Saturday, January 4, 2014

bonus: Video outlines the MESOPOTAMIAN ROOTS of the judeo religion; how FICKLE GODS at times WAGING WAR ON HUMANITY are _the roots_ of the SADISTIC, MASS-MURDER & BLOOD SACRIFICE DEMANDING "g-o-d" of the jews TURNING PLANET EARTH in to a HADES (Pluto-esque) HELL...

  bonus: as we try to work up our next long overdue posts,   we present this amazing video that outlines the MESOPOTAMIAN  _ROOTS_  of the _JUDEO_ religion

how FICKLE GODS at times  WAGING WAR ON HUMANITY are _the roots_  of
 the SADISTIC, MASS-MURDEROUS,   BLOOD SACRIFICE DEMANDING "g-o-d" of the jews, "Yahweh"; 

and how,  over the past 200 years - directed by the "money power" financiers and their armies of lying whore media moguls,  sell-out politicians;  lying, wars pimping gov't.  apparatchiks;
(and even supposedly 'independent'  'higher education'  propaganda spouting professors;  judges;  'think tank' officials - and even serially fraud & embezzlement perpetrating  'charity' officials, like all those millions of dollars of donations for Haiti earthquake victims that went "disappearing" under "U.S." secretary of state Hillary Clinton's malevolent watch!)

they are  all serving as High Priests to the satanic death-cult of the Pluto-esque  "g-o-d" of the jews WHO DELIGHTS IN DEATH and DESTRUCTION from afar...

... they are all, as we reported in our previous post, helping to TURN PLANET EARTH in to a HADES (Pluto-esque) nuclear radiation, bio-wmd, mass-starvation, terrorized slaves, tortured 'war on terra' suspects; brutality & casino gulag repression  mass-extermination  HELL**

**(as they - "America's" insane, TREASONOUS  bankers, financiers, and Neo-Con judeo driven  'tptb' "elites"  to be very specific here , are all TRIGGERING A NEW GLOBAL nuclear/bio wmd ARMS RACE,  by FUNDING AL QAEDA TERRORISTS to ATTACK RUSSIA,  CHINA  (Syria, Iran, throughout Africa, Central Asia, etc.)  and EVERYWHERE in the world that the insane "money power" financiers &  high priests of war want to assert TOTALITARIAN RULE;
  to EXTORT the wealth of  nations in to their own insatiably greedy coffers...
 ...and to EXTERMINATE the "useless mouths" they despise and have a carnal, genocidal lust to kill en mass.
   Just exactly as the euro/judeo bankers profited from
Belgian King Leopold II's  MASS-GENOCIDE RAPE of the "Belgian Free State Congo"  - MILLIONS killed - in the 2 decade before WWI broke out

  ...just as  Britain refused to aid erstwhile World War I  _ally_  Russia in fighting Turkey to prevent the Armenian genocide....thereby ALLOWING the  MASS-MURDER extermination of over 1 million Armenians by both Ottoman and Turkish nationalists
(quite possibly at the prodding of Rotschields financed 'CUP'  jewish instigators)
   ...just as somewhere between TWO MILLION  and SIX MILLIONS  Irish PERISHED from the _intentional_  BRITISH FOOD SEIZURES of  Ireland's fertile grain and animal  harvests, THE IRISH HOLOCAUST,  with the Irish SCAPEGOATED for being the victims of  this FOREIGN OCCUPATION, under the well honed British propaganda banner "the Irish 'POTATO' famine" - what about all the millons of hectares of all those fertile grain fields?!

   ...just as the judeo bankers Jacob Schiff and Paul Warburg promised that their "Federal Reserve" privately owned central bank would __"PREVENT"__  future  banking panics and financial depressions in America... just 15 short years before they INSTIGATED the GREAT DEPRESSION which killed millions of stressed, exposed, starved, and downtrodden Americans in the biggest "financial panic" or depression in world history;  a financial 'recession'  that THEY NOT ONLY  FAILED to prevent... but actually  INTENTIONALLY INSTIGATED to  IMPOVERISH... and KILL! - MILLIONS of victims, to add to their  (and their partners') own insanely greedy, treasonous, genocidal coffers....