Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The WAR on CHRISTMAS... AND Against AMERICA, revealed by grim scenes from Frank Cappra's 1946 movie, "It's a Wonderful Life"

Under a Cold, Blue light:  the WAR on CHRISTMAS and AMERICA....

WITH MALICE and FORETHOUGHT,    the powerful financiers and their armies of ghoulish media whores, sell-out pols, government appartchiks,  sadistic "law enforcement" judges and officials, are all  INTENTIONALLY TRYING to  TURN MILLIONS of Americans into destitute, disenfranchised, dispossessed, disposable,  extorted & impoverished SLAVES...
into little more than DISPOSABLE GALLEY SLAVES, as millions of Americans were during the  "AMERICAN HOLOCAUST"   Great Depression...

(hiding behind so called "free market enterprise" as an excuse for copyright abuse) 
to benefit the insanely greedy "chosen few" - even though, as InfoWars points out, the FULL LENGTH edition of  "It's A Wonderful Life" is still up & running on Google-owned YouTube, and has been for years!

 here's a new, NON-GOOGLE,  NON-CENSORED site -   
__THEY__ get to COPY on to their Google servers EVERYTHING that is EVER posted to the web... but WE, the AMERICAN PEONS  get slapped with "COPYRIGHT VIOLATIONS" whenever it serves the evil banksters & JEWISH SUPREMACISTS evil ends to keep the American public ignorant and comatose!

 We'll try to highlight the exceptional commentary from the above  InfoWars video later,  but for now, take a look at Mr. Stephen Lendman's column about how the MEDIA WHORES - at the (until recently Meyer/Graham owned) COWARDLY, LYING WASHINGTON POST, at the TREASONOUS, WAR LIES PIMPING  SULZBERGER N.Y. TIMES,  and in this case particularly at the greedy, rapacious jewish billionaire SAM ZELL owned CHICAGO TRIBUNE,  
 INVERTING REALITY by  PRETENDING that they and the Democrats (much less the blatantly elitist Rethuglicans!)   give a damn about America's increasingly large armies of poor, dispossessed, disenfranchised, and discarded men, women, and children...
   NO Joy to the World This Christmas
          by Stephen Lendman, Veterans Today,  Dec. 25, 2013

No peace with war winds raging. None with growing global human misery. America is Scrooge writ large. It’s the Grinch that stole Christmas.
Scoundrel media editors claim otherwise. They support the worst of all possible worlds. They pretend aggressive wars are liberating ones.
They claim nations are destroyed to free them. They call imperial dominance democracy.
They glorify wars in the name of peace. Humanitarian intervention and responsibility to protect (R2P) mask ravaging one country after another. Mass slaughter and destruction reflect [their 'American' media LIES].
They call plunder economic development. They pretend Christmas 2014 reflects peace and good on earth.
They ignore what matters most. They turn a blind eye to America’s imperial savagery.   Unprecedented human misery reflects [America's metastasizing, mass-murderous aggression].
It persists globally. They sweep it under the rug. They air brush it from history. They ignore reality. Hypocrisy and indifference substitute.
New York Times editors headlined “This Day of Good Cheer.” They called it “the most joyous and the most richly seasonal.”
“Christmas can seem, somehow, outside the sequence of the ordinary year,” they said.
How can it be when billions endure poverty, unemployment, hunger and homelessness? Millions more suffer the scourge of war.
Festiveness doesn’t top their agenda. Survival matters most. Christmas is no different from other days. It’s not a day off from human misery. It doesn’t stop mass slaughter and destruction.
Not according to New York Times editors. It’s “a day of good cheer,” they said. It “comes to life on just this one holiday.”
It’s “enough to be here today,” they claim. How can it be when unprecedented human misery overwhelms it?
Washington Post editors headlined “The Christmas story, still captivating the world.”...
 It’s an “enduring reflection of…’comfort and joy,’ ” said WaPo editors.
For whom they didn’t explain. For billions it doesn’t exist. Human misery is their daily reality. WaPo editors substituted illusion for unconscionable human suffering.
Chicago Tribune editors headlined “As Christmas dawns.” They published the same Christmas day editorial since 1988.
Perhaps they have no original thoughts. Maybe they don’t care about what’s most important. They asked:
“What is this day, this Christmas, that dawns with a chorus of joy? What river of love and magic speeds the message from that moment of wonder in Bethlehem across the cold darkness of centuries long forgotten?”
“How does it warm us this morning as we awaken in a world the Wise Men could scarcely imagine to a radiance that once each year makes it all just a little bit better?”
For whom, Tribune editors didn’t say. For America’s 1%, it never was better. For most others, it’s lump of coal harshness.
…”(W)e praise this day, this Christmas, that dawns with a chorus of joy.”
Tell it to Chicago’s homeless. Imagine sleeping outside in sub-freezing temperatures. Imagine having to beg for nickels, dimes and quarters. Imagine needing them to buy bare bones food.
Imagine having nowhere to go when sick. Imagine no one able to change things caring. Imagine suffering out of sight and mind.
In July 2013, the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless estimated around 116,000 affected Chicagoans.
It’s 10% higher than year ago numbers. It includes nearly 19,000 students. Around 98% are children of color. An estimated 20% have disabilities and development delays.
On December 13, the US Conference of Mayors Hunger 2013 Homelessness Survey said Chicago homelessness increased 11.4% year-over-year.
Perhaps Tribune editors didn’t notice. Maybe they don’t care..... (con'td)

  UNDER THE EVIL "Neo-Con"  treasonous financiers & war-pigs THRALL, 
puppet president Barack   OBAMA and  "the Democrats"  HAVE BEEN A DISASTER for the above mentioned TENS OF THOUSANDS of CHICAGOANS, alone... 
...over the PAST YEAR... ALONE !!   

  Just as PUPPETS to the TREASONOUS bankers,   presidents HERBERT HOOVER, _AND_  FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT were both...
a CATASTROPHE for MILLIONS of Americans,  
during the   "AMERICAN HOLOCAUST"   the INTENTIONALLY Great Depression,  INSTIGATED   by the thieving, treasonous, NATIONS SABOTAGING "international bankers" !! 

 In part 3 of the  "American Holocaust" video, below,  the narrator relates how President HERBERT HOOVER - who came to American prominence specifically for FEEDING STARVING EUROPEANS and RUSSIANS  during and after World War I..... did NOTHING, not a god-damned thing,  to FEED STARVING AMERICANS during the Great Depression, and, 
 to the contrary sicked murderous police and militia troops on those  homeless and destitute Americans, driven by unemployment to live in shanty towns...

AMERICAN DEATH-TRAINS during the Great Depression??!!! 
  Part 1. of the above "American HOLOCAUST" video relates how... starving and penniless Americans FLEEING the Great Depression 'dust bowl" and devastated or foreclosed farms across AMERICA tried to migrate to California... only to be dragged off of freight trains IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DESERT, and LEFT TO DIE by police and state militia ??!!!