Wednesday, December 25, 2013


IS IT  POSSIBLE.. that some people (other than al Qaeda terrorists)  DESPISE the notion of  "PEACE ON EARTH" ??
  Well - when you realize that  "SOME PEOPLE" regard the "holy bible" as nothing more nor less than a DIVINE ORDER, a COMMANDMENT FROM G-O-D,  to   MURDER, PLUNDER, exterminate, and enslave other races...   then,  certainly, Yes!  IT IS POSSIBLE that  SOME people     _DESPISE_ the notion of  "Peace on Earth"....  
 ...IT TAKES AWAY from  THEIR  _"SPECIAL"_  "closest to g-o-d"   status !! 
   "Yahweh gave the Israelites the right to murder and plunder other races of their property (Exodus 3:20-22).
 Yahweh had made the Israelites a "holy" people, a MASTER RACE among other races (Deuteronomy 7:6)
  In his book,  "God and the State"  Bakunin declared "Of all the good gods who have ever been worshipped by men, Yahweh is  THE MOST JEALOUS,  the MOST VAIN,  the CRUELEST, the MOST UNJUST,  the BLOOD-THIRSTIEST, the MOST DESPOTIC, and the one who is  THE MOST HOSTILE  AGAINST   HUMAN DIGNITY and LIBERTY..."
    In a previous post,  we wrote about the MURDER/assassination of St. Stephan, for daring to NOT CONFORM to the RELIGIOUS DICTATES of the Jewish high priest caste  -  the "Martyrdom" =  MURDER BY STONING of  St. Stephen by a MOB instigated by  JUDEO (supremacist)  AUTHORITY FIGURES....
 Sadly, can there be any doubt that there are still very strong and powerful remnants, or elements OF THAT HATE and HOSTILITY TO CHRISTIANITY.... IN AMERICA... TODAY?!! 

   Just look as this photograph of Christmas lights on one house in an affluent (gated) community in America this season... and realize that only ONE house on an entire street is lit with celebration lights, the rest are dark except for normal garage and street lights.... "NOTHING to celebrate here"....
...not even the PRIVILEGE of living in a nation that AT ONE TIME (before THEY SABOTAGED IT!)  stood for  the RIGHTS OF FREE MEN and FREEDOM OF RELIGION?!!
 "PEACE ON EARTH is ONLY for CONTEMPTIBLE, DISPOSABLE   'goyim' to wish for -  the vast majority of whom, since they should be SLAVES,  will never, ever deserve  to be accorded 'goodwill to all' by g-o-d's own 'chosen ones'!"    

whoops!  How did this picture of  a COMMISSAR HATE and  THEFT and ENSLAVEMENT (if not extermination!) pimping appartchik slip in here...?

   Well, DESPITE all the cold, cruel, sinister wishes of the WAR PROFITEERS, media whores, financial rapists, economy saboteurs,   and GOVERNMENT APPARTCHIKS  who all SUPPORT and ENABLE gross, serial, in-your-face war crimes, FINANCIAL CRIMES, and the shredding of the social contract that  throws MILLIONS of Americans into poverty and despair every year,  we still have one fervent wish for this Christmas and the New Year...