Friday, November 1, 2013

Catherine Austin Fitts and Veteran's Today 'Yukon Jack' both Agree: THE AMERICAN PUBLIC are COMPLICIT IN, and TOLERATE, the CRIMES and abject CORRUPTION of our Government 'leaders' and Financial Fraudsters..

 Catherine Austin Fitts and Veterans Today's 'Yukon Jack' both agree - "We, the American people, are WILLING PARTICIPANTS in the CRIMINAL DEGENERATION and wholesale CRIMES & FRAUDS perpetrated by our bankers,  Government, and WARMONGERS..." 

Renown "corruption (and in particular massive amounts of drug cartel dirty money) infests and  is saturated throughout our government" financial analyst  Catherine Austin Fitts,  and Veterans Today commentator Yukon Jack both agree:  huge segments of  "we, the people",  huge swaths of American society &  the American public, TOLERATE and are COMPLICIT with the metastasizing CRIMES, FRAUDS, lies, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and economic & cultural genocides perpetrated by our government."    
 And Veterans Today's Yukon Jack, in his "Enemies AMONGST Us" editorial,  pulls no punches and makes a very simple argument in perhaps the most compact and concise lead paragraph we have ever read!  which we proudly repost here:
The Enemy Amongst Us  
by Yukon Jack,  Oct. 31, 2013
"Jews and Christians, live amongst us and have corrupted society with their fictional god and authority. The Jews have convinced most gentiles the authenticity of their book and have enslaved almost the entire planet. Because of the dominance of Christianity, humanity is doomed to total enslavement. It is no longer just a Jew problem, the entire population is infected with authoritarian memes because of Bible indoctrination. Welcome to Judeo-Christian hell..." 
 We'll return to deconstruct these two important news political/analysis commentaries,  but the problem with Catherine Austin Fitts' commentary is that - perhaps because of  cynicism ingrained after researching all this criminal conduct for so long -   she doesn't offer an  "opportunity cost" vision of what ALTERNATIVE leadership - some genuinely HONEST INVESTMENT and (genuine!) economic stimulus could provide -  if our society were  "DETOXED" of all the dirty corruption; 

   and Yukon Jack falls short in  acknowledging that,  until very recently in human history,  RELIGION  was an important,  nay ESSENTIAL element in protecting and preserving one's own people from being CONQUERED and SUBJUGATED, enslaved, overrun, and exterminated  by powerful foreign enemies - whether a native American "Indian" tribe preparing its out-manned warriors for a life-or-death fight against superior rivals for a fertile hunting ground;   
or Charles Martel inspiring his soldiers to  defend Christian Europe from invading Islamic jihadi warriors in the battle of Tours,  732 ad... 
or the knights of Malta defending all of  "Christian" Mediterranean Europe from a similar Islamic invasion,  this time a seaborne Ottoman invasion in 1565.   

  Hungry people will try to get food wherever they can find it - especially by STEALING IT FROM THEIR NEIGHBORS,  if the neighboring village, for example, has a big, fat grain surplus just sitting there, waiting to be stolen.
  (As opposed to actually having to work to plow, plant, and harvest your own fields... which may fail, no matter how much effort you put in).   

  RELIGION is just one of the CULTURAL TIES that BIND  people together, in to (hopefully) productive and secure communities - just as  roads allow people to visit neighboring communities, or city WALLS  provide a degree of security for you community from vagabond raiders,

   or  that most important cultural tie of all, LANGUAGE, allows people to COOPERATE for the common good;  so too did religion over the centuries provide important functions to society,  
 (including acting as the libraries, research colleges, and administrative data centers of their day, for example the Mayan priests developing the star charts that allowed farmers to plant their crops during the most productive part of the calender every year)

  such that  EVERY ancient culture had at least some form of religion, and all the ancient kingdoms and empires had well developed religious rituals - performed by a highly specialized priestly caste that was closely associated with the ruling class - for centuries, the RISK/REWARD ratio of  having a religion vs not having a religion clearly fell on the side of  HAVING religion, although no doubt ABUSES by  religious leaders led to thousands of brutal and destructive wars over the centuries.    

   Which is where we completely agree with Yukon Jack:  today, in the NUCLEAR WEAPONS and NUCLEAR RADIATION age,   believing that we are "commanded by g-o-d" to SLAUGHTER our neighbors because  WE are HOLIER than the infidel idolator savages  Terrorist scum  is, indeed, madness, cannibalistic homicide,  and epidemic insanity on a global scale....

 (especially when it has now been proven, beyond a shadow of doubt, that OUR government, OUR NSA, cia, fbi, 'justice' department, and our ENTIRE military,  under the parasitic & treasonous  government agents answering to the hostile, genocidal, and blatantly supremacists judeo war tribe and "money power", are INSTIGATING, supplying, supporting, and commissioning those VERY  al Qaeda TERRORIST ATTACKS & jihadis that the Iraq War and post-  9-11 "war on terror" were ostensibly set up to counter...)