Monday, December 30, 2013

Establishment Terrified Tea Party Won’t Back Unnecessary Wars - WHITE VOTERS _REJECT_ the SELL-OUT TRAITOR Rethugs who embrace the JEWISH SUPREMACIST "Money Power" WARS & SLAVERY agenda...

'The Establishment' is Terrified that Tea Party Voters Won’t Back Unnecessary Wars'    

aka "The  MONEY POWER"  and the war-lobby,  which are one and the same, and together  OWN the  Rethuglican Party lock, stock, & barrel;

   and their  TRAITOR SELL OUT  Rethuglican pols like  NEWT GINGRICH, JOHN McCAIN,  LINDSEY GRAHAM,  Mitt Romney, g.w. bush,  DICK CHENEY, JOHN BOEHNER,  MITCH McConnell,  etc. etc. etc.  ad naseum - all are terrified that the PEON WHITE SLAVES MIGHT REBEL against their "MONEY POWER"  debt extortion &  *economic SABOTAGE*   SLAVE MASTERS and  hired pol overseers...   

 the Speaker of the House - the 'leader' (sic)  of the "United" States Congress..
bows down to the foreign bankers & genocidal jew war lobby... 

 below illustration: 
you SELL OUT   "ISRAEL FIRST" TRAITOR  whore  mitch McConnell ??!! 
hey newt:  IF you're going to let your jew war-lobby pimps & financier paymasters get you to make a public statement that Palestinians [and Syrians, and Iraqis, and Africans, and Iranians.... and Americans!] are no more than disposable goats... don't let them HERD YOU into a BASEMENT DUNGEON to make it, you stupid sell-out whore! 


Establishment Terrified Tea Party Won’t Back Unnecessary Wars 
by Thomas R. Eddlem   New American    December 30, 2013

The  'interventionist'  [WARS PROMOTING]  'establishment'  is terrified that a reinvigorated Tea Party may prevent new unnecessary wars and foreign military interventions in the coming years, according to an article in Democracy magazine. 
The article — “R.I.P. Republican Internationalism” by Council on Foreign Relations President Emeritus Leslie H. Gelb and Michael Kramer [both probably JEWISH]  —   _FRETS_  that “a common thread emerges: a Tea Party-wide reluctance to engage with the world, except for those they view as true U.S. friends, such as Israel.” 
The authors of the article — reposted on the website of the center of America’s political establishment, the Council on Foreign Relations [rotshelds/warburg instituted CFR]  — say that Americans can “count on three consequences then. First, a stronger, even more vociferous Tea Party. Second, a growing isolationist, anti-world impulse among its adherents. Third, much rougher opposition for any President wanting to conduct necessary business abroad.” 
By “necessary business,” Gelb and Kramer mean ground wars and air strikes in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. And woe to those who oppose such foreign interventionism, since they risk being branded “isolationist” and “anti-world” — as the authors do in their article. Of course, the epithets are not accurate, since it is neither “isolationist” nor “anti-world” to want to stay clear of foreign quarrels.
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postscript: The "Democratic" Party is EQUALLY SOLD-OUT, TREASONOUS, and COMPLICIT with the  treasonous "Israel FIRST,"  "Israel UBER amerika"   TREASONOUS  JEWISH SUPREMACIST war lobby 
(and identical 'Fed' banking cartel FINANCIAL RAPISTS & ECONOMY SABOTEURS)  agenda:

 -  BILLIONS $$ and BILLIONS $$ and BILLIONS $$ and BILLIONS $$ of dollars  for WARS and  TREASONOUS banker "BAILOUTS"
 (UNLIMITED banker 'bailouts'  in the form of Bernanke's LICENSE TO PRINT MONEY "QE") -

 while OBAMA, BIDEN, and the TRAITOR  'Democrats'  GUT the AMERICAN SOCIAL SAFETY NET,  throwing TENS of THOUSANDS upon MILLIONS of Americans into abject dispossession and despair - just as  so-called "liberal Democrat" President Franklin D. Roosevelt's government goons DESTROYED THOUSANDS OF TONS of AMERICAN FOODSTUFFS... AS  millions of AMERICANS WERE STARVING during the Great Depression...

Going Under: Over One Million AMERICANS Lose Unemployment Benefits – Will Hit Five Million By End of 2014

 (AS the U.S. government - run by "Democrat" and "Republican" Party TRAITORS - shower BILLIONS upon TRILLIONS of dollars on thieving bankers and their warmongering "Military Industrial Complex" subsidiaries)


‘Huffpo’ shames pro-war Democrats, blames AIPAC (and gets lectured by Foxman)

FAIR USE  DISCLAIMER:  when a powerful 'United' States government official - in this case no less than vice president Joe Biden - is obviously so cozy with agents of a FOREIGN POWER as to INFLUENCE U.S. GOVERNMENT POLICIES -  then the  AMERICAN  PEOPLE HAVE A _RIGHT_ to know  *and SEE*   how THEIR GOVERNMENT officials  are FORMULATING international policies. 

 This  RIGHT of  the American people to KNOW their government's ruling processes, should TRUMP any "copyright" laws,  which are  ONLY AS effective as they  ENFORCED by that SAME government.
We, the American people, whose POWER vice president biden (nominally) represents,  HAVE A RIGHT TO SEE THESE PHOTO, regardless of any 'copyright' claims - ESPECIALLY when those "COPYRIGHT" CLAIMS are HELD BY MEGA-CORPORATIONS who in turn are OWNED by MEGA FINANCIAL ENTITIES WHO are FOREIGN financial powers.  
Some people want to put the horse before the cart - put minor laws (the property rights of certain individuals) OVER and ABOVE the RIGHTS of the AMERICAN PUBLIC to WITNESS THEIR GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS  IN ACTION - proceedings, which due to the great size of our huge society, and due to the property interests of mass-media corporations, which are arguably CONTROLLED BY  FOREIGN POWER(s)  - SOME INDIVIDUALS  want to KEEP THE BEHAVIOR  of OUR  government officials SECRET,   behind a FIREWALL of  PAY-to-see SECRECY...
Which would effectively PREVENT the great majority of American citizens, many millions of whom are under the stress of paying bills without time to investigate their GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL's COLLUSION with HOSTILE FOREIGN POWERS -
i.e.  the use of  COPYRIGHT LAWS to  SUPPRESS an informed consent American democracy...   IS TREASON. 
   jewish HATE LOBBY chairman abe Foxman and [puppet]  vice president biden at ADL centennial gala last month
Huffington Post has called out the 15 Democratic Senators who are pushing a bill to kneecap [SABOTAGE!]   the Iran deal and ENABLE ISRAEL to TANGLE US UP in [yet] ANOTEHR MIDDLE EASTERN WAR.  Check out the roll of dishonor at that post, and the lead:
As the United States finally puts a decade of war behind it, a group of senators, including 15 Democrats, is defying the White House and threatening to push the country into a fresh war with Iran.
Harry Hjalmarson notes that Huffington Post’s coverage has included criticism of Israel and its lobby. “I think the HP has decided to invest political capital in a push-back that started already. In my simple reasoning, the motivation here is anti-war, but the end result will be another attack on Zionism.”
He notes that the Huffpo commenters are not shy about Israel. “The MAJORITY of the 240 comments are negative about the AIPAC/Menendez/ADL point of view. Many are thoughtful and carefully written.”

 [EVEN JEWISH faux "liberal"  OWNED HuffingtonPost readers, are starting to see through, and  become DISGUSTED with,  AMERICAN GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS'  rank COLLUSION with the power mad dictates of the  foreign "money power" and genocidal, humanity destroying, insanely bloodthirsty jewish "War lobby.]