Thursday, October 3, 2013

OBAMA, YOU TRAITOR! YOUR JIHAD to HURT the American Public with your 'Obama-Care' GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN EXTORTION, is DRIVING US to Agree with... the despicable Newt Gingrich!

Newt Gingrich:
“The tour bus turnaround at Mount Vernon has been closed by federal police. This is deliberate effort by Obama to hurt the public. Disgusting.”

BARACK OBAMA is showing himself to be a CONTEMPTIBLE PUPPET of the RAHM EMANUEL + Bob Rubinite GoddamnSachs + JEWISH WAR LOBBY America ENSLAVEMENT & EXTORTION  crowd - the judeo supremacist 'American' TRAITORS who SPECIALIZE in EXTORTION,  PUNISHMENT, RETRIBUTION, and pay-to-play....
the TRAITORS  who have left  former Democratic  and genuinely 'liberal' governor DON SIEGELMAN to  ROT IN PRISON for NOT committing any crime,**  while they engage in ECONOMY KILLING BRIBERY, CORRUPTION, KICKBACKS, slush-fund ripoffs, and EXTORTION  every single day. 

As the below article illustrates, Obama Co.
 (which is to say, the AIPAC/emanuel/Rubin/GoddamnSachs JUDEO EXTORTION WAR-PIGS & ECONOMY-KILLING TRAITORS) 
 have used Federal Park Police as goose-stepping GOON SQUADS to SHUT DOWN PRIVATE AMERICAN BUSINESSES at ANY opportunity they have,
 when if the government were TRULY shut down then there would not be any Park Rangers working that day to erect barricades!

**(Alabama Democratic Gov. Siegelman merely put a campaign supporter on to a state health care panel... for which Karl Rove's Neo-Con prosecutors judicially LYNCHED Gov. Siegelman, using Federal Prosecutors as an arm of  Republican election campaigns to smear and harass Democratic opponents of  Republican candiddates - and  TRAITOR  JEW OVERLORD RAHM EMANUEL,  as Obama's incoming White House Chief of Staff after the 2008 election, NIXED the incoming  Obama "Democrat"  administration's review of Governor Siegelman's corrupt lynch-mob prosecution - because Rahm Emanuel is a RADICAL RIGHT-WING WARMONGERING judeo supremacist  NEO-CON posing as a "Liberal Democrat" -  he has far more in common with KARL ROVE, DICK CHENEY,  and the Republican elections stealing, treasury looting, warmongering, police-state repression & apartheid  crew, than he has with the working-stiff voters who comprise the voting base of so-called "liberal Democrats" - voters who have NO WHERE TO GO  but the "Democrat" Party - which has been HIJACKED by the Emanuel/Rubin/Schumer/Feinstein/Levin/Lie-berman/kagan/ross/sunstein/lew/orszag (et al)  JUDEO SUPREMACIST NEO-CONS, who are far closer to "KING BIBI"  9-11 TRAITOR  NETANYAHU, than they are to stupid American peons & working stiff voters.)  

"Barry-cades": Feds Try to Shut Down PRIVATELY OWNED Mount Vernon
 “Deliberate effort by Obama to hurt the public.”
   October 3, 2013
Barrycades: Feds Try to Shut Down Privately Owned Mount Vernon 031013mount1
The [quote "SHUT DOWN" unquote park rangers working for the] National Park Service erected barricades to shut down parking lots surrounding Mount Vernon despite the fact that the tourist destination is privately owned, another example of how the feds are deliberately worsening the government shut down.
Mount Vernon is the former plantation of George Washington and is owned by the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association, which does NOT receive any government funding. The attraction’s official website reads, “NO SHUTDOWN HERE – The Federal government may be shut down, but Washington’s home remains open. Mount Vernon has remained a private non-profit for more than 150 years.”
However, a dispute began when the National Park Service began putting up barricades to block off the facility’s car park, blockading the entrance as well as a spot where tour buses turn around.
The parking lots are co-owned by Mount Vernon and the NPS, but require no immediate maintenance at all, meaning the decision to close them down was completely unnecessary.
Barrycades: Feds Try to Shut Down Privately Owned Mount Vernon 031013mount3
The feds even blocked off a small area consisting of just three parking spaces.
After blogger Stephen Gutowski exposed the situation, Newt Gingrich got in on the act, tweeting, “The tour bus turnaround at Mount Vernon has been closed by federal police. This is deliberate effort by Obama to hurt the public. Disgusting.”
Numerous other sites around DC have been unnecessarily closed by the NPS and other federal agencies in what critics are labeling a cynical political stunt which serves only to PUNISH the American people.In some cases, efforts to shut down these sites actually require more manpower and resources than if they had been left open, highlighting the fact that this is an act of partisan theater by the Obama administration to pin the blame for the government shutdown on Republicans and opponents of Obamacare.

  see for yourselves!  COMPARE the  POLITICAL EXTORTION of Obama's RUBINITE PUPPET-MASTERS - SHUTTING DOWN the U.S. government in an attempt to EXTORT  Republicans to fund the insurance-industry GIVE-AWAY "Obama-Care" -  to  Rahm Emanuel caught in the act of trying to SABOTAGE  Congressman Eric Massa's then WINNING  2006 election campaign,

sitting Democrat Congressman Massa using  firebrand  OUTRAGE and CONDEMNATION rhetoric in his campaign speeches to rouse voters to OPPOSE the SERIAL Bush-Cheney, ABU GHRAIB, CIA outing,  Jack Abramoff,  Duke Cunningham, Mark Foley scandals - on top of Bush & Cheney's stolen election of 2000 leading to the abject incompetence if not treason of  doing NOTHING to prevent or deter a well-known  Al Qaeda hijacking threat in the long summer of 2001 - after Al Qaeda had BLOWN UP the US navy warship the USS Cole in a Yemen harbor in October of 2000 and had gone UNPUNISHED by Bush & Cheney's  "PNAC" national security jewish traitors wrecking crew....  RAHM EMANUEL  wants  Democratic Congressional candidates to say "MOTHER MAY I" in their campaign speeches, the  AIPAC  JUDEO SUPREMACIST WAR-PIG TRAITOR!

caught in the act:    JEWISH TRAITOR SABOTEUR  tells  winning Democrat Congressman  to  "DON'T SOUND ANGRY" - when   HARD-BALL EXTORTION is  Emanuel & the entire Rubinite GoddamnSachs, Fed +  jew war-lobby's  BREAD & BUTTER tactics to extract wealth from their American colony SLAVES...   even when they are caught in the act of SHUTTING DOWN _our_ U.S. government,  in a typical week where TRAITOR  hired academic whore Fed Chairman  Ben Bernanke DISHES OUT  _ANOTHER_   $21 BILLION in FREE MONEY for  Bob Rubin's GoddamnSachs/jpm/Citi bankster cronies -  
($85 billion per month in Bernanke's "Quantitative Easing" FREE MONEY FOR BANKSTERS  divided by 4 weeks per month)  

WHILE SHUTTING DOWN _OUR_ measly slice of the government & economy!

BRING ON THE TAR & FEATHERS and RUN THESE TRAITOR BANKSTERS who wear their CONTEMPT for Americans on their sleeve,  OUT of  America... if not down to QUANTANAMO  where they belong, for attempting to EXTORT & TERRORIZE our American economy in to a heart-attack shutdown so they can declare martial law and get down to their real business... turning America in to a GODDAMN-SACHS chertoff/DHS run SLAVE PLANTATION, as  Netanyahu & the INSANE  jewish supremacist Likudniks  have turned Gaza into a jewish run CONCENTRATION SLAVE CAMP / DEATH CAMP !!

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