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JEW WAR PIGS (israel + 'American' TRAITORS) are ACTIVELY FUNDING & GOADING Al QAEDA TERRORISTS... to EXTERMINATE CHRISTIANS in SYRIA, LIBYA, LEBANON, and EVERYWHERE in the Mideast, Africa, North Africa... and even in to Central Asia (read, "Russia", et al)

THE  dismal story of 2013 is how  'American' jews - after a century of  "laying low" in a predominately WASP, 'White',  Christian nation, are now THE POWER that  RULES America... and not only are they just _BLATANTLY_  wearing their centuries old JUDEO HATE, SCORN,  CONTEMPT, LOATHING, enmity, and revulsion for  Christians on their sleeves,
but with their 9-11 Treachery and "War on Terror"  evil BAIT & SWITCH, the jewish 'elites' are now  just blatantly, actively FUNDING  Al Qaeda terrorists  (Sunni Wahabi Islamic fundamentalist jihadi fighters)  to MASSACRE CHRISTIANS at EVERY OPPORTUNITY that jewish money and jewish, Kissinger/Wolfowitz/Netanyahu style "REALPOLITIK"   political machinations & treachery can whip up.

  AMERICAN Christians - who either through GROSS stupidity and IGNORANCE,  or through  TREASONOUS COMPLICITY  _FAIL_ to   STAND UP TO the New York, Washington, L.A., Chicago, City of London, and Tel Aviv coordinated, JEWISH financiers & warmongers instigated Al Qaeda JIHAD AGAINST CHRISTIANS in Syria, the Mideast, Africa, North Africa,  & Central Asia, DESERVE to  be TURNED IN TO PENNILESS cannon-fodder "American Holocaust" VAGRANTS - just as many tens of thousands of Bush-Cheney voters who cheered the stolen election of 2000;  or cheered  Blackwater gunmen stalking Hurricane Katrina African-American (Black) victims in New Orleans in 2005;  themselves became victims of  the Hank Paulson,   Republican flavored Goddamn-Sachs "Pump... & DUMP"  financial SABOTAGE economic crisis  of 2008...

   ...just  as the evil judeo financiers and their complicit  hyper-wealthy gentile partners-in-crime had ALREADY DONE during the FIRST  American Great Depression - which probably killed upwards of EIGHT MILLION American men, women, and children, in just tens years of the brutal INSTIGATED FAMINE  "American Holocaust" Great Depression,
as the wealthy wallowed in their hoarded, stolen, genocidal extortion loot, and arm-twisted U.S. puppet president Franklin D. Roosevelt to INTENTIONALLY DESTROY millions of TONS of desperately needed  grains, milk, fruits, and other dairy and other farm products, -  as _ millions_ of Americans were STARVING...
 (in the name of   "reviving the economy" of course)...  
  This evil  pattern of  DEATH CAMP COMMANDANT  style LOATHING and CONTEMPT for the weak & impoverished,  IS THE SIGNATURE of the JUDEO SUPREMACIST "Neo-Con" agenda - in America,  today!  

 LABELING those who oppose this  BLATANTLY JUDEO SUPREMACIST 'Neo-Con' agenda  - of ever MORE WARS and ANTI-DEMOCRATIC  HYPER-CONCENTRATION of WEALTH & POWER -  as "racists" or  "extremists" or "terrorists," or just smashing the heads of  Occupy Wall St., 'Fed' banking cartel, or IMF & economic summit  protesters....

Under the Evil Thrall of   "AMERICA's"  JUDEO RUN WARS,  CHRISTIANS in IRAQ  and the Mideast face EXTERMINATION,  as  the JEWS RADICALIZE EVERY FACTION on Earth in their INSANE attempts to Assert JUDEO HEGEMONY, everywhere...
by Alex Newman,    the  New American  December 27, 2013
On Christmas Day, more than three dozen civilians in Iraq were reportedly slaughtered in a series of coordinated bombings aimed at Christians. 
 [The EVIL JEWS in the Israeli government, in  MOSSAD,  AND IN the 'United' (sic) STATES government war & intel agencies,  merely PAY ONE SIDE to BOMB THE OTHER in Iraq's Sunni vs. Shia sectarian fighting... and then, over the next few weeks, pay the victims of the previous bombings to bomb the perpetrators in the following weeks. In the case of CHRISTIANS in Iraq & throughout the Mideast, the EVIL JEWS simply pay and instigate the radical young jihadis and warlords on ALL sides to BOMB & ATTACK Christians!  
(Just as, when it was to their advantage, the SAME evil jews INSTIGATED  and ABETTED Lebanese CHRISTIAN militias, to attack and massacre defenseless Shiite victims in the 1985 Sabra & Shatila refugee camp massacres.  
Notice how, in the wikipedia entry for the Sabra & Shatila  massacres, 
INTERNATIONAL "law"  _and_  ASSASSINATIONS,    ALWAYS seems to come down in favor of the side of  the... JEWISH PERPETRATORS.) ] 
In one of the attacks, a terrorist car bomb went off near a church right after Mass, killing 26 and wounding almost 40, officials said. A separate attack moments earlier targeted an outdoor market in the Christian section of Athorien, leaving 11 dead and more than 20 wounded.
The vicious murders aimed specifically at embattled Iraqi Christians, though, are nothing new. Three years ago, for example, Islamist terrorists with the al-Qaeda-linked group “Islamic State of Iraq” stormed the Our Lady of Salvation cathedral and brutally slaughtered some 60 Christian martyrs after taking more than 100 as hostages. It was among the most brutal anti-Christian attacks in recent Middle East history.
Still, the recent high-profile attacks, which tend to garner more media coverage, only tell a small part of the story of the last decade’s assault on Iraqi Christians. Since the [PAUL WOLFOWITZ,  Scooter Libby, Richard Perle, Doug Feith, Wurmser, Zackheim, Bolton, Bolten, et al PNAC 'national security experts' run]  George W. Bush administration’s invasion of Iraq that ousted strongman Saddam Hussein, the ancient Christian communities across the nation — many have been there for close to two millennia — have suffered from ruthless persecution for their faith.  [LIFE FOR CHRISTIANS  in Iraq was BETTER THAN IT HAS BEEN since the JUDEO INSTIGATED "U.S." invasion]
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 bonus:  GUESS who was AMERICA's AMBASSADOR to... INDONESIA, at a time that Indonesia's military and secret police were knee deep in the blood of  KILLING, TORTURING, RAPING, MURDERING, and TERRORIZING East Timor's  CHRISTIAN population, when Indonesia used the exit of  Portugal in 1975 - WITH judeo supremacist war-pig  HENRY KISSINGER's foul, evil, mass-murderous wet-kiss blessings as SECRETARY OF STATE  as an EXCUSE to INVADE, OCCUPY, and TERRORIZE  CHRISTIANS in  East Timor...???

Massacre: The Story of East Timor
Six years ago today — on November 12, 1991 — Indonesian troops armed with American-made M16 rifles fired on a crowd of several thousand unarmed East Timorese civilians gathered at the Santa Cruz cemetery in Dili, East Timor. At least 271 people were killed that day and more later as they sought medical treatment in local hospitals. 
The scale of the protest was unprecedented. The killing was not. Since Indonesia illegally invaded the former Portuguese colony in 1975, at least 200,000 people have been killed   — ONE THIRD of the POPULATION.
  [Note:  and no one could make the argument that the CATHOLIC, Portugese speaking East Timorese were 'Communist' - the normal judeo/american 'Realpolitik'  EXCUSE to  UNLEASH  AMERICAN FUNDED DEATH SQUADS in Asia during the Vietnam Wars & Cold War.] 
While not the largest massacre in this genocidal history, the Santa Cruz massacre was witnessed and photographed by foreign journalists, inspiring a worldwide outcry which continues today.....

Paul Wolfowitz

Paul Wolfowitz.jpg

Ambassador to the Republic of Indonesia

From 1986 to 1989, during the military-backed government of President Suharto, Wolfowitz was the U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Indonesia.[22]
According to Peter J. Boyer,

Wolfowitz’s appointment to Indonesia was not an immediately obvious match. He was a Jew representing America in the largest Muslim republic in the world, an advocate of democracy in Suharto's dictatorship. But Wolfowitz’s tenure as Ambassador was a notable success, largely owing to the fact that, in essence, he went native. With tutoring help from his driver, he learned the language, and hurled himself into the culture. He attended academic seminars, climbed volcanoes, and toured the neighborhoods of Jakarta.[5]
Sipress and Nakashima report that "Wolfowitz's colleagues and friends, both Indonesian and American" pointed to the "U.S. envoy's quiet pursuit of political and economic reforms in Indonesia."[23] Dewi Fortuna Anwar, a foreign policy adviser to B J Habibie, Suharto's successor as head of state (1998–1999), stated "that Wolfowitz was a competent and popular envoy." But "he never intervened to push human rights or stand up to corruption."[22]
Officials involved in the AID program during Wolfowitz's tenure told The Washington Post that he "took a keen personal interest in development, including health care, agriculture and private sector expansion" and that "Wolfowitz canceled food assistance to the Indonesian government out of concern that Suharto's family, which had an ownership interest in the country's only flour mill, was indirectly benefiting."[23]

 hmmm... NO  concern expressed -  judeo-philic Wikipedia DOESN'T EVEN MENTION IT! - for that portion of  the  200,000 CHRISTIAN victims KILLED  by Indonesia's military and secret-police TORTURE, TERROR, and mass-murder DEATH SQUADS  in East Timor,
   while  Wolfowitz was living the good life as U.S. ambassador there !! 


 double-triple bonus:  HERE IT IS!   The tried out and proven, JEWISH/'amerikan'  APPARTCHIK TEMPLATE for...  EXTERMINATING CHRISTIANS !!

 The PAUL WOLFOWITZ and HENRY KISSINGER approved (and, in Kissinger's case at least, orchestratedMURDER of  ONE THIRD of the POPULATION of Christian East Timor;   by U.S.A.  SUPPLIED GUNS  and funding  to Indonesia predominately Muslim, ISLAMIC army and Secret Police  DEATH SQUADS. 

     There was NO RATIONAL or motive for this partially successful GENOCIDE EXTERMINATION - no one accused the CATHOLIC East Timorese
(Catholics, then and later, as in Poland, and as in America's CIA installed CATHOLIC  PUPPET DICTATORS in Vietnam - would be synonymous with "anti-Communist")
 - except for  JEWISH HATE and LOATHING of Christians.

THEN, as now,  JEWS ACTUALLY PREFER  MUSLIM TERRORISTS to  peaceful, non-threatening Christian populations! 

"GREEN LIGHT" for MASS MURDER: East Timor GENOCIDE met with APPROVAL of America's BLOOD DRENCHED very jewish Secretary of State HENRY KISSINGER
... on 7 December 1975, when the armed forces of Indonesia crossed the border of East Timor in strength, eventually proclaiming it ... a full part of Indonesia proper.

Timorese resistance to this claim was so widespread, and the violence required to impose it was so ruthless and generalized, that the figure of 100,000 deaths in the first wave - perhaps one-sixth of the entire population - is reckoned an understatement.
The date of the Indonesian invasion - 7 December 1975 - is of importance and also of significance. On that date, President Gerald Ford and his secretary of state, HENRY KISSINGER, concluded an official visit to Jakarta and flew to Hawaii.
Since they had come fresh from a meeting with Indonesia's military junta, and since the United States was Indonesia's principal supplier of military hardware ... it seemed reasonable to inquire whether the two leaders had given the invaders any impression amounting to a "green light". Thus when Ford and Kissinger landed at Hawaii, reporters asked Mr Ford for comment on the invasion of Timor. The President was evasive.

So gruesome were the subsequent reports of mass slaughter, rape, and deliberate use of starvation that such bluntness fell somewhat out of fashion. The killing of several Australian journalists who had witnessed Indonesia's atrocities, the devastation in the capital city of Dili, and the stubbornness of FRETILIN's hugely outgunned rural resistance made East Timor an embarrassment rather than an advertisement for Jakarta's new order. Kissinger generally attempted to avoid any discussion of his involvement in the extirpation of the Timorese - an ongoing involvement, since he authorized back-door shipments of weapons to those doing the extirpating - and was ably seconded in this by his ambassador to the United Nations, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, who later confided in his memoir A Dangerous Place that, in relative terms, the death toll in East Timor during the initial days of the invasion was "almost [proportionately]   the toll of casualties experienced by the Soviet Union during the Second World War." Moynihan continued:
The United States wished things to turn out as they did, and worked to bring this about.
The [JEWISH RUN!]  Department of State desired that the United Nations prove utterly ineffective in whatever measures it undertook. This task was given to me, and I carried it forward with no inconsiderable success.  [!!!]
Henry Kissinger on a lecture tour for his book Diplomacy, August 11, 1995, Park Central Hotel in New York, questioned by investigative reporters Allan Nairn and Amy Goodman:
Allan Nairn: Mr Kissinger, my name is Allan Nairn. I'm a journalist in the United States. I'm one of the Americans who survived the massacre in East Timor on November 12, 1991, a massacre during which Indonesian troops armed with American M-16s gunned down at least 271 Timorese civilians in front of the Santa Cruz Catholic cemetery as they were gathered in the act of peaceful mourning and protest. Now you just said that in your meeting with Suharto on the afternoon of December 6, 1975, you did not discuss Timor, you did not discuss it until you came to the airport. Well, I have here the official State Department transcript of your and President Ford's conversation with General Suharto, the dictator of Indonesia. It was obtained through the Freedom of Information Act. It has been edited under the Freedom of Information Act so the whole text isn't there.  [But] It is clear from the portion of the text that is here, that in fact you [kissinger!]  DID  discuss the impending invasion of Timor with Suharto, a fact which was confirmed to me by President Ford himself in an interview I had with him. President Ford told me that in fact you discussed the impending invasion of Timor with Suharto and that you gave the US . . .
Kissinger: Who? I or he? 

Nairn: That you [kissinger!]  and President Ford together gave US approval for the invasion [and SUBSEQUENT brutal GENOCIDE] of East Timor...


  note the PATTERN:    Simply PROVIDE WEAPONS and FUNDING $$$ to a hired-hand MASS-MURDEROUS  DICTATOR,   HIDE BEHIND a few PUPPET "American" hired hands
DODGE questions or accounting, and SUPPRESS  'NEWS' COVERAGE in America -  and...

    PRESTO!  the  INSANE, GENOCIDAL  JEWISH SUPREMACIST warmongers & slavers, the hyper-wealthy financiers who RULE America behind appartchiks like HENRY KISSINGER, PAUL WOLFOWITZ, 
[Doug Feith, Richard Perle, Michael Chertoff, Michael Mukasey, Lewis Libby, John Bolten, JOE LIEBERMAN, BOB RUBIN, LARRY SUMMERS, JACOB LEW, DIANNE FEINSTEIN, CHUCK SCHUMER, and many, many, many  others] -  
instigate, launch, and perpetrate ANOTHER   MASS-MURDER GENOCIDE...

    although this time, in East Timor 1975-1991 (unlike the more successful Armenian genocide),   their own bloody "U.S. government"  MURDER INSTIGATING OFFICIALS kissinger & wolfowitz  are unmistakably seen,  right there in the middle of the scene of the bloody, mass-murderous crimes, torture, terror, and GENOCIDE....