Thursday, January 2, 2014

JP Morgan - the #1. 'WASP' (White, American) Front Man for the Rothschilds Judeo multi-national Banking Cartel, INTENTIONALLY INCITED the NY BANKING PANIC of 1907....

  How the "multi-national"  euro/judeo bankers INSTIGATED the MARKET CRASH of 1907...
to entice the American public to accept a FOREIGN OWNED 'national' CENTRAL BANK  as the answer to "PREVENT   _future_   market disruptions and (mass) unemployment." 

 The International Banking Cartel (III)  

  Of  course, you do not need to be a financial scholar, a Harvard, MIT or Ivy League graduate;
you do not have to be a  journalism or media 'professional' to know what happened next: 
exactly 15 years   from the authorization by a bribed, bought-off, and clueless Con-gress
for the JEWISH, PRIVATELY OWNED so-called 'Federal Reserve'  banking cartel to be instituted (that is, just days before New Years 1914), 
in 1929  the  ENTIRE NATIONAL ECONOMY PLUMMETED in to the Great Depression abyss that threw millions of Americans into the sewer of  abject poverty, hunger, and despair. 

  HOWEVER,  NONE of the  above "experts" - from the Ivy League, in U.S. Congress and in government,  in the media and in our press publications - ALMOST NO ONE  ever  CONNECTS the LYING PROMISES of  the  evil "Fed" bankers from  _before_  they passed their damnable  banking act in Dec. 1913, with the RESULTING GREAT DEPRESSION just 15 years later. 

   THIS IS A PROPAGANDA LIE  EVERY BIT AS MASSIVE, as deep, and as widely accepted as "conventional wisdom,"  as any lie or racial stereotype  propounded by Adolf Hitler and his Nazi minions.

We didn't  need the above video to know that JP Morgan - the biggest, baddest 'WASP'
(White, Anglo-Saxon, i.e. American Christ-ian)
 FRONT-man for the  evil Rotschields (et al)  judeo banking cabal in America
was BEHIND the  INSTIGATED BANKING PANIC that hit New York 1907,
 but it is nice to have a video article illustrating and explaining that
 INTENTIONAL banking  'PANIC'  INCITED BY THE euro/JUDEO BANKING CABAL, WITH THE INTENTION of  DRIVING  millions of American people in to  poverty, despair, bankruptcy, and economic distress. 



So  here we are, today in January of 2014 - and the SATANIC JEWISH BANKING CABAL now ENTRENCHED in America - the "Fed" bankers and all their partners in crime -  and their TREASONOUS  front-men, appartchiks, bought-and-bribed Congressmen, senators, presidents, lobbyists, judges, lawyers, state & local officials, lesser politicians, and "hirelings" newspaper publishers, editors, and media moguls - are once again TRYING to REPEAT in America the INTENTIONAL ECONOMIC CRASH of 1907...

  ...because they are treasonous, greedy, sadistic, selfish,  satanic, un-American SWINE... 


 (note:  This time - 2014 vs 1913/1929 will be far, far worse, because

#1.  this time the "national security state" is ARMED WITH  "wmd's"   WEAPONS OF MASS KILLINGS that could only be dreamed about in the 1930s)**, and,
#2.  then American jews lived in an overwhelmingly CHRISTIAN nation,  and could not openly wear their arrogance and scorn for their non-Jewish neighbors on their sleeves... as they do today.  
   Even back in the 1930s the jews were the "money power" KING MAKERS  _BEHIND_ BOTH the 'Democratic' (sic) and Republican Parties' presidential nominees...
but TODAY,  BEING AN INSANE  NEO-CON "ISRAEL UBER ALLES"  WAR PIG, is  THE LITMUS TEST, for  staying alive in both the TRESONOUS, BOUGHT & SOLD-OUT  "Democrat" & Rethuglican Parties -
 even BILL CLINTON, who was  DRUG THROUGH THE MUD by the  rothschilds/judeo  "MONICAL + LINDA  jewish harlot HONEY TRAP, is now a dyed-in-wool, CERTIFIED  'Neo-Con' WARMONGERING LUNATIC,
 Clinton just another of the FOUL  "Democrat" officials calling for the U.S. military to BOMB SYRIA... IN SUPPORT of  AL QAEDA  mass-murderous  TERRORIST JIHADIS  funded by the JEWS (ISRAEL) and SAUDI ARABIA and other Gulf Oil DESPOTS. 
 - the American ruling class is just  WEARING THEIR  JUDEO BLOOD-LUST ON THEIR SLEEVES (as we have reported in dozens of pages here at TJW)  
  and if they launch their NEW  GREAT DEPRESSION II 
  Chertoff/fema/DHS  REPRESSION, it will make the 8 million souls -  EIGHT MILLION,  800,000,000 Americans  KILLED in the GREAT DEPRESSION man-made FAMINE - look like a luncheon party  on the White House lawn in comparison...

 ** (who knew that the U.S. air force - then called the Army Aviation Corps - actually tried to BOMB  protesters / STRIKING MINERS in the union-busting 'Battle of Blair Mountain'  1921? 
Note how Wikipedia dumbs-down the use of bombs by Mitchell's Army Air Corps bombers - today, wiki asserts that there were "private planes" used to drop the explosives, but that is not how wiki reported the story several years ago. In fact, it was a scandal at the time that swung American support to the embattled union miners, the realization that the U.S. government and military were BOMBING  AMERICAN TOWNS and citizens.)