Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013 We Give Thanks that Americans are STARTING to WAKE UP to the ENGINEERED ECONOMIC SABOTAGE of Nations by the Evil, Treasonous, Treacherous Financiers; "the Money Powers"....

In our previous post, we briefly explained that America's current  "ECONOMIC CRISIS" 
 - massive government "debt," high unemployment, and plummeting median incomes -
  is yet  ANOTHER  "ENGINEERED" economic crisis... _as_ the GREAT DEPRESSION WAS from 1929 to the onset of America's active participation in World War II  after the Pearl Harbor attack on December 7 1941.
 Today, we give thanks that thousands of Americans are waking up to the grim reality 

     -  that a TREASONOUS, DESTRUCTIVE cabal of  traitor financiers RULE OUR NATION with EVIL, sabotage intent, owning politicians, academics, media whores, and entire sectors of government bureaucracy & American society like so many pet dogs  

 -  this  Thanksgiving 2013,  and present these two short segments of the exceptional  3+ hours  "MONEY MASTERS" video, we cut to the heart of the chase with their discussion that
what we here at TJW have been calling  "A TYPICAL 19th century ROTSCHIELDS' style  PUMP & DUMP  financial attack" - the targets not merely being a competitor company or bank,  not merely a "hostile" nation's currency... but the CURRENCY and _ENTIRE ECONOMY_  (and social fabric) OF THEIR OWN HOST NATION(s) !!!


  above quotation from pt 15 in the (below) "Money Masters"  video:  For OVER an ENTIRE DECADE, MILLIONS of Americans felt the pangs of hunger if not outright starvation in a land that had the natural resources and bounty to potentially   feed MILLIONS MORE than were STARVING during the Depression...  

  ...the hunger and misery of the Great Depression were ARTIFICIALLY CREATED and in fact were  INTENTIONALLY CREATED  by "the money masters" who benefited from their SABOTAGE of the American economy & social contract,
    a MASSIVE CONSPIRACY to PERPETRATE FRAUD  in order to DEFRAUD and  IMPOVERISH MILLIONS of Americans, and thereby make those Robber Barons with massive fortunes all the more powerful in comparison to an impoverished, terrorized American populace.  

  below illustration by "Fed" opponent Congressman Louis T. McFadden, from part 16 of 'The Money Masters'  (video below)  confirms Milton Friedman's  above quote, that 'The Fed'  WAS RESPONSIBLE for the GREAT DEPRESSION;  and, further,
 that economic contraction  WAS INTENTIONAL.... then, AND NOWAmerica is RULED by  TREASONOUS, SABOTEUR CRIMINALS  who have the entire U.S. government  and entire American upper-middle-class "intelligentsia" in their pockets...

  Congressman McFadden was later killed - murdered, assassinated - by  food poisoning at a banquet dinner, while taking his anti-Fed bankers campaign to the public in a speech in New York city;   after the Fed bankers engineered his loss of  his Congressional seat by  funding and giving thousands of dollars of free,  positive media coverage to his opponent while vilifying McFadden with demonizing press/media coverage.. 
    the SAME MEANS the TREASONOUS FINANCIERS CONTROL the public discourse in America today....  a CHORUS OF mass-media propaganda  LIES and TERRORIZING  ASSASSINATIONS or financial threats...


bonus:  checking on the sources of the excellent Money Masters" video,  we found this audio -
 July 2008 - just weeks before the September 2008 Wall St. market crash -  Alex Jones interviews "The Money Masters" producers Patrick Carmack and (narrator) Bill Still -  towards the end of the one hour audio,  Alex Jones describes the Great Depression in our very words, as an ENGINEERED ECONOMIC CRASH, as well...  link

 double-bonus:  Another excellent article by Alex Jones'  InfoWars, also from 2008,  shines a light on a dark chapter of American history:  how  so-called "liberal Democrat"  President Franklin D. Roosevelt's  "economic stimulus" policies  INTENTIONALLY DESTROYED FOOD PRODUCTS that COULD NOT BE "SOLD" - for the simple reason that STARVING Americans were TOO POOR  to purchase them!
   YES,  so-called "liberal"  President Franklin D. Roosevelt was running a COMMISSSAR GULAG ECONOMY,  Americans  STARVING TO DEATH in the MIDST of  'surplus' food production -  as this grim article exposes....

        Researcher: FAMINE Killed 7 MILLION in U.S. During “Great Depression”
 (no doubt the author of the above research paper was a Russian writer reporting in Pravda... but IT IS WELL KNOWN that  BURNING APPLES and POURING MILK ON THE GROUND were standardized, oft repeated parts of  Roosevelt's so-called "economic stimulus";   
 while any look at Great Depression literature reveals that millions of people had a very, very hard time coming up with their next meal...  
   WAS the UNITED STATES (under so-called "liberal Democrat" president FDR at that)  AS EFFECTIVE at WHITEWASHING the  SYSTEMATIC DEATHS of its citizens, as the Nazis running the Death Camps, or the Commissars running the gulags were???)