Friday, January 3, 2014

"The Loss of Humanity in America"...AMERICANS are being CONDITIONED to be as RUTHLESS, SADISTIC, and Nihilistic as 'concentration camp' DEATH CAMP GUARDS !!

(note:  We've "updated" and posted this post back in our "Judaism is an ON-GOING CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY" post from Dec. 31, 2013;  but temporarily post it here to bring it forward, today,  for new readers.  We'll delete this post, and leave the Dec. 31st copy up for archival purposes) 

Alex Jones ponders  "The Loss of Humanity in America"...
 ... AMERICANS are being CONDITIONED to be as RUTHLESS, SADISTIC, and nihilistic  as brutal 'concentration camp'  DEATH CAMP GUARDS !!  

(just exactly as millions of Americans were 'conditioned'  during the Great Depression - with "No jobs here, MOVE ON" signs and police tearing down shanty-towns or beating WWI VETERANS "Bonus marchers"-  to accept that "there was NOTHING WE COULD DO" to feed and starve those MILLIONS of Americans who DIED during the Depression... even as the so-called "liberal Democrat" New Deal government was DESTROYING grains, dairy products, produce, and other food stuffs by the tens of thousands of tons...)

And just  "WHO"  is doing the conditioning?    
  Our second video, from "Snodster" at VeteransToday,  helps explain who and why:  

            "SOME PEOPLE" are mentally stuck back in a BRONZE AGE ruthless, despotic overlord mind set... like King Sargon sending his first ever professional army out to pillage (rape, plunder, and murder) the neighbors just after their fertile grain fields had been harvested _every_ year...
   or like kings Ashburnipal and ______ building towers of gleaming skulls in front of their city gates as a warning, and means to awe,  all those who saw (or heard  of) them...

 "Plan B" - "violence and rape...  It's his animal nature to invade and conquer some soft, defenseless territory where he can leave his footprint behind..."  

   "where is Israel's conscience... WHERE is the MORAL AUTHORITY of these 'MORALLY SUPERIOR' people who consider themselves 'A LIGHT AMONG NATIONS'?"

Alex Jones ponders  "The Loss of Humanity in America"
= AMERICANS are being CONDITIONED to be as RUTHLESS and SADISTIC as 'concentration camp'  DEATH CAMP GUARDS !!  

So just  "WHO"  is doing the conditioning?    

answer "SOME PEOPLE" who  OWN the press/media mass-media 'communications' corporations...
 = the PROPAGANDA machine that feed us our daily dose of HATE & FEAR... and envy and material GREED.
  Hate, fear, INSECURITY,  material greed are now the HALLMARKS of  "American culture", professional sports and media ARE our nation's  new "culture" -  both of which promote violence and domination and a moneyed 'elite' class removed from the concerns of the ordinary working peons.

   "SOME PEOPLE"  who DESIRE PROFITS to be made from WAR INDUSTRIES and the 'national security state'. 

 "SOME PEOPLE" who have a HISTORY of  LYING  in their FORECLOSURE documents in court - ILLEGALLY (but with the blessings of the CORRUPT courts, entire legal system, politicians, and press/media) throwing people out of their own homes...

"SOME PEOPLE" who convinced BOTH Republican and "Democratic" Presidents - both Republican President Herbert Hoover, AND 'Democrat' President Franklin D. Roosevelt,
that there was "NOTHING  we Americans COULD DO" to feed, house, and clothe the MILLIONS of Americans who STARVED TO DEATH during the Great Depression...

  ...all the more egregious, because Herbert Hoover had come to national prominence, specifically for feeding STARVING Russians, Germans, and other Europeans during and after World War I, and because President Roosevelt, while funding some programs to create work and provide food for some Depression victims, was still, at the instigation of his financial overlords, DESTROYING foodstuffs by the thousands of tons... AS Americans starved

 (World War II would PROVE THE LIE  that there was "NOTHING we Americans could do" about the indigent, homeless, starving poor.   AS SOON AS  it became a _"national priority"_  to "fight the enemy in WWII,"
suddenly the same American economy that had been moribund during the Depression, was now producing, distributing, & exporting - often for FREE (as "lend lease" supplies and other wartime aid to allies) - MILLIONS of tons of foods and supplies - COST NO OBJECT.)    

"SOME PEOPLE" who have a 4,000  200 year history of FINANCIAL FRAUD, of BRIBING,  extorting, and seducing politicians and political 'leaders' over the decades and centuries, to SUBVERT DEMOCRACY  and CONCENTRATE ALL WEALTH & POWER in the hands of an 'elite', invisible,  unelected, warmongering, debt extorting  few...


It's all there in black & white...  right there in the so-called "holy" bible:   first jews  are enabled, empowered, nay, "commanded by g-o-d" to ENSLAVE THE NON-JEWS AROUND THEM;  and then the bible SPECIFICALLY states that a jewish SLAVE OWNER may BEAT a slave to within an inch of his life...
for ANY whim, excuse,  or malevolent fancy of  the  'master' !!! 

Leviticus 25:44-46
New International Version (NIV)
44 ‘Your male and female SLAVES are to come from THE NATIONS AROUND YOU;
from them you may buy [MAKE!]  slaves. 45 You may also buy [MAKE SLAVES OF!] some of the temporary residents [aliens;  non-jews]  living among you and members of their clans [families]  born in your country, and they will become your property [SLAVES]. 46 You can bequeath them to your children as inherited PROPERTY and can MAKE THEM SLAVES  for life, but you must not rule over your fellow Israelites ruthlessly.** 
 **  [note: even when the judeo elites can ENSLAVE NON-jews around them, they can be perfectly ruthless to each other; they can be perfectly despotic against their fellow jews.  
 (See first Moses, then Solomon, SIEZING ALL the GOLD from ALL the jews (Israelites) under them - in the name of "g-o-d" of course.) 
 When there are NO  non-jews around to enslave... the jews revert to social CANNABALISM, and start ENSLAVING and MURDERING each other;  see "Cain vs. Abel" "Isaac vs. Ishmael,"  "Joseph ENSLAVED by HIS BROTHERS," the entire book of  jeremiah,   etc. etc. etc. ad naseum.]

  So now we know just  WHO it is that the JUDEO ELITES   believe they have a right to ENSLAVEEVERYONE  under them, with the possible exception of their own wealthy judeo elites
(the moment EVEN A JEW falls in to DEBT, though... he, too,  becomes SLAVE FODDER!)

 Now,  how about the dehumanizing and often sadistic 

Exodus 21:20-21
English Standard Version (ESV)
20 “When a man strikes his slave, male or female, with a rod [IT IS ENTIRELY PERMISSABLE,  ONLY IF]  the slave dies under his hand, shall  [he, the slave] be avenged. 21 But if the slave survives a day or two, he is not to be avenged, for the slave is his money [no more than property] .
   NOTE how this bible passage DOES NOT SHOW A HINT, NOT A LICK of empathy for the slave;  NOT A HINT of  RESTRAINT against the use of violence is urged, advocated, nor even mentioned, except should the beating be SO violent as to be murderous - and then, ONLY if the slave dies within 2 days!   This glaring omission - indeed, the slaves are considered ONLY as "money" or PROPERTY -  just exactly as LIVESTOCK, domesticated ANIMALS that will be eventually slaughtered are  -

 - indicating that RUTHLESS SEVERITY - a COMPLETE LACK OF RESPECT for the rights, feelings, or human dignity of the slaves - WAS ADVOCATED and (ruthlessness) ADMIRED by jewish culture.  

[As, indeed, in all slave cultures... all of which are PARANOID of the damned slaves REBELLING and KILLING  "their masters."  SO,  Judaism is NO BETTER THAN, and completely typical of, ALL SLAVE CULTURES over the centuries and millennia...]


 double, triple extra bonus:  Judaism, like most  other  bronze-age,  age-of-god-kings Mesopotamian religions, had a deep strain - if not rooted in - HUMAN SACRIFICE....