Thursday, November 21, 2013

How the Corporate Media LIES EVERY DAY, in little ways that dumb-down and stupify Americans...

  Contrary to what this hapless local news reporter reports,  the "ULTIMATE SECURITY" for American cities, and college campuses, is having a social system where MILITARIZED POLICE TANKS patrolling PUBLIC SPACES  are NOT necessary in the first place... 

 While searching for a picture we saw earlier of  one of the new military combat fighting vehicles now popping up, like so many poisonous toadstools, in cities and even small communities across America today
 (in the ever metastasizing war on crime drugs terror humanity), 
we stumbled across this video of your typical pasty-faced 'journalist' at a local TV station reporting on some little local story,  in this case a story about
 OHIO STATE _UNIVERSITY_  purchasing a MILITARY ARMORED FIGHTING VEHICLE** for a  university campus
  ** (more commonly called "a tank" although to be precise, the word "tank" usually connotes a tracked armored vehicle)

   Our hapless local reporter is just doing his job, trying to make a local story sound interesting so local TV viewers with nothing better to do with their time will keep their eyeballs glued to this local station purveying the standard media disinformation narrtive,   but the very premise he starts with is completely false: 
That is completely incorrect.  

The "ULTIMATE PROTECTION" for ANY town or community is to have a social and economy system that  DOES NOT REQUIRE a massive police or military presence....  much like America was before the despicable Neo-Con "national security experts" in the Bush-Cheney-Wolfowitz administration  DID NOTHING, NOT ONE GOD DAMNED THING, to prevent a WELL KNOWN AL QAEDA TERRORISTS HIJACKING THREAT in the long summer of 2001 -
  (all the more despicable, given that those Republican jewish "Neo-Con" national security 'experts' had  told the American people that with a Republican president back in the White House,  "the adults would be back in charge" and those taking far better care of our national security than those effete Clinton (gore) Democrats.)

 And just how much "ULTIMATE PROTECTION" can an armored vehicle provide against TOXIC NUCLEAR RADIATION and waste...   another metastasizing threat to American communities brought on by the corporate/finance hijacking of America, making all public policy in America subservient to the short term greed and "profits"  (= govt. welfare for billionaires!) of the connected, "chosen" elites? 
  An armored vehicle will not protect you from a toxic, unhealthy diet....

  nor from a lack of affordable health care....
 nor from an economy that is imploding around you,  fueling a POLICE PRISON STATE and hyper-warmongering hegemonic empire's military as the only growth industries in town...

  No, America was  FAR BETTER PROTECTED  _BEFORE_  our police started becoming hyper-militarized DHS Einsatzgruppen, and our nation started wars serving the genocidal blood-lust of that  evil little   judeo supremacist war state on the Eastern Mediterranean, than it is now. 

     Just another way that a steady drip of small drops of lies, can add up to a bucket full of lies... and eventually become  a TSUNAMI of  POLICE STATE REPRESSION and propaganda lies,  de facto prison gulag SLAVERY,  always MASQUERADING as "national security"  "protecting"   "freedom & democracy" here in these late 'United' States of Amerika, of course....


 bonus:  MACHINE-GUN ARMORED CAR used by mining company "security" gunmen  hired by the ROCKEFELLERS and other mega-finance mine owners to SHOOT UP STRIKING MINERS protesting abysmal, DAILY MINER FATALITIES in the hazardous Colorado mines in the infamous "LUDLOW MASSACRE"  that killed between 15 and 20 striking miners and their families on April 20, 1914....


 double, triple, quadruple bonus:

   It is now well known that when local police are TRAINED by former military instructors to use MILITARY WAR FIGHTING techniques, the young and adrenaline fueled "SWAT Team" cops LOOK FORWARD to USING  what they have learned in training in an actual crisis situation - even if it means hoping for a crisis situation in their own communities. 
 (Much as bomb-squad experts have been known to plant bombs,  simply to see themselves put in to action and regarded as heroes in the community.) 

    What is lesser known or understood, is how OUR MALEVOLENT  "ELITES"  ALSO LOOK FORWARD to   the proliferation of "CRISIS SITUATIONS" IN OUR COMMUNITIES -  how else will they justify their decisions to spend a quarter million dollars on an urban, "civilian" military tank for a local police force... much less those BILLIONS of  HOLLOW-POINT  AMMUNITION bullets purchased by our TREASONOUS "DHS"  - hollow-point bullets are expensive, and ONLY GOOD FOR KILLING UNARMORED CIVILIANS
   (The military does not use hollow-point bullets in war-fighting, as the  title to the 1987 Stanley Kubrick movie "FULL METAL JACKET" describes - military bullets have "full metal jackets" instead of hollow-points, so they can blast through whatever walls, foliage, dirt, or other materials may be protecting enemy soldiers who are being fired at.)   

 Well, for PAST AS PRELUDE the TREASONOUS  ELITES  spearheaded by the JEWISH BANKERS RUNNING "The Fed" privately owned, economies killing banking cartel    _INSTRUCTED_  their minions in Congress and the White House to CALL OUT THE ARMY to  RUN RIOT over and suppress the  WWI Veterans "BONUS ARMY" -  the Veterans seeking only a small portion of  what the  evil Fed bankers  garnered to themselves by INTENTIONALLY ENGINEERING the  GREAT DEPRESSION economic sabotage,
 i.e. a government enforced license to  PRINT THEMSELVES some MONEY.
 See  this excellent Veterans Today compilation of news photos and videos, for how our United States government DEPLOYED army TANKS,  CALVARY, and ARMED TROOPS, to clear the "Hooverville" shacks that the 15,000 UNEMPLOYED Veterans were living in in Washington DC before they were assaulted by hundreds of machine-gun and bayonet armed army troops under generals Douglas MacArthur, George Patton, and even Dwight D. Eisenhower....


When MacAurthur Burned Washington –
Joining the British [army of the 1812 war]
[AT THE ORDERS of the CRIMINAL, TREASONOUS "elite" FINANCIERS who ENGINEERED the Great Depression and who OWNED Con-gress,  Senators and presidents like pet dogs]
Using the tanks was just pitiful, something you would expect from a banana republic
Using the tanks was just pitiful, something you would expect from a banana republic army…or by the Bolsheviks!
You all know of the story, like me. I had seen some photos before, but never news film clips of the event. So here they are.
It was a great find, but then a sad one to watch MacArthur and Eisenhower working for their combat ribbons against some of the most shabbily treated of America’s veterans, the WWI Bonus Marchers.
I will be writing about this more, later on. The bad seed of the horrible treatment of future veterans was born in the horrible treatment of the WWI vets.
What the brass did in this event gave all future civilian leadership a free pass to do just about anything, like the VA has done to the Los Angeles Veterans home trust that has been looted by rich locals and political wheels.
Hoover had stated that ‘serving their country’ was payment enough for the WWI vets. Obviously this did not extend to the huge profits that the war contractors made during the war, which they would look forward to doing again in the one, and did.
MacArthur, Eisenhower, and Patton…to the public display of every monument that stands in their honor, there should be added a brass plaque attached describing how they had attacked the WWI veterans rather than going over to their side, which is what the bastards should have done.
If MacArthur had mutinied, surrounded the Congress and White house, cutting off all food and water until they passed the Bonus Marchers relief…it would have set a different tone of the shabby treatment of future postwar vets. But alas, they were not brave enough to do that.