Monday, October 21, 2013

The JUDEO run "RED TERROR" is Upon Us Americans: Jews PIMPING & PROMOTING HATE, and promoting hired-hand Appartchiks who will INSTIGATE MASS-MURDER PURGES... just like the Communist/Jewish War on Christians in pre- Civil War Spain, 1933...

 Although the  'Neo-Con' israel war lobby + judeo 'money power'  AL QAEDA FUNDING TRAITORS  have been RESTRAINED - for now - in their attempts to have the U.S. military start bombing & killing Syrians in support of their   AL QAEDA PROXY TERRORIST  INVASION of SYRIA....

...and even though    Barack Obama's  horrid  Rahm Emanuel style  Obama-care EXTORTION -  'CREATE-a-CRISIS' by SHUTTING DOWN GOVERNMENT as a legislative funding  strong-arm tactic -  has been derailed for now and the Wall St. GoddamnSachs owned stock market is zooming,  everywhere you look the news is horrible,  because, mainly through good nature, the American public  REFUSES to see the hand of  JEWISH SABOTAGE and JEWISH  'neo-con' TERROR  behind all these events;  the real news which the judeo financier dominated corporate media refuses to inform the American public about these  concerted, coordinated, and lethal  ATTACKS on our American society.

  Don't believe us?
  Try this headline on for size: 
 Think the above headline is just "CONSPIRACY THEORY"  paranoia?
    Try  this headline and lede paragraph on for size:
Be Afraid: New Homeland Security Chief OK’d  Drone Strikes  - MURDER by PUSH-BUTTON ASSASSINATION - ON AMERICANS 
 ...according to the Washington Post... Jeh Johnson [is]  the Pentagon’s top lawyer. In that capacity he and a team of Pentagon 'experts'   concluded that the president did indeed have the right to use drones to kill American citizens without charge or trial.
 Thanks to Johnson’s determination, at least three American citizens have been killed without trial by their government.
Now he will be in charge of the “homeland”...
  [as the new  hired "goy" stand-in for the original DHS   Judeo 'Homeland'  Commissar Michael  Chertoff - who as an agent of the israel government and judeo war lobby/money power is still running the show from behind the scenes]  

Still think that our above headlines are just   "conspiracy theory" paranoia?

   Try this headline on for size:
 Video: Dallas Cop Shoots Mentally Ill Man Who Stood Perfectly Still

 Now WE ALL KNOW  that POLICE SHOOTING innocent, unarmed American citizens is  now - under the evil Neo-Con SABOTAGE assault of the American social fabric -  an EVERY DAY occurrence...

  The important take-down from the above story, is how the family of the man SHOT  by police were BARRED from seeing him at the hospital - because the   LYING  police officers  ACCUSED the man of ATTACKING THEM first.... is only because of  a property surveillance video that was running at the time of  'the incident' that we see the man was standing absolutely motionless before  POLICE GUNMAN 
   "Officer Cardan Spencer fired four shots at  [victim Bob]  Bennett, who is witnessed getting out of the chair and standing perfectly still" 

    SO WE AMERICANS have now become SO RADICALIZED by our  EVIL judeo  "Neo-Con" appartchiks - legislators, judges, politicians,  press/media whores, the entire  CRIMINALLY RUN 'justice' system -   that  ALL AMERICANS ARE PRESUMED TO BE TERRORISTS FIRST,

and even when innocent, peaceful Americans ARE SHOT  by  trigger-happy cops,

  THE ENTIRE  POLICE DEPARTMENT & LEGAL SYSTEM COMES DOWN on the innocent victims and their families like a ton of bricks....   LIKE  A   judeo Bolshevik run RED TERROR PURGE !! 

Still  don't believe us???!!

    Try this headline on for size:
 White House Spokesman Dan Pfeiffer  Compares Republicans to Terrorists, Kidnappers, Arsonists
  Well, needless to say, "TERRORISTS,  KIDNAPPERS, and ARSONISTS"  are all CRIMINALS who need to be hunted down and arrested  and/or killed, in a free, well governed society.    We,  the American public and free society,  willingly consent to our government authority figures stopping any violent, dangerous criminals in our midst.

     The important catch here, as the above article by writer Guy Benson reports, is that the so-called "MODERATE,"   "uniter, not divider"  current administration -  that of  "our beloved Post-Partisan Prince's" [Obama] presidency,   
is now using  GESTAPO, NAZI, WAR-LIKE RHETORIC to define and portray the political opposition in the legally elected  U.S. CONGRESS!

  Obama's puppet-masters  & Neo-Con GoddamnSachs / judeo war-lobby "handlers" are portraying  Republicans who were elected by their constituents to OPPOSE the  RAHM EMANUEL, MAX BAUCHUS, and WellPoint written "Obama-Care" nightmare  as   _ENEMIES  of the state_  ...."ENEMIES"  that is, who all law abiding citizens would agree should  be hunted down, terminated.... &  exterminated  !!!    

  "If you are surprised by this administration's poisonous [NAZI-esque, hatemongering]  rhetoric, you haven't been paying attention.   And once again, the self-appointed civility policy are strangely off duty... Which brings us to Dan Pfeiffer, one of our beloved Post-Partisan Prince's [president obama's] spokesmen. Pfeiffer's name may sound familiar; he's the brilliant messaging guru who informed the country that 'the law is irrelevant in regards to the ongoing IRS scandal.   Now this jackass wants Americans to know precisely how his boss views his political opposition in the current budget disputes" -  

  video screen-shot:  obama White House hired, thruggish 'spokesman'  Dan Pfeiffer labels Congressional opponents of the White House's government shut-down / 'Obama-care' budget extortion as  TERRORIST SUICIDE BOMBERS
"we're NOT GOING TO NEGOTIATE with people who have a bomb strapped to their chest" 


White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer likened House Republicans to suicide bombers, kidnappers and arsonists in a single interview on Thursday. "What we're not for is negotiating with people with a bomb strapped to their chest," Pfeiffer told CNN's Jake Tapper in laying out the president's refusal to compromise with the GOP to win an increase in the nation's debt limit. "We're not going to do that." The White House position, increasingly fortified with high voltage rhetoric, has been that Republicans should agree to a hike without any strings attached. If the cap isn't lifted by Oct. 17, according to the Treasury Department, the nation will default on its debt. Pfeiffer also offered up analogies comparing Republicans to kidnappers and arsonists.  

  And if all  the above  still strikes you as  "conspiracy theory" - as no more than a little overheated rhetoric from the embattled Obama White House -  then you are still not paying attention,  and, indeed,  didn't bother to read the next paragraph in our above cited Guy Benson column:

OTHER DEMOCRATS  QUICKLY  JUMPED ON  the 'new tone' bandwagon, with outgoing Iowa Senator Tom Harkin blathering about the Civil War, and Sen. Barbara Mikulski ranting against "tea-baggers"... The White House's rhetoric reaches a fevered pitch on the debt ceiling, an issue over which Obama says he won't even sit down to negotiate. The administration's squealing may betray the fact that they realize the deck is stacked against O on this one. As a Senator, he voted against increasing the debt limit along with every single one of his Democratic colleagues. The American people expect compromise and overwhelmingly disagree with his insistence on another "clean," no-strings debt limit hike.    

And here we have our peice de resistance for this blog post:
 Tennessee's (presumably) very jewish  Con-gressman   Steve COHEN just coming out and calling CONGRESSIONAL OPPONENTS  
(of  the RAHM EMANUEL written INSURANCE INDUSTRY EXTORTION SCAM  known as "Obama-care")     "DOMESTIC ENEMIES" !!!

Dem Rep. Steve Cohen: Tea Party Republicans Are 'DOMESTIC ENEMIES' We Took Oath To Defend Against

  The Jews are simply MASTERS of  DIVIDE & CONQUER  HATE !!

  Rep. Steve Cohen DOES NOT  CARE  for  AMERICANS who need health-care coverage...
nor for Americans who need jobs and  economic empowerment...

   IF HE DID, he would express OUTRAGE that  the god-damned CRIMINAL  JP Morgan/Chase banksters  gets ONE DOLLAR  in BRIBERY GRAFT SLUSH-FUND CORRUPTION EXTORTION money    for EVERY dollar that is given to food-stamp recipients...!! 

   ...or that BEN BERNANKE is just printing up and GIVING to  the GoddamnSachs banksters who run Wall St.  $85 billion per month - EIGHTY FIVE BILLION DOLLARS  EVERY MONTH  in so-called "Quantitative Easing" =  FREE MONEY FOR BANKERS,  DIMINISHED paychecks,  savings, pensions, and benefits for everyone not part of the titanic  Wall St.  PAPER SCAM (free money for bankers, "DEREGULATION" license to loot clients, artificially,  criminally inflated stock & real-estate prices,  etc. etc. etc. ad infinitum

  Rep. Cohen IS AN insidious AGENT of  the global extortion & serial financial crimes "MONEY POWER"  +  the AL QAEDA TERRORIST FUNDING  judeo war lobby:   PURE  Wall St.  FINANCIAL EXTORTION,  with complicity from BOTH  Republicans AND Democrats, while  WHIPPING UP  HATE RHETORIC to marginalize &   CRIMINALIZE  those Americans  who are savvy to and DISGUSTED WITH this insider rigged, economies destroying  connected elites  EXTORTION scheme
Dem Rep. Steve Cohen: Tea Party Republicans Are 'Domestic Enemies' We Took Oath To Defend Against
by Mark Finkelstein,  NewsBusters Senior Contributor,  Oct. 19, 2013

Watch out, Alan Grayson: you've got competition when it comes to uttering the ugliest slur on Tea Party Republicans . . .
Sure, you've compared them to the Klan. But fellow Dem Steve Cohen has upped the ante.  On Steve Kornacki's MSNBC show this morning, Cohen called Tea Party congressmen: "domestic enemies" that he took an oath to defend the country against.  Did Kornacki challenge COHEN's LIBEL?  Hah!  He merely observed that Cohen sounded "very pessimistic." View the video after the jump.

Was Cohen's calumny what President Obama had in mind when this past week he proclaimed that "there is no reason why . . . we can't disagree between the parties while still being agreeable"?

Note: readers will recall that Cohen was recently in the news when it turned out the beautiful young woman he was tweeting during the SOTU—that he claimed to be his daughter—wasn't.


Now we will concede that the NewsBusters  senior writer who caught Congressman Cohen's  DESPICABLE,  COMMISSAR  "All ENEMIES OF THE STATE MUST BE LIQUIDATED!"    rhetoric in action  is also probably jewish -  Mark Finkelstein.

   Which simply goes to prove that  JUDEO DOMINATION of   of  America's POLITICAL, social,  cultural,  financial, and  media  discourse is so pervasive, that it will take   JEWS WAKING UP to the RED TERROR   that THEIR 'ELITES'  have instigated, to help stop this lunatic march to American self-destruction madness. 

Here's the video of  evil jew Con-gressman  Steve Cohen LABELLING  any Americans who  are DISGUSTED with the  GoddamnSachs/Wall St.  INSIDER EXTORTION SCAMS  known as "obama-care" or  "ONE DOLLAR FOR JP Morgan, ONE dollar for  needy food stamp recipients"   or "EIGHTY FIVE BILLION PER MONTH in FREE MONEY for BANKSTERS"
(much less the evil jew war state's AL QAEDA FUNDED  TERRORIST  WAR on CHRISTIANS and other religious minorities in Syria and across the Mideast!)
  or who are DISGUSTED WITH the  RAHM EMANUEL designed TREACHERY of  shafting us  with the WELLPOINT WRITTEN insurance industry kick-backs, bureaucratic nightmares, and monopoly cartel EXTORTION plot known as "Obama-care" "DOMESTIC ENEMIES"


 post-script:   Brought up with millions of other Aemricans in the post-WWII generation  American the  "baby boomers",  we have long been led to believe that the Spanish Civil War was nothing more than a clear-cut case of facist,  Nazi  war crimes perpetrated against innocent "Republican"  Spaniards seeking modest and legitimate reforms through legitimate democratic processes  in 1930s Spain.

    But - horrors!  our quick internet search for the term "MASSACRE of PRIESTS in SPANISH CIVIL WAR"  turned up this  #1.  link:   wikipedia's  "RED TERROR (Spain)"  page disclosing the unsettling fact that   it was the REPUBLICANS'   WAR on  the Catholic Church and on Christians which INITIATED the VIOLENCE in 1933  that led to the Civil War breaking out in Spain in 1936 !!

Red Terror (Spain)

The Red Terror[3] in Spain (Spanish: Terror Rojo en España) is the name given by historians to various acts committed "by sections of nearly all the leftist groups"[4][5] such as the killing of tens of thousands of people (including 6,832[6] members of the Catholic clergy, the vast majority in the summer of 1936 in the wake of the military rising), as well as attacks on landowners, industrialists, and politicians, and the desecration and burning of monasteries and churches.[6] News of the military coup unleashed a social revolutionary response and no republican region escaped revolutionary and anticlerical violence - though in the Basque Country this was minimal.[7]
A process of political polarisation had characterised the Spanish Second Republic – party divisions became increasingly embittered and questions of religious identity came to assume a major political significance. Electorally, the Church had identified itself with the Right, which had set itself against social reform.[8]

....Analysts such as Helen Graham have linked the Red and White Terrors, pointing out that it was the military coup that allowed the culture of brutal violence to flourish. Graham wrote of the coup, "...its original act of violence was that it killed off the possibility of other forms of peaceful political evolution".[13]  
  Others see the persecution and violence as predating the coup and found in what they see as a "radical and antidemocratic" anticlericalism of the Republic and its constitution, including dissolution of the Jesuits 1932, nationalization of virtually all church property in 1933, prohibition on teaching religion in schools, prohibition on teaching by clergy, and violent persecution proper beginning in 1934 in Asturias with the murder of 37 priests, religious and seminarians and burning of 58 churches.[14]


  We can barely believe that we find ourselves reading that the "benevolent,"  "modern," "liberal"  Spanish Republicans - whose fighters included  America's famed author ERNEST HEMINGWAY -   may well have INITIATED the  MASS-MURDER REIGN OF TERROR that led directly to the  Spanish Civil War and all its atrocities, including the German NAZI  air-force (Luftwaffe) bombing  the hapless Spanish city of Guernica that occasioned the famous Picasso painting


   Every student of WWII history knows that,
#1.  the Republican army was funded and supported by the  Communist "Soviet Union" under Stalin;  and
#2.  that many of the volunteers for the Spanish Republican army were  'leftist'  jews from New York, from Russia and the other 'Soviet' Communist countries,  and from across the world.

     So the question today is,  "IS the 'Democrat' Party ASSAULT on those Americans who are  OUTRAGED at serial, titanic financial crimes

 those Americans _ labelled_  as  'Tea Party'  "DOMESTIC ENEMIES" by Congressman Cohen, Senator Feinstein,  Senator Schumer, Senator (recently deceased) "you damn Americans are TERRORISTS if you purchase black powder!" Launtenberg,  Mayor Bloomberg, and all the other  "in bed with GoddamnSachs/jpm/Fed  economies killing financial criminals"  usual suspects -

   - an  echo of  the  JUDEO BOLSHEVIK WAR on CHRISTIANS in Russia, the Ukraine, Lithuania, and in other 'Soviet Republics' ... and in  Republican Spain  in 1933,  before the Spanish Civil War proper broke out ??

   If so, we Americans today have our   HATE-RHETORIC warningprelude, and opening acts  to INSTIGATED  RED TERROR PURGES,  MASS-MURDER  GULAGS, and the  CHERTOFF-WOLFOWITZ-FEINSTEIN-SCHUMER-LEVIN-emanuel-lieberman- SUNSTEIN-ROSS  (et al)  DHS/NSA/Mossad/U.S. War Department    judeo bolshevik run civil war against the American people.. 

YOU BETTER WAKE UP, America!    The "liberal,"  "democratic"  'Republican' rule of Spain.... DEGENERATED to dictatorial,  PURGES &   MASSACRES of CHRISTIANS and  CIVIL WAR in just three years flat,  1933-1936!

  We don't have the time or space in this blog post to question the extent of  jewish involvement in Republican Spain's  JIHAD  against  CHRISTIANS.... but we do know that a picture sometimes tells 10,000 words -    

Here today in America,  while the Jewish dominated press has spent the past 6 decades crying about   the jews long suffering ordeal at the hands of  "Palestinian terrorists,"   WE  KNOW  without doubt that the JEWISH WAR LOBBY is  FUNDING AL QAEDA  Sunni jihadi TERRORISTS... to WAGE WAR, TERROR, and MASS-MURDER PURGES  on CHRISTIANS  in SYRIA.... TODAY and for the PAST TWO YEARS,  in their insane, cowardly,   judeo war-pigs back-door  effort to get the United States to attack Iran for them.
 FOR THREE YEARS  AMERICAN  taxpayer dollars DIRECTED by OUR TREASONOUS,   TERRORIST INSTIGATING GOVERNMENT at the behest of the insane judeo Neo-Cons, 
 HAVE BEEN FUNDING  JIHADI  MAYHEM, terror,  & MASS-MURDER... in SYRIA, in LIBYA, in Iran, and throughout Africa and the Mideast.... and at some point in time "the fates" will decide that AMERICANS  DESERVE some of the mayhem and murder they are dispensing on others across the globe...   

  ...just as the Trojan War was nominally a Greek "victory" that actually brought RUIN to most of the Greek kingdoms that participated in it.