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The Jewish _Financial_ Bait & Switch: TELL US how "GENIUS" they are.. AS they DESTROY our society and (genuine) 'national' security... and turn America into a nation of stupidified, degenerate, terrorized, brutalized, and sadistic (like Romans cheering the gladiator games) slaves...

The  Jewish "BAIT & SWITCH" in one picture:  TELL US how 'genius' their financiers are...   THESE are the JEWISH FINANCIERS who GOT RICHER DURING THE GREAT DEPRESSION... TRADING on INSIDER INFORMATION about  the "credit contraction"   MARKET CRASHES that THEY INSTIGATED - !!
                             -  while  the so-called "Federal Reserve" privately owned banking cartel that they (and their euro/anglo/judeo & American partners in crimes & genocide)  owned  presided over  the WHOLESALE DESTRUCTION of the ENTIRE  AMERICAN ECONOMY,  the "Great Depression"!!
  THEY GET ALL THE CREDIT, amass much of the wealth... and accept NONE of the blame... as tens of thousands upon millions of impoverished, dispossessed, and left-to-their-fate AMERICANS STARVED TO DEATH for the entire decade of the 1930s!!
 from left:  "Fed" Founding German/JUDEO bankers Paul Warburg & anti-Czar, anti-Christian, RUSSIAN COMMUNIST REVOLUTION FUNDING Jacob Schiff...
 (center)  'American' judeo  pump-&-dump insider trading financier Bernard Baruch;
2nd from right:  JEWISH FED CHAIRMAN Eugene Meyers PRESIDED OVER the _INTENTIONAL_ economic SABOTAGE   GREAT DEPRESSION until courageous Congressman Louis T. McFadden focused enough attention on the ECONOMY SABOTAGING Fed Chairman to force him to resign
(Meyer then went and bought up  the Washington Whore Post...before becoming the FIRST WORLD BANK "economics hit men r us" president in 1946), 
right -   their  ENABLER IN CHIEF,    so-called 'liberal' president Franklin D. Roosevelt's   TITANIC FINANCIAL CRIMES WHITEWASHING and DICTATOR GOLD CONFISCATING   very jewish TREASURY SECRETARY,  henry morganghau 

THEY got RICHER and MORE POWERFUL for the entire decade of the 1930s... as  millions of AMERICANS  STARVED,  and those two results were BOTH  INTENTIONAL !! 


The "modern"  JEWISH ASSAULT and SABOTAGE of America
 is identical to the process they - the SATANIC JEW FINANCIERS and their hired traitors in the U.S. government, in finance & big business, in the press/media, and in jewish community and 'temples'  across America
(and even in propagandized churches, community organizations, colleges, universities,  'think tanks',  and other myopic organizations across America)
 - used to ENGINEER  both SUPPORT for the  'BOLSHEVIK' 'COMMUNIST' REVOLUTION in Russia (the former Tsarist empire) and    to lay the groundwork for
the INTENTIONAL FINANCIAL SABOTAGE and  instigation of the GREAT DEPRESSION here in America  that turned millions of  Americans into either hapless victims, helpless bystanders... or in to sadistic gross-inequality-and-income-disparity enforcing officials and goons...

Between 1907 and 1913,  THEY _PROMISED US_ that if we Americans passed their "FEDERAL RESERVE" act, then there would be NO MORE  "banking panics",  NO MORE  economic recessions, and NO MORE massive unemployment... 

the MISERY, despair, and, yes, starvation of millions WAS THEIR GOAL, their GAIN, their intention, and their vampire ghoul  satisfaction...  

  which they 'achieved' almost exactly 15 years after the so-called "Fed" was established just days before New Years eve 1914, when they TRIGGERED the  GREAT DEPRESSION "Black Tuesday" STOCK MARKET CRASH on October 29, 1929...


 In 'modern' times the JUDEO FINANCIERS in similar "promise the moon... DELIVER DISASTER" manner   all  supported  the  GODDAMN-SACHS  "Rubinite" judeo financial jihadis orchestrated "DEREGULATION" of AMERICA's CRITICAL FINANCIAL MARKETS,
 in a process going clear back to President Jimmy Carter and presidents before him
(Presidents Nixon and Johnson allowed the jew 'multi-national'  financiers to LOOT  AMERICA's ENTIRE (stolen!  GOLD DEPOSITS away from Ft. Knox to "fund the Vietnam war" -  WITHOUT ALLOWING Americans to know the REAL VALUE of gold until it had all been sold  GIVEN AWAY at BARGAIN BASEMENT PRICES  ($35/ounce) TO THOSE JEW FINANCIERS who _CLAIMED_ they were "financing the Vietnam War" - but were actually USING the war as AN EXCUSE to LOOT AMERICA - and Vietnam and all other nations caught up in the "hot wars"/"cold wars"    'the Cold War' dedaces as well..) 

   ...then the GODDAMN-SACHS/'Rubinite'  Jew Financiers  orchestrated the INTENTIONAL DEMOLITION of  AMERICAN INDUSTRY by  "OUTSOURCING" American jobs, factories, and entire industries to Communist China, India, and other cheap-labor Asian nations... 

   ...then they USED their  "DEREGULATION"  financial atrocity rules to INTENTIONALLY LOOT banks, Savings & Loans, insurance companies, and all other financial funds - INCLUDING SOCIAL SECURITY and  every U.S. government fund -  from the inside out...  then, after they IMPLODED those banks, S&Ls, insurance funds, and government funds, 
 the "GENIUS"  jew  financiers went  running, screaming, crying, and begging to Con-gress for "BAILOUTS" - or  they would  IMPLODE _ALL_ those funds  they had risen, over the decades, to control....  "GIVE US  FREE MONEY or WE KILL the Amerikan economy - AGAIN!"

  While the "Democrat"  Goddamn-Sachs FINANCIAL JEWS  like BOB RUBIN, JOHN CORZINE,  JACOB LEW, LARRY SUMMERS, and all the other "pretend Democrat"  jewish financiers - in close partnership with their blatantly Republican "JUDEO FINANCIAL GENIUS"  partners in CRIMES like  ALAN GREENSPAN, BEN BERNANKE, JANET YELLEN, PAUL VOLCKER, TIM GEITHNER (hired 'goy' Goddamn-Sachs CHAIRMAN and Bush W. TREASURY SECRETARY HANK PAULSON), and all the rest were LAYING THE GROUNDWORK for

  ...the "PNAC"  JEWISH SUPREMACIST JEWS in  both the "Democrat" AND Republican Parties were orchestrating a SIMILAR  __SABOTAGE__ of America's  NATIONAL SECURITY,  
 whouldn't ya know it,   THEY WERE STAGING a  MASSIVE, NATIONWIDE  military command system NORAD "DRILL" the very day that the 9-11-2001 HIJACKINGS WENT DOWN... even though "Undersecretary of Defense" PAUL WOLFOWTIZ  (the real jewish POWER behind hired Department of  Defense  War  Secretary Don Rumsfeld)  was conveniently nowhere around!

  THE PNAC TRAITORS -  wolfo, perle feith, libby, wurmser, zackheim, podhoretz...

weil,  rubin, summers, sandy weil, Volker, lew, Geithner,
  greenspan, Bernanke, yellen... 

  just as in the 1920s the so-called 'Fed'  not only ABJECTLY FAILED at "regulating" banks  -
indeed, the WARBURG-Schiff et al bankers INTENTIONALLY  'pumped' the markets with CHEAP,  made-out-of-thin-air  'Fed'  CREDIT   to INTENTIONALLY create a market ADDICTED TO that  cheap money sloshing around.. making it EASY for them to CRASH the markets simply by withholding future issue of  those "call loans" -
  SO TOO   did the JEW FINANCIERS in the late 1980s ___"DEREGULATE"__ the critical American financial markets... allowing the big NY 'banks' to BUY UP and turn into CASINO GAMBLING CHIPS _locally owned_  foundation of the community Savings & Loans...

...but this time, the evil jew financiers added the twist of  RUNNING to CON-GRESS for "BAILOUTS" for their 'banks'  -   NOT for the peons - for

 -    throw in the newest, most 'modern' twist - bribing Con-gress to PAY  JEW BANKERS to SHIP AMERICAN FACTORIES, JOBS, and ENTIRE INDUSRIES to China, thereby DEMOLISHING America's economy - along with the tried and true "DEREGULATION" and   relentless STUPIFICATION of  the American public  (to go along with all the above ATROCITIES in the name of, take your pick, "free market enterprise" or  commissar socialism - DESTROYING local businesses & industry and making everyone DEPENDENT on government programs)  
  AND YOU HAVE THE RECIPE for  THIS  ECONOMIC  CRISIS, which is already seeing  NEARLY 50%  UNEMPLOYMENT among  youth in the most severely attacked  European countries (GREECE, SPAIN, etc.)...  


 Schiff, Warburg, morganthau, Bernard baruch, Eugene meyer
(plust their supporting cast of well entrenched judeo financiers - the goldmans, the solomons, the lehmans, the bears, stearns, sachs, oppenheimers, etc. etc. etc. ad infinitum...)

below:   the well supported details behind the Communist Revolution in Russia  are that  
German/"American"/JUDEO  NY jew mega-financier JACOB SCHIFF __PERSONALLY__ ORDERED the  'Soviet' Revolution 'BOLSHEVIKS" officials who held the deposed Russian Czar Nicholas II as a prisoner in the basement of a home in Yekaterinburg, Russia to not only ASSASSINATE, murder in cold blood,    not only their captive Tsar Nicholas II...
but his entire family - wife, son, and daughters as well...

...the PRELUDE to  MILLIONS upon MILLIONS upon MILLIONS   MORE   Russians, Ukrainians, Belorussians, Kazakhs, Lithuanians, Poles, and all other nationals and ethnic and religious minorities under the control of the "Soviets" in the former Czarist Russian empire  


 as  "'SOVIET'  'protection' of  '6 million jews'"...  even as they, the traitor,  lying jewish writers, editors, owners (and their hired "goy" propagandists) at the NEW YORK TIMES  _WHITEWASHED_ the MURDERS of TENS OF MILLIONS of non-jews - Christians, Buddhists, all non-jews -  OUT of their 'news'  reporting and  the historical narrative...

maniacal, genocidal, jew TRAITOR mad-man:  Jacob Schiff was not only a TRAITOR to his German upbringing in FINANCING the ALLIED ARMIES _AGAINST GERMANY_ during World War I.... but in FUNDING the COMMUNIST aka "JEWISH BOLSHEVIK COMMISSAR"  revolution & mass-murder PURGES,  Schiff instigated the GREATEST MASSACRE of 20 million Russians, Ukrainians, Lithuanians, Kazakhs; and, finally, although he died in 1920,
    this  INSANE  JUDEO MAD-MAN  BROUGHT MISERY AND DESPAIR TO HIS "adopted" nation the U.S.A. - laying the groundwork for the INTENTIONAL  Rotschields style 'Federal Reserve'  PRIVATELY OWNED CENTRAL BANK  INTENTIONAL CREDIT CONTRACTION   "PUMP.. and DUMP"  economic catastrophe in America that was the Great Depression... 
  Jacob Schiff

  Schiff's FELLOW  German/JEWISH  banker & PARTNER in GENOCIDE in the former Russian, Tzarist empire,  and in the savage, so-called 'Federal Reserve' (sic)  SABOTAGE RAPE of the  _AMERICAN_  economy  Paul Warburg: FIRST he SOLD OUT, BETRAYED, his  German "countrymen".... coming to America in the late 1800s, and FINANCING the AMERICAN, BRITISH, and FRENCH war machines against his own 'native' Germany....
 ...then he assisted Jacob Schiff and the other "JEW MONEY POWER" financiers in WHIPPING UP the LENIN/TROTSKY run JEWISH BOLSHEVIK commissar revolution and mass-murder purges in Russia (former Tsarist empire)...

                          ...then, leading up to his death (his son Max took over)  he  PREPARED AMERICA for the GREATEST "Pump... And DUMP" financial attack & economic SABOTAGE  in world history, the INTENTIONALLY INSTIGATED  1929 New York Stock Market Crash and  subsequent INTENTIONALLY ORCHESTRATED  and perpetrated
(credit contraction  = "money" supply CONTRACTION - "No one has any 'money'"!)  GREAT DEPRESSION....
 Paul Warburg   
 below - Rothschilds JEW SABOTAGE 'Fed' bankers'  agents   JEWISH PARTNERS in crimes and ATTACKS on the entire AMERICAN economy:  Wall Street billionaire 'trader'  BERNARD BARUCH,   Wall St.  JUDEO FINANCIER and  so-called 'FEDERAL' 'Reserve' (sic) CHAIRMAN EUGENE MEYERS (later OWNER of the... TRAITOR  WASHINGTON POST),  and  their puppet  JEWISH  "united states"  TREASURY SECRETARY (under puppet president Franklin D. Roosevelt)   HENRY MORGANTHAU...   all five of these JUDEO FINANCIERS  were the satanic judeo Rothschild's banking cabals'  principle lieutenants in the INTENTIONAL "pump... And DUMP"  ECONOMIC SABOTAGE financial attacks on America that we collectively call "The Great Depression"

   Whipping UP A BLIZZARD of LIES to  FOMENT WARS and KILLS tens of thousands (upon millions) of people to PROFIT FROM WAR LOANS and  war industries -  the same "old" formula from the 19th and bloody,  industrialized mass-murder 20th century  STILL WORKS  JUST "fine" in this  new,  "end of cold war" and "PEACE DIVIDEND" era... thanks to the TREASONOUS  JEW FINANCIERS and their ARMIES of  AL QAEDA FUNDING hired TRAITORS in the U.S., British, French, Nato, and  JEW STATE (Israel) governments...

THEY _PROMISED US_ that if we passed their "FEDERAL RESERVE" act, then there would be NO MORE  "banking panics",  economic recessions, or massive unemployment...  THE GOD DAMNED THIEVING TRAITOR SWINE LIED THROUGH THEIR TEETH - the MISERY of millions WAS THEIR GOAL, their GAIN, and their vampire ghoul  satisfaction... 

  THE PNAC TRAITORS -  wolfo, perle feith, libby...

  rubin, summers, sandy weil, Volker, lew, Geithner,
  greenspan, Bernanke, yellen, ,

  THE JEW PLUTOCRACY... rubin, summers, greenspan, Bernanke, Geithner, Paulson,
 ALL INTENT on KILLING the American economy, TURNING AMERICANS into PEON WAGE SLAVES (on the way to the SLAUGHTERHOUSE once they can no longer provide useful labor) -  the KAGONICH MASS-MURDER STARVATION  & TERROR PURGES and CHERTOFF COMMISSAR GULAGS... so these despicable, TREASONOUS jew plutocrats can WALLOW in stolen money.....

 the WAR ON AMERICA  Democrat jew traitors....

 Feinstein, schumer, boxer, Levin, Emanuel, Corzine,

 don't look now.. the JEW VAMPIRE SLAVE-TRADERS and 'goyim'  VERMIN killers are EVERYWHERE!
"Larry Summers’ path to the Obama administration, and his record within it, are symptomatic of a new American plutocracy, and his new job at Harvard will keep the gears of corruption greased."
Geithner & Bernanke.. the TRAITOR PIGS,  ALLOWED their de facto bankers overlord bob rubin's   (and his trainee appartchik,  JACOB LEW)   run CITI-'bank' to get away with MASSSIVE, AMERICAN ECONOMY THREATENING FRAUDS... 


god damned thieving bitch queen of the English slaves visits here masters, the rotschields satanic jew gold hoard (= boe, bank of 'england'  satanic jews)

 the GENIUS(es) AT WORK... NOTE HOW STUDIOUS the blood-drenched, TORTURE, TREASON, and SABOTAGE overseeing  jew commissar wolfo is TAKING NOTES as the military plans the Gulf War I ground campaign in the below photo...

    BUT  GUESS WHAT, AMERICA?!  WHEN HE WAS, exactly 10 years later, when the jew vampire Wolfowitz was   ONCE AGAIN  _FOISTED_ by his fellow jews  as America as  UNDERSECRETARY OF Defense WAR,  wolfo DID NOTHING,  NOT ONE GOD-DAMNED THING to PREVENT 9-11.. or to WARN the  stupid, peon, DISPOSABLE SLAVES   _VERMIN_  Amerikans from the well known terror/hijacking THREAT  that long, festering summer after the stolen election 2001  INFESTED ALL these PNAC JEWS in the top tiers of the US defense department...

anyone who thinks that there is a dime's worth of difference... a dying-of-thirst spit's worth of difference between JEWISH _REPUBLICAN_  WARMONGER/"financier" appartchik  PAUL WOLFOWITZ,  and  jewish 'DEMOCRAT'  WARMONGER/'financier' APPARTCHIK  RAHM EMANUEL (below)  is an idiot - they are BOTH playing from the  same
"israel UBER alles",  "israel UBER amerika"  financial rapists & genocidal warmongers' playbook... 
 (= EXTORT, ENSLAVE, and EXTERMINATE the useless, vermin 'GOYIM' with EXTREME PREJUDICE!) 

below:  senior jewish/'amerikan' COMMISSAR Dianne Feinstein:   who needs "the bitch of Bergen belsen" - how would you like to have your life dependent on the tender mercies of this modern-day jewish ESTHER - the jew dancing-girl cum queen who seduced the king of Persia... and  had 75,000 Persians MASSACRED as her blood whore payment...

  Schumer - another PRETEND "liberal Democrat"  RADICAL Right-WING judeo-supremacist  AMERICA HATING TRAITOR....  

 same with judeo supremacist TRAITOR carl Levin (below) - like schumer, di-fi, and all the other jew senators,  he is  "ON BOARD" with EVERY ATROCITY  perpetrated by the Judeo Supremacist NeoCon  HIJACKING of America... including  COVERING UP those  ANTHRAX ATTACKS on the U.S. Congress
(senate offices of Sen. majority leader Daschle and Sen. Judiciary Chairman Leahy)
that served to STEAMROLL the  NEO-CON WRITTEN    Nazi-esque, DICTATORIAL  WAR POWERS usurping "P.A.T.R.I.O.T."  past a stupefied, terrorized, and ANTHRAX ATTACK terrified  Congress... 

Schumer:  "TO QUESTION the NDAA - GESTAPO POLICE & SS WAR POWERS RUN BY THE JEWS who OWN  _BOTH_ the 'Democrat' & Rethuglican Parties...  IS TO BE "BIASED"  -

Senator Chuck Schumer Says Questioning NDAA is "Biased" 

if this photo doesn't nauseate you.. you aren't a real American...  HOW MANY thousands of  HUMANS will Hillary SELL DOWN the river of  JEWISH GENOCIDE... starting with the Hatians who DIED while American "charities" SAT ON  FUNDS RAISED for HAITI EARTHQUAKE VICTIMS while SHE was secretary of state... moving on to the JEW FINANCIERS INSTIGATED DICTATOR COUP in HONDURAS,  and then moving to  GENOCIDE IN LIBYA, AFGHANISTAN, IRAQ, across Africa, Syria, Russia...  and everywhere else the jihadi  jewish supremacists  & their Saudi bedmates feel like  INCITING & FUNDING an AL QAEDA JIHADI TERROR WAR... 

  A young queen Elizabeth melts for one of the high lords of finance,  (David? Evelyn?) Rotschield...

reminds us of  other nausea inducing  displays of the  DEGENERATE SEDUCTION & BETRAYAL of  EVERYTHING about Amerika...


How and Why International Bankers Make Wars

The First President of the World

In June of 1919, the victorious powers were in Paris deliberating over the best way to carve up Europe. With each national delegation came a coterie of financial advisors: Paul Warburg negotiating for the Americans and Max Warburg defending the interests of the Germans. Woodrow Wilson found his hour amongst this milieu of dignitaries. Wilson forbade copies of the Treaty of Versailles being given to the Senate, Congress or any common American. He did not discuss the deals he made on behalf of the American people with their representatives. While British, French and German delegates regularly informed their governments and people of the terms of this “peace,” the Americans were conspicuously kept in the dark. But not every American. A few select personages in New York were kept informed about the terms of the treaty. Eventually Senator Borah of Idaho learned the source of these leaked government documents. Mr. Jacob Schiff, Mr. J. P. Morgan, Mr. Paul Warburg, Mr. Thomas Lamont, Mr. Henry P. Davison and Mr. Frank A. Vanderlip were subpoenaed to testify before the Committee on Foreign Relations of the United States Senate. [1] The Witnesses: Five years before Paul Warburg had been appointed to the Federal Reserve Board and J.P. Morgan (the elder) was a driving force behind the Bank's creation. Warburg had designed the Fed system: its aims were the centralization of banking control and a bottomless source of credit for the US Congress. Jacob Schiff was also in the business of lending to governments; he was partner in Kuhn Loeb and Company and related to Warburg by marriage. All three had ties to the older banking houses in Frankfurt and London.         J.P. Morgan Paul Warburg   Jacob Schiff
The less famous men were no less interesting:

  • Henry P. Davison was a member of the J.P. Morgan & Co., chairman of the American Red Cross and League of Red Cross Societies. The Red Cross had privileged access to both sides of the Great War under their neutral flag.
  • Thomas Lamont was a member of JP Morgan & Co. too, and the US Treasury's advisor to the American Peace Delegation in Paris (the negotiators of the Versailles Treaty). Both sides of the Federal Reserve partnership were represented in this man.
  • Frank A. Vanderlip was a journalist who became president of the National City Bank (now Citibank). In between these positions he was Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury. It was under Vanderlip's guidance that National City became the first American bank to expand overseas. He also created the International American Corporation: a banking conglomerate which had 17 branches world wide by the end of the First World War. Vanderlip was also a trustee of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. [2]

Comedy The hearing was a political battle between senators concerned with American national interests and compromised senators desperately trying to absolve the witnesses. From the financiers subpoenaed, only J.P. Morgan Jr., Davison and Vanderlip bothered to show up.
 JP Morgan Jr.     Henry P. Davison     Frank A. Vanderlip

Senator Borah The Senate committee was methodical in the order of witnesses. Firstly, Senator Borah recounted his information about the existence in New York of copies of the peace treaty with Germany. Specifically, powerful financiers had secured copies and were using them to their private advantage. It was illegal to have copies of the undisclosed text: the best information that the Senate had about the treaty was just one Associated Press dispatch.
Senator Henry Cabot Lodge volunteered to testify that he had seen a copy of the treaty in New York, but it was shown to him by a friend with absolutely no ties to financial circles. Senator Lodge had never heard of anyone in finance ever seeing the treaty. He repeated this message several times.
President Wilson wrote to the committee himself to reaffirm that unauthorized possession of the treaty in the US was against the law. This was interesting, seeing as his closest advisors were the source of the leak.
Senator Elihu Root The Secretary of State Frank Lyon Polk asserted that all copies of the treaty legally in the United States were in his possession — specifically, they were locked in a safe in his office with the diplomatic seals unbroken.
Senator Elihu Root offered testimony next. The thrust of Senator Root's speech was to extol the munificence of Mr. Davison, and distance himself from this case of corporate espionage. In his effort to clear Davison, Elihu contradicted both the President's and Secretary Polk's testimony: he claimed copies of the treaty were very common in the US.
According to Senator Root, every American staffer in Paris (there were over 200) was likely to have leaked the text. It was simply a strange coincidence that he was the only US Senator able to get a copy. (Elihu's treaty had been supplied by Davison.)

Henry P. DavisonIn his personal testimony Davison did not try to hide the fact that Thomas Lamont had given him the treaty. Instead, Davison said his power as “Secretary of the Red Cross” and an “international banker” justified his having a copy. Davison's self-importance was astounding. He claimed that only his organizations were able to rebuild Europe: firstly through the Red Cross Organization, then through a consortium of private bankers which would marshal America's resources for a massive loan. The “League of Nations” was the new world power and Davison part of that league — so the US government was inconsequential by comparison.
Collecting money from the masses Davison's “consortium of private bankers” were his Kuhn Loeb, J. P. Morgan and National City Bank connections, as well as their partners in London and Frankfurt. He wanted to use the newly-established banking monopoly — the Federal Reserve System — to make loans to the European governments. American money would be lent out, but the US government would be excluded from the process and private bankers would collect the interest. Mr. Davison thought that the Liberty Bond organization was the perfect organ to implement this plan. (Liberty bonds provided the bulk of the American financing for the First World War.) The fact that this organization could be used outside of Washington's control provides insight into its inner workings.
“Europe must be regarded now as a whole” [3] The testimonies of J P Morgan and Vanderlip shed more light on how this new loan process would work. JP Morgan tells us that the US Government bought over seven billion dollars worth of European bonds from his firm and Kuhn Loeb & Co. in the years leading up to the war. After that, Vanderlip explains why Europe's debts to the US government must be forgiven. Europe couldn't afford new loans if they had to repay the old ones. The reader should remember that these bankers make money by selling bonds, not by holding them until they are repaid. When financiers lobby to forgive debt, they are setting up more profits for themselves while asking the general public to eat the losses. The same trick is used today through the IMF, World Bank and their various off-shoots.
Foreshadowing The way that the new loan was designed would have created an economically unified Europe in one sweep. The bankers would become the central planners of this empire, not unlike the Bolsheviks in Russia two years before, or the planners in Brussels today.
Vanderlip disclosed why it was important that the bankers hold the new loan. He explained how European governments could pay the interest: by giving the bankers first lien on the customs of each country. This means Europe would pay the bankers with their products. The financiers would determine how the loans were parceled out to each country, and what industries get what materials. The point is that the bankers would control the resulting monopolies. This is exactly what international financiers liked about Communism and early Fascism.
Far from being a champion of “self-determination,” the US president assisted these financiers behind Congress's and the Senate's back.
Wilson chose to ignore the fact that the House and Senate had to ratify his proposals before they became law or America's commitments. Why? It was obvious that the United States Congress was not politically disposed to the financiers' aims. In Senator Borah's words, Woodrow was acting like “President of the World.”

The first president of the world entering Versailles
By digging into the treaty leak in New York, the Committee shed light on an attempt to end the sovereignty of at least fifteen nations: America through political disenfranchisement and those in Europe through economic dictatorship. The reader can judge for themselves how far this plan came to fruition.

[1]  Investigation Relevant to the Peace Treaty With Germany: Senate Committee on Foreign Relations Hearing, Sixty-sixth Congress, First Session. Pursuant to Senate Resolution 64: Directing the Committee on Foreign Relations to investigate whether copies of the peace treaty with Germany are in the city of New York, by whom and how they were obtained, and so forth. 1919.
[2]  Harvard University's “20th Century Great American Business Leaders.” Accessed June 2007. The Modern History Project, as quoted from: "The Vanderlip, Van Derlip, Vander Lippe Family in America", by Charles Edwin Booth, New York, 1914.
[3]  Quotation from Mr. Vanderlip's testimony before the Committee.
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 what's old is  new:  history repeats itself, the SEDUCTION of all the officials of the U.S. government - elected and appointed  (much less business, campaign donations, and loans dependent state and local officials)  is  EASY if you CONTROL THE WORLD's MONEY SUPPLY, and  OWN the WHORE MEDIA corporations like the packs of  baying, yelping, blood obsessed  hunting dogs they are...

"Treason of the Senate"
February 17, 1906
Treason of the Senate
In February 1906, readers of Cosmopolitan magazine opened its pages to this statement:  “Treason is a strong word, but not too strong to characterize the situation in which the Senate is the eager, resourceful, and indefatigable agent of interests as hostile to the American people as any invading army could be.”  This indictment launched a nine-part series of articles entitled “Treason of the Senate.”
The “Treason” series placed the Senate at the center of a major drive by Progressive Era reformers to weaken the influence of large corporations and other major financial interests on government policy making.  Direct popular election of senators fit perfectly with their campaign to bring government closer to the people.
As originally adopted, the Constitution provided for the election of senators by individual state legislatures.  In the years following the Civil War, that system became increasingly subject to bribery, fraud, and deadlock.
As Congress took on a greater role in shaping an industrializing nation, those with a major business stake in that development believed they could best exert their influence on the U.S. Senate by offering financial incentives to the state legislators who selected its members.
The campaign for direct election of senators took on new force in 1906, following conviction of two senators on corruption charges.  Each had taken fees for interceding with federal agencies on behalf of business clients.  The resulting negative publicity inspired publisher William Randolph Hearst, then a U.S. House member and owner of Cosmopolitan magazine, to commission popular novelist David Graham Phillips to prepare a series of investigative articles....  


  note:  Today, having achieved the absolute domination of American industry and finance,  "those with a major business stake"... i.e.  "those with a 'financial interest' - can  MAKE "MORE MONEY" simply by PRINTING IT at the "Federal Reserve Bank" - a BACK DOOR TAX on the American people and economy - than they can possibly make in honest industry.... which they are OUTSOURCING to China, India, and Asia.....  

  Today's  mega-financiers are using the same BRIBERY, EXTORTION, and PROPAGANDA efforts they used all through the late 1800s and early 1900s to build business and manufacturing empires, to  instead DEMOLISH industry, as, like vampires addicted to drinking blood,  they ruthlessly MILK their privately owned so-called 'Federal' 'Reserve' (sic)  banking cabal out of EVERY  BILLION DOLLARS they can get away with PRINTING... FOR THEMSELVES...
 currently, the Fed banksters, by THREATENING the U.S. Congress with ECONOMIC IMPLOSION, have 'won' for themselves the RIGHT to JUST PRINT UP and GIVE to themselves... $85 billion,   EIGHTY FIVE BILLION DOLLARS,   $85,000,000,000 EVERY SINGLE MONTH - 
  they are EXTORTING  we the American people out of ONE TRILLION DOLLARS A YEAR  _off the top_  that we know about - not counting all their other frauds, extortions, looting of public and private funds, and  their well-laid groundwork to STICK THE AMERICAN PEOPLE with the costs of THEIR     "Derivatives"  financial failures...