Sunday, November 10, 2013

Political Commentator Artist Anthony Freda with InfoWars' David Knight: "The media's job is to QUESTION [government] PROPAGANDA... NOT REGURGITATE it"

Artist-journalist Anthony Freda takes up where 'mainstream' 'news' 'reporters' fear to tread: CONTESTING and DEMANDING HONEST, RATIONAL answers of the government & corporate media narrative that passes for "the Washington Consensus"  aka "con-ventional wisdom" 
 note:  (InfoWars' David Knight is one of the best interviewers out there - he doesn't stomp all over (talk over) his guests as   Alex Jones, Max Keiser, or other prominent alternative media experts often do,  and thus has more time to draw out timely and insightful information from those guests in a calmer, more rational presentation...    ...but in this otherwise excellent interview,  he mistakenly conflates artist Anthony Freda writing a story for Village Voice, with an assignment for the New York Times.)

 red banner   across illustration reads
 "The OIL MAFIA [ = 'The MONEY POWER' financiers!] 
- with a coin-shaped portrait of Osama bin Laden under a headline  that reads "PATSY' 

below Anthony Freda illustration:
The MEDIA  and  Con-gress are stripper  WHORES for money - they propagate a titillating INFO-TAINMENT**   PROPAGANDA _NARRATIVE_

** [= wars,  concentration of wealth / economic sabotage, +  police state repression]

Anthony Freda:  "I felt like I'd been duped... I fell for this [mainstream media narrative].... You get CONDITIONED to listening to the 'mainstream news',  you just listen to it and DON'T QUESTION IT..."  
David Knight:  "That's one of the main things about  [corporate, mass-media] 'journalism', isn't it - you're told that  THEY'RE OBJECTIVE,  they DON'T HAVE  AN AGENDA.   I think that if people say they don't have an agenda, their either completely naive, or completely dishonest.
  Everyone has an agenda,  you're worldview, your perspective, what you understand or believe about the world, that's going to influence even the stories you cover;  it's certainly going the way you see these stories..."

Anthony Freda:  "Well they [corporate/mainstream media talking heads and writers] DO have an agenda...
 [with alternative media you get a byline, you can see what their point-of-view is, you can see what their perspective is but ...]
 When you see something on 'the news' THERE IS NO TRANSPARENCY,  you don't know who wrote that.  It doesn't say when they're reading that script who wrote it on the bottom of the screen...
it doesn't say 'This is a WHITE HOUSE TALKING POINT' or 'PENTAGON SCRIPT' -  which is what it is.   It is  unquestioningly REGURGITATING or reading off the teleprompter SCRIPTS THAT WERE HANDED TO THEM from the State Department, or from the Pentagon, or White House.
 And it's presented as 'NEWS' - and what does that word even mean 'news'?


David Knight:  So if someone goes to a press conference, and really questions the president, they are vilified, and ostracized by their fellow...   
Anthony Freda:  "They lose access..."  
 David Knight:  "Exactly,  it's all about keeping access.  So it's a SELF-CENSORING THING,  they don't want their colleagues to come after them, they don't want to be excluded from the press pool.
So what happened when you did this piece for the New York Times..."  
Anthony Freda:  "It was [an assignment for] VILLAGE VOICE..."
David Knight:  "OK.."

 screen-shot: Anthony Freda illustration portrays U.S.  government,  CONGRESS,  as a cities destroying, nations-wiping-out  H-BOMB...