Wednesday, November 6, 2013

ALEX JONES _FAILS_ to call out JEW WAR-PIG JACKIE MASON for PRETENDING the SYRIA WAR is ANYTHING BUT a JEW INSTIGATED, SAUDI FINANCED AL QAEDA TERRORIST JIHAD mass-murder proxy TERROR WAR against the many religious & ethnic minorities in Syria..

 Alex Jones -
(one of  the most courageous & informed media journalists in the entire world when it came to CONFRONTING the NAZI-esque LIES that BARACK OBAMA,  JOHN KERRY, the ENTIRE  U.S. State Department, CIA, War Department, and Republican & Democrat "leadership" in Congress were using to  justify  WAGING AN UNDECLARED U.S. WAR ON SYRIA at behest of the genocidal, judeo supremacist JEWISH WAR -STATE (israel) & JEWISH WAR LOBBY (AIPAC))
  FAILS to  CALL OUT    jewish  TRAITOR  JACKIE MASON, for  SUPPORTING the sordid, disgusting spectacle of  THE JEWS IN BED with the SAUDIS, other Gulf Oil Arab despots, and AL QAEDA TERRORISTS in the  jew war lobby's  MASS MURDEROUS PROXY TERRORIST attempts to  START  WARS by HIRING  TERRORISTS to DESTROY nations and KILL civilians WITH IMPUNITY...

below video - the DESPICABLE  JEW  HATE-MONGER jackie mason wears his evil, terrorist-inciting  HATRED on his sleeve...  attempting to SCAPEGOAT obama for those crimes obama is perpetrating on BEHALF OF his, obama's,  JEW WAR LOBBY PUPPET-MASTERS !! 

2 versions of same disgusting video,   JEW HATE-MONGERING  masquerading as commentary:
-  "The FALL Of Obama" with JEW JACKIE MASON

 wiki entry for "Jackie Mason":    "Born Yacov Moshe Maza in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, he grew up on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York City."

 - Alex Jones phone interview with  jew JACKIE MASON:
     YACOV is NOT  "an American,"    he is a BLATANT  judeo NAZI, 
 a  jewish SUPREMACIST who DESPISES the fact that obama  HAS NOT yet WAGED WAR ON SYRIA,  KILLING CHRISTIANS, Druze, Shias, Allawites, Kurds, and other minorities in Syria,   
with or without a U.S. Congress declaration of War !!!

  -  In his  rant,  jew jackie mason BLASTS OBAMA for NOT  having the ENTIRE U.S. military ATTACK SYRIA, and Alex Jones LETS IT PASS, despite Mr. Jones being one of the very most informed commentators in the entire world as to the TREASONOUS extent that the KERRY/obama/McCain/Lindsey Graham  "IN POCKET OF AIPAC"  TREASONOUS,  Al QAEDA SUPPORTING
U.S. govt. officials, on both the "Democrat" AND Republican sides of the aisle,  attempted to START A NAZI WAR of IMPERIAL CONQUEST on the judeo war-state (isreal's) behalf,  claiming NO need for congressional approval just a month or two past this September 2013 !!

      Mason - "Moshe"  - mocks obama "failing" to  deliver on his "RED LINE, blue line, purple line"  THREATS  vs Syria... NOT the fact that it was a  SAUDI + usa + jew-state (israel) FUNDED MASS-MURDEROUS  poison gas attack on WOMEN & CHILDREN they - the above evil WAR PIGS -  INSTIGATGED and attempted to use as a coward's causus belli  EXCUSE to START A NEW WORLD WAR using Syria as a jewish cowards'  BACK DOOR to having  PUPPET AMERICA  ATTACK  IRAN....

 the EVIL, blood-drenched, WAR-MONGERING  judeo religion/cult  & its warmongering "ISRAEL FIRST" jewish  TRAITORS  (so-called "U.S. citizens")   OWN our U.S. Congress... and are driving America - and the entire human race -  in to the sewer of hate, wars,  exponential debt, debt slavery, and  genocidal wars  of mutual extermination on humanity....

jewish "ISRAEL FIRST"  TRAITORS gather in (Washington, D.C.) to "celebrate"  AIPAC's  - the jewish  "ISRAEL uber amerika" lobby's -  DOMINATION of  AMERICAN politics... 

notice that not only do the JUDEO flags' star of David seem to DOMINATE the American flags in this meticulously produced stage set;  but at far right, the U.S. flag is essentially upside down... which is actually truth in advertising, as the United States IS IN A STATE OF _PERMANENT  CRISIS_ with the evil jews IMPOSING their religion & racist supremacy on us Americans,  and SABOTAGING our economy, financial system, genuine "national security" and our very social fabric...   as the above disgusting PRIMACY of the judeo flag at an "israel FIRST"  aipac lobby gathering of  judeo war-pigs so horrifically illustrates...

 IF  Mr. Jones  GIVES jewish war pig Yacov "Jackie Mason" Moshe Maza  time & video to RANT that OBAMA is a "LIAR" because Obama FAILED.... to ATTACK SYRIA at the jew war lobby's genocidal, mass-murderous,  war-profiteering behest,  then he, Mr. Jones, becomes no better than the blatantly judeo supremacist, WARMONGERING   WAR-PIMPS  at the  Sulzberger NY Times, at the cnn/Time/WARNER warmongering Hollywood media empire,  or  (until recently) the Meyer/graham owned Washington Post,  among  many other JUDEO DOMINATED  (to abject monopoly control of the American social/political narrative)  press/media outlets ...