Monday, November 4, 2013

We Salute Veterans Today JEWISH writers Stephen Lendman and Gordon Duff, and JEWISH Vietnam War reporter Sy Hersh, for CONFRONTING the GENOCIDAL JUDEO HIJACKING of America, and thus for confronting the METASTASIZING, Insane, judeo Driven, American military waged WAR ON HUMANITY that is TURNING AMERICA into a Naziesque PRISON GULAG POLICE REPRESSION STATE...

editors note:   we apologize:  we meant to write this very strenuous, very complex post two or three weeks ago; as a prelude to a critically important post we've been unable to write for several years:   "The JEWISH VICTIMS of the JEWISH WARS."    Please bear with us as we try to give form and shape to this critical discussion.. 

We salute Veterans Today JEWISH writers Stephen Lendman and Gordon Duff,
and JEWISH Vietnam War reporter Sy Hersch,
 for CONFRONTING the GENOCIDAL, institutionalized MASS-MURDER  WARS 
that are a result of the JUDEO HIJACKING of America,
and for thus confronting the METASTASIZING,  insane,  judeo driven, American military waged WAR ON HUMANITY that is turning not only nations attacked by the U.S. military, but  AMERICA,  the UNITED STATES itself,   into a Naziesque PRISON GULAG POLICE mass-murder REPRESSION STATE that is nearly as ruthless and  deadly for American citizens,   as people now murdered with impunity under  regimes of  those CONQUERED NATIONS the evil judeo bankers have looted, plundered, devastated, and destroyed behind their U.S. military and Saudi funded, blatantly genocidal Al QAEDA TERRORISTS  proxy armies as in Libya, Syria, and now one raped and conquered African nation after another...

   The ferocity of  that  JEWISH HIJACKING of America is becoming more blatant every day,     which  means that jewish war-lobby supporters on both  "the far left" and "the far right" are becoming more TREASONOUS than ever in ratcheting up their  CRIMES AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE on behalf of their jewish overlord paymasters & puppet-masters.

 VT managing editor Jim Dean catches so-called "liberal Democrat" former Congressman (and former cia director)  LEON PANETTA just  openly echoing JEWISH SUPREMACIST mad-man billionaire SHELDON ADELSON's   NUCLEAR EXTORTION THREATS against Iran -  Adelson: US should drop atomic bomb on Iran -   in this VT headline: 

Leon Panetta threatens Iran with military force

  showing a PERFECT "Democrat"  CONTINUATION of the  SIGNATURE OBJECTIVE of the BUSH-CHENEY presidency (after the 2006 election forestalled them from doing so) -
bombing, destroying, &  INVADING IRAN on behalf of their blatantly insane, genocidal, treasonous, America destroying  jewish war-lobby puppet masters. 

This  so-called "liberal Democrat" perfect assumption & CONTINUATION of the RADICAL RIGHT-WING tax-cuts for rich in time of war + NEO-CON jewish war lobby directed U.S. MILITARY WARS ON THE WORLD agenda,    is perfectly captured in the below PrisonPlanet cartoon images -

  Another  Veterans Today writer,  Dean Henderson,   outlines in this succinct paragraph of  his latest column at VT just who it is that is running America's DISASTROUS, TREASONOUS, INTENTIONAL SABOTAGE policies... just who it is who are RULING Amerika today:
Using Fox News as their propaganda arm,  
the Saudi/Israel subsidiary of the City of London banker cabal has transformed a large segment of the US population into imbecile obedient Nazi Brown Shirts, ready to attack minorities, poor people and nature at their Illuminati bosses’ command.
With millions of Americans experiencing food stamp cuts yesterday, the command may come sooner rather than later...

 Unfortunately,  the otherwise insightful  Mr. Henderson fails to realize that the original TAX PROTEST, grass-roots TEA PARTY protesters  have been HIJACKED by the SAME  JUDEO WAR-LOBBY + BANKERS & FINANCIERS  that rule the  both "mainstream" Republican Party AND the so-called "liberal Democrat" obama/pelosi/biden/kerry/panetta/hillary Party,
  including the...JEWISH BILLIONAIRE KOCH BROTHERS,  who fund  "mainstream" Republicans candidates as well as trying to guide the LEGITIMATE  "Tea Party" grass-roots, fed-up-with-Washington protesters into a suicide, dead-end ditch.

Fortunately,  JEWISH Veterans Today writers STEPHEN LENDMAN and GORDON DUFF see through the  murderous,  judeo war-lobby  magic curtain of evil propaganda, 
and realize that the Jewish War Lobby is  INSTIGATING the SABOTAGE of America from BOTH the "radical" LEFT  _and_ THE RADICAL RIGHT, as (the presumably jewish) Stephen Lendman succinctly spells out in the powerful Jan. 2013 column headline:

Obama:  [The] Money Power’s Point Man
[in the mass-murderous Neo-Con wars +  economic  SABOTAGE of AMERICA]

by Stephen Lendman at Veterans Today,  Jan. 2013

Throughout his tenure, Obama’s done what supporters thought impossible.
HE HAS GOVERNED  __to THE RIGHT__ of George Bush.

He mocks rule of law principles and other democratic values. He prioritizes wars on humanity. He’s waging multiple direct and proxy [WARS against humans]. 
War on terror subterfuge disguises [the causes and consequences of those wars against humanity] .
He plans more. He’s sending US special forces to 35 African countries. They already infest most others. CIA elements operate everywhere.  
They come TO DESTABILIZE and DISRUPT... NOT [to] help.
France attacked Mali.   Obama offered support. 
[for this NAZI-esque,  franco/JUDEO [= rotschields, et al]  war of BLATANT  21st century 18th century style IMPERIAL GENOCIDE & aggression.]  
Ravaging another northern African country is planned. Expect others to follow.
Obama prioritizes replacing independent governments with pro-Western puppet ones. He mocks legitimate governance.
...he’s in bed with rogue Israeli governance.

 He spurns popular interests.
 He [has] consigned growing millions to impoverishment without jobs.
He targets dissenters  [for EXTERMINATION - as the GESTAPO or KGB would]

Challenging political corruption, corporate crooks, or abuse of power lawlessness endangers anyone who tries.    
[obama,  holder, and now Jeh Johnson are BLATANT FASCIST THUGS in service of their genocidal,  NAZI-esque jew hate-monager puppet-masters!]

He’s a con man. After all the harm he caused, half the country still supports him. He gets away with murder and much more.
Most people haven’t a clue. They’re out of touch. They don’t understand what harms them.
They ignore their own welfare. 
[they are PROPAGANDIZED by the evil JEW OWNED corporate media, to HATE the "enemy du jour" or pay attention to the glittery sports/entertainment/infotainment spectacle of the day, rather than pay attention to the politics that determine the needs, welfare, & social fabric that affects their families.]
Some perhaps don’t care. Others are dismissive. They know more about bread and circuses  [our above mentioned "glittery entertainment" & distraction events]    than vital major issues to address.
Obama takes full advantage [of the DISTRACTED, MISINFORMED, HATE-WHIPPED, and PROPAGANDIZED "animal farm" public]. He governs lawlessly. He   is in bed with corrupted monied interests. They own him.
He plans throwing most Americans under the bus.
It’s his scheme to  [pretend to]  give them more. America is more hypocrisy than democracy.
Obama is [the]  money power’s point man.
He takes orders and salutes. He prioritizes destroying America’s social contract.
Domestic budget cuts will be made on the backs of ordinary people  [to the benefit of BOB RUBIN, BEN BERNANKE, & JACOB LEW's pals in the CRIMINALLY, treasonously RUN GoddamnSachs, JP Morgan/chase, & other Fed [= boe, ecb, rotschields, et al)   FRAUD PUSHING judeo dominated banksters
He’s a serial liar. He’s a moral coward....
 [who is LEADING, as the  FRONT MAN among many hired appartchik TRAITORS and corrupted agents for the "Money Power" the treacherous from within SABOTAGE DESTRUCTION of these late "United" States of America...]    !!!

 Meanwhile, this  SULZBERGER NEW YORK TIMES headline -  the NY Times is the GROUND ZERO propaganda arm of BOTH the  JEWISH WARS on the world, AND the JEWISH FINANCIAL RAPE and ECONOMIC ASSAULT on  we the American people

  - the NY Times editors admit that  the  WOLFOWITZ/pnac/AIPAC led  U.S. war on Iraq
 has TURNED THAT NATION INTO A PERPETUAL HELL-HOLE, although of course they do so in an ACCUSATORY tone, BLAMING  Iraq's president Maliki for the  GENOCIDAL CARNAGE the WOLFOWITZ/perle/feith/libby/kristol/kagan/cheney/bush (et al) judeo war lobby  war has wreaked on that hapless  nation:
 Can Iraq Be Saved?
By the Editorial Board, the New York Times.
  Published: November 1, 2013
With Iraq wracked by the worst violence in three years, Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki was in Washington this week looking for military aid and other help. This was quite a turnabout, since he had essentially forced American troops to leave in 2011. Since then, the pressures in Iraq have grown, and Mr. Maliki bears much responsibility for the current turmoil. His plea for assistance is urgent because Al Qaeda in Iraq, a Sunni group and Al Qaeda affiliate that was significantly degraded in 2008, is again a major threat, stoking war against Iraq’s majority Shiites. Since January, more than 7,000 people have been killed in bombings and shootings in outdoor markets, cafes, bus stations, mosques and pilgrimages in Shiite areas....

SO -  WHAT HAPPENED to all that  ROSY "OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM"   U.S. govt. and JEW WAR LOBBY _propaganda_  the   New York Slimes promoted so assiduously,  that said a U.S. invasion of Iraq would be a cake-walk and bring peace, harmony, stability, and cooperation to the region back in 2002-2003 ????!!

   Oh... perhaps a LITTLE MORE U.S. military FIREPOWER  [which is to say "APPLIED TERRORISM & MASS-MURDER"!]   in Iraq "might make things better there" - wtf?!

What the JEW WAR PIG  TRAITOR EDITORS at the Sulzberger NY Slimes fail to mention is that they have NO love lost  for "Iraq's majority Shiites"  and in fact jews DESPISE the Shiites even more than the Sunnis, the Jews see the Shiites as the breeding ground of a religion/faith that is even more suicidal-in-name-of-g-o-d  than judaism!  -
(based as Shia Islam is on the tragic martyrdom of the prophet Mohamed's son-in-law Ali and his son Hasan,  both of whom were killed in Islam's first civil war with the caliphate around 632 AD
and indeed, despite  all the NYT & Neo-Con  jews'  CROCODILE TEARS about the plight of Iraqis, when it came down to their REAL GOAL - EXTERMINATING IRAN - the evil jews 
(at AIPAC, at PNAC, at the Sulzberger NY Slimes & meyer/graham cowardly traitor lying Washington Post)  

 & U.S. government were FULLY in SUPPORT of  SADDAM's  SUNNI dominated Baathist regime, killing  IRANIANS,  KURDS.. and SHIITE IRAQIS  alike !!!   

insert picture  of jew war lobby errand boy DON RUMSFELD SHAKING  HANDS with SADDAM HUSSEIN in 1983 "good job killing all those Iranians & Shiites for us... we'll keep you supplied with the 'agricultural credits' that will help you purchase & manufacture the POISON GAS which you dump on Iranian army and  SHIITE Iraqi OPPOSITION POSTIONS  all day long" !! 

   WILL the MASS-MURDEROUS,  LYING, genocidal   JEW WAR PIG EDITORS at the NY Times ADMIT that they were WRONG pimping a U.S war & invasion of  Iraq back in 2002 - - taking a nation that was admittedly under Saddam's dictator regime, but turning it into an EVEN MORE TERRORIZED WASTELAND hell-hole that it is today? 

  Or was there perhaps an even more sinister intent than merely just a misreading of the tea leaves:  MAYBE sowing  CHAOS, CATASTROPHE, MASS-MURDER,  relentless TERROR, and  DESTRUCTION OF NATIONS  _IS_  the JEWISH WAR LOBBY GOAL and INTENT for  all their occupied, subject, conquered, ENSLAVED  nations...  

INCLUDING for we "ENSLAVED to GODDAMN-SACHS,  the Fed, & Rotschields plantation masters DEBT SLAVES" here in the (late) UNITED STATES of America ??? 

  Below - yet another VT writer,  this time Dr. Kevin Barret - outlines the CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY U.S. wars on "THE ENEMIES OF ISRAEL" - - -  and how those crimes are ALSO, now,  BEING DIRECTED AT... AMERICANS !! 

Chomsky covers up world’s worst-ever war crime
Chomsky displays classic “guilty demeanor” in his many speeches and writings covering up 9/11 – arguably the world’s worst-ever war crime.
(9/11 launched a 100-years-war by the US and the West against the enemies of Israel – a war that has already killed millions and will, if it continues, kill tens or hundreds of millions [more].)
Why would the world’s leading critic of American war crimes cover up the worst-ever American war crime?  
Perhaps because it was actually a Zionist war crime against America?