Monday, December 9, 2013


 In our previous post we teased out the great horror of modern American history: that the GREAT DEPRESSION was an INTENTIONAL ECONOMIC ATTACK on the American people and our society; a massive financial/economic ATTACK  that KILLED  somewhere between 3 million and 8 million Americans of  "malnutrition" and other FAMINE related diseases....
as  so-called  "liberal Democrat"  President Franklin D. Roosevelt went to sleep over hundreds of different nights in his official (White House) presidential palace after having done a "good day's work" of...

    OVERSEEING the INTENTIONAL DESTRUCTION of millions of tons of American foodstuffs,   _while_  millions of American people WERE STARVING,   all because Roosevelt and his  JEWISH TREASURY SECRETARY Henry Morganthau were ostensibly "strengthening the economy" by, they claimed,  limiting supply so as to "PROP UP  PRICES"...

     JUST AS TODAY the  EVIL JEW FINANCIERS at the Bernanke/Yellen "Fed"  tell us that PRINTING $85 billion PER MONTH and JUST GIVING IT TO BANKERS
(and no one but the god-damned treasonous, economy-killing, con-gress bribing, Americans brainwashing bankers)
will provide us with "ECONOMIC STIMULUS" today !!

...while anyone with two operating brain cells knows that the more the god-damned Bernanke Fed prints of Bernanke's "funny money" that the bought and owned Con-gress allows the Fed banksters to print for themselves...the more the AMERICAN ECONOMY  contracts
      THE HORROR  is that  'American'  President Roosevelt,  Treasury Secretary Morganthau,  and  JEWISH "Fed" bankers PAUL WARBURG(Jacob Schiff's heirs at Kuhn, Loeb),  BERNARD BARUCH and others    PRESIDED OVER the KILLING of  MORE AMERICANS, than  Adolf Hitler's Nazi army, and  Tojo's /Emperor Hirohito's imperial Japanese army & navy did in all of WWII... PUT TOGETHER! 

And - signature of  judeo culture/religion/'faith/race ethnic nationalism for 40 damn centuries,   THE VICTIMS of the American Great Depression  are simply scorned,  DERIDED, papered-over,  and SWEPT OUT OF HISTORY.... when was the last time you heard any jew (besides "blogging the bible" author David Plotz)  express REMORSE or SADNESS for.. the EGYPTIAN CHILDREN   killed WHOLESALE by their (judeo) malevolent 'g-o-d'  in the horrid bible "Exodus" story...  or heard an American history textbook discuss HOW MANY AMERICANS DIED  of  "malnutrition" or other FAMINE, exposure or abject poverty  related causes during the Great Depression?!

 600,000 American GIs were killed in World War IIvs  at least  several millions Americans killed in the Great Depression's ENGINEERED,   INTENTIONAL ECONOMIC SABOTAGE, the  "malefactors of great wealth" ENABLED and ASSISTED by President Roosevelt,  the entire U.S. government, and ALL of America's  press/media...  which, then as now, were mere PUPPETS of the  evil Fed bankers, as we will highlight in our upcoming posts....


When an overweight Marlon Brandon - portraying U.S. army officer "Colonel Kurtz"  gone "rogue" and now acting as a renegade savage tribal warlord in the remote Cambodian jungles far beyond  the influence of the U.S. military during the Vietnam war -  intoned "The Horror..." 
 in the final climatic scene of Francis Ford Coppola's 1979 Vietnam War movie epic "Apocalypse Now" just before Kurtz
(in his own jungle river lair/command post (complete with decapitated heads of dozens of native tribesmen his followers have executed - the stench would have been intolerable)
  allows himself to be brutally, savagely and ritually murdered by U.S. army/cia assassin Capt. Ben Willard (played by Martin Sheen) -
we thought the line was a tad overwrought....

      "Hadn't the whole world seen the evidence of  the Nazi death camps, the wholesale, systematic Japanese rape and mass-murder of millions of Chinese and other Asian peoples;  and the Anglo/American mass-murderous fire-bombings and atomic bombings of entire German and Japanese cities?"  we asked...
 (much less the Stalinist Red Terror purges which killed more millions of people than any other of the  20th century atrocities,   with the exception of the Japanese invasion of China - NO!, China's Communist dictator Mao Tse Tung did NOT kill more of his Chinese countrymen than A DECADE of JAPANESE INVASION, CONQUEST, and MASSACRES did)   

   - "How could the American wars in South East Asia be any worse then what the world had 'already seen and come to grips with' in the prior 2 mass-murder, genocide, and imperial state war-machines run amok decades"? 

     Well,  we now realize that Francis Ford Coppola's script, and Kurtz's  "horror" were exactly the correct formulation for expressing the INSANITY that drives men ever onward to the next atrocity....   

 While all the above mentioned mass-murderous, genocidal atrocities at least made a pretense of fighting a distinctly different racial or national "enemy" 
(except for the 'Soviet Union's'  mass-murder purges where, at least theoretically,  all the various nationalities, races, and  peoples in the 'Soviet Union' were considered to be part of the same, unified "international proletariat")     

   Sadly,  just over 2 decades since the  fall of the Berlin Wall signaled the peaceful, non-violent end to "the Cold War" and the ostensible beginning of "THE PEACE DIVIDEND",
     INSANITY and BLOOD LUST (warmongering) are ONCE AGAIN TRIUMPHANT, and these forces of evil are DRIVING _all_  of  HUMANITY to the very brink of  TOTAL  annihilation and (mutual wmd)  EXTERMINATION. 

     And, sad to say,  the driving force behind this insanity, this warmongering blood-lust, this WILLINGNESS to SELL cruise missiles  ZYKLON-B  to "MAKE a PROFIT"     has a very distinct ethnic, religious, theocratic,  and nationalistic  tribal flavor to it... as you may surmise from the 1,000+ pages we have posted here at TJW. 

     Indeed, now being  THE DRIVING FORCE in ALL of humanity,  that underlying warmongering, war-profiteering, and HUMANITY DEHUMANIZING ethnic/religious/tribal-nationalistic outlook and identity is now uber pervasive,  it is  EVERYWHERE YOU LOOK -   the tribalists think they are "smart" when they GET AWAY WITH LYING - which then becomes the imposition of  SERIAL STRINGS of  IN YOUR FACE LIES -

 -  and if you can merely brush aside the "mighty Wurlitzer"   military/intel/corporate-media/war-on-terror   spin or  PROPAGANDA FACADE, the high & mighty HIGH PRIESTS of HATE, WAR, & DEHUMANIZING MASS-MURDER
 are just proudly wearing their judeo supremacist, Americans despisng arrogance ON THEIR SLEEVES... 

'United' States intel agencies now just blatantly, brazenly projecting a
malevolent killer octapus/squid image... peon Americans are no more than PREY.  These TRAITORS  PRETEND NOT TO NOTICE that the CORNERSTONE of America's 'new' Mideast & Africa policies, as directed by the evil AIPAC israel war-lobby Jews and their Saudi billionaire oil despot bedmates,  is to SUPPLY AL QAEDA TERRORIST, to WHIP UP JIHAD, to either justify sending in U.S. troops on the American taxpayers' dime... or just to KILL CHRISTIANS and all other minorities so the evil judeo resource extraction financial rapists don't have to share their stolen loot with the locals   
...just as Aztec high priests wore the spattered blood of their freshly killed victims all over their hands, faces, and bodies; and  just as Col. Kurtz  had the heads of his executed native victims impaled on shorts stick all around the jungle hell-hole that was his command post...   

   ...the 20th century Hollywood portrayal of Kurtz's Vietnam War rouge command post   roughly based on the real-life atrocities - millions of Africans killed, entire regions of the Congo river basin depopulated -  perpetrated in the Congo River basin of East Africa, the "Belgian Free Congo"  at the tail end of the 19th century (i.e. the late 1800s,  or just before Belgium itself would be engulfed in the equally horrific mass-murder and carnage of the dreadful "Western Front"  bloodletting of World War I, 1914-1918). 

      JUST HOW PERVASIVE  is this  "ethnic/TRIBAL/religious/theocratic/warmongering/dehumanizing/WAR-PROFITEERING" ethnic/nationalistic identity that is now DOMINATING  ALL ASPECTS of American & European society? 

      Well, we've long known that the chief financial backers - which is to say "PROFITEERS"  of  Belgium's  King Leopold II's  SERIAL, GENOCIDAL, mass-murder, resource extraction ATROCITIES in the "Belgian Congo"   were the bankers of the Rothschilds several anglo/germanic/judeo banking house(s)
 (which as always were closely tied to all the other major European - and especially Euro/judeo - banking houses, whether as competitors or in financial partnerships)
   but just moments ago,  looking up a few quick links for this article,  we reaffirmed that Coppola's U.S. army "Col. Kurtz's"  character was indeed based on the ruthless ivory trader, also named "Colonel Kurtz"  in Joseph Conrad's short story "Heart of Darkness"  about King Leopold's savage rape  and mass-murder genocidal enslavement of the so-called "Belgian Free Congo" East Africa...  and that  Conrad's  fictional "Col. Kurtz" may well have been based on a real-life "agent" ivory trading profiteer of King Leopold's slavery & mass-murder extortion,
Georges-Antoine Klein:
Joseph Conrad has acknowledged that Heart of Darkness is in part based on his own experiences during his travels in Africa. At the age of 31, he was appointed by a Belgian trading company to serve as the captain of a steamer on the Congo River in 1890. Conrad, who was born in Poland and later settled in England, had eagerly anticipated the voyage, having decided to become a sailor at an early age. While sailing up the Congo river from one station to another, the captain became ill, and Conrad assumed command of the boat and guided the ship to the trading company's innermost station. He reportedly became disillusioned with Imperialism after witnessing the cruelty and corruption perpetrated by the European companies in the area, and the novella's main narrator, Charlie Marlow, is believed to have been based upon him[self, Joseph Conrad].[2]   Georges-Antoine Klein, an 'agent' aboard the same steamer as Conrad who became ill and later died on board,  has been identified by scholars and literary critics as the basis for the character of Kurtz. Welsh explorer Henry Morton Stanley has also been suggested as one of the inspirations for Kurtz.[3]  
Whether we realize it or not, we Americans today are most certainly starring straight in to the abyss of Conrad's Heart of Darkness... we are starring straight at
 "THE HORROR" of  mutual annhilation and savage ritual CANNIBALISM
 our 'American'  police and "law enforcement" forces have  ALREADY BEEN HIJACKED by a FOREIGN "vampire" power, and  the police here in America   ALREADY HAVE IMMUNITY to  SHOOT AND KILL _AMERICANS_  with no more provocation or repercussions than a Nazi Gestapo or SS officer shooting an unarmed European national on the spot  in any Nazi occupied country during WWII... 

Cop  Kills Unarmed Man After Sarcastic Remark

note how the WHORE  'mainstream media' in the above story SPINS the story NOT AS AN OUTRAGE or MURDEROUS ABUSE OF POWER by a police officer - a lousy cop who had been forced to CHANGE, leave one  police department after another time & again before winding up in some low-key college police department...  
no, instead the  TREASONOUS WHORE MEDIA  spins the story as no more than a "BEREAVEMENT" story about college students "coming to grips" with "the loss" of a fellow student...

 just as  Moses had a man STONNED TO DEATH for picking up sticks for firewood on the 'holy' day because,  you know, the man didn't want to FREEZE to death on one of those cold desert nights that "g-o-d" saw fit to place that poor murdered by Moses' order soul in...

  ...the above  ROUTINE  POLICE BRUTALITY  a mere prelude to the real thing, the  Lazar Kagonovich style "HOLODOMOR"  MASS-MURDER Famine that  killed up to ten million -
 10,000,000  Ukrainians - a  MASS-MURDER FAMINE which was actually based on the  British "GREAT FAMINE"  mass-murder OCCUPATION of  Ireland  model -  "the IRISH HOLOCAUST"  which we have referenced before here at TJW, which was followed barely a half-century later by a similar MASS-MURDER FAMINE "cleansing" of  Armenian Christians by the "CUP" - Committee for Union & Progress" Turkish nationalists - and the saying in Turkey  as  the "Young Turk" nationalists  overthrew the Ottoman Islamic Sultan went,
"Behind every 'Young Turk' is an OLD JEW" -  the judeo (and crypto-judeo)  "Turkish nationalists" in Turkey, were actually of the same judeo 'crypto' flavor as the  very judeo "BOLSHEVIK  COMMUNIST INTERNATIONALISTS" of the Russian Communist Revolution like Trotsky and other Jewish Bolsheviks:  they never would have gotten anywhere proclaiming a JEWISH run DICTATORSHIP, so they HID behind  FACADES of  "modern, progressive nationalism" (the 'Young Turks'), or  "international workers" (Jewish Bolshevik Communists) or, today in America,  posing as  OUR DEFENDERS in the "War on Terror" and our SAVIORS  in  "fighting economic recession" 

 (see Obama's "national security" traitor Neo-Cons SUPPORTING AL QAEDA TERRORISTS GENOCIDE in Libya &  Syria - incuding supplying them with airliner-killing surface-to-air man-portable missiles... or Bush's  so-called "brilliant" PNAC jewish Neo-Cons DOING NOTHING but SUPPRESSING efforts to punish Al Qaeda for the October 2000 attack on the USS Cole in a Yemen harbor - pure, abject treason) 

 and  EVERYTHING the  GREENSPAN, BERNANKE, YELLEN,  RUBIN, SUMMERS, (PAULSON), GEITHNER,  LEW   GODDAMN-SACHS/jpm/Fed  jewish financiers have done over the past 2 decades, have served ONLY to  DRIVE AMERICA  and the European West EVER DEEPER IN TO RECESSION and  economic APARTHEID... 

   such that the Spanish government - IN THE POCKET of the  EVIL JUDEO gs/fed/boe/ecb 'central bankers'   FINANCIERS just as much as the NSA, CIA, White House, and Con-gress are,  have OUTLAWED PROTESTS to enforce the  JUDEO  OVERSEEN  PLUTOCRACY  genocidal rape and vampire economics stranglehold over Spain... similar measures in  Greece, Ireland, Britain, Canada, Australia,  and now America itself...!!!

  the "American"  judeo 'elites'  (who we've been calling "Neo-Cons")  ARE AT WAR WITH AMERICA, it is their  _INTENT_  to KILL MILLIONS of Americans -

  just as Roosevelt's bankers did to millions of Americans during the Great Depression; 
  they are once again TRYING  to do to America,  today, what they have done to Russia in the past 20 years
("radical capitalism" aka  WHOLESALE ECONOMIC RAPE and national dismemberment)
 and what the Trotsky/Kagonovich/Yezhov/Sverdlov et al judeo commissars did to millions of Russians, Ukrainians, Lithuanians, and other nationalities in the 1920s & 1930s.... murder _ them _ wholesale_....

 80,000  humans killed in ritual mass-murder sacrifice to the Aztec war gods.... the prelude for Graham Hancock's latest novel of  genocidal conquest.   IF you  believe that  the g-o-d of the jews REIGNS SUPREME over humanity - the cornerstone foundation of the judeo (Christian, AND muslim) religion(s) and 'faith'  - then 'he' is  FAR MORE BLOODTHIRSTY than the Aztec gods... the god of the jews  appears to LOVE the mass bloodletting - tens of millions of victims killed - in  "WORLD WARS"  every two or three decades or so.

photo - AUSTRALIAN POLICE  heavily armed, trained... and PREPARED... to GO TO WAR  against....   their FELLOW AUSTRALIANS!   Aztec priests had to work hard to turn a human body into bloody meat... these cops can do the job with just the touch of an itchy trigger finger! 

      The notion that either Australia or Canada are "liberal"  progressive Western nations  ("socialism") is PURE MYTH - they are both COMPLETELY  BOUND,  OWNED,  indentured (indebted!) and  ENSLAVED colonies of the ruthless "City of London" predatory, savage, cannibalistic euro/anglo/judeo  vampire 'banking' cabal...
   In Australia  they CAN'T PRETEND it is BLACK vs WHITE,  LATINOS vs Anglos as the jews have DIVIDED and CONQUERED American society...

 even so it STILL  looks as if  the police in Australia are PREPARED TO SHOOT  people by the (soon to be tens of)  THOUSANDS !!

     Australia is Now OFFICIALLY a POLICE STATE: 
 [A POLICE REPRESSION  rotschields/gs/Fed/BoE judeo owned COMMISSAR GULAG peon slave  PRISON STATE !!]