Thursday, January 16, 2014


  THE TREASONOUS judeo Financiers  ECONOMIC WAR  AGAINST AMERICA is already here:
sadly, the insatiably power-hungry 'elites' are not satisfied with merely turning Americans into unemployed, impoverished, Oxycontin, food stamps, & govt. aid addicted subsistence & substance abuse addicts...
  no, being JEWISH, they won't be happy until they can go "the FULL MONTE" and actually EXECUTE their non-Jewish "goyim" neighbors en masse...  by the  TENS OF THOUSANDS,
 as the jew  'holy' satanic bible BRAGS that the jews MASSACRED  75,000 Persians after the jewish dancing girl Esther had seduced the Persian king... 
  ...just as Kagonovich, Yezhov, and all the other jew Commissars CRIMINALIZED ENTIRE SWATHS of  Russian (Ukrainian, Belorussian, Lithuanian, Kazakh, etc.) people and EXTERMINATED THEM by the millions... while TERRORIZING all those who escaped the purges & death camps.. 


As events steamroll towards the onrushing, OVERT   JEWISH WAR ON AMERICA - complete with CHERTOFF  NDAA/fema/DHS   CONCENTRATION CAMPS and  kgb/GESTAPO  INSTANT POLICE EXECUTION POWERS...
(see the Boston police invading neighborhoods with tanks and machine-guns looking for the U.S. government's PATSY  Marathon Bombing scapegoats, the two Chechen teenagers - one of whom was SHOT IN THE FACE _AFTER_ HE SURRENDERED -  when in fact it was U.S. GOVERNMENT  "black ops" mercenaries who SET OFF those murderous bombs at the  Boston Marathon, WITH THE INTENTION of BLAMING _WHITE_ Americans -   the overt WAR ON AMERICANS foiled _only_  because so many videos ACTUALLY CAUGHT the GOVERNMENT AGENTS in act of  PLACING THE BOMBS, that had the  government & Congress tried to FORCE their WAR on WHITE AMERICA  at that time, it would have blown up in their faces... )

 ...we can not possibly keep up with all the information that points to this grim immediate future for America - the ghoulish jewish TRAITORS and their armies of  AMERICAN  sell-out  PUPPET partners in crime & treason  _wanted_  to CRASH America's critical financial markets AND BRING ON THE GREAT DEPRESSION II,
and CRIMINALIZATION of the American public 
a year or two ago - EXACTLY AS the jew Bolshevik 'Soviet' Commissars 
 CRIMINALIZED  UKRAINIAN land-owners "Kulaks" as "enemies of the state" 80 years ago... and perpetrated the  TEN MILLIONS KILLED  Ukrainian INTENTIONAL TERROR FAMINE, "the Holodomor" as they STOLE their land, terrorized hundreds of millions, and murdered 10,000,000.)

  A clip from a biography of  the judeo mass-murder Commissar behind the Ukrainian "Holodomor" intentional man-made terror famine and mass executions  LAZAR KAGONOVICH explains:
The politics of the new Soviet government at the time were extraordinarily complicated. Each of the areas comprising the   new republic [nationalities of the former Tsarist empire]  was made up of   HARD-CORE NATIONALITIES,  and NO ONE  _WANTED_ to give up.."  [their national identities to serve under a ruthless, evil, identities killing JUDEO dominated "Soviet" Commissariat]"  

  DESTROYING  NATIONALITIES and NATIONS   _IS_ the JUDEO RELIGION. They - "ordained by g-o-d" as "a light unto nations"  - feel  ENTITLED (compelled, obligated even)  to migrate to, infiltrate, and ASSUME COMMAND of ALL nations - just as the bible tells us the JOSEPH went to Egypt and became the (second, behind a compliant Pharaoh) MOST POWERFUL MAN in Egypt;  just as the bible tells us the MORDECAI similarly became  the ("second most") POWERFUL MAN IN PERSIA (behind a clueless, compliant, seduced, and easily manipulated king) - in BOTH CASES the jewish bible  PROUDLY RELATES how,  upon assuming power, the jews IMMEDIATELY  EXTORT and MASSACRE their hosts! 

 No one just  _gives_ away their silver and gold and finest clothing - this below bible verse captures  JUDEO EXTORTION at swordpoint - the Jews, far from being the maltreated slaves we hear about in MODERN translations of the bible, were actually a MERCENARY WAR TRIBE that had grown powerful enough to THREATEN and EXTORT their Egyptian hosts! - 
35 The Israelites did as Moses instructed and 'asked'   [DEMANDED at SWORDPOINT! = EXTORTED!]  the Egyptians for articles of silver and gold and for clothing. 36 The Lord had made the Egyptians favorably disposed toward the people, and they gave them what they asked for; so they plundered the Egyptians.


 Here in America today,  the JUDEO FINANCIER COMMISSARIAT _WANTED_ to IMPLODE our economy a year or two ago - and leave the DESPISED  "schwartzy" narcissistic sell-out puppet of a president,  Barack Obama,  with all the blame,

 but they were restrained by a growing public awareness of  the possibility of  INTENTIONAL ECONOMIC SABOTAGE by America's  "financial elites."**

(That awareness created when GOLD and silver prices were SOARING... calling attention to the Bernanke/Fed judeo bankers INTENTIONAL DEBASING of the American dollar.  
Since then - over the past year,   the traitor financiers at the Fed and on Wall St. have been able to COVER UP their DEBASEMENT of  the U.S. dollar by a few tricks - not least of which was the violent U.S.,  jewish state (Israel) + Nato + Arab oil dictators (Saudis, Bahrain, Qatar, etc.)  support for the  AL QAEDA INVASION of LIBYA, which killed Qaddafi and thus  dumped LIBYA's entire  huge GOLD RESERVES on to world markets... depressing world gold prices,  allowing in-the-know insiders to BUY UP GOLD even as they talk it down to the peons;
 and most importantly of all,  destroying one of the few indications  of just how much the Fed bankers are RAPING the American economy...  EIGHTY FIVE BILLION DOLLARS PER MONTH the jew financiers and their genocidal, treasonous partners in crime are EXTORTING out of our American economy & society...   

  Well, here it is a year or two later:    the COMMISSAR TRAITORS running the U.S. government had to DELAY their WAR on  White Americans
 because their Sandy Hook massacre; the "Batman" movie massacre, and the Boston marathon bombings were NOT sufficiently accepted, NOT overwhelmingly approved (by the otherwise clueless American public) to justify that evil JUDEO/u.s. govt.   launch of that OVERT WAR on White Americans...   
  but now that gold prices have been depressed, and the Economy DESTROYED by the DEATH of 10,000 cuts,   and now two years later that Americans are now more than ever DEPENDENT on FOOD STAMPS and government aid... meaning that once agains  the TREASONOUS  "powers that be" in Washington, in New York, in London, (Chicago) and  in Tel Aviv - the vampire judeo blood-drinking vampire state -  feel like they can PROCEED with their GREAT DEPRESSION II   WAR ON AMERICANS -
   this time  not just sicking the U.S. army on "Bonus" Veteran marchers camped outside Washington D.C. shanty town (43,000 American WWI veterans and their families) in 1932,  but  FULL BLOWN  CHERTOFF  DHS  CONCENTRATION CAMPS...    

  and,  just as  President Wilson tried to CRAM the  LEAGE OF NATIONS  treaty DOWN AMERICAN THROATS in 1919,   so too today are the   TRAITORS behind the barack Obama presidency  about to SMASH  this new  AMERICAN JOBS KILLING   "outsourcing"  "TRADE AGREEMENT"   DESTRUCTION of the ENTIRE American eocnomy DOWN AMERICAN THROATS  this year, 2014: 




Vast Stretches Of Impoverished Appalachia Look Like They Have Been Through A War

...All over the country there are rural communities that are economically depressed. 
In fact, according to the Wall Street Journal, economic activity in about half of the counties in the entire nation is still below pre-recession levels…
About half of the nation’s 3,069 county economies are still short of their pre-recession economic output, reflecting the uneven economic recovery, according to a new report from the National Association of Counties.
So what are our “leaders” doing to fix this?
Well, they plan to ship millions more of our good jobs overseas.
Well, they plan to ship millions more of our good jobs overseas.
Unfortunately, I am not kidding.
Republicans  in the House of Representatives

 [BACKED by  the GODDAMN-SACHS TRAITOR DEMOCRATS _and_  the TRAITOR LYING WHORES in the corporate mass media  and of course the TRAITORS IN THE SENATE] 

are introducing “fast track” trade promotion authority legislation that will pave the way
for rapid approval of the _secret trade treaty_ that Barack Obama has been negotiating. 

The following is how I described this insidious treaty in a previous article
Did you know that the Obama administration is negotiating a super secret “trade agreement” that is so sensitive that he isn’t even allowing members of Congress to see it?   
The Trans-Pacific Partnership is being called the “NAFTA of the Pacific” and “NAFTA on steroids”, but the truth is that it is so much more than just a trade agreement.  This treaty has 29 chapters, but only 5 of them have to do with trade.  Most Americans don’t realize this, but this treaty will fundamentally change our laws regarding Internet freedom, health care, the trading of derivatives, copyright issues, food safety, environmental standards, civil liberties and so much more.  It will also merge the United States far more deeply into the emerging one world economic system.... 


The JEW FINANCIER  RAMMED "Transpacific 'Partnership' TPP will DESTROY  AMERICA as an INDEPENDENT, SOVEREIGN NATION, and make us Americans,   LEGALLY,
  COLONIAL SUBJECTS of the insidious traitor  JEW FINANCIERS who OWN the  world's global   "money printing" central banks...

  ...the jews who also  own their own private MASS GENOCIDE  NUCLEAR ARSENAL in the DERANGED
"god loves us when we kill our neighbors" 
demented, insane, bloodthirsty, evil  jew war state...
The politics of the new Soviet govemment at the time were extraordinarily complicated. Each of the areas comprising the new republic was made up of hard-core nationalities, and no one wanted to give up

 DESTROYING  nations and nationalities, and TERRORIZING the subject peons..
       INSTILLING TERROR and fear in the DISPOSABLE,  VERMIN "goyim"  non-jews   
             ...IS   THE JUDEO  RELIGION...
 they believe that THEY are  THE ONLY PEOPLES ON EARTH entitled to have a nation.   



In this post, we've sought to highlight how  DESTROYING nations and the nationalities of all non-jews IS the  JUDEO religion - it is their driving force, they feel COMPELLED to infiltrate and then TAKE OVER and then EXTERMINATE the non-jews under them...

...and here in America they ALREADY  SOUGHT TO  SUBVERT  AMERICAN INDEPENDENCE TO an "international body" once before, in 1919...
 (Wilson's  SECRETIVE  League of Nations Treaty after World War I... REJECTED by those U.S. senators who had not yet been BOUGHT OFF by the "multi-national" judeo financial elites)

 and with Obama's  SECRET  "TPP"  'treaty' THE TREASONOUS  JEWS & THEIR HIRED, BRIBED, EXTORTED, and TREASONOUS  PUPPETS in Con-gress and the Senate  are ONCE AGAIN   attempting to  DESTROY  America's independence and sovereign and citizen rights.... even as they WAGE  ECONOMIC WAR against us,

  AND as they SUBVERT our  genuine 'national security'  to  the evil jew war state's (Israel's)  insatiable, INSANE LUST to  EXTERMINATE the populations of all  it's neighbors. 

   THIS "bonus!"   to point out that  EVEN AS jewish mass-murder Commissar  LAZAR KAGONOVICH's  jewish 'American' nephew and biographer  CRITICIZES Kaganovich for purging and persecuting JEWS in the Soviet Union

 (at Stalin's insistence... Kaganovich had been THE POWER _BEHIND_ Stalin,  but Kagonovich and the JEW COMMISSARIAT  absolutely required a NON-JEWISH front-man, so he was compelled to follow Stalin's orders regarding the "FOURTH PURGE" against jews)

     we can see a NOTABLE DIFFERENCE in how biographer Stuart Kahan criticizes his uncle Kagonovich's PURGES, murders, and terrorizing of JEWS....
with his [Kahan's]  clinical detachment from similar horrors INFLICTED on NON-JEWS - as hardly anything to be upset about!

  Stuart Kahan, The Wolf of the Kremlin
(William Morrow and Company, New York,1987)

Lazar's [KAGANOVICH, the JEWISH MASS-MURDER COMMISSAR]  sister Rosa was Stalin's third wife; another uncle was commisar of aviation under Stalin. This book is based upon the author Stuart's interviews with his uncle Lazar in 1981, and with other family members. Stuart Kahan is a Zionist (p. 5, p. 17, p. 307); on moving to America, the family changed its name from Kaganovich to Kahan (p. 190), a variant of Cohen (priest). 
{p. 5 (Preface)} In my own family ... the leader of the clan ... exuded evil, an evil that put millions of people to death, an evil that turned against his own people. ... He is the prime example of the species known to my fellow landsmen as the "self-hating Jew".

{"turning against his own people" means co-operating with Stalin in his purge of the Jewish Bolsheviks, but Kahan shows less pity for the non-Jews they killed; Kahan seems to think it a greater sin for his uncle to kill Jews - "his own people" - than non-Jews}


  Even the New York  "Zionist" jews would proudly  TAKE CREDIT for  Kagonovich's  MURDER purges of MILLIONS of   Ukrainians, Russians, Kazakhs, and other nationalities... is ONLY   Kagonovich's complicity in the PURGING OF JEWS that  brings condemnation down on his head !! 

 The people, race, and "faith" who are RAISED  EVERY single YEAR  in _CELEBRATING_ the KILLINGS of  EGYPTIAN CHILDREN
(the "Passover" celebration is a SATANIC FEASTING while CELEBRATING MURDERS - of children!)
     ...they  are RAISED to believe in GENOCIDE  as  not only APPROVED by   g-o-d... but  COMMANDED, ordained, compelled    'by him' !!!