Friday, January 3, 2014

FUKUSHIMA - the GE/rothschilds Nuclear REACTORS run AMOK, are DESTROYING LIFE in the Pacific Ocean.. CAN LIFE ON EARTH be far behind?

FUKUSHIMA pouring radiation outflow  is KILLING the (entire!)  PACIFIC OCEAN....!!!!!!

this below PrisonPlanet video gives us an excellent entre to write a post we've been trying to write for months now (you can guess our direction from the above headline) -  but for now,  here's a taste: 

  Those who have empowered themselves to LIE ABOUT EVERYTHING
(supported by entire armies, in every country and nation on earth,  of "hirelings," propagandists, willing dupes; government appartchiks,  bribed officials,  extorted puppet leaders, press/media whores, etc. etc. etc.)

 are turning our earthly astronomical PARADISE into a PLUTO-esque REALM OF THE DEAD,** actively, energetically, and with malice aforethought and malevolent intent,  turning terra firma,  planet earth - into a DYING, death-ridden planet...
**(of ALL the BILLIONS of  astronomical bodies seen and observed in the known universe, there is ONLY ONE where humans can walk about wearing no more than t-shirts and sandals (or, butt naked if you prefer) - and the greedy MONEY OBSESSED demonic pigs are TURNING our home planet garden of eden,, into a nuclear - and soon enough bio - wmd and mass-killings wasteland)

  And - just as the  bible's awful "Garden of Eden" story metaphor-izes a CRUEL, RUTHLESS, MALEVOLENT  "g-o-d" - the "g-o-d" of MONEY and GREED and WAR and HATE and JEALOUSY and AMBITION and FRATRICIDE who EXPELLED 'his' human "children" from their earthly paradise for "DISOBEYING" some lame command -  so too are  WE "modern" "civilized" humans -  operating under that SAME "g-o-d" who according to bible myth EXPELLED US from Eden -
...set to DESTROY ALL life on the planet; on that until recently astronomical paradise that we call  home... mother earth.... 
Sea Change: The Pacific Ocean is Dying