Friday, November 22, 2013


  jews train their CHILDREN with MACHINE GUNS...  bought and paid for with AMERICAN TAXPAYER DOLLARS! 
...while 'American' GOVERNMENT COMMISSARS and their DHS EINSATZGRUPPEN storm troopers raid AMERICAN neighborhoods with IRAQ WAR style ARMORED VEHICLES...

...all while evil jewish  supremacist WITCH  Dianne Feinstein wants to OUTLAW guns... for the Palestinian AMERICAN  people  'goyim'  criminal slave scum...

FEINSTEIN the WHORE B*TCH wants to OUTLAW GUNS FOR AMERICANS... while getting STUPIFIED Amerikan peon scum taxpayers, to foot the bill for BILLIONS and BILLIONS and BILLIONS and BILLIONS of dollars in weapons - from Uzi machine-guns for jewish children, to NUCLEAR MISSILE SUBMARINES for the jewish navy and missiles CAPABLE OF HITTING THE UNITED STATES!  -  for __FIVE MILLION__  LOUSY WARMONGERING, blood-lusting jews in the evil, reprehensible,  nations destroying genocidal jew state 

  "I would take them ALL if I could,  'TURN 'EM ALL IN..."  


Jewish children trained to use.. FULLY AUTOMATIC MACHINE GUNS... and to HATE  PALESTINIANS and all other "goyim" as  good for little more than being DISPOSABLE, CRIMINAL SLAVE SCUM... cannon-fodder to be EXTERMINATED with extreme prejudice when no longer useful (profitable) for their evil  'chosen' jew slave masters.... 

"Freedom of religion" in America means... you AMERICAN peons MUST  SUPPORT the five million lousy jews in israel and ALL their metastasizing WARS -  
"you are either with us or against us" 
(in the words of their infamous little sell-out  traitor of a twice 'AWOL' U.S president) 
 BECAUSE their  'holy'  blood-drenched bible SAYS SO...  praise be!  

ho hum.  Under the evil thrall of the "NATIONAL SECURITY EXPERTS" and "FINANCIAL EXPERTS"  of the evil judeo master-race... the United States  CONTINUES to DEGENERATE towards
an increasingly starvation, slow mass-murder, and police state repression  occupied wasteland...


for the price of a few DISPOSABLE "Black Ops" Special Forces mercenaries,  and a couple of backpacks of black powder,   you can TERRORIZE MILLIONS of Americans... attempt to OUTLAW ownership of  BLACK POWDER by Americans... and, oh,  get BILLIONS OF MORE DOLLARS  to be spent by terrorized, extorted government political 'leaders'   for your team's treacherous war profiteers,  BOMBS PLANTING "national security" 'experts',  POLICE STATE REPRESSION contractors, prison-gulag profiteers, and BLACK OPS hired terrorists mercenaries....

the Boston Marathon Bombing was a TEXTBOOK  "false flag"  HIRED ASSASSINS and PATSY suspects "black ops" terror operation...  


bonus -  Americans being CONDITIONED - innocent motorists have guns pointed in their faces - for the on-coming DHS / Chertoff  judeo commissar run RED TERROR PURGES and  FEMA prison gulag death camps...  coming here, to Amerika... just as Kagonovich and the other evil judeo Commissars MURDERED MILLIONS of Russians, Ukrainians, and other nationalities in the 'Soviet Union' Red Terror mass-murder purges...


extra bonus:  the idea of the GOVERNMENT (and secret agencies like the FBI, CIA, and covert military ops)  STAGING INTENTIONAL TERROR ATTACKS,  to BLAME on  "enemies" is hardly new - it is at least a half-century old,  and of course among true hard-core devotees to a given group's DOMINATION of power, politics, finance,  and War,  the idea of  "SACRIFICING" some of your own troops - much less loathed & despised  "innocent civilians" -  to start a WAR YOU DESIRE, is no more "unimaginable" a notion, than EXPENDING YOUR OWN TROOPS to ATTACK a heavily defended enemy position
 (which - being prepared to sacrifice your own men - is the core job or duty of every military officer and non-com in any army anywhere in the world)...
or, you know...   firing on Fort Sumter....

Senator Suggested False Flag Attack To SENATOR John F. Kennedy 2 Years PRIOR TO Operation Northwoods Proposal

 That was over 50 years ago...
  and in the half century since, Americans are only JUST NOW WAKING UP to the fact that the JUDEO FINANCIERS  _CONTROL_   _BOTH_ the   RADICAL RIGHT-WING  _and_ the  RADICAL  LEFT WING (eg David Horowitz and all the other neo-TROTSKYITE jews who became "Neo-Conservatives"  i.e. "NeoCons" once they were no longer impoverished immigrants ) and even the "moderate" 'mainstream' Progressive/democratic agenda
 through their proxies,  agitators, unsuspecting dupes, patsies, AGENT PROVOCATEURS, ordinary, 'legitimate' funding,  and of course through outright FALSE FLAG  TERROR ATTACKS that DEMONIZE the 'enemy'  and TERRIFY the public and controlled opposition to CONFORMITY
("United we stand" and "We Support the Troops" are the SOFT propaganda versions of  "YOU ARE either WITH US... OR FOR THE TERRORISTS")

  At all times the  main goal is  FURTHER CONCENTRATION OF WEALTH among the selected "chosen"  ELITES
 (and their "goy" partners in Crimes - Rockefellers, Harrimans, Vanderbilts, Bush's, etc.)

including the economic RAPE, STARVATION, and EXTERMINATION of "useless mouths"  whenever it suits the rapacious, genocidal elites - SEE the BRITISH "East India Tea Company" RAPE AND FAMINE of occupied Bengal;
     or the  East India 'Tea' (OPIUM!) Company and BRITISH + European RAPE and MASS MURDER CONQUEST of China, the OPIUM WARS and subsequent Taiping Rebellion... MILLIONS KILLED so the British could  PUSH OPIUM on China and extort wealth for NOTHING  (but an addictive drug) traded in return....   

  or the MILLIONS OF AMERICANS  DRIVEN to EARLY DEATHS, SUICIDES, and abject poverty and destitution by the  RIGGED, INTENTIONAL   "pump... and DUMP" CRASH  of  the AMERICAN STOCK MARKET  and GREAT DEPRESSION,   which 'officially' started on Black Tuesday', Oct.  29, 1929,  but was actually preceded by the  bankers war on American farmers all through the 1920s**... or just over a decade after the ECONOMIES DESTROYING  so-called  'Federal' Reserve  privately owned banking cartel was instituted by Congress through deceit, lies,  treachery, and a well-coordinated bankers owned corporate media  BAIT & SWITCH propaganda campaign... the  TREASONOUS BANKERS _promised_ Americans that the 'Fed' would  END  "panics" and economic contraction & unemployment....
  ....and instead, just over a decade after the Fed was authorized by Con-gress in 1913, America landed smack in the BIGGEST "panic", Economic Contraction, and massive, prolonged unemployment in world history,  THE GREAT DEPRESSION !! 

** (in the 1920s America was over 50% a rural, agriculturally based economy & nation.  After government contracts to farmers to feed hungry troops in WWI VASTLY  increased farm production and output,  that government consumption was abruptly CANCELLED after WWI ended... with now highly productive farmers competing to sell in to a much smaller market.) 


 double extra bonus:

  In this video, jewish Senator Dianne "hates Amerikan peons as much as Netanyahu and Emanuel hate Palestinian displaced civilians  terrarists"    Feinstein admits that... SHE has a concealed gun carry permit, and SHE HAS ARMED HERSELF WITH A HANDGUN to defend herself... but that was then, NOW   she wants to OUTLAW guns for  peon, slave Amerikans -
 "go ahead and DIE you criminal peon goy scum...  SLAVES have NO RIGHTS!" !!!

 Note how she mentions that TODAY,
 Indeed!  BOTH groups - from SOVIET COMMUNISM's nominally "leftists" TROTSKY/KAGONIVICH/YESHOV (et al)  mass-murdering  JUDEO  COMMISSARS,
to all the agents of the ROTSCHIELDS  anglo/american/JUDEO  controlled RADICAL RIGHT-WING  corporations & imperialist, nations conqueroring  anglo/germanic/judeo/(american)  financier overlord

OFTEN HAVE A  VERY  JUDEO "we are ENTITLED - 'chosen by g-o-d' to EXTERMINATE the ENEMY!" 
 flavor to them...   

 USA Today reports..! -  the very jewish  LEHMAN BROTHERS OWNED 7 SLAVES...  and supported the Confederacy in THE WAR AGAINST the UNITED STATES during the Civil War

     [in their Atlanta cotton-trading business before the Civil War] 

Lehman Bros.' founder Henry Lehman started as an itinerant peddler in Alabama in 1844. Shortly after he arrived in the USA from Germany, he was joined by his younger brothers, Mayer and Emanuel.
The Lehmans grew wealthy as middlemen in the cotton trade. They stored Alabama cotton, often paying planters for it in hard currency and bartered goods, then sold the bales to other brokers or banks in New York and Liverpool, England.
The U.S. Census of 1860 lists Mayer Lehman as the owner of seven slaves — three males and four females — ranging in age from 5 to 50. "Some of these were household slaves. Others may have been used in the firm," notes a family history, The Lehmans: From Rimpar to the New World.
In the collection of Lehman family and business memorabilia at Columbia University is a photograph of a receipt for the purchase in 1854 of a 14-year-old slave girl named Martha. The buyer is listed as H. Lehman & Brother, the name of the firm before Emanuel's arrival....