Wednesday, October 23, 2013

THAT Didn't Take Long !! Our previous post mentioned Spain's 'Republican' so-called "liberal, modern, progressive" ATROCITIES Against Catholics as a PRELUDE to the Spanish Civil War ultimately won by the fascist Franco regime... TODAY we see A SIMILAR so-called "liberal, progressive" 'Democrat' WAR on the CATHOLIC CHURCH - by a "Democrat" Party DOMINATED by JUDEO WARMONGERS and JUDEO FINANCIERS !!


In a previous post, we  briefly mentioned as a post-script  the so-called "liberal, modern, progressive" SPANISH 'REPUBLICAN' WAR on the CATHOLIC CHURCH in  pre- Civil War  'Republican' run Spain in 1933... 
  TODAY we see a modern ECHO of  that  REIGN OF TERROR against an established, European (western) Christian religion - right  here in the (late) 'United' States, being perpetrated by our own "democratically elected" U.S. government! this short, concise Gigi Erneta (at "Tyranny Watch" video we see the RAHM EMANUEL, DIANNE FEINSTEIN, CHUCK SCHUMER, JACOB LEW,  Carl Levin  (et al) judeo  run "Democrat" Party's   OBAMA-care MONSTROSITY  being used as a judeo Commissariat dictat stalking horse to....
 #1. not only BANKRUPT the entire American health care system  and
#2.  bankrupt the entire AMERICAN ECONOMY,   too;   but to

#3.  TARGET the CATHOLIC CHURCH in America for destruction, as well !!   

  Anyone who rejects our analysis agreeing  with Gigi Erneta,  that  the Obama-care bill appears to have been written to TARGET conservative Catholic church businesses and employers;

simply ask yourself, "WHAT would be the BACKLASH, if  similar legalese rules in Obama-Care clearly targeted  JEWISH  synagogues, temples, and religious institutional hirings?"

  WE WOULD obviously  HEAR A CRESCENDO  of  "anti-semitism" OUTRAGE from the jewish controlled media... even though the hard-core (fundamentalist, orthodox, literal)  jews are EVEN MORE  RACIST,   GENDER, and sexual orientation  DISCRIMINATORY than the Catholic Church ever was! 

  Which indeed is the secret of  Judaism's  HOSTILE,   PARASITIC,  hijacking, takeover, LBO leveraged-takeover-buyout success & domination of American culture: because the hard-core Jews are such closed-knit communities,  SUPPORTED BY the larger "liberal" more Americanized but increasingly arrogant and supremacist judeo  community -  they repeatedly get away with murder, with imposing  BAIT & SWITCH RULES on the rest of us,

...rules  that EXEMPT THEM from the very prohibitive, destructive legislation that they - the judeo lawyers, legislators, judges, academics, media whores, and their hired "GOY"  partners-in-crime,  IMPOSE ON US Americans whether from the "liberal"  Obama-care side, or from the  radical Right-Wing Rethuglican "PRIVATIZE"  PUBLIC property for pennies-on-the-dollar, or "OFFSHORE tax-dodges"  or  JUST GIVING MONEY to FRAUDULENT  judeo FINANCERS  side !! **

 ** (whether as "bailouts," as  "liquidity injections",  by  using huge government Treasury "PPT" slush-funds to ATTACK other currencies with insiders clued in to make huge, no-risk "short" trades; to just  PRINTING MONEY and GIVING it to criminal bankers, so-called "Quantitative Easing")  

 note:  We here at the JewishWars are hardly  defenders of the Catholic Church:  for over a decade
we have vocally criticized the Catholic church hierarchy for COMPLICITY in CRIMES regarding the RAPE, SEXUAL ABUSE,  and CHILD ABUSE of the thousands of young victims of sexually predatory church priests - and we've criticized the huge legal charade and INTIMIDATION  ( = terrorization!) of witnesses which has gone along with those CRIMES of ASSAULT & RAPE AGAINST CHILDREN.   

But, more generally,  we believe that the Catholic Church  is an outgrowth or development of  judaism - Jesus was of course born and raised a Jew, and his ministry was largely held among Jews; and, most importantly,  the "Heavenly Father" of Christianity claims to be the same "g-o-d" as the god of the judeo bible -  and therefore the Christian god  - being one and the same with the GENOCIDAL  mass-homicidal jewish god -  is  equally as REPRHENSIBLE &  REPULSIVE as the judeo "g-o-d" Yahweh.

However, we who are genuinely "liberal" in the manner of  Jefferson's  immortal "all men are created equal"  and in the manner of the founding fathers who REJECTED the notion of   "DIVINE RIGHT of KINGS" simply because powerful nobles claim to be "anointed by god,"

...believe that it should NOT be NECESSARY to USE VIOLENCE or  REPRESSION to bring on progressive, genuinely "liberal" social change in a democratic environment;  and thus we have been  horrified to learn that Spain's  so-called "progressive" left-leaning Republicans  INITIATED the REIGN OF TERROR - massacring Catholic nuns & priests - which led to the Spanish Civil War of the 1930s,  that was in turn but a prelude to the similar horrors, on a grander scale, that was World War II and all of its atrocities.

  (Which is to say, to our horror, we have recently learned beyond a shadow of a doubt that  New York's JEWISH community  SUPPORTED 'Republicans' in Spain perpetrated MASSACRES of CHRISTIANS and CATHOLICS, in Spain in 1933... long before the outbreak of  "anti-semitism" violence broke out in Nazi Germany of 1938 -
 -   which is to say,  one of the major "propaganda lies" of the Nazi propaganda machine had more than a grain of truth to it.)  

Bonus:  Alex Jones deconstructs 
the intentional take-down of  the American economy...
by the people that  Mr. Jones calls  "THE GLOBALISTS" -  BUT on this last point HE IS INCORRECT!

  The  JAPANESE  _and_ Chinese and other Asian millionaires and Billionaires DO NOT "profit" nor desire to see their homelands DESTROYED by Fukushima NUCLEAR RADIATION POISONING.

  That - the insane agenda to  DESTROY ASIA  (and indeed life in the entire northern hemisphere) by IGNORING Fukushima's radioactive nightmare,  is  NOT  part of a "global elite" agenda -

 it takes a special kind of  INSANITY to pretend not to notice the nuclear RADIATION POISONING  of your entire homeland,  and that distilled, focused, insanity  comes only  from those who absolutely believe that  THEY  have  "g-o-d" in their back pocket ! 

 (warning: you have to suffer through Mr. Jones describing the joys of blasting holes in things with a .50 caliber machine-gun before you get to his serious discussion of )
the  INTENTIONAL SABOTAGE of the American & global economy,  by  the "elites" who have been EMPOWERED TO CHEAT:  to DRIVE THEIR 'banks' into the DITCH of  100:1 'leveraged' CASINO GULAG BETS that FAIL... and then,  like JON CORZINE and  the CURRENT TREASURY SECRETARY  orthodox jew JACOB LEW,  an accomplice at the  bankrupt  CITI-group monstrosity,    _THEY_    GOT   "BAILED OUT" -

  =  FREE MONEY FOR THEM,  _AS_ they  DESTROY OUR ECONOMY by STICKING US with THEIR DEBTS,   THEIR  debts  which they transfer to  our  GOVERNMENT as  "DEBT"  that WE the Amerikan taxpayer serf peons  MUST PAY BACK  with REAL wealth and productivity !!

And here is the key:  THEY are INTENTIONALLY DESTROYING  American wealth & productivity - EVERYTHING THEY DO is  DESIGNED and INTENDED to  DESTROY the wealth and savings & productivity of  "we, the peons" and TRANSFER ALL wealth, power, and ownership to them, the predatory, parasitic clan/tribal  "chosen" ones...

  SINCE IT IS NO LONGER ABOUT  STEALING more WEALTH  - which they are actively destorying -  then it is about something else:   GENOCIDE!     THEY ARE INTENTIONALLY TRYING TO DESTROY US,  to  exterminate us in a slow-motion government  ECONOMIC TAKEDOWN, as a prelude to the real thing,  a new wave of AMERICAN   COMMISSAR  RED TERROR  MASS-MURDER  PURGES  and  Soviet style GENOCIDE of  selected minorities.

 (up to 10 million Ukrainians killed in the Stalin/KAGANOVICH  "holodmor" intentional famine purges;  UP TO 30% of  LITHUANIANS KILLED in the Soviet Commissar repressions there, etc., etc., etc., etc.)

 "How do we know that?" 
 "Well, we KNOW that THEY  have created over a thousand TRILLION dollars in 'derivatives'
They  have CONNECTED the WORLD ECONOMY to  that
 [THEIR mega-finance created time-bomb "derivatives" mega-frauds]
  INFECTED ALL the MAJOR PENSION FUNDS,  INFECTED ALL the GOVERNMENT systems, and corporate systems,  AND ARE MANEUVERING the answer to that crisis being a PLANETARY WORLD GOVERNMENT."   
  Mr. Jones is incorrect on his last point: by  "Planetary world government"  he actually means  judeo instigated & directed MASS-MURDER PURGES -  just as  the  JEWS HIRED PROXY  AL QAEDA TERRORIST ARMIES  _are doing_  IN Libya and SYRIA and across Christian Africa   AS WE SPEAK !!


    Mr. Jones is absolutely correct in his analysis of INTENTIONAL FINANCIAL SABOTAGE DESTRUCTION... but  in REFUSING to address the IN-YOUR-FACE  'Neo-Con' judeo suprmeacist  connection,  he is  GIVING THE 'neo-con' PERPETRATORS free space to operate in,  much as China's Mao Tse-Tung said that guerrilla fighters should swim like fish among the peasant people of China.

  Mr. Jones, the   INTENTIONAL ECONOMIC SABOTAGE of the economy that millions of humans depend on, is for the simple purpose of  TURNING THEM IN TO SLAVES, who can be ROUNDED UP and PUT IN SLAVE PENS...

      THAT IS  the AGENDA OF  JUDAISM,  is says so in black & white RIGHT THERE in the "holy" bible,  in LEVITICUS  25:44   !!

  "The Bible IS REPULSIVE" !!

Example 9
The Bible fully supports slavery. In fact, the Bible has been used in many cases, including the American civil war, as an authoritative justification of slavery. Here are three examples:   

  Leviticus 25:44
"Your male and female slaves are to come from the nations around you;   
from them you may buy [make!]  slaves.   You may also buy
 [ENSLAVE  by FORCE and/or EXTORTION]  some of the temporary residents   ['aliens' = NON-JEWS]    living among you and members of their clans born in your country, and they will become your property
[to USE and DISPOSE OF  as you please]

You can will them to your children as inherited property and can  
make them slaves for life."


The essence of judaism is to look at  non-jews  AS ENEMIES... as ENEMIES who should be ROUNDED UP,  ENSLAVED, and/or EXTERMINATED  - says the REPULSIVE,  REPREHENSIBLE  jewish bible - it's all there in black & white !! 

 Jacob Lew, Ben Bernanke, and all the other Rubinite judeo financiers in BOTH the BUSH  _and_ Obama administrations,  have INTENTIONALLY  FOISTED their  DEBT  PAPER on OUR  government...   AS A MEANS to not only enrich themselves and their fellow  "enslave the goyim" clan members, but to   ENSLAVE US   Americans  with PREMEDITATION & MALICE !!