Wednesday, October 2, 2013

OBAMA'S INSANE TREASON: he SHUTS DOWN _OUR_ GOVERNMENT claiming "Budget Crisis" - WHILE Letting Bernanke just GIVE the Bankers $85 BILLION.. every MONTH in FREE MONEY, so-called "Quantitative Easing" !!

below illustration:  AS  obama allows genocidal judeo bankster Ben Bernanke to just PRINT UP and GIVE to bankers  $85 BILLION... per month! - in FREE MONEY FOR BANKERS...
 (=  a verbatim REPEAT of the "JUDENFETZEN" that DESTROYED democracy and the German economy in the Weimar Republic!)
...and AS  obama continues to spend BILLIONS upon billions of dollars every single day in the globally metastasizing,  Nazi-esque "war on terror" -   
 -  by FIAT DECREE, DICTATE, police barriers, and bullying police park goons the contemptuous, contemptible, and hyper-hypocritical luxury living  Mr. Obama attempts to PROHIBIT,   OUTLAW American aging WWII & Korean War Veterans from visiting the open air  WWII & Korean War memorials in Washington, D.C. that  many of them have traveled across America to see!  

The DESPICABLE & TREASONOUS  Mr.   OBAMA IS  fast going from  
 "change we can hope for"  to  "AS BAD as BUSH"   to  


        "AMERICA's KIM JUNG IL" !!!  

h/t  "OBAMA has ATTEMPTED to PUMP UP his EXTORTION OF CONGRESS, by OUTLAWING VETERANS from Visiting the WWII Memorial, to give teeth to his GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN 
'Obama-care"  commissar   EXTORTION jihjad" -  
   even as he allows genocidal Ben "Judenfetzen"  Bernanke to JUST GIVE BANKERS $85 billion per month in "free money for bankers"  'Quantitative Easing'...       
         =   PURE SABOTAGE   = PURE SELL-OUT to FOREIGN bankers...   =  PURE TREASON  !!

THE INSANITY of  America's  TREASONOUS ELITES:  they PAY POLICE to HARASS VETERANS attempting to visit the open air, public spaces WWII Memorial, which has been CLOSED by Obama's  FIAT DICTATORSHIP decree  PROCLAMATION in his  latest serial American taxpayer  FUNDING SHAKEDOWN  aka 'obama-care' GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN...  

  ......even as the treacherous Mr. Obama is GIVES  $85 BILLION per MONTH to "FIFTH-COLUMN TRAITOR  SABOTAGE BANKERS" via Bernanke's QE  FREE MONEY FOR BANKSTERS... Mr. Obama SHUTS _OUR_ government  down
 in his evil attempts to EXTORT  Con-gress to fund the INSURANCE COMPANY "bailout" & American  health-care TAKEOVER plot known as   Obama-care...
  - To be clear here, Mr. Obama is allowing the RUBINITE/Fed/GoddamnSachs (=jpm/citi/boe/rotschields, et al)   Financiers to EXTORT  Americans OUT of  $85 BILLION PER MONTH in Fed funny-mony... ON TOP OF WHICH he wants to  COMMAND, CONTROL, and EXTORT the American economy out of  YET MORE BILLIONS to pay for all those bureaucrat Commissars to  PUSH ALL THAT PAPER for the INSURANCE company financiers & (gs judeo vampire bob rubin toady) RAHM EMANUEL written  EXTORTION scheme known as "Obama-care" -  
  ...Obama is just EXTORTING & TERRORIZING  AMERICANS  in his  on-going GODDAMN-SACHS  BANKERS  TAKEOVER,  taxpayers shakedown,
metastasizing  mass-murderous wars &  JIHAD  against CHRISTIANS in the Mideast,  against AMERICAN VETERANS... and ultimately,   domestic terrorism JUDEO Supremacist elitist
 driven 'Soviet' style COMMISSAR RED TERROR PURGE  against AMERICA's Middle-class working families...    
                                   =  pure  "Neo-Con"  INSANITY and TREASON  !!