPIRE BANKERSICELAND is STARTING to see economic recovery... but only because they STOOD UP to the  TRAITOR ENGLISH government  PUPPETS of the City-of-London banksters,
 who sought to LABEL the Icelanders as  "TERRORISTS" for refusing to make good the private losses of the CRIMINAL BANKING CARTELS there - a nationwide EXTORTION SCHEME that is the black HEART and soulless malice  of  GoddamnSachs/Rotschields  GENOCIDAL, MASS-MURDER, extortion, enslavement, and extermination   'finance'  !! 


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

AMERICA IS DOOMED: Americans Are TOO STUPID to Realize.. whether they vote "Democrat" OR Republican... they GET Jewish CRIMINAL EXTORTIONISTS who, when empowered in their un-restrained Israel war-lobby Cabal, revert to BRONZE AGE GENOCIDAL mass-murder insanity...

 It doesn't matter whether you vote "Democrat" or Republican, America -  what you get is MASS-MURDEROUS and treasonous JEWISH SUPREMACISTS running ever expanding wars, ever collapsing economies, and ever more DRACONIAN, SADISTIC, and MASS-MURDEROUS  police state thuggery...
Below, right-side of composite photo:  OBAMA's   Assistant Secretary of State for ATTACKING RUSSIA & the Ukraine, Victoria Nuland aka Mrs. VICTORIA _KAGAN_,    seen shmoozing with... 'Republican'  PUPPET PRESIDENT George W. Bush!! 

Both Bush and Obama are PUPPETS of the TREASONOUS jewish war lobby... 
 just as  STALIN was merely the FRONT MAN for the ferocious, sadistic  JEWISH MASS-MURDER EXECUTIONERS behind LAZAR KAGANOVICH**
** (until after the end of World War II, when the paranoid Stalin was finally able to  demand that his now well-established internal terror apparatus turn on Jews, as well... a task which the jewish Commissar of mass-murder terror  Kagonvich was grudgingly forced to perform with his usual mass-murderous 'RED TERROR' efficiency...) 

  We salute Christopher Bollyn, whose web-site we've only visited for the first time within the past wek.  We were quite astounded that Mr. Bollyn understood the workings of the treasonous, murderous  CHICAGO JEWISH MOB  _behind_ the Barack Obama presidency even better than the other two most informative sources,  former U.S. gov't. counter-intelligence officer Wayne Madsen of the Wayne Madsen report, and (also) international & strategic affairs analyst  Dr. Webster Tarpley, whose reporting uncovered the JEWISH PUPPET-MASTERS behind the "Mormon Mafia" and Benghazi INSTIGATED "terror BLOWBACK" attacks on the Libya embassy (consulate) that killed U.S. Ambassador Stevens and three other U.S. State Department personnel... as SOMEONE in the U.S. military/CIA  chain of command  
- a RANKING OFFICIAL in the CIA or U.S. military command in Italy  WHO HAS STILL NOT BEEN REVEALED -
  - REFUSED to permit U.S. fire-support aircraft based in Italy from responding to a call for aid to the besieged Benghazi consulate.

the U.S. financed & run COMMUNIST SUBVERSION style  TERROR ATTACKS and "PROTEST" revolts in the Ukraine... scene of one of the bloodiest crimes of the entire  blood-drenched 20th century,  STALIN's  "RED WOLF OF THE KREMLIN"  JEWISH COMMISSAR  LAZAR KAGANOVICH's    mass-terror FAMINE PURGE of the Ukraine in the decade after the Communist Revolution made him Stalin's right-hand man.

  Wouldn't you know it... the KAGANS, of  "PNAC"  9-11 & Iraq war   LIES-TO-WAR infamy -
 - are BEHIND THIS LATEST judeo perpetrated   UKRAINE GENOCIDE -
 -  so-called "Liberal Democrat" BARACK OBAMA's  PRETEND "Democrat"  Assistant SECRETARY of STATE...
is married to the RADICAL RIGHT-WING 'PNAC'  JEWISH SUPREMACIST 'Neo-Con' REPUBLICAN war profiteer,   Donald Kagan!

 Please donate generously to the BOLLYN and  PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS websites... if  America has even a last-gasp prayer of preventing World War III, the Great Depression II, and the CHERTOFF-KAGAN(ovitch) DHS/fema/NSA    GULAG CONCENTRATION CAMP DEATH CAMPS from destroying what is left of our once great nation,  it will because the facts and research of Mr. Bollyn, Mr. Tarpley, Mr. Roberts, and others starting to get out to the TERRORIZED, ENSLAVED, OCCUPIED, FINANCIALLY RAPED, disenfranchised, dispossessed, and DISPOSABLE American public.... the TRUTH about their foul, treasonous,  mass-murderous,  economies destroying
 would-be slavers and GENOCIDAL judeo supremacist OVERLORDS

Jewish genocidal mass-murderer _LAZAR KAGANOVICH_ ran the TENS of MILLIONS KILLED  jewish dominated pretend atheist 'Communist revolution'  RED TERROR MASS-MURDER PURGES for nearly 3 decades against Russia, the Ukraine, and all other 'Soviet republics' of the former Czarist empire...

just as the  'American'  JEWISH SUPREMACIST KAGAN family 'Neo-Con' war-lobby appartchiks are, today, RUNNING the (late) U.S.A.,  Nato, Britain, France (= JEWISH FINANCIERS!)    WAR AGAINST RUSSIA & UKRAINE
which is exploding into SABOTAGE, INSTIGATED 'protests' and bloody murders as we speak...

IT DOESN'T MATTER whether you vote "Republican" or "Democrat" in Amerika today.. WHAT YOU GET is MASS-MURDEROUS JEWISH TRAITORS, WARMONGERS, TREASURY LOOTING  ECONOMY RAPERS,  and POLICE STATE REPRESSION  brutal, terrorist thugs,  behind hired, sell-out  'American' presidential puppets....


Russia Under Attack

February 15, 2014

Victoria Nuland (formerly Nudelman), the Assistant Secretary of State who is pushing the Ukrainian "revolution", IS THE WIFE of ROBERT KAGAN, the founder of the Project for the New American Century.  
Her grandfather, Meyer Nudelman, an Orthodox Jewish immigrant from Lithuania, suffered from tertiary syphilis which caused "terrifying rages" and strange behavior.  ''Here was an Orthodox Jewish man, and everybody associated syphilis with a completely different kind of life,'' his son, Dr. Sherwin Nuland said in an interview with the New York Times.  Victoria Nuland's mother is the British-born Rhona L. Goulston.

Robert KAGAN aggressively promoted the criminal conspiracy that the U.S. should invade Iraq and that "a new Pearl Harbor" would sway public opinion to allow this to occur - one year before 9-11.  
[Americans & Ukrainians... meet one of your disgusting, serially treasonous VAMPIRE ghoulish judeo war-profiteer overlords... Fred KAGAN, same family name as JEWISH COMMISSAR of MASS MURDER Lazar KAGANovitch!]

Robert Kagan's brother FRED KAGAN, seen here on a tour of Basra with his wife and U.S. military leaders, was also on the PNAC board and advised the Pentagon on how to carry out the surge in Iraq, which the Kagans supported.

Donald Kagan, the Lithuanian-born father of Robert and Fred, was also on the PNAC board.  So, why is the Kagan family running our reckless foreign policy rather than being tried for conspiring to wage wars of aggression?  Who funds the war-mongering think-tanks they create and run?  As we know from the work of the late Eustace Mullins, the House of Rothschild has long used the think-tanks it creates and controls to dictate policies to the U.S. government.
The neoconservative Victoria Nuland sits in her State Department office happily choosing the members of the next Ukrainian government. Is this US official oblivious to the risk that Washington’s meddling in the internal affairs of Ukraine and Russia could be triggering nuclear war? Are President Obama and Congress aware that there is an Assistant Secretary of State who is provoking armageddon?
Insouciant Americans are paying no attention and have no idea that a handful of neoconservative ideologues are pushing the world toward destruction.
- Paul Craig Roberts, "Russia Under Attack"
Paul Craig Roberts latest article "Russia Under Attack" is a well-informed piece about the Neo-con war against Russia and their dangerous strategy to Balkanize the states of the former Soviet Union, such as the Ukraine.
The following is an extract from the beginning of the article:
In a number of my articles I have explained that the Soviet Union served as a constraint on US power. The Soviet collapse unleashed the neoconservative drive for US world hegemony. Russia under Putin, China, and Iran are the only constraints on the neoconservative agenda.

Russia’s nuclear missiles and military technology make Russia the strongest military obstacle to US hegemony. To neutralize Russia, Washington broke the Reagan-Gorbachev agreements and expanded NATO into former constituent parts of the Soviet Empire and now intends to bring former constituent parts of Russia herself--Georgia and Ukraine--into NATO. Washington withdrew from the treaty that banned anti-ballistic missiles and has established anti-ballistic missile bases on Russia’s frontier. Washington changed its nuclear war doctrine to permit nuclear first strike.

All of this is aimed at degrading Russia’s deterrent, thereby reducing the ability of Russia to resist Washington’s will.

The Russian government (and also the government of Ukraine) foolishly permitted large numbers of US funded NGOs to operate as Washington’s agents under cover of “human rights organizations,” “building democracy,” etc. The “pussy riot” event was an operation designed to put Putin and Russia in a bad light. (The women were useful dupes.) The Western media attacks on the Sochi Olympics are part of the ridiculing and demonizing of Putin and Russia. Washington is determined that Putin and Russia will not be permitted any appearance of success in any area, whether diplomacy, sports, or human rights.

The American media is a Ministry of Propaganda for the government and the corporations and helps Washington paint Russia in bad colors. Stephen F. Cohen accurately describes US media coverage of Russia as a “tsunami of shamefully unprofessional and politically inflammatory articles.”

As a holdover from the Cold War, the US media retains the image of a free press that can be trusted. In truth, there is no free press in America (except for Internet sites). See for example: During the later years of the Clinton regime, the US government permitted 5 large conglomerates to concentrate the varied, dispersed and somewhat independent media.The value of these large mega-companies depends on their federal broadcast licenses.Therefore, the media dares not go against the government on any important issue. In addition, the media conglomerates are no longer run by journalists but by corporate advertising executives and former government officials, with an eye not on facts but on advertising revenues and access to government “sources.”

Washington is using the media to prepare the American people for confrontation with Russia and to influence Russians and other peoples in the world against Putin. Washington would love to see a weaker or more pliable Russian leader than Putin. 

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