Saturday, October 19, 2013

Washington Post accidentally Spills the Beans on its own role as... uber WAR PIGS & mass-murder promoting WAR PROPAGANDISTS & PROFITEERS...

The only thing not mentioned in this exceptional, "music to our ears"  piece by Danial McAdams,  is  the insane  JUDEO  connection...  
25 centuries later, the jews are still seeking  REVENGE for the BABYLONIAN DESTRUCTION of  Jerusalem, "the Babylonian captivity" and massacres of  587 BC...!

HIDING IN PLAIN VIEW -  jewish  HATRED of OTHER RACES is right out there in the open....  jews
#1.   CELEBRATE the  KILLLING of EGYPTIAN CHILDREN in their  satanic blood-drenched "Passover" celebration.... EVERY SINGLE YEAR !!
#2.  and jews CELEBRATE the MASSACRES of  75,000  PERSIANS in their awful "Purim"  'festival'... every single year   (indeed, the jewish bible states clearly that to NOT celebrate the bloody Purim Massacre wrought by Esther and her cousin/uncle/pimp Mordachai, is to merit expulsion from the jewish clan/tribe/faith) 
#3  AND of course the jews CELEBRATE the  MASSACRES, ANHILIATIONS, and WHOLESALE EXTERMINATIONS of  the residents of  the Canaan Valley from Jericho to Ai to the 12 kingdoms, to the annihilation of Moab, the Ammonites, the Amalakites, and their own allies the Midianites... - that -   WHOLESALE MASSACRES, EXTERMINATIONS, and pre-meditated GENOCIDES - is the core of  the jewish "faith" - their wretched  claim to "the promised land" is based ENTIRELY on their historic ability to KILL PEOPLE in LARGE NUMBERS !!!!
   the JEWISH 'faith'  and religion is  DEFINED by KILLING PEOPLE in large numbers!

The  "g-o-d" of the jews  LOVES to KILL PEOPLE - killing humans is the defining characteristic of the "g-o-d" of the jewish bible -  so from a jewish point-of-view it is very rational to want to kill people... the more people you can kill, destroy,  exterminate, dispossess, wipe-out, and eliminate...
 the closer to "g-o-d" you get... including the wholesale killing of children and infants,  i.e. GENOCIDE !! 

Washington Post Accidentally Spills the Beans on the Pro-War Media ‘Experts’

by Daniel McAdams,  the  Lew Rockwell Blog 
  October 12, 2013
The Washington Post finally realized today that virtually every pundit allowed space in its paper and allowed time on the mainstream corporate news is an ADVOCATE for WAR, and that, further, EACH of them s teem to have A PERSONAL STAKE in the PROMOTION of WAR.  Today the Post reported on a new study by the Public Accountability Initiative which found that:
“The media debate surrounding the question of whether to launch a military attack on Syria in August and September of 2013 was dominated by defense industry-backed experts and think tanks. These individuals and organizations are linked to dozens of defense and intelligence contractors, defense-focused investment firms, and diplomatic consulting firms with strong defense ties [AND STRONG TIES to the JUDEO WAR STATE, israel!] yet these business ties were rarely disclosed on air or in print.”
That the Washington Post reported on this study is a revelation. Not because we didn’t already know[of]  the mendacity of that endless queue of ex-generals and connected neocons and “humanitarian interventionists” who parade in front of us telling us about cakewalks and the need to project US power or the importance of removing the horrible dictator of the day. It was a revelation because it was published in the Washington Post, one of the chief enablers of these war profiteers.
Indeed, the Washington Post’s own editorial page editor, the  hyper-interventionist neocon Fred Hiatt, was incriminated in the article. Hiatt, who from Africa to the Middle East to Russia to Asia has never seen a conflict to which he didn’t want to send other Americans’ kids to fight, published former George W. Bush’s national security advisor Stephen Hadley’s bombastic opinion piece demanding that President Obama enforce his red lines in Syria.
Hadley is not a man to mince words when war is the question. He wrote in the Post on September 8, as a US attack on Syria seemed all but inevitable:
“Every American committed to preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon should urge Congress to grant President Obama authority to use military force against the Assad regime in Syria.”
It was all about US interests, Hadley argued solemnly. In reality, it had a lot to do with Hadley’s own interests. As in investments. As the Post piece pointed out today:
“While Hadley’s role in the Bush administration was always noted, there was no mention of his ties to Raytheon, manufacturer of Tomahawk cruise missiles, which likely would have been fired from Navy destroyers stationed in the eastern Mediterranean in strikes against Syria. Hadley has been on the board of directors of Raytheon since 2009 and, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing from June included in the new report, owned 11,477 shares of Raytheon stock, now worth about $875,000. Hadley was also paid $128,500 in cash compensation by the company last year, according to a filing with the SEC.”
Likewise, the Public Accountability Initiative study cited in the Post found at least 22 other “experts” featured in the media on over 100 occasions pushing for war on Syria who had direct financial stakes in the outcome  [PROMOTING WAR]. Additionally, “think tanks” like the Institute for the Study of War, which gave us undercover war cheerleader Elizabeth O’Bagy, are funded to the tune of millions of dollars by the military industrial complex  [AND  the JEWISH WAR LOBBY with it's BILLIONS of dollars of  AMERICAN  TAXPAYER extorted dollars].
Neocon think tanks are well funded to come to the conclusion that war is not only the best option always, it is the only option ever.
It is unfair, though, to suggest that Hadley and his fellow warmongers are only motivated to promote murder and mayhem by the promise of personal profit. A more accurate analysis would find that Hadley and his ilk, who are allowed exclusive access to the American public by the corporate media (ever seen a peace expert featured in these “news” pieces?) are true believers first and profiteers as a consequence of that philosophy.
If Jeff Bezos wants to turn the Washington Post around, perhaps he might think about cleaning out the cesspool inhabited by the likes of Fred Hiatt and his editorial page. Bezos understands how the market works, to be sure, and he might start putting two and two together to see why readers have abandoned the Post in droves…


note:   when the otherwise insightful Mr. Danial McAdams who wrote the above piece writes that the Neo-Cons are MAYHEM, MURDER, and war profiteers only follows  their being  "TRUE BELIEVERS"  he is being far too kind:

   the whole point  of  becoming a Neo-Con self-professed "NATIONAL SECURITY EXPERT"  [retch!]  is to PROFIT from the STEADY STREAM of  millions of dollars flowing from the  Jew WAR LOBBY and  "defense" contractors to the ideologues who will PIMP, WHORE, & PROMOTE  WARS, mass-murder, & terrorism....  it is no different than the motives and benefits that would make a German apply to the Nazi Party,  SS, or Gestapo in pre-WWII Germany... 

   OK, it took the Syria war to bring the NEO-CON  SUPPORT for  AL QAEDA terrorist mass-murder jihadis  to the fore of American public and world attention...  

  but could the  Neo-Con "national security experts"  have possibly looked at their Neo-Con promoted  'humanitarian'  "INTEVENTION" in LIBYA...  and not seen that Obama's evil, undeclared,  NATO run war there has turned what was the HIGHEST PER CAPITA INCOME nation in ALL of Africa... into a balkanized,  AL QAEDA RUN HELL-HOLE ??    

  No!  From the 9-11 WHITEWASH to  MAKING AMERICA DEPENDENT on FOREIGN OIL to approving of  DRONE WARS, TORTURE,  and the "privatization" under a criminal elite of  ALL the wealth in America & the world,   the Neo-Cons are  AGENTS of   the jewish war lobby + MONEY POWER....

  ...the Neo-Cons  are HIRED ASSASSINS, who have no more use for  "freedom," "equality,"  "justice" and human rights,   than the Saudi & Bahraini royals regard pro-democracy protesters in Bahrain... or than  the Jews who regard Palestinians as vermin...  or as New York's billionaire jew overlord (mayor)  Michael Bloomberg regards  Wall St. corruption ("Occupy") protesters.... 

 It is unfair [no, it is NOT "unfair" !!]  though, to suggest that Hadley and his fellow warmongers are only motivated to promote murder and mayhem by the promise of personal profit. A more accurate analysis would find that Hadley and his ilk, who are allowed exclusive access to the American public by the corporate media (ever seen a peace expert featured in these “news” pieces?) are true believers first and profiteers as a consequence of that philosophy.
i.e. ONLY the GREEDY, "KILL WHOMEVER IT TAKES for  PROFIT and  CONCENTRATION OF POWER"  war profiteers  viewpoint is allowed on America's  evil,  corporate owned TV....


bonus:    to see how both sides  - Democrat AND Republican - both work for  THE SAME wars pimping,  murder & mayhem profiteering  Warmongers & genocidal financiers,  see this excellent article by Guy Benson deconstructing the HATE RHETORIC  behind the  so-called "Liberal Democrat"  OBAMA WHITE HOUSE's  depiction of  the Republican Congress... 

'Healing': White House Compares Republicans to Terrorists, Kidnappers, Arsonists

We agree with every word that Mr. Benson rights in the above piece...   except  for this little sentence:   "Beyond that, consider the newly-revealed fact that the president [Obama administration]  is courting Iran's Jew-hating, dissident slaughtering, anti-American regime to discuss its illegal nuclear program."

   What,   the  JEWISH [netanyahu] regime DOESN'T  "SLAUGHTER"  PALESTINIANS in Gaza?

    The  Saudi, Bahraini, Qatari, and other Gulf OIL Arab DICTATORS  don't  "SLAUGHTER DISSIDENTS"  as well?

    Maybe  the fifty million Iranians in Iran,  DON'T LIKE BEING DICTATED TO by the pack of 5 million NUCLEAR ARMED  blood-thirsty "g-o-d REWARDS US to PERPETRATE GENOCIDE & EXTERMINATIONS"   JEWS in israel who also  happen to COMMAND....  _AMERICA's_ nuclear arsenal, and military,     as well????