Thursday, December 19, 2013


 Jewish media gadfly Larry Klayman tries to _PRETEND_ that JEWS are INNOCENT VICTIMS of  their OWN  JUDEO RUN  WARS, ECONOMIC SABOTAGE, &  GLOBAL SPYING/ ENSLAVEMENT regime !!

 The U.S. military's scientifically applied  MASS-MURDER and DESTRUCTION invasion of Iraq 
 - the product of  _JEWISH"ARCHITECT of the IRAQ WAR"  PAUL WOLFOWITZ and his fellow "Pnac" Neo-Cons' intensive planning for war, for an entire decade leading up to the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq under Bush-Cheney-Wolfowitz, et al " -
(as proclaimed by the very jewish owned BLOOMBERG 'news'!) now being visited, wholesale, on AMERICANS...
 ...while there can be no doubt that  JEWS ARE RUNNING (ruining!) the entire American & western economies...

Yet Larry Klayman once again portrays jews as victims, and tries to paint Obama as an "Israel hater"...  DESPITE OBAMA's TREASURY SECRETARY 
(arguably the most powerful person in America - America's wars,  foreign policy and domestic policy are, after all, "all about the money" being an ORTHODOX JEW... Jacob Lew !

   Lew, like all other upwardly mobile jews in American power & politics today, especially the "Orthodox" ones, is an UNABASHED  "israel uber alles"  judeo SUPREMACIST...

 ...yet  jewish PROPAGANDIST larry Klayman tries to WHITEWASH  obama's  "jews UBER ALLES"   ZIONIST  TREASURY SECRETARY and other powerful jewish officials _out_ of the picture...
  ...with Alex Jones  swallowing the bait - "that bad, bad Obama must be a jew hater" - hook, line, & sinker!

  Indeed,  with  THIS  HEADLINE  at Mr. Jones'  OWN  " website 
 (and sister just a few short days earlier (!!)  spelling out in raw black and white just how SUBSERVIENT  president Obama is to his JEWISH PUPPET-MASTERS,     

  There is  NO  EXCUSE  for Alex Jones to  ALLOW  the DESPICABLE jewish supremacist war-monger (and thus traitor) Larry Klayman to try to get away with painting Obama as a "Jew hater" - NOT  when he, Obama, NOMINATED AN ISRAELI jew CITIZEN to be VICE CHAIR of the so-called "United States" 'FEDERAL (sic) RESERVE' banking cartel, only shortly after NOMINATING an ORTHODOX JEWISH SUPREMACIST JEW to be his - America's! - TREASURY SECRETARY!!!   

Obama Nominates ISRAELI BANKSTER as Federal Reserve VICE CHAIRMAN    [!!!]
Stanley Fischer will guide QE Infinity along its [AMERICAN ECONOMY DESTROYING]  destructive path  December 12, 2013
Obama Nominates Israeli Bankster as Federal Reserve Vice Chair fischer
Dual American-Israel citizen Stanley Fischer has sterling globalist credentials [ = a PhD in APPLIED FINANCIAL RAPE,  ECONOMIC SABOTAGE, and CASINO GULAG MASS-MURDER]
 Photo: World Economic Forum
The Obama administration has nominated a top level globalist to act as vice chair of the Federal Reserve, the private banking cartel masquerading as a federal agency. If selected, he will replace Janet Yellen as Vice Chair of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve. Yellen is slotted to replace Ben Bernanke.
Zambian-American-Israeli economist Stanley Fischer left mega-bank Citigroup to head up Israel’s central bank. He is the former number two honcho at the globalist loan sharking operation, the IMF, and the former chief economist at the World Bank. As an MIT economics prof Fischer tutored the current Fed boss, Ben “Helicopter” Bernanke and former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers. Fischer is a member of the influential Group of Thirty.
Obama was instructed over the summer by central banksters and establishment economists to nominate Fischer.
Stanley Fishcer is an ideal choice as number two at the Federal Reserve. He is a monetary “hawk” who will guide QE Infinity along its destructive path. His globalist credentials are sterling...

 (Indeed, as we have written countless times here at TheJewishWars,  UBER ZIONIST "orthodox" jews JACOB LEW just one of many of Obama's powerful  JEWISH  appointees..  MOST of Obama's  truly powerful appointees indeed  are either jewish, or are slavishly devoted to the  insane 'Neo-Con'  judeo supremacist agenda - including Obama's TWO WHITE HOUSE CHIEFS of STAFF,  RAHM EMANUEL & JACOB LEW,  AND Obama's TOP TWO  APPOINTEES to the FED -  - proving that jewish war-pig propagandist  Larry Klayman is an abject LIAR BY OMISSION in the below video)  

 Lawyer Who Beat NSA Speaks Out
 [aka Jewish PROPAGANDIST Larry Klayman tries to prove that the NSA __Surveillance WAR AGAINST AMERICANS__ has an "anti-jewish" nature to it... when in fact ALL of Obama's MOST POWERFUL APPOINTEES are either Jewish, or are SLAVISHLY DEVOTED to the JEWISH WARS and JEWISH FINANCIAL RAPE + police-state ENSLAVEMENT of America!!  = "the  Neo-Con" agenda
Prison  December 18, 2013
Alex is joined by 'Constitutional Lawyer' Larry Klayman to discuss his bombshell landmark court victory over the NSA in regards to their rampant unconstitutional spying on the private lives of the American people.  [PURE judeo lying hypocrite PROPAGANDA THEATER: as a JEWISH SUPREMACIST "israel uber alles" Neo-Con, Klayman supports the FULL RAFT of  "WAR ON TERRA"  ATROCITIES against the people of  America & the world...]


  bonus:  Why is this   jewish  financial CRIMES AGAINST AMERICA
  _APPOINTED BY   BARACK OBAMA_  so-called 'Fed' Chairman Ben Bernanke....  smirking....???

 answer - because, using  the locust-like HORDES of  relentlessly, serially LYING  jewish MEDIA WHORES like  LARRY KLAYMAN to cover his (and other jewish financial & war-crimes criminals) tracks...
genocidal  Ben "JUDENFETZEN" Bernanke has gotten away with stealing $85,000,000,000 -  EIGHTY FIVE BILLION DOLLARS from stupified American citizen/consumer/taxpayers... THIS and each and EVERY  MONTH!

  That's  a TRILLION DOLLARS A YEAR in the Fed's  GOVERNMENT AUTHORIZED (that would be "Obama co.")   BACK-DOOR  TAX,  the THEFT that DEVALUES the dollars that most Americans hold  as savings, or are paid as wages,  in Bernanke's DOLLAR DEBASEMENT...

   JUST ASK PAUL KRUGMAN HOW HE would like it,  if he owned HALF the shares of a company... and while he was on vacation,  they printed up another million or two shares - DILUTING  HIS OWNERSHIP to only 1/10th of what it had been days earlier...

   THAT  is  what Ben Bernanke is doing to American savers EVERY DAY,  while  the armies of ghoulish media WHORES  like  LARRY KLAYMAN and PAUL KRUGMAN  and BLOOMBERG and the SULZBERGER TRAITOR WHORE New York Times and the cnn/TIME/warner judeo war-mongering media cabal ALL  spew out their lies,
    "NOTHING TO SEE HERE.. MOVE ALONG,  or we will SICK the CHERTOFF DHS  jew  Gestapo, or Mukasey/Leevey (et al)  FBI on you...!"